Looking for (relatively) cheap places to go/things to do by myself in Manchester that people don’t normally suggest.

Just finished my third year of uni and I’ve got two weeks before my flat contract is up and I head home for good. All my friends have gone home already. I don’t want to waste this time but every time I search for things to do it’s always the same museums, art galleries, and parks that I’ve been to already.

So I’m looking for something that’s less “tourist attraction” and more “hidden gem”. Doesn’t have to be a full on day trip, it can be as small as your favourite independent cafe.

Ideally accessible by tram or bus (I’m city centre based) and fairly cheap. Thanks Manchester!


Have you been over to the Peaks for a hike? Train tickets are usually fairly cheap depending on your budget, and some of the walks are about 40 mins train ride away. If you prefer somewhere that's less open fields, I think there is a train station out near Dovestone Reservoir, where you can walk around a circular path which I find less stressful when I'm on my own. It's one of my favourite places to visit.




Thanks for adding!


Or even better, get a train to Hadfield and explore bleaklow and the Longdendale trail plus Crowden etc


There's a free festival happening in Media city next week


Thank you!


The Police Museum is well worth a visit if you haven't been already.


I actually have been there and agree it’s a good one


A trip up to Hartshead Pike


Bury Arcade, Gorton Monastery, RHS Bridgewater Gardens in Salford, Quarry Bank Mill.


Bury's World famous market. Walk up to peel tower. Visit every met stop in a day. Coronations Street tour / media city.


It's niche - but the central library is beautiful, and not a massively long activity, but taking your time walking round/sitting down on all the floors is great. Top floor has some beautiful archive mechanisms too (again this might be a niche interest)


And if that niche does appeal you could do the treble and visit John Rylands Library and Portico Library too all within a short walk and free entry.


And Chetham's, the world's oldest public library.


Cineplex - round the corner from Victoria. Used to be Chapel Town Picture House. They have screenings of cult films, genre nights, quiz nights, and do a great line in nostalgic, sometimes sloshy movies from the 80s/90s/00s. The food and beer there is fanatic too. Good atmosphere, nice staff, well priced.


Cultplex*** just for info x


Thanks - I can never get it right! Preferred CPH as a name, but sure there’s a good reason they changed it.


One of my absolute fave things i've done is get the train to Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire and spend a morning looking in the interesting little shops, then walked along the canal tow path to Todmorden and have a pint and/or a delicious Thai meal at The Golden Lion 🥰 Other closer option is a walk in Turn Moss/Chorlton Ees followed by a pint down Beech Road or a juice from Battery Park.


+1 for hebden bridge/tod/heptonstall. Tons of walks in the area, unmatched vibes in the sun and lots of lovely shops to potter around if that takes your fancy


The meccano bridge!


If you like museums Stockport is only 10 minutes away on the train and has the Air Raid Shelters & Staircase House which are both really good. The whole area round the market and Underbanks has some nice places to eat and drink too.


45 minutes to Liverpool. Return train less than £15. Plenty of free attractions and city centre spots.


Hmmm you could get yourself a used coffee cup and stand at the end of the mancunian way and get free money


East Lancs Railway is a good solo day trip from the centre


In Rawtenstall, Rossendale?


Take a visit to formby beach in Liverpool it’s only £15 for a return train ticket !!