How long is band camp normally?

How long is band camp normally?


My band camp was 8-4. You guys are there for 9 hours out of the day. Some bands go 12. My band directors let us out at 4 because they wanted us to practice when we got home.


This was about my high school band experience. College band was 8AM - 10PM for 6 days. Then we had 5 half days leading up to the first day of classes and one final full day that first weekend.


Dang that sounds really rough. Can’t imagine spending my entire day at camp for weeks.


We spent 4 hours outside, had lunch, and spent the last 4 inside working on music


Yep same, it's actually pretty fun when you have a good group of people


This is the same length my band camp was


A week for me, 8-afternoon


Ours was also 8-5 for 3 days


Our camp is weird. Our guard and percussion start 2 weeks early in mid July, while everyone else joins in August 1st, so 3-5 weeks of camp depending on section. We go 8-5 every weekday but one day a week we have Thirteen Hour Tuesday, where we go 8-9. We have one exhibition show the last week of camp/first week of school, and do full runs at the end of most rehearsals


8-4 one week, 8am - 8:30 pm the second week


Ours was 7:30-11:30, 1-4:30 and then 6:30-9:00 The time in between was lunch break and dinner break. It was also from Monday to Saturday for 2 and a half weeks.


We have 4 days of mini camps that last 3 hours (6-9pm) throughout June and July. Then in August we have 6 hour rehearsals that last from 3-9pm. The 6 hour rehearsals last for two weeks (weekends off,) and we have an hour long dinner break. During the school year, we spend 1.5 hours (the entire class period, every weekday,) outside rehearsing from 1:30-3:00pm. Then have Tuesday night rehearsals from 6-9pm. I start school next Monday, so this summer I’ve spent a total of 72 hours at rehearsals. By the end of the competition season, I should have 186 hours of rehearsals. That only applies for the fall marching season. (No parade marching, time dedicated to autumn/winter concerts, and does not include time spent at football games or competitions.) That’s just rehearsal time. Not even time spent outside of band dedicated to practicing or sectionals. As a Junior, I can confirm that marching band is a huge commitment. My band skipped marching season my Sophomore year due to the pandemic. But it is something I really enjoyed. I know the numbers sound a bit intimidating, but just give it an opportunity! You’ll never know until you try.


We do a one week band camp that is only freshmen, full drumline, and section leaders. Then a two week camp with full band. That's 8 hour days. When I was in high school, it was two weeks full band plus one week drumline, 8 hour days. In college, it was two weeks full band, 12 hour days. I won't go into drum corp since that's obviously a unique situation compared to band camp, but I'll just say that a 12 hour day would actually be a short day as most days we went 8am to 10pm. So, at least from my perspective, your band camp days and hours don't seem unusual or demanding at all.


I had 8 to 12 and 1:30 to 3:30 every weekday for 3 weeks then the last week of July i had it 5 to 7


I’m gonna have 7 days of 8am-11pm starting soon (with at least two 1 hour breaks each day)


we have one week of camp a month during summer june is 4-8 hours for 4/5 depending on section, july is 6-8 for 4/5 and august is 12 for 4 days and 7 for one, and we usually have 2 12 hour saturday camps


Mine is 8-9 all weekdays except Wednesday which is 8-5 with lunch and dinner breaks every for just one week


One week we go 12-7, then the rest is 6-9 every other day


Ours is 8-3 week 1 and 3-9 week 2 with some extra practice whenever


My band camp was 4 weeks long, and every day was 8-5, and then it was planned that the third and fourth weeks would be 8-9 but that got changed to just being every day of the third week except for Friday was a 13 hour practice. I'm glad that happened.


we have a whole week of sleep away


mine went for 8 days and since school is starting soon we will just start doing after school rehearsal


Before covid, it was 7 hours from 2-9 for one week, with rookies and band leadership going to for an additional week. Now, everybody is going two weeks, and it's 3-9.


ours was 7-4:30 all weekdays for 2 weeks


Ours is 9-5 week one, and 9-8 week two, plus four 9-12 rehearsals before the start of the football season/school year.


About nine hours a day for five days


We have 8-8 for weekdays with a 2 hour break in between for dinner and on Fridays we end at 3:30


In HS mine was 8:30am-9pm with an hour lunch and dinner. Two weeks excluding one weekend For college, it’s 7am-9pm with an hour for lunch and dinner. One week long.


mine was 8-noon for almost 3 weeks


Mine is 3 weeks long, the first two weeks are 9-5 the next week is 9-9


9-9 sounds awful omg


Yeah it kinda is. There’s a two hour dinner break though and one of the days it was 9-11:15 and a 6 hour break and we needed to be back at 7 that was great


I can’t remember the exact hours, but ours was a bit longer of a day. Ours only lasts one week.


Mine was 7-12 Monday-Friday for 3 weeks and 2 days


7 hours a day for 3 days 10 hours a day for a week and 2 days 5 hours a day for 4 days. (School Begins) 1-2 hour practices every school day 2-3 hour practices for 2-3 days a week


8-5 most of the time, then our 8-8 hell week.


Two weeks of 5-9s and a week of 9-9s.


Ours was 8:30-8:30 for 5 days and then 3 hour rehearsals Mondays and Wednesdays for like 3 week


My band camp was 7 hours a day for a week


that’s how long mine is


ours was 8:30-4:00 for a week


I've only done one so far, but it was 9-8 every weekday for 2 weeks


Mine is 8-5 for 2 weeks then a week off and then school