Warner-DC: Well… I'm not Marvel's MCU…


Well ... you are right


DC Animated though? That shit is fire.


The fucking best


Seriously though, they’ve blown Marvel’s animation out of the water


That’s cow they don’t wanna be the MCU. The stories are both superheroes but their tone is usually different so their worlds are different. The o my times when DC did right was when they just went hard on being DC and not tried to force them to be something else.


Marvel’s Marvel Cinematic Universe


Let me go to the ATM machine real quick


SMH my head


RIP in peace


Ngl gonna lie


DC comics


And type in my PIN number


[RAS syndrome](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAS_syndrome)


DC Comics Detective Comics Comics.


It sounds redundant, but that's actually a legit way of saying it.




office building of what?


Business. Lord Business.


President Business? But he's such a nice guy


"Business-wise, this all seems like appropriate business."




They had Paul Rudd. That's not really a fair comparison. He's a gem.


Batgirl could have turned a profit with Paul as Batgirl. Really not a good comparison.


Then when the movie starts it’s just that scene from Mac and Me and Conan cursing. I’d pay $8 to see that.


$8? Are you seeing the film in 1998?


Shit, 1998 would have been a great time for a standalone Batgirl movie, though.


You watch your mouth... Didnt you see enough Batgirl in Batman and Robin, you little...


lol that film was peak 90s campy super hero film. Nipples!


Sunday Matinee approx 4-5 weeks after release.


Except on Batgirl. No nips on her.


It did but they were more puffy. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/ca/5a/bb/ca5abbc9b55e9fc871367dd1c1877141.jpg


Alicia Silverstone too


Alicia Silverstone was hot.


$5 Tuesdays at amc 🤙


I just saw thor love and thunder for $6 on a saturday afternoon showing 🤷‍♀️


>!Mjolnir? Mjolnir! Youuu're baaack. Mjolnir?!<


Just COVID era theatres trying to fill seats to minimise loss


I'd love to see Paul Rudd convince a director to include that scene in a movie, maybe background, just so Paul can bring it to Conan and genuinely have that be the clip for the film he's promoting.


Imagining Conan going to watch a movie, *that scene* plays, and he slowly turns around to see Paul Rudd grinning at him from three rows back. 🤣


Get stupidly meta with it. Characters in the movie are watching Conan, where the clip plays (but Paul is notably absent because he's also in the movie) then Paul's character walks in and comments on it. Perhaps a wink-nudge joke about "oh, he's doing *that* tired bit again?"


I could watch a handicapped kid fall into a lake all day


I'd definitely have paid to see that.


Fuck, I would have gone to a theater to see that


I would watch the shit outta that.


Wouldn't be the first time Paul Rudd played a woman


Great minds think alike. I'd pay to see the imax version of that.


Batgirl did had international superstar Brendon Fraser


And Michael Keaton returning as Batman


With a lineup like that I would have watched it and I generally avoid the new DC movies. Keaton Batman was the best Batman and idc if he's like 70 now.


Wait Brendon Fraser was gonna be in batgirl?! As Cliff from Doom Patrol or a different character?


He was gonna play the villain Firefly


Not the Firefly reprise I was hoping for but I would have watched it.


He stabbed me Mal. He stabbed me with a sword.


As Firefly


Now I'm sad this didn't get made. This and the Micheal Keaton detail.


It did get made. It’s not being released for distribution.


The weirdest part is that a bunch of DC movies are absolutely horrible. How bad must this movie have been to warrant being dropped after they’ve already paid to make it? Batman Vs. Superman is one of the worst movies I have seen in my life. WW1984 was garbage. The first Suicide Squad movie… Aside from Birds of Prey (which was absolutely excellent), they’ve really struggled to make a decent movie. The bar for DC movies is so insanely low that I can’t imagine how bad this must have been.


It wasn’t the quality. They had a small window to do a tax write-off and sacrificed it to the tax gods.


Yep, new parent company writing down losses from previous ownership for tax savings.


That makes more sense than any other explanation I’ve heard so far.


Plus they had leadership change. If that change would have heppened earlier then maybe abomination called WW84 would have been axed as well.


Does anybody know that by writing this off, are they forbidden from resurrecting this later down the line? Lots of movies sit on shelves for years before studios decide its the right time.


Legally, apparently, yes. They can’t finish it or release it on any revenue-generating platforms. No HBO Max. No BluRay release. No television showing.


It was definitely both lol. You only write it off if you think it isn't gonna be a winner.


It's already finished, they just won't release it


There are literally new scenes of Keaton as Batman sitting on a server somewhere and they won’t release it.




Wait what?! Motherfucker I wanna see that


Oh, now I'm pissed they canceled it haha


Simple. Cast Paul Rudd as Batgirl.


He is not a gem. You're a gem. Paul.. Paul is a diamond. A handsome, muscular diamond. It's like a comedian had a baby with an angel


Only rock I am is infill used to grade a turnpike on ramp but I appreciate the sentiment.


*appreciate the sediment ;)


It's a Drax quote from Infinity war... I just changed man to gem and pirate to comedian C'mon people


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People suck


Also male superheroes sell more toys by quite a bit. That sends them into ultra profit no matter what. Plus, they kind of had to explain who ant man was before the last avengers movie. It was kind of plot critical. For people pointing out ~~ms~~ Captain marvel. I like that movie. There wasn't any romance (HUGE PLUS). Captain Marvel was a badass. The villain was a threatening authority that turned into a weakass punk through hubris. Well written and marvel punching a hole through that ship in the avengers movie was worth it. I feel like they borked black widow for the sake of a romance plot.


> For people pointing out ms marvel. I like that movie. There wasn't any romance (HUGE PLUS). Ms Marvel was a badass. The villain was a threatening authority that turned into a weakass punk through hubris. Well written and marvel punching a hole through that ship in the avengers movie was worth it. I feel like they borked black widow for the sake of a romance plot. Are you talking about Ms Marvel, or Captain Marvel? They aren't the same character, and I don't think Ms Marvel is out yet.


I don't think anyone's saying that it's impossible to make a good Batgirl movie, but they don't just scrap a movie that they think will make money.


The other side of it is that they are in a lot of debt and by cancelling it they can write it off. But that also means nobody gets to see it ever or it’s tax fraud.


> But that also means nobody gets to see it ever Keep it secret. Keep it safe.




Explain what you mean by they can write it off. All of their production expenses would be tax deductible whether they release it or not. What additional "write-off" could they do that would give them more money then they could earn by releasing it


People don't understand when they say 'write-off'. They think it means they will somehow magically recover the money. What it really means is they won't have to pay for marketing or distribution which is historically about half the total cost of the film.




Too many spoiled lemons at your lemonade stand?


Just slap that shit on streaming with zero promotion then?


Cue "write-off" scene from Schitt's Creek*


Or from Seinfeld.


> by cancelling it they can write it off. Not how write-offs work...


Unless you're trying to ~~tani~~ ***TANK*** some careers. Edit: It's an old Hollywood thing. Contractually they have to make the movie, give you a starring role/let you direct/etc...then they just put the movie on the shelf ***because fuck you, that's why***.


I mean Discovery absolutely fucking nuked Warner Bros and HBO though, there's certainly something more than "won't make money" ot it. My guess is general fucking pride since it's Discovery's CEO who's top dog now, and he wants to run his own ship.


Max Bialystok is in the movie business now


I'm perpetually confused at how DC is so good at making cartoons and so bad at making movies. Doesn't make sense.


And now Zaslav wants to cut DC’s animation department to make more of those movies. Anyone who doesn’t care about the value and potential of animation doesn’t deserve to run DC.


Yeah I'm afraid they are about to cancel Harley Quinn and that's probably the best thing they've made in a very long time. We need more of that.


Gah I was worried enough about S3, seriously hoping it keeps going


Cartoons should be miles harder, they have longer screentime and require a consistent story and they can't make a 2hr film with a half decent story


Honestly, it’s probably easier to have a more coherent story when you have more time to tell it, but only because there’s so much source material to recreate.


You can also book VAs seperately, and since you have direct control over all the visual elements, you can shoot how you would like it and what you need is enough labor behind the animation. Albeit budget usually reflects the animation quality. Plus you can draw on expressions and body language. Animation is arguably a better suited medium for visual communication and can be easier depending on your priorities.


Yeah but that’s the production side of things. At the end of the day, DC animated has a decent track record for creating great stories regardless of how it’s animated. DCEU has a story/narrative problem when it shouldn’t. They have YEARS of experience with the universe’s stories and characters. Narratively, the DCEU couldve been a lot more coherent if they had the right people involved/in-charge.


The powers-that-be at WB have always been more concerned with making 'blockbuster movies' and the money that comes with that than their TV shows, and so the cartoons and shows have less direct oversight, which leads to better stuff. Now, that's not to say that they don't get oversight, but when they are directly interfered with it's always about more money, and not about creative decisions.   This goes back at least as far as the DCAU (Batman & Superman animated shows, Justice League Unlimited, Batman Beyond, The Zeta Project, Static Shock). The "Bat Embargo" (https://dcau.fandom.com/wiki/Bat-embargo which limited the amount of Batman stuff that could appear) happened because WB wanted the Nolan Batman movies to perform better, citing that the people who watched them (fans who regularly see multiple versions of characters for multiple reasons) would be confused by multiple versions of characters at the same time. Now, sure, the writers of Justice League Unlimited (etc.) were able to use that limitation to go in some great creative directions, but the writers turning something absurd into something good doesn't meant the embargo was a good idea in the first place.   Then you have the whole https://www.vulture.com/2021/06/batman-cant-go-down-on-catwoman-dc-says.html thing. This is in a show that is 100,000% not directed at children, and WB is forcing creative decisions on it based on the chance that it will reduce toy sales. It would be an entirely baffling, weirdo wackadoodle decision by itself, that only makes complete sense if you recognize that money (toy sales) are the sole motivator behind it.   And now let's look at the decision to hire Zack Snyder. I quite like his stuff that I've seen, but let's consider why he was hired: because he made blockbuster movie comic book adaptations (300 and Watchmen). (Watchmen is a DC property, so it is possible the existing relationship helped.) But here's the thing: Marvel created the MCU by introducing all their characters as what I'll call an 'archetypal' version of themselves. Captain America wasn't a 20th century deconstruction or an agent of Hydra or whatever, he was the nazi punching super-soldier exemplar hero at the start. Yes, the character developed from there, but you have a distillation of all the best parts of Captain America present from the beginning. Other characters are generally similar, even if they change over time. The DCAU did the same: it created the archetypal version of the DC characters, to such an extent that its voice actors (most notably Kevin Conroy as Batman) became **the** representation of their characters for years. And that's where WB went wrong in hiring Zack Snyder. 300 is a Frank Miller number, from the guy that brought us The Dark Knight Returns—which, while very influential, I would say is a much darker and different take on Batman than an "archetypal" version would be. And Watchmen is, of course, a deconstruction of superheroes in general. And so it is no surprise that Zack Snyder starts the DCEU by creating movies that are deconstructions of superheroes: https://www.escapistmagazine.com/man-of-steel-batman-v-superman-deconstructed-superheroes-justice-league-reconstructs-them/ Now, is that bad? No, not necessarily. But I wonder if it's the right choice for initially setting up a potential DCEU—and maybe it is, to make sure the DCEU is distinct from the MCU. But none of his creative ideas are relevant to WB, because, as stated above, he was hired solely because he had a history of making blockbuster movie comic book adaptations.   But even if you don't care about (or entirely disagree with) the above sections on Zack Snyder, you have to admit that if a studio hires someone to create a film, the studio should at least allow them a certain amount of creative leeway. Even before Joss Whedon took over, WB was interfering with Zack Snyder's decisions: https://screenrant.com/justice-league-movie-flash-time-travel-warner-bros-response/ https://comicbook.com/dc/news/justice-league-wb-reportedly-didnt-understand-flash-time-travel-snyder-cut/. (There are more articles out there about Snyder's decision to leave that describe extensive "fighting" with the studio.) Suicide Squad also fell victim to studio interference: https://www.cinemablend.com/news/2558136/david-ayer-explains-how-his-suicide-squad-cut-was-ripped-to-pieces. WB does not care whatsoever about the story or creative direction of their films, they only care about the money (even though it would seem obvious that a good story means more money—but these are the same people that thought the Flash time traveling and multiple versions of Batman are confusing).   And finally, the decision to just completely abandon the Snyder-verse at the first sign of poor monetary performance. Can you imagine if Black Widow or Iron Man suddenly had a standalone movie, with entirely new actors, entirely unrelated to the MCU? I mean, sure, the multiverse explains it all, but that's at least going to interact with the other films. Instead, we have Robert Pattinson in an *entirely unrelated* film, and Joaquin Phoenix's Joker in yet *another* unrelated universe. The studio cares more about money than actually trying to go forward with the DCEU, and it has resulted in an incoherent continuity. Having cartoons and live TV shows and movies be standalones is not a bad thing by itself, but it becomes a problem when you start off trying to make an MCU-equivalent and let it immediately fall apart because you care more about making money than you do about letting creators have some semblance of creative control or trying to tell good stories. (This specific example starts to touch at the obsession WB has with Batman & Superman. Because only the most well-known superheroes can make blockbuster movies, in WB's eyes, so of course their random standalone films are Batman-franchised, rather than letting some lesser-known characters get exposure or do some cinematic innovating.)   And so that's why the cartoons are always better. WB doesn't see them as the primary money makers: that role is for blockbuster movies. And of course, no one can make a proper blockbuster movie without direct and heavy-handed studio interference, right? Cartoons are going to make money from kids watching them, and the toy sales—but movies needs butts in seats, and only WB execs know how to get them there, the directors they've hired be damned.   (P.s. you'll note that everything I've written about happened well before the whole Batgirl fiasco, and this post is something that's been kicking around in my head for a very long time. I suspect things will get even worse for DC under new WB management, but there has always been a track record of WB ignoring cartoons and TV shows in favor of money-making movies.)


Another thing to add here is that the MCU started with B-tier heroes. No one cared much about Iron Man or Thor so their movies were able to stand on their own merits without being compared to the basic cultural idea of them. If DC had kicked off their shared universe with Martian Manhunter or similar I think it might have been better received.


The short answer is that WB doesn't have a Feige running the DCU.




Because live action writers have always turned their noses up at animated writers. That's why so many anime to live action remakes suck. The live action writer thinks, "I can do way better than some cartoon writer!"


Everything Everywhere All At Once was the best multiverse movie, and it was filmed in an office building over the course of a month.


And it's an abusrdist/existentialist masterpiece, imo.


Everything made sense. It threw 10 different themes at you. 10 different plot threads. And it was able to juggle them with probably the most satisfying resolution in moviedom for 20 years.


The interplay between joy's nihilism, Waymonds Vonnegutian existentialism, and Evelyn's eventual absurdist realization is just fantastic, especially how you can see how Waymond/joy's philosophy informs and directs their characters earlier in the film. And then, the ending fight >!when Evelyn is just removing people masks and giving/showing them what their true authentic desire is, with no shame, and therefore showing them the meaning they didn't have in life, and then doing it with herself and gramps and joy by shedding her fear of authenticity and introducing joy's girlfriend to him, and letting go of joy to live her own life free of her mother's fear, was just amazing!<


This channel has three great philosophical breakdown videos I know you'd enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0PJvujLAxXHamW4qisAkbw/videos


Oh yeah, that looks **right** up my alley, thank you.


Ok you two, stop flirting


Alright cock block leave em be


Yeah, when's the wedding


> giving/showing them what their true authentic desire is There’s one deleted scene I really loved in that sequence involving the Kung fu master, but they probably had to cut for pacing.


> Vonnegutian Did you make up this word? Because it’s SPECTACULAR


What the heck? I just liked the action scenes and the main plot. There is so much I missed. I will have to rewatch it again for sure lol


And dildos! And butt plugs!


100% and I am a huge comic book fan!


Everything everywhere all at once is an amazing movie. Gets me to cry every single time


All the heavy lifting was the writing & post production work.


Which is even more impressive because five semi-amateurs did 80% of the special effects work.


2 rocks and a vast canyon also.


It is genuinely my favorite movie now. Sooooo good.


I finally got around to watching it, I heard it was good but it was so much better than I expected. Definitely one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. Anyone who hasn’t wAtched it yet seriously needs to.


Does Into the Spider-Verse count as a multiverse movie? If so, that is my pick for best multiverse movie, EEAAO being a close second.


Wild how they did crazier things than Doctor Strange MoM with like a tenth of the budget.


doctor strange and the 2 universes.


fuck I still can't believe Iron Man is an S-tier hero now.


Remember when he was a "Batman" clone with his own real butler?


I used to love war machine more. Capcom vs marvel days


Sometimes you just gotta share the spotlight and you’ll find there are other stars


Good god can someone save DC from the clutches of Warner Bros? They really deserve better than this


This reminds me of old memes. DC: We don't know if audiences can handle a Wonder Woman movie. Marvel: A RACCOON AND A TREE WITH GUNS 11111!!!!!!


To be fair, it took Marvel almost as long to release one movie with a female lead. The execs know the *men* sell, but they've been averse to doing female superheros until recently. Obviously this has changed at Marvel, who just wrapped up Ms Marvel, are going into She-Hulk, plus a new Captain Marvel project, Ironheart, etc. But DC is still very much shooting itself in the foot. They have Black Canary on the slate, but who even knows if that'll release, *maybe* Supergirl if that's still happening, *maybe* Zatanna if that's still happening and Wonder Woman 3.


"Well I'm not marvel. I'm something much worse."


Something with a lot more debt.


hold up bruh


I don't know why DC doesn't start using their crazy comic book story arcs for the movies. Look up what happens in Dark Nights: Metal


Or just adapt the DCAMU to Live Action. Scripts are already written.


That would require they hire people who are passionate about the comics.


The new Warner CEO came from Discovery+ and sounds like he wants to move mostly to reality content, HBO Max, outside of it's horrible UI, has fantastic content and he's looking at scaling down the amount of original content HBO puts out and moving almost everything else under the Warner brand to reality stuff, it all sounds awful.


I like HBO Max UI a lot.


And discovery+ has garbage UI. I'm annoyed.


And he couldn't even get the kartrashians show


The whole Phase 1 & 2 of Marvel was created with a box of scraps. They didn't have the rights to any of the major characters.


Captain America and Hulk were both A-listers. But otherwise... yeah. Iron Man was a D-lister, Thor wasn't very popular, Black Widow was literally added by Joss Whedon because "otherwise the first Avengers movie will look like a gay cruise".


Really? Then why do you dress like one?


Iron Man was not a D-lister. He's had his own comic for years, starred in several cartoons, and was been in a lot of big games like Marvel v Capcom all before the Iron Man movie came out.


Okay so B-lister then. Hyperbole aside, he’s right that Iron Man certainly wasn’t a big character. Speaking of videogames I even knew war machine before iron man because he was featured in the one I played (mvc2 I believe?). Iron man wasn’t even in that. Many people really didn’t know who Iron Man was before the mcu as opposed to spiderman, batman, superman who even people who never watch a single superhero film will at least recognize the names.


I had no idea who Iron man was before the MCU. I knew the most popular, like Spider-Man, hulk, captain America (and most of the X-men) I knew of Thor a little too. I used to play marvel VS capcom too. But Iron Man? I had no idea.


I thought humans were more evolved than this.


There’s a huge difference between B-list and D-list. Blade was a d-list character before the movies blew him up- even hardcore comic book nerds could have easily never come across the character. Iron Man has had cultural cache for years…Wu-Tang member Ghostface’s main alias is Tony Starks and he’s peppered his songs with samples from the 60’s cartoon, so generations of hip hop fans alone have heard of Iron Man since the mid-90’s.


How could it fail with promotional material like [this.](https://youtu.be/UpPx7E27Bc8)


They really made a 60yr old and a 45yr old do that😂😂


Nah, I think this is all Rudd's doing


and the *quantumania* trailer just dropped > https://youtu.be/tv1urfDXs-o


I refuse to believe Batgirl was so bad that a studio that released Man of Steel, Batman V Superman, Suicide Squad and Justice League thought "oh no we can't release that"


They are under new management.


They are, and at its last test screening Batgirl performed as well as It Chapter One. Batgirl was not a bad film.


I like how you declare batgirl was not a bad film despite not seeing a single scene from the movie


WW84 sucked ass to. The worst soundtrack ever and it should've been a slam dunk with 80s songs.


That movie was just an absolute mess, and don't even get me started on the massive consent issues the film glosses over for the male lead let alone the fact a museum aircraft isn't fueled and is missing more than half the necessary components to turn on. They didn't realize suspension of belief only goes so far when the bar for Hero movies has been set


Blue Monday in the trailers alone got me wanting to see it. I was so disappointed to hear that not only was it not in the movie, but there wasn’t any big ‘80s needledrop at all. They blew it.


Man Of Steel is my favorite DC movie.


If your talking about 2016 suicide squad, then u have named the 4worst DC movies made by Warner bros but I enjoyed all of them


Mobius bombed twice. There is no way Batgirl was going to worse than Mobius.


Mo’billion tickets sold


...and a timeless catch phrase born




I saw the first 10 mins of that movie...and quit


Sony doesn't have a brand to protect, any damage they do will be fixed in the eyes of the average audience as long as Marvel Studios puts out a few decent projects. WB is worried that a bad Batgirl movie would hurt ticket sales for The Batman 2


Now it’s 100% a flop




Thank you


May you have many more great ones. :)


Yea but Marvel has better writers. They realized how silly Ant Man would seem as a character to most casual fans, so what did they do? They cast Paul Rudd and made it an action comedy. The tone of both solo Ant Man movies was absolutely perfect. The perfect balance of comedy and seriousness, even more so than Ragnarok.


That’s the kid from The Christmas Story?


Nah that's El Duderino


People are just mad that they couldn't meme the hell out of that movie like they did to Morbius


I understand that reference


Hell the entire Avengers lineup with the MCU was them having to work with a lot of the B List heroes because Marvel sold a lot of rights back in the 90s to avoid going out of business. They started with IRON MAN with Robert Downey Jr. A character controversial for the recent Civil War arc played by a guy widely considered at the time to be a washed up has been drug addict who spent a lot of time in and out of rehab and jail and they made it work. Growing up I considered the Avengers to be second fiddle to the Justice League but Warner has shat the bed so goddamn hard that they are now the second fiddle, they attempted to rush into an Avengers style film and used a Zach Snyder film of all things to set the tone for a film universe. Nothing but terrible decisions but hey at least their standalone films like Joker and The Batman were great.


Don't you dare disrespect Ant-Man. I loved him before the movie.


Just cause Paul Rudd wasn't there first choice doesn't mean he's a box of scraps :(


and it was Scott Lang Ant-Man, too don't get me wrong, I like the direction they took, and both Michael Douglas' and Paul Rudd's performances as Hank Pym and Scott Lang respectively were great. but the character of Hank is incredibly nuanced, and the source material would've given the MCU a ton to work with (especially the creation of Ultron, and not making one of the most prominent threats in Marvel Prime/Earth-616 a throwaway 1-movie villain). Hank and Jan were probably my favorite characters in Avengers EMH, and it kinda sucks that they've kinda had wasted potential in the MCU


Look at how bad your average DC property is, now imagine how fucking absolutely dog shit bat girl must've been to not even release it.


They made a profitable movie with a raccoon and a talking tree. A RACCOON and a TALKING TREE.


Flop or not, it's very crappy for all the artists involved not to release the movie.




Funniest marvel meme


Let's face it, Batgirl looked like shit And that's coming from a batman fan


"You don't understand, sir, we gotta get that sweet sweet tax write-off"


Explain this to me because people are parroting it nonstop but it doesnt make any sense. The production costs are already tax deductible as a business expense regardless if they release the movie or not. What additional write offs could they possibly get that would generate more money then releasing the film. It makes zero sense


It's one of those Reddit hive mind comments people love to make. It doesn't actually make sense


Ant man is exponentially cooler than batgirl


DC needs to pick a lane on their Batman canon first before they worry about characters like Batgirl, Robin, etc. Christian Bale, then Ben Affleck, then Robert Pattinson. But all the Justice League crossover crap from Ben Affleck's tenure continued when they moved on to Robert Pattinson. You cant just reboot one of your heroes while continuing with all the others like it never happened and expect people to stay invested. And then they just up and undo Robert Pattinson's Batman and go back to Ben Affleck again. Not to mention they've done worse with the with The Joker. Jared Leto playing him first, as horrible as his Joker was... Then they do the weird Joker origin movie with Joaquin Phoenix (that didn't even feel like The Joker and just felt like they took an already existing movie script about a failing comedian having a psychotic break, changed the city name to Gotham, and added some lines about the Waynes)... Then they decide to do another Suicide Squad movie so they have Jared Leto's Joker being a thing again... Then they do The Batman with Barry Keoghan playing him in a minor role... and now since Ben Affleck is back again that means Jared Leto's Joker is back for the 3rd time. They want their connected movieverse, but dont want to lay the groundwork or let it breath, and they dont want to keep batman tied down because they make too much money doing random reboots of it and its related IPs.


This meme is kind of backwards - it's not because anyone thinks Batgirl is an unpopular character it's because the actual movie they have is a bad movie (just like it didn't matter how popular a charade Ant-Man was if the movie was good)