Most forgettable movie no one gave a crap about

Most forgettable movie no one gave a crap about


I like AMatW. It's more of a fun family movie than an action-packed superhero movie but it's a pretty great standalone film if you brush off the Civil War references


Yeah, I feel like I’m one of the few who liked AMatW. I’ve rewatched it more than Thor or Dark World.


i **love** Ant-Man & The Wasp and rewatch it all the time! like seriously i just rewatched it. but i accept that i'm a statistical anomaly. so, for OP,, *i* was definitely hyped. ^(and to say the entire movie revolving around inventing and testing a safe way to enter the Quantum Realm using Pym Particles *doesn't matter* is just so wrong!!!)


Let's not forget *how* the rat became the hero of Endgame. The Avengers would have lost if not for AMatW.


I think the problem is that it was immediately after Infinity War while everyone was anticipating Endgame more than ever. Captain Marvel gets a bit of that but AMatW rode the shockwaves of IW far more and, of course, couldn't live up to what everyone was reeling from. In itself, it's an incredibly feelgood movie with a lot of heart.


Honestly if I ever just want an MCU movie to put on while in a good mood or doing something, this is the one I always turn to. It’s just really fun and charming to me.


Yea, I know someone who isn't a Marvel fan, (They might have watched First Cap and Iron Man) but loved Ant-Man. Like how GOTG can be great standalone movies for people that like Star Wars and Star Trek, Ant-Man and AMatW can be great family fun movies.


You missed the point of AM&TW. Infinty War sets up the problem. Am&TW sets up the solution


There was that one but I don’t remember it. Also Thor Dark World. But mostly because it was dwarfed by Ragnarok.


hulk and thor the dark world. at least antman and the wasp gave jimmy woo a spotlight. i cant even name the villain of the dark world or remember what happened in the hulk.


I really enjoy the Ant-Man movies. They aren’t mind blowing, but when I’m looking for something to throw in and rewatch, I always seem to go back to them. Also Luis is the best character in the MCU.


My dad told me to guess what movie he rented It was ant man and the wasp I couldn’t guess


i think it's wrong to say no one gave/gives a crap about *any* of the movies tbh. *especially* not if what you're considering is the time the movies were released- every single entry has been a hit. people give a crap every single time, and they give craps in droves. that's why we're 20+ movies deep and only going deeper. and now, even The Dark World and The Incredible Hulk (and Ant-Man & The Wasp 😤) have people coming round every time anyone says anything negative to chime in- they liked it, they didn't think it was that bad. this or that was good- they're just being judged too harshly compared to the impossibly high standards Marvel Studios has set. etc etc.


Probably captain marvel. I remember the least from it.


Hulk and Thor 2, simply as the movies that get the least rotation at our house. Have definitely watched those two the least.


Loved the ant man movies. Hulk-not so much.


Black Widow.


People forget Incredible Hulk is in the MCU all the time. I still choose Inhumans though.


Hulk for me. It doesn’t even make it in the rotation for rewatch


shame. one of my favorites


It was even shot in my city.


Ironman 3 high on list of movies I don’t care to ever see again.


I put Thor2 and Iron Man3 on recently and have already forgotten the details of the movies. All blends together.


"Honestly, I hate working here. They are so weird."


I had to look that up to see which one it was from.


That's such a frustrating movie for me. I mean the plot. Everything else is great Like all Hank and team need to do is reason with Avah that they only have mere hours to get Janet, surely waiting one more day at the latest isn't the worst thing ever? I think even Bill says she has at least a week? Then that Burch(?) guy isn't a problem.


Bill tries to reason with Ava, but she's too angery to listen. villains aren't usually villains because they're being reasonable. it tracks for someone with a painful condition, too. be it an injury or addiction, hurting people want the quickest and most visible (to them) cure that they can get. Burch is a problem of Hank & Hope's that there's just no way to avoid, given the circumstances. Ghost or not. combined with the FBI they make for a solid triumvirate of antagonists for the Ant-Crew to deal with.


Loved Antman1. I can't watch Antman2. Not again. Just cant.


Captain Marvel... the one I have no interest in rewatching. Dull and boring.


AMATW is honestly imo one of the more underrated MCU films, I actually prefer it to Ant-Man.


Hulk, I forget it even exists. I never saw it and probably won't ever watch it.


you should give it it a chance. at least one viewing. great Hulk movie. why completely dismiss a movie youve never actually seen?


I have tween boys, I'm sure it will come up at some point. There is just so much marvel at this point and Spiderman is on heavy rotation at home. With all 3 actors!


i didn’t care for ant-man and didn’t even bother to watch ant-man and the wasp or captain marvel. the thor movies before ragnarok were pretty wack too. haven’t seen them since they came out