Wandavision most unique FATWS most mature What If most creative Loki most entertaining Hawkeye most KingPin


Most Kingpin indeed


Not enough kingpin 😔


You know in the comics he got shot in the head twice and survived it, so we might even get more kingpin


Actually he got shot in the head by her in the comics so he is definitely coming back.


Thank God. I saw that episode an I just thought how sad it would be of daredevil did everything he did just for a brand new character to be introduced and kill him in 6 episodes.


Yeah he’s not dead


No body, not dead. It pulled away from the shot for that exact reason. Anyone who thinks he’s dead is fooling themselves 😂


Yeah, I'm sure they're not killing off Kingpin. And even if they did he would be back.


Not enough Swordsman


We need more cowbell


We need more kingpin


Watch daredevil?




That Is exactly what me and my wife decided to do after finishing hawkeye


(Idk how to put spoiler, but there is some for Spiderman's movie) Me and my fiance did watched Daredevil after him showing up in Spiderman and man the show was very well written and the kingpin was some legendary bastard there.


I got a fever


And the only prescription is more kingpin


Gotta have more Kingpin, baby!


i don't believe they killed him. it was off screen. Also it CAN'T be possible that Marvel revives Daredevil AND Kingpin from the Netflix series at the same day! Be cause Spiderman movie and Kingpin episode launched at the same day.


There's no way >!kingpin is dead!< . Comics have pretty much a 1 for 1 recreation of that scene and he survives. https://images.app.goo.gl/oyLjwYPAPqpPcqe17


I'm done trying to convince you


You took him from me. He loved me.


He got shot point blank with an arrow, got hit by a car and got blown up by several types of arrows I doubt a simple 9mm would put him down.


Honestly I didn’t like the way they wrote kingpin in Hawkeye compared to Daredevil. I feel like they Disney’d him up too much.


I remember when Kingpin decapitated a guy with a car door. I miss that.


Isn’t it the same Kingpin from Daredevil in Hawkeye? I thought that I heard something about it being the same person


Think that's the complaint. Same actor, technically the same character, but it sounds like he's been made a little less imposing in behavior... Which is kinda key for Kingpin. *Edit*: It's obvious *why*, as it's a Disney+ holiday series. The person seemed like they were just trying to confirm if it's the same person, seemingly confused by the mentions of changes to the character.


No I meant that it was the same version of Kingpin that was in Daredevil


Pepperidge Farm also remembers




That was brutal how he killed that guy. A good scene to show the type of guy you’re facing. Sticks in your memory for sure. Somehow Kingpin’s weird strength was more believable in Daredevil then in Hawkeye when he threw Kate around a store.


To be fair, we saw him for all of one episode. You have to remember, this is a different Kingpin than the one we see in Daredevil. Not saying he's a different character, but he's been through a lot more. This is a Kingpin whose empire was decimated by the blip and then brought down to almost nothing by the Ronin. He's desperate to regain the power that he had and is taking measures that we've never seen him take. I think we need to see more development out of him than just that episode.


Go watch series finale of Daredevil then come back and watch Hawkeye. Its just disrespectful what they did to Fisk


Hawkeye most Christmas


It nicely tied in last festive period. It was so magical for me




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Hawkeye most bro, bro








Kaht beesoup is guy, bro.


Hawkeye most dog


and Ket Beeshup


Wandavision absolutely went above and beyond with the thematics of love and loss, and the dealing with and acceptance of death. Was a real shining moment for a universe that relies more on the same formula.


Yeah it definitely stood out from the crowd in a major way


Dont forget the most important part. Hawkeye most Yelena.






I looove hot sauce


I tried it on mac and cheese because of that episode. Can confirm it's delicious.


Swap what if with Wandavision. It’s much harder to create a show based on sitcoms and create a flowing plot whereas what if was more of a fun: what are some cool scenarios with a overarching plot at the end whereas the plot was all the way through wv.


Yeah but that's why wandavision is more unique than creative What if required the writers to come up with all new storylines for the most part, ie, they had tonget creative Wandavision is lifted straight out of an existing comic plotline and was more of an adaptation than an original creation. Additionally, the sitcoms they based the show on also were pre existing, so while it certainly made for the most unique viewing experience out of the lot, it wasn't the most creative of the bunch. But that's just my opinion


I disagree. Some what if episodes were great, but the agent Carter one was really disapointing. They just did a straight gender swap. They didn't really look at how Peggy's personality and choices would be different and therefore her whole character arc would be different. She just became a woman Steve Rogers.


So goddamn true


This is a perfect review.


Hawkeye was the most fun, it was a really nice break from all the mainstream multiverse ending marvel bits.


They're almost mood rings. The one I most want to watch depends on my overall mood or the mood I want to be in or feelings I want to change. I'd put it like this: WandaVision: contemplative, grateful, self-doubt CA&TWS: self-esteem, relationship issues, What If: depressed about life choices, anxious Loki: strength to change, loss, self-image Hawkeye: find enjoyment in holidays, importance of chosen/found family, dealing with past I can't say which one is the best. That changes. They all had lots of positive things, lots of things that they did well. As to the negatives - if that's all you focus on, then that's all you will see.


I loved Wandavision, but it reminds me of a very happy moment in my life that went south so I don’t like it for that reason


I feel like Wandavision was the most unique and interesting one, even though its finale wasn't great.


I genuinely thought they’d just made a weird sitcom about Wanda and Vision for the first 3/4 episodes until all the weird stuff started happening. Then I thought maybe it was a life on mars style coma dream. The episode that takes place outside the town was just awesome




It might have been bad, but I think making him the obvious bad guy was a bit of a misdirect from the actual bad guy (gal)




I mean, i think Wandas struggle is in of itself a misdirect. I never really expected a bad guy in general since the series seemed to be focused on her grief and coping I definitely agree, Hayward couldve had the exact same agenda and motivation, but not be so cartoonishly evil. It always stands out when you have an empathetic villain who makes clearly evil decisions


For real. It was a real letdown when I found out that he wasn't just trying to save the town's people, but also had a secret evil "big government" plan of his own


It reminds me of my beef with Black Widow. The main course of the movie/show is top notch but the they fucked up the side dishes and didn't put any effort in them it seems.


This. WandaVision was at its best when it was a sitcom parody with sinister undertones. All of its weaknesses come from when it tried to be more like a typical MCU project.


The fact that this was how we were reintroduced the the characters after about a year hiatus also made it so compelling, we go from the battle for earth to 60’s sitcom, its jarring and what made the show so interesting to me and really changed the definition for super hero media for me.


Currently Wandavision is my favourite, but now the mystery is gone I'm not sure if I'll hold the same opinion with a rewatch. I think there's a good chance Hawkeye could be my long-term favourite.


Why didn’t u like the finale just wondering


Not the person you are responding to. I found it very strange that 'new' vision just fucked off. He literally almost killed his life long love, fought himself, got back his memories and instead of helping Wanda or enacting justice on the person trying to make him a controllable machine he just disappears. I do wonder where he is and where we see him again. The whole quick silver thing was also just dumb, casting of the actor for that role. Or we get some kind of reveal later where he was already transported into the MCU earlier than other mutants.


I'm pretty sure that Vision felt embarrased and guilty after trying to kill Wanda and he wanted answers because he clearly missed a lot so it was best for him to go away and learn more.


He was embarassed in front of her


Yeah he'd probably be crushed in an instant if she saw white vision again after he tried to kill her


Because the "new" vision is in fact new. He only ever has the data from the old vision but that's it, his conscience isn't that of the older vision. He disappeared because he wanted to sort things out in his mind? IDK, but there was no motivation for him to help Wanda or anyone.


I thought imaginary vision gave him something from his own memories, at least from the dialogue I'm remembering it seemed like he gave memories. But remembering the action I can agree that it was more like the removal of controlling components


Lines up with the emotionless white vision of the comics too


the quicksilver thing annoyed the hell outta me


There were few other things that really didn't gel for me. Monica says to Wanda "They'll never know what you sacrificed for them". WTF?? she literally kidnapped and mentally tortured the whole town. Dont try to justify it for fucks sake... Why did director Howard start shooting at the kids for absolutely no reason at all? It just destroyed his whole character, at least he had a reason for shooting Wanda or lying about Vision in the previous episodes. This just made him a generic action movie bad guy. Some people also didn't like the big CGI fight(s). The Quicksilver thing was the worst part for me though. It felt like such a cruel troll move from Marvel, they made us crazy by hinting at the potential multiverse stuff, and all that hype ended with a shitty Boner joke.


Agree I think that they sabotaged WandaVision finale on purpose to elevate Kang reveal in Loki. After WandaVision I thought that Kang will be another Mephisto hoax effect only to find out they really did it. Expect Expected indeed. So for that I am grateful because WandaVision made Lokis finale all the more rewarding and suprising. However its also reason why I prefer Loki over WandaVision. On that note I also find Wanda´s character development in the show jarring. They let her overcome her issues only to getting corrupted by Dark Hold in post-credit scene? Like if she is gonna be one of the semi-antagonists in Multiverse of Madness at least it seems whole WandaVision should about her falling to the dark side. Not doing one step forward and then two steps back That was weird choice.


“Wait, your name is Ralph Bohner?”


I found quicksilver hilarious.


Yup. People are getting pissy about it acting like it's the end of the story but I'm willing to bet it's a huge double fakeout for something bigger


>I found it very strange Maybe. Who am I to judge?


> 'new' vision just fucked off. He fucked aaaallllll the way off into another MCU movie.


I do understand the Vision thing but now that Marvel has control of the XMen there’s no way he isn’t Pietro from the X Verse


He’s Ralph Bohner


The government changed his name remember


Can’t speak for OP, but a lot of people (myself included) were disappointed that such a unique series ended with yet another CGI loaded battle sequence.


i agree


i liked that the CGI battle sequences ended with the heroes outsmarting and outdebating the villains tho, rather than just beating them up.


Great performance but Agatha just became a boring Villain in the finale. Also no Darcy


I LOVED WV but the finale seemed rushed. The SWORD guy went from like a cunning manipulator to an all out cartoon evil villain in one episode, The CGI fight was meh, the “they’ll never know what you gave up for them” was laughably tone deaf. The ship of Theseus, final scene w Wanda and Vision and the rest I loved. In interviews w the director, he says the finale was supposed to be very different but COVID kinda screwed it up, Agathas rabbit was supposed to transform into some sort of demon lol


> Agathas rabbit was supposed to transform into some sort of demon lol Mephisto confirmed!?


Lol, the craziest thing I think is that they apparently cut that scene like a week before the finale aired because they couldn’t finish the CGI


Ralph Boner


I feel like a battle between two witches should have been more than tossing balls of light at each other.


I agree with him. I didn’t like the finale cause, while the show was something different from everything else, the end was just a normal cgi fight between the hero and supervillian. I don’t know, I was expecting a struggle in wanda to let go of that reality and vision, and that felt rushed because of the fight.


Not OP, but I just didn't like that the finale came down to punching through the problem. That's a short coming of superhero media, I suppose, but it just felt like there should've been a greater emotional and interpersonal development.


Wandavision and Loki




What he said ^


Best was WandaVision, favorite was Loki, most fun was Hawkeye, most grounded was TFATWS, the gift for the long-time fans was What If…


TFATWS was my #1 just on narrative, and the gritty reality of seeing both sides of the "war". The humanizing of the bad guys and Captain America #2 showing how hard it is to live up to Steve Rogers' sparkling perfect image, persona, etc. The second someone he cared for got hurt he snapped, Steve went to meetings for 5 years and preached the importance of seeing the good in things.


It was really cool how Falcon got so much time over the season to basically have his new origin story. Would have been hard to cram into one movie and show the real dilemmas he faced I think.


is no one going to talk about Rogers: the musical "I CAN DO THIS ALL DAYYYYY!"


Hawkeye was my pick for this reason.


I get this stuck in my head randomly. I hate and love it at the same time.




Glorious purpose


I still think their opening theme song is the BEST compared to everything else.


The entire score was excellent. Natalie Holt killed it.


Seriously I've found myself watching Loki just for the soundtrack. The whole series is well done, but the score is the cherry on top.


It made it into both me and my girlfriend's end-of-year Spotify lists because we kept re-listening to the TVA theme. That orchestral swell is *so good*.


Honestly, one of the best scores in the entire MCU.


Amazing, awesome production design 👏


YES! I recently rewatched the last two episodes with my parents and while the series was hard for them to follow, which I can certainly understand, the score and production was so incredibly amazing. No other series from marvel can come close


Agreed! Can't get it out of the system even though it aired so long ago


What I liked about Loki was the subtlety of the finale- just the three of them… talking.


I named my new cat Sylvie because of the Loki series. I was crazy excited to hear that there would be a second season.


I did the same thing, I have a 4 month old void named Sylvie.




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I honestly would put Loki up against any other project in the MCU... It felt the most like an actual comic book to me. The cinematography literally took my breath away multiple times, the acting throughout was spot on (including Owen Wilson), and the story has possibly the most vast and wide ranging impact of anything since Infinity War. As a Marvel comic junkie, the ending opens up SO many possibilities I get excited just thinking about it


And the score was easily top 3 in the MCU


More like top 1. I thought it was the best.


Hands down. This is the correct answer. Enjoyed them all but Loki was clearly the best.


Loki for sure had the best writing of the lot 👌🏼


By far


I knew this was going to be the top comment.


\*knows this will be top comments\* \*is nowhere near top comment\*


Apparently it was when I said it 🤔


yeah, i know :P it was just funny finding it so far down


I guess we have some upvoting to do.


Wandavision and Hawkeye were my favorite!


Same same sameeee


Hawkeye and Wandavision. Don't ask me to choose.


Omg same. I loved WandaVision because of its awesome approach and I loved hawkeye becoz of Kate and Clint and Yelena and the Russian Mafia


Kate Bishop is guy, bro


Kate bishop is not guy


Kate Bishop is guy in costoom.


Can I speak to your manager?


Sir, this is a Wendy’s


Kate Bishop, I made macaroni, it’s delicious


Kate Beeshop*


Bro, I found her






Lmao the bro’s were fucking hilarious.


Tracksuit Mafia*


That's their name? That's a little on the nose, don't you think?


Same, I think Hawkeye would have won except for how they handled the Kingpin and how many mobsters were “just knocked out” after getting hit with arrows.


WandaVision. The whole series was an unfolding, changing mystery, so it was super interesting to watch.


I’m torn between WandaVision and Hawkeye




Wandavision for creativity FatWS for character growth


John Walker is perhaps one of my favorite characters in the MCU, not necessarily because I like him but because he has been executed so dang well


Yeahh I loved the fight sequences in TFATWS.




Mackie and Stan are a joy and a blessing to watch




I think Hawkeye embodies what I wanted most from the MCU shows. It’s a smaller scale adventure with a hero who’s not often the focus of the main plot, it works in side characters from other properties making the world seem a bit more cohesive, and it ties up some dangling plot threads and emotional arcs. And also it was fun. I hope we get more shows like this.


Yeah. Imo all shows were great, but Hawkeye was just great and lovable. A good show about a great character that wasn't shown enough in the movies. Even my parents loved it.


Daredevil on Netflix feels similar albeit much more gritty. And Kingpin as an antagonist helps seal that feel.


Finally, a definitive Hawkeye answer. I think it sits slightly above WandaVision. What separates Hawkeye from the rest is that the world felt much bigger than the other shows. In WandaVision and Loki I could almost always tell where the set “started” and “ended,” and there was clearly a lot of CGI to add depth to scenes. Hawkeye just felt so much more real because they used practical sets. Also Clint, Kate, and Yelena might be the three best characters we’ve explored in the D+ series so far.


What if , was pretty amazing


Some of the best fights in the MCU as the animated characters could be drawn to actually fight and so there weren't a hundred and one cuts in 10 seconds to cover shortfalls of actors. The Killmonger episode was weak as I don't think MBJ is a particularly good voice actor.


I was telling my buddy to watch The Wire, and he looked up the cast on his phone. He was like "oh, MBJ plays in it?" I was like, "he does? As who?" He said "yeah, it says he plays someone named Wallace." I was like "holy shit, that was him!" Blew my freaking mind.


> The Killmonger episode was weak as I don't think MBJ is a particularly good voice actor. Au contraire: he has done voice acting before & has been very good at it to the extent that it'd be highly unlikely for him to actually perform poorly like he did a few times when he said "Wakanda Forever" during his episode. My money's on it being intentionally sus voice acting so as to make clear that Killmonger didn't really mean what he was saying: that is, the feelings that he's trying to convey about Wakanda are so fake that he can't even bother to get the battle cry right.


Agreed - makes me miss Chadwick Boseman, his voice acting was pretty damn good


"What if... Ultron won?" Is one of the greatest things the MCU had ever done. Hands down. And yes the action was incredible. The MCU really need to up their "live action fighting" game.


and why nobody is admiring it


The storylines falls apart surprisingly easy once you put the tiniest bit of thinking into it, why didn't Red Skull bring the tesseract with him? How could the Collector take Thors hammer? How did Iron Man or Thanos get bitten? Why didn't Thanos fight the mind stone beam? It's all for cool points without thinking about why this happened.


~~Literally first episode. The science guy isn't dead, why didn't they make more super soldiers?~~ Edit: misremembred. Still dont like the episode. My wife hates that I nitpick continuity and *she* started complaining the episode made no sense.


Literally no idea why. Who gives a fuck about the lame-ass MCU when there’s literally a show about Zombie Captain America. Come on now.


Wandavision hands down


For me, WandaVision was exceptional and the best out of all the shows last year. Loki is same tier but slightly lower. FATWS and Hawkeye were good but not on the same level as the others. The end of each episode did not leave me with the same sense of anticipation as with WandaVision and Loki. And I did not care for What If.


I agree with WandaVision on the top, exceptional performances by both the leads and while were bummed out about the finale... I feel like its their fault for letting their expectations run wild, but in their defense, lot of online theorists influenced everyone. FATWS was really good imo. People don't realise the care and effort that was put into crafting dialogues when dealing with all the issues the show addressed. It really reminded us of a serious MCU where people don't always goof off when dealing with a severe threat.


Hawkeye. The fate of everything doesn’t need to be in the balance to be a good show


1. Loki 2. WandaVision 3. Hawkeye 4. Falcon and the Winter Soldier 5. What If…?


Wandavision was a step above the rest. Hawkeye and Loki are both fantastic too.


WandaVision by a country mile. It was so weird and different and it had a lot of heart. It’s really just about a woman coping with grief but it just so happens she can warp reality


That’s why I enjoyed WandaVision the most! I thought it was the most emotional and just an incredible portrayal of grief. Especially considering it came out when many people We’re grieving family, friends, way of life, it really hit close to home.


Hawkeye was my favorite


My favorite one was definitely Hawkeye but I personally feel that the best one was probably Wandavision


Hawkeye. It was the only one that was consistently good.


thanos was right


Yes! thank you. When I was listing the other that's why i out Hawkeye first. Then for me it was a struggle as to how to organize the others


Hawkeye by far




not exactly mini lol


Loki and it's not even close


I think it's *Loki* in terms of all the things you critique a thing for- plot, pacing, etc. However, I like *Falcon & The Winter Soldier* (or, as me and my brother like to call it, *The Sam & Bucky Show*) better. Captain America is my favorite superhero, and telling the story of the next men to take up the mantle- Sam Wilson and John Walker- made for a very moving story about what that shield means. Sam calling out the GRC for their antics is something I could see Steve Rogers doing. It's a great series, and I want to see these characters again.


Totally agree!


I'm with you - FATWS does a pretty good job tackling some real issues and detailing how all this stuff would actually affect people. And is incredibly relevant in a time where we're spending a ton of time calling EMTs and such heroes while refusing to actually protect or pay them.


Loki and Wandavision


Probably Hawkeye. I didn't like Loki as much because of the weird cliffhanger. Wandavision finale felt rushed but still pretty good overall. FatWS was okay overall. What if was nice but can't compare it with the rest, it's just different.