Warner getting cold feet?


“Look, people liked Shazam. Let’s just invest in the Shazamiverse of Adamness from now on”


Featuring Director James Gunn


I would watch the shit out of that tbf


I'll honestly watch anything from James Gunn at this point lol.


Gunn may sometimes cranks his joke too much but he sure knew where the direction of his story and character go. GotG 2/ the suicide squad has some of the best character development on top of a convoluted story


I bet he curates songs to use in his next movies, we get dad rocks in gotg and hair metal in tss/peacemaker


Tbh I'm not a huge fan of Gunn. I don't like the in your face edginess of his movies. But he does have moments he shines. For GotG, it's Yondu. For Suicide Squad, it's Weasel


For me it was Rat Catcher 2’s moments. Though, I heard he originally thought it would be a good idea to kill her in the dumbest way possible for nothing more than shock value. Thankfully, someone with better judgement influenced him to do otherwise.


Instead Polka-dot man got that bullshit treatment.


He has a niche, for sure, that isn't for everyone. But I'll call you crazy if you say he doesn't understand how to be stylish and fun. GOTG, Suicide Squad, Peacemaker, even Super (for as weak as the characters felt) are just a good time and feel like films that stand out.


Wow, I confused Kazaam with Shazam. But in good news, I want to see the Kazaamiverse.


Underrated comment


More like Warner getting elephantiasis on both feet


Warner (and HBO) bought by Discovery and being stripped out and turned into reality tv and only AAA blockbusters




Blame Discovery, they bought WB. At least we're getting Black Adam, Shazam 2, and Peacemaker season 2.


Peacemaker was such a good show


Do ya really wanna, do ya really wanna taste it?


I really really do. When they are making fun of his presentation was so ducking funny


And the "Dye Beard" gag was one of the best running jokes in the series so far, especially with the twist at the end.


What’s going up just come down


Peacemaker was fun but I feel like they made everyone in it stupid. Like the plot was only able to advance because everyone in it is equally incompetent.


As long as it’s a fun ride I’m all for it


I think that's kind of appropriate for most of the characters. These aren't the A team or the B team, they're the Z team.


Unfortunately the only one of those I care about is Peacemaker. Mildly interested in Shazam 2, the first one was decent enough.


By the sounds of how production was going we might want to thank Discovery.


Why? What do you mean?


even if they were images you could already see that the quality was from the CW series, then considering also the plans that were running of a Justice League with Batgirl and Supergirl, the snyderverse and the WB geniuses are dead, obviously they can say this because today they still have a large proportion of the public in hater mode


Just that the reports say it was not looking good. I personally think that if even the people in charge couldn't see anything worth while in it, it was probably not good.


According to reports from test screening, Batgirl wasn't looking that good, basically on par or possibly even worse than Morbius, so considering they decided to eat the 90 mil means it must've been pretty bad


You seem pretty confident about that.


People are criticizing Warner Discovery over this move, but from what I've read Zaslav saw the film, thought it sucked, and cancelled it. The film was nearing the end of post-production, so it's not like they are saving money by cancelling it now. If they thought it would bomb at the box office they could have just put it on HBO Max with minimal advertising to recoup some revenue. To me this move shows that the new leadership has a bar of quality they want to uphold with DC, and they're willing to lose money to achieve those expectations.


I didn't even know this was an idea and now I'm finding out it's cancelled... I am upset


It literally feels like there is some ancient curse or something on WB, shit goes downward every single time


if only they had as much stability in live action as they do for animated stuff


animation is cheap when you don't pay your animators.


even the latest animated movies aren't great. Like Injustice sucked ass, despite having amazing source material.


I found out about Batgirl 15 minutes ago when I saw a title, Batgirl will not be on any streaming service. Thought they meant theater only. Now I see it's cancelled lol.


Not just an idea. The movie was mostly finished and even test screenings were held. Idk what's up with WB bruh


it's all money. If they don't release this movie, as well as others like Scoob! 2, then they can eventually write it off in taxes. The movie, from what I read, needed additional $50m to market, so they decided to just axe it and recuperate their losses through a write down. That means, however, they can not release the film, now or ever. I'm guessing they'll continue to axe current and future projects and keep it at a minimum.


It was way more than an idea. They've already completed filming, and spent $90 million on it. And NOW they're cancelling it.


Not even cancelled, the movie is basically done but they are just…not releasing it. I don’t understand. I would pay to see the movie, and they have the movie. Economics would suggest that I should be able to buy it.


Not just cancelled, filming was done and like halfway through post production.


This is the worst way to find shit like this out…


You found out about the news of Batgirl from my meme?


Yup… when I search it most of the stories are only an hour or two old so…


I have you beat. I found about the pre-existence of the movie just now


bruh.. the meme was the first time i even knew bat girl movie was even thought of


Not just thought of, filmed, edited, etc, pretty much completely done


Man :(




Looks like it’s back to the wheelchair for babz


I didnt even know Batgirl was a character until i saw this meme


I didn't know bats or girls existed until I saw this meme


What’s a meme?


Keaton coming back as batman, jk Simmons back as Gordon, Brendan Fraser as Firefly. F


> Brendan Fraser as Firefly. Honestly the biggest loss here. I will always demand more Brendan Fraser, especially in superhero movies


It’s not a competition… it’s sad. This could have been so cool, I was so excited to see the chick from In The Heights as batgirl…




Me too. I literally saw a post 30 seconds ago about WB cancelling a DC movie after it was finished filming. I figured it was the Flash movie, given the trouble Ezra Miller has caused. I guess I'm a little behind.


Whaaat? That’s even worse. :(


FWIW the Flash movie is still apparently going ahead. I don't know what is going on that would make WB cancel this film.


wow I just read his wikipedia article, he sounds like a real piece of shit. I can't imagine how bad this movie must be if it can't be released alongside the likes of that and suicide squad.


Ezra uses they/them.


They are a piece of shit human.


I heard of the movie for the first time and found out it was cancelled all at once with your meme.


As did I, I didn't even know the film existed, found out it did, found out firefly was planned to be in it, then found out it was canceled


Me too lmao, just opened Reddit and this was the first post... I am so disappointed :(


Fuck sake. Live action Firefly and Brendan Fraser. Some actual bat family. Warner need to get their shit together.


Wait firefly was suppose to be in that movie DAMMIT WARNER


Didn't give a batfuck til I found this out.


Would've given a batbillion to see it


I would have given a Morbillion.


Stings, doesn't it?


Should've worn hockey pads.


Played by Brendan Fraser at that Edit: mixed up Kelsey Grammer




and Killer Moth


They already filmed it and did a round of post production. Firefly wasn’t just supposed to be in the movie, he literally is in the movie.


They won't even give us Dick Grayson.


we got dick grayson in live action Titans


Pretty good one too for all things considered.


[Titans' Dick Grayson vs his darkness](https://www.youtube.com/embed/kbWDWWFpVTo?start=750&end=877&autoplay=1)


You wanted Dick?


Blame Discovery.


First they subject me to all the 90 Day Fiancée garbage my wife watches now this?


We need the movie about Batman’s greatest villain the condiment king


Probably worth a Google.


This wasn't even Warner, this was the top execs at Discovery cancelling this so they could get a tax write off.


That's kinda what they are doing right now with new directors. They are targeting big screen projects (straight to streaming service for them basically means the same as "straight to dvd") and focusing on developing theor iconic characters first. Only time would tell what this would bring


DC needs to fucking obliterate their dogshit universe and start again. DC characters deserve so much better. SO much better. This is ridiculous.


It’s mind blowing to think a whole generation of kids will grow up caring more about GOTG (a comic that the majority of comic fans didn’t read and most casual fans had never heard of) than Batman and Superman.


And Captain America is this generation's Big Blue Boy Scout. Not Superman.


> Not Superman. To be fair, this generation will never forget Superman's wonky upper lip


Or the massive interfandom fighting about his portrayal in the big screen circa the 2010s.


The recent Superman movie appearances don't portray him like Superman at all, he's just some superpowered alien who uses his strength to solve every problem with violence. He crumpled some dude's car just because they got in an argument, and *snapped Zod's neck* after demolishing half of Metropolis rather than use a single brain cell (or any of his powers) to come up with a different solution.


What do you think he could've done with Zod there? Zod was not gonna stop his crusade for Krypton as he clearly said it was that or death for him and he was as powerful as Superman with waay more experience in battle where this was literally Superman's 2nd fight of his life, Superman was clearly struggling to hold Zod there and he was about to murder the family so he had no choice there


Don't try. These guys can't be reasoned with.


Eek opinions! Help! Somebody is saying opinions at me!


Right? He didn't even draw zod out of metropolis and fight to keep the casualties down, he just used the city as his personal wrestling ring and demolished building after building with zods face, probably causing countless lives. That is not the superman I know.


He did throw Zod into space and Zod just flew straight back. Not much he could have done because Zod was dead set on genocides every human on earth.


The main premise of Superman is that he is good and humble beyond reproach; he is pretty much a God in earth, but he sees himself as just another person, and he always tries do what’s right, always, he will rescue a cat stuck on a tree if he finds one, his biggest challenge when fighting villains is his inherent goodness and how he handles fights without betraying it. That has been lost in recent Superman movies which try to mimic Marvel epics, Superman’s charm is that he cares about everyone despite himself and his goals.


At least Superman and Lois is actually Superman


The Batman was commercially and critically successfull and was one of the best superhero movie in years, you can say that about Superman but Batman is doing great


I honestly thought The Batman would serve as a full restart for DC cinematic. It was recieved so well by Batman fans. It's such a perfect tone for DC. But now sequels for Aquaman and Shazam are coming out and Black Adam seems like it will also be continuation of the Snyderverse. I'm still hopeful that there will be a seperate Battinsonverse. There are 2 HBO series planned in that universe


Yeah, I want Matt Reeves in charge of building the universe.


I feel like it’s better if they don’t try to copy Marvel with the whole extended universe thing. Joker and The Batman were some of their best work, and they had no ties to other movies. They don’t need to make some giant comic universe thing, because they’re always going to be overshadowed by Marvel. They should just focus on making quality films rather than extended universes.


But the crossovers




Yeah, that also helps, they also need to hire the right directors. James Gunn is amazing, but Zack Snyder is a little to dark for Superman imo.


It's weird, DC has some great writing talent (and Bendis) so it's not like they couldn't have had someone like Geoff Johns come up with a multi movie overview and plan out an equivalent to MCU phases 1-3.


Its depressing, if you saw how much I talk about Marvel you'd assume I was a bigger Marvel fan but no, I grew up with DC from comics, video games, cartoons, and never knew anything about Marvel besides Spider-Man, and it depresses me we can't get a good DC universe going. I just want my live action Bat family on the big screen man. Marvel gets to have 3 Spider-Men but DC can't even give me Batman fighting alongside Nightwing, Robin, and Batgirl


I didn't want to believe this at First, but it happened. I was really looking forward to this film, most specifically because I was excited to watch Brendan Fraser as Firefly. It sucks, but at the end of the day, it's the exects who make the final decision on whether a film will release or not. What astounds me however, is how a film at a budget of $80 million, had recently completed it's filming, and in post production, was cancelled out of nowhere! Regardless of why it happened, I feel pretty bad for the cast and crew involved in the making of this film, especially Leslie Grace, who seemed excited to play the role of Barbara Gordon/Batgirl.


I was only going to watch this movie because of Brendan Fraser. I didn’t know anything else about it but that and was fully prepared to watch it. He deserves better man.


So they don’t comment or release a statement on Ezra miller, someone who was last reported to be hiding from the police for their horrid actions, yet they slash this film from even going to HBO max. Just disgusting imo


Apparently the WB executives saw the test screening and thought "total embarassment", so bad they can't even stream it. So bad they're just going to throw their $90M in the trash.


Yea I just don’t buy that. All other reports said it tested very positively and that this was cancelled because it wasn’t the right “scale”. It’s utter bullshit


At this point I would rather them purposefully leak it to see if it's truly bad or not, only those that are actually curious will see it, and if it's truly bad then people will stop bashing on their decision ( tho if it's truly bad why make it in the first place )


I feel like the decision is bad regardless of the outcome. Look at all the plethora of movies that come out every year. Moonfall, morbius, and death on the Nile come to mind. They weren’t cancelled in their final days of post production. If DC wasn’t confident in this project then don’t greenlight it and slam it days before it’s done having its first cut. It’s a slap in the face to everyone that worked on it, and a reminder to other creators that WB is a flimsily place to create (akin to Nolan and other creators).


Because that's what heroes do.


I'm guessing they didn't want to pay the additional dollar on marketing and instead just chuck it and recuperate the losses in the projects via taxes. The test screenings probably put the nail in the coffin, but I get a feeling they were going to do this anyway, they just waited until after the screenings.


A DC movie with very positive feedback? Lmao, this sounds even more bullshit, especially as it was neither Joker nor a Nolan movie.


While DC has had many bummers, the suicide squad, batman, and peacemaker all were received very well. Plus batgirl had Brendan Fraser, JK Simmons, and Michael Keaton. Not to mention Leslie grace was also applauded for her role in in the heights.


You really should give the ~~Captain Marvel~~ Shazam movie a try


they're not throwing it in the trash, they're currently going through a write-down - which could recuperate the losses by not monetizing the film(s). This decision wasn't made without a plan in mind, they didn't just toss money in the trash.


Yeah, Ezra sucks, they’re a piece of shit, and I was super excited for Batgirl.


Trash them all you want, but Ezra Miller's pronouns are gender neutral, he/him is inappropriate here


A genuine mistake on my part I’m sorry I forgot I’ll edit to use the correct pronouns.


I'm not trying to call you out, I mostly make those comments for the people lurking who may not know =)


Never read it that way! And appreciate the call out as well, I don’t ever want to use the incorrect pronouns. So thank you!




The reports are coming in that the test screening results were downright embarassing. So bad they just threw $90M into the trash.


I believe it. Movie sounds like garbage


I have a hard time believing it could be worse than the first Suicide Squad movie.


Don't believe it. Nobody has seen this movie so WB can release whatever rumors they want. It would much better for them to secretly leak that the movie sucks so fans would be less man about its cancellation than to know its good and face double the outrage.


I will never understand people who pledge blind allegiance to a movie studio they have no financial stake in, Team Marvel / Team DC. I just like comics and comic films in general. Having said that, the Team DC people have to be sadists. WB just keeps fucking up harder and harder every day. They have what, TWO pending projects now? A Black Adam movie that looks meh, might be okay, and a silly looking sequel to a stilly Shazam film that I barely made it though. Meanwhile, everyone on here is bitching about getting too MUCH content. Can’t please anyone I guess.


>I will never understand people who pledge blind allegiance to a movie studio they have no financial stake in Wait until you hear about sports fans, lol.




Suicide squad 2 was fantastic


> Shazam ... favorite live action DC movie Uh, The Dark Knight?


People are allowed to have opinions.


I think they're talking about the Snyder series since Shazam takes place in the Snyder series of DC films. The Dark Knight movies are separate, however, probably the best DC movies outside of maybe the first 2 Superman movies since they're classics in itself. They're also Wonder Woman 1,The Suicide Squad, even Aquaman was decent, in the Snyder series. Outside of the DCCU there's Joker.


I like DC comics and cartoons better.


It’s not about pledging allegiance, not for me anyways. I just truly don’t enjoy most of the stuff they put out, for me it lack quality, with a fee exception. And being a DC fan genuinely sounds stressful. Unwilling to give fans what they want, having two actors play Batman at the same time, almost non-existent connection between one project and another, or overall universe, refusal to fire two of the most problematic actors in the industry right now even though fans are begging for it and instead delaying the problems/adding more actors hoping the fans will just forget and gloss over it…. Like it just seems like it would give me no joy. That said, this is a marvel specific subreddit, of memes at that. I’m more surprised at the presence of DC content than its absence or whatever people feel about it.


Hey they still have Ezra Millers *The Flash*!


Shazam was great and in the top third of DC movies


Really hoping The Flash gets cancelled as well.


How is this dude not cancelled yet? Is Ezra related to someone really powerful or something?


I’ve been asking that question since the first time he choked slammed that woman in 2019… The only people he seems to abuse and assault are women. He is a gross misogynist and a pedophile. The only reason he hasn’t been labelled as such is because he is part of the LGBT community. That sounds harsh but it’s the truth. If it was any other celebrity, they would’ve been cancelled and publicly shamed immediately.


Nah they got limits with that shit though, LGBT couldn't save Kevin Spacey who was also a pedo and he didn't even go assaulting women. This whole shits weird, and don't make no sense, the only way it would make sense if someone powerful protected his ass. Look at all the shit Epstein got away with just because he rubbed elbows with the right people.


Whoever Ezra Miller is connected with, they seem to be comfortable with him making a complete fool of himself and destroying his career. Must be worth it to them.


Sometimes you can't pick family, look at Prince Andrew and his pedo ass, still walking free thanks to his corrupt family and their connects. Got to protect family at all cost I guess.


Such is the corruption of the world. Wish it were different.


We're putting our usernames for attention now?


Credit when someone reposts


watermark so big i thought it was part of the meme lol


That's OP standing in the background of the second panel. Look closely!


They should have stuck with it. Couldn't have been worse than Batwoman.


For them to throw away $90M and not even stream it, I would say that movie must have been downright embarassing.


It was supposed to go straight to HBO Max from the beginning, and that somehow makes this even more galling.


For real, Reddit is acting like we’re being denied Citizen Kane or something.


Test screenings praised Keaton and Simmons and gave it middling reviews. “Middling” doesn’t sound bad enough to keep off streaming services, for the studio that was willing to give Suicide Squad a full blown theatrical release.


You’re right, I’m sure the studio execs tossed out $90M for no reason. We all know how notoriously loose they are with money.


The suit WILL be perfect, when it fits a woman. Ugh.


If they can release morbius twice, we should be able to sleep through batgirl too.


Welp, can't wait to see this in the Lost Media Wiki.


Dceu's just a joke now It really annoys me that WB have slaughtered the Dc universe, they've got some amazing characters and stories and now because of WB, ive completely gone off DC.


As someone that's loved Barbara Gordon since I first saw her on *Batman: The Animated Series*, this hurts. This hurts a lot, and it's a stab in the back to all the talented people involved.


It's fucking ridiculous than Marvel achieve be one of the biggest movie franchises of all time without their most popular characters (Spider-Man, X-Men, FF, etc.) and then DC than has EVERY character at their disposition can't make anything, lol.


I feel really bad for everyone who worked on it


We could have been on our way to Marvel Vs DC but WB couldn’t get their shit together


Batgirl has a super interesting story arc. Barbara Gordon starts off barman's side kick, then she gets paralyzed and becomes The Oracle. I'd be really interested in the show, but I have doubts that DC can pull it off. DC doesn't have a great track record recently. Aquaman was good, Wonder Woman was very good, Superman was alright, but they really struck out with Batman Vs Superman, Suicide Squad, Batwoman. Even when they had a great director, they recut Justice League to make it unwatchable. Shazam was one of their best movies. I don't think we'll ever get to see The Flash because they didn't vet Ezra Miller.


The WB is a fucking mess


I’m not too upset. Brenden Fraser would’ve been cool to see. I think DC should just reboot and actually plan their shit out, but take their time.


Damn. Was looking forward to seeing Brendan Fraser again.


Probably for the best ngl after seeing how catwoman went.


Here we go again. DC makes movie. Warner Bros announces (loudly) “hey everybody, were not gunna release this movie we just made”. DC fans hype movie up, demand release. Warner Bros facetiously goes “d’aw, you guys.. you got me” and releases the movie. Fans go wild, Warner Bros makes millions of more dollars selling subscriptions for their parent company. Repeat again in a year or so. Stonks.


…..Movie was never going to be good or successful. There’s no tie-in intro to her character In any current Batman movie or show. Can’t go straight to Batgirl. Why to you think there’s no solo Nightwing movie


Someone please for the of god just take DC away from warnerbros


Was it supposed to have the same tone as The Batman?


Looking at the leaks it was more like that


Well it's lost media now sooo


I wasn't really looking forward to that movie anyway. By the sound of it, it was just gonna be a shit ton of nostalgia and fan service anyway.


I wonder who would be a good replacement for WB?


#They ruined Batgirl by casting wrong in DC TV Show


Feels really good to be a marvel fan right about now.


“So she’s going to this party right? And she dresses like Batman right? Well on the way she sees some guys up to no good and she gets involved right? Then the real Batman shows up and he’s all like “you’ve got chops kid”, right? Well then she totally trains for an afternoon and then beats deathstroke right??? And then the fans are gonna love it…..right?”




According to leaks, Batman didn't train her.


Batgirl is better as a side character than a main character. So, I'm sure that movie would've been mediocre to bad.


Have you read batgirl year one or Gail Simone’s batgirl???


Theyre going to make it "Non Binary Bat Person" now


Why was Batgirl cancelled?


From what I've seen it was because of the really poor reception of a screening




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From what I found, they decided that the movie simply didn't work despite going through reshoots and increasing the budget.