Prison? More like a secure room in a psychiatric hospital.


Plot twist: he is actually in a psychiatric hospital and only believes he is in college.


This was the funniest thing I’ve seen all day.


Nah I've been in a psychiatric hospital and it is Way less accommodating.


Might be one from Norway.


Maybe it’s in Eagleton


Came here to say this. Spot on. https://ichef.bbci.co.uk/news/976/cpsprodpb/DA80/production/_107763955_cell976.jpg


Norwegian here. You're on point. Our psyc hospitals are at least 3 star hotels. Sometimes 4.




Yeah, mine was way nicer too. Had a TV too.


Way too many sharp corners in this room for that.


Most of the patient rooms I have seen had windows


Tile floor + harsh fluorescent lighting = institutional vibes. Try to minimize both of those as much as possible if you want it to look less like prison.


A rug, a lamp, and some wall art will make this place look more comfortable and personal.


1 rug and 3 cheap lamps would completely change the vibe of this room


It would change the vibe of the room if he filled it with snakes.


I vote for the snakes


Budgets are tight in college, and if you can only go for one or the other I'd choose the snakes


Now we're talking


*Indiana Jones disliked this*


I don’t know why this made me laugh so hard


I am not wrong.


Right enough


Enough is enough! I've had it with these mf snakes in this mf dorm room!


Seriously. This is huge for a dorm room, and it’s just a single? Could make this super nice and cosy.


Agreed, it is surprisingly nice. If this is what people think prison cells look like I think they’d be very disappointed if they went to prison lmao.


Some string or adhesive lights to create ultra atmosphere!


High window in door, lack of window, bare minimum furniture and whatever the heck is going on with bare mattress.


A barracks but he doesn't have a roommate


Yeap that furniture style and colors are dead on.


I've stayed in single bedroom barracks before multiple times, and unfortunately they were much nicer than this (in Australia though).


The best thing about work from home over covid for me was ditching fluorescent lighting. I didn’t realise how negatively impactful it was on my mood and well-being until it was gone, and then I was expected to suffer it again.


People who buy cool-white lightbulbs for their residences belong in the sort of facility that looks much like OP’s dorm.


Driving around the streets these days every third window is some savage pink/ purple LED or neon hahah


That’s just some [bisexual lighting](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bisexual_lighting)


Hahaha goddamn, I swear those are the three primary chosen colours for most people with LED lights.


The pink/purple lights are probably grow lights. I use one for my fancy plants.


A good friend of mine has it and while always disliking it, I never really realised how much I disliked it until I sat in his high af off weed brownies. So harsh, clinical and unforgiving. Not to mention totally unflattering towards people.


Overly cool light is bad, but too warm of light is bad too. I basically only buy bulbs that replicate daylight at this point, with the exception being the lamp on my bedroom. Having colors be properly replicated is important and too warm of light isn’t much better than overly cool light.


I have friends who prefer overhead lighting on like this always, and don’t care if it’s a cooler temp light like fluorescents. It’s honestly fucked up. How does someone enjoy that? I literally only do that if I need to find something quick. Also all of them are women. But not like I’ve polled everyone I know


My partner and I had conflicts with work from home haha. She wanted the harsh overhead lighting on drowning her in light. I bought led strips to put behind furniture and light up the wall with circadian lighting programmed, and a monitor lamp to light up the desk space.


no window


I didn't want to pile on OP and mention the things he couldn't change. Though I guess he could put up like a painting of a window.


Or one of those mirrors that’s framed like a window!


I think there’s a window in the bathroom? But it looks like it’s either night time or a dark light well.




Agreed. Some pictures, area rug, indoor plant & you can change the fluorescent bulbs to “warm” LED bulbs that are more yellow & less white or get a lamp. I’ve stayed in far worse. This has lots of potential & wouldn’t cost much to give it a more homey feel.


I almost never had my ceiling lights on in my dorm unless I was cleaning. Only lamps and sunlight


Your prison is way nicer than my home. I live in a 450sq ft highrise ghetto. Many real jails in other countries are far nicer than my home lol


Big rug. Three dimmable lamps of varying height spaced around the room. Put both chairs in the murder room and get a different desk chair.


I laughed so hard at the " murder room ", from now on that will be its name


My first room mate's dad told him "You know Joe, even the cavemen had art on their walls." Never forgot that haha.


That's perfect hahaha, gotta steal that one.


Stealing that lmao


What exactly is that room? Is there a laundry machine or sink or bathroom? Just seems like a room students would lean out of the window to smoke in.


exactly that what they do lmao, but it suppose to be a shared room with my neighbor but he's not here


I'm honestly surprised it still opens. Most institutions bar them over due to accidents or suicidal situations.


My dorm had operable windows because we didn’t have air conditioning


Same. Nobody is going to read this, but I'm going to tell it anyway. It was a hot, sticky summer's eve in West Lafayette, Indiana. During pledge week in my freshman year, I happened to over-imbibe. At about 3am, I was awakened by a terrible rumbling. The half-bottle of Southern Comfort I had invited into my stomach that night wanted out. Now. I jumped out of bed, and looked around for an option. It was dark, and I was too drunk to make any complex decisions like "move the chair to get to the trash can," so I burst into the hallway and surveyed my options: To my left was about 100 feet of hallway to the communal bathroom. Immediately to my right: a window! Excelsior! I leaned outside, and the cool air caressed my face, temporarily calming me enough to notice that I was 100 feet up. As suddenly as the bike racks below came in to focus, they began to spin. I held on to the radiator under the window with both hands to prevent myself from falling out the window, and eventually off the Earth. It was at this moment that my roommate appeared, and asked me a simple question: > Is your drunk ass gonna jump? "Mmmmfffggff," I gagged. In one deft move, he grabbed me by my shirt and damn near hung me out the window. > Not in here you don't My stomach contracted with the force of a professional rugby scrum. It was so powerful that I swear I was propelled backward - assisting my roommate, and possibly preventing me from landing only a brief moment later onto a vomit covered bike rack. > Is you finished? ... > Yeah. You done. He pulled me back in the window and pointed me down the hall to wash up. > Clean your ass, and get back. I have sprite. The next morning, I woke up to my roommate having a conversation in the hall with angry people who were complaining about some biological disaster at the bike racks downstairs. Hoses were brought in. An investigation was underway. > Damn, that's crazy. Hope you catch em. The culprit was never found. He was the best roommate I ever had.


Boiler up! Sounds like you and I had similar freshman dorm experiences at Purdue 🤣


I got nostalgic and looked to see if I could find the bike rack, but it's been 25 years. [Obscured by construction. ](https://i.imgur.com/ZizKhF2.jpg) The Papa John's is still behind Follett's, and I'll bet you can still hear that goddamn drum all the way to McCutcheon on a Saturday morning. Boiler up!


Bro that was awesome.


Just go the whole hog and cover the walls and floor in clear plastic, then put a table in the center. Dexter kill room.


How many phone calls do you get per day?


One; any additional call costs him one cigarette he stashed in his prison wallet.


Prison? I’d take that as a compliment Looks like a mental asylum


Yep thats what instantly came to mind. I have spent some time inside them before.


Hope you’re doing ok! ❤️


Thanks for asking. I am doing pretty okay these days. Any day above ground is a good day. Love you back friend.


It's really the lack of any windows giving that feeling, and that door frame. The rest is just ugly furniture


I'm just over here like "How is this compliant with fire code? Sleeping areas are supposed to have two means of egress..."


Can confirm this looks like a psych ward I’ve been in


I hope you’re doing ok now!


Lol the student accommodation I lived in first year was apparently built using designs of a secure hospital!


I moved in here because I want to depend on myself and develop as a human being, I will take every word you wrote into consideration ( nice lamps instead of the fluorescent lamp, a rug, some posters on the wall, and I will put the chair in the murder room besides the towel ) Do you want a sequel?


I would like an update! I think it looks like a very cozy prison.


Yes! Please update us!!


Will do!


Get some bedsheets as well. Something you put on the mattress itself, so you aren't sleeping on that bare mattress.


I'm amazed people sleep without sheets 🙄


Sequel please! Also while I'm here: * Throw a coloured fitted sheet over the mattress even if you're sleeping on the pad, will look heaps less ghetto. * A couple of plants in nice pots will improve the vibe and the air quality, and looking after a low-maintenance alive thing is actually pretty great for your mental health. Do a bit of googling and find something appropriate for the amount of natural light you get throughout the day. * Don't just tack posters straight on the wall, either get them block-mounted or go thrift-shopping for frames to put them in. They can reflect your tastes and interests, but simpler aesthetic designs will make the space look more mature than photos of generic 'boy' stuff like sportscars, swimsuit models, sporting teams, etc. Think about the impression you want your room to make on a visitor/date the moment they poke their head in the door. * Those [3M Command](https://www.3m.com/3M/en_US/p/c/home/storage-organization/clips-hooks-adhesive-strips/b/command/) velcro-style picture hanging strips are amazing for putting up art, mirrors, etc. without having to punch holes in the wall. If you attach them properly they'll hold forever, especially the heavy-duty black ones. * Assuming you can't paint/replace the furniture, break up the monotony by covering some of the wood - a blanket/throw over the chair, removable vinyl contact on the shelves, a full-length mirror on one of the wardrobe panels, etc. Can't wait to see what you do with the space :)


Plants need light, preferable with some connection to the sun. I hate to say it, but this might be the one and only time for fake plants. Maybe something can grow in the murder room, but that would mess with the vibe.


It's a fair point. There are some options - [this list](https://www.proflowers.com/blog/plants-that-dont-need-sun) includes one or two varieties that can thrive under just fluorescent lights - but of course this depends heavily on where OP is based and what's available. Decent quality fake plants are better than nothing, otherwise I wouldn't bother - cheap plasticky-looking ones will probably do more harm than good.


Oh Thanks, This is amazingly helpful!


Not a poster. Get something nice that is framed. Posters look cheap, might give off even more of a Shawshank vibe. Perhaps a mirror might make it feel a bit more homely too. Shows that you take care of your appearance as well. Also, if you can I’d paint the wall either a darker green, or cream to match the other walls. Will make it look nicer. Good luck!


+1 for the mirror, need something to open the room with zero windows


I'm surprised nobody mentioned plants yet!


A rug, a few lamps and changing that bedding will help. Also wtf is that last picture?


Towel just vibin, you got a problem?


Yeah it probably hung itself because that room is so fucking depressing.


jesus lmaoooooo




Brought it to him dude. Legit LOLd


You're a towel!!


Wanna get high


Lmao. 😂


how is it supposed to dry like that in a dark room with a window to a hall?


Towel’s in solitary.


If you told me it was a torture room I would have believed you.


Through that door is international waters. Black site.


Towel room, obviously


Could probably pass as an art piece lol


Man, this brought back memories. University days were such simple times. Enjoy your time and make good friends, buddy. Don't worry much about your pace, discovering yourself and finding out what you want to do is more important. As you come to be more comfortable in your own skin and can be honest with yourself in any places or situation, you will also find that your sense of style had developed. Your living space will become a reflection of who you are. Enjoy, and have fun.


Thanks, your comment made me smile.


OP, just want to say not to take the comments here too harshly. You have limited control over your environment at this stage; it's really not a reflection on you. I promise if you use this opportunity to work hard and have fun, make friends and memories, in the future you'll look back and your dorm will barely even register in your memory. Take some of the suggestions in this thread if they resonate with you, but it's nothing to take too seriously.


Yeah, my dorm looked largely the same, except there were three of us in that size of a room.


lmao please what school is this


No window = prison


And, at least in my state, a bedroom without a window is against building code


Seriously. Everybody talking about aesthetics, but this is a good way to die in a fire.


Only on Reddit could this be buried halfway down the page at a comment with 6 upvotes while the popular comments are talking about how the place is ugly and needs to be spruced up.


You’re right, I’m sure on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Pornhub this would definitely be the most liked comment while people would be burying the unimportant drivel lmao


When I was in college I had a sparse dorm (not this bad but not far off) so my roommate and I went to a hardware store and bought a roll of carpet. Cut it to fit the room, and had makeshift wall to wall carpet. The original floor was a similar beige linoleum tile, so we chose a charcoal gray carpet. Really gave the whole room a ton of warmth and actually made the similar wood furniture look halfway decent. Not to mention a lot better to roll out of bed and put your feet on carpet than cold tile.


Area rug. Floor Lamps. Black Fitted Sheet over the mattress. That'd make this space 100% better. Never turn on that god awful overhead florescent light. Further improvement can be had with some plants, and putting a curtain over the wall mounted pantry shelves.


Agree with all of this. For the pantry shelves OP could try a tension rod to put in the shelf to hang the curtains. And/or baskets for storage. For the florescent lamp: when I lived in a dorm comparable to this, my roommate hung a tapestry from the ceiling over the light fixture (loosely). Could be worth a try. A longer duvet that drapes over the bed would also be worth considering. Basically, any way to cover up the overload of golden oak covering this room!


As someone who has renovated and repaired youth correctional facilities, this looks exactly like one.


Ywh that last picture really sells the prison vibe. Makes me think you took the first picture pov sitting on your seatless toilet/sink combo


Lmao that’s so shitty. Sorry.




Where is this?


My God. Tell me this college is free


yeah it's free.. in fact they gave us 250$ every month just for studying


10/10 Worth living in prison for free college


يا هلا بالبترول


Which college gives its students rooms with no windows? That just seems cruel, I’d genuinely consider asking for a different room and citing the lack of a window as the reason Otherwise, first thing would be to get some floor and desk lamps so that you never have to turn on that horrible fluorescent lamp ever again Then a rug, a few posters, and a plant or two (preferably large ones)


OP could probably get an online doctor to write some letter stating he has a vitamin D defiance and requires a sunlit room


Or a fire marshal. You can't call something windowless a bedroom where I live.


It's is a fucking depressing hell hole.


European prisons literally aren’t this bad.


Looks like military barracks


This is spectacular compared to fort hood barracks


Don't Google prisons in Norway... ^^^(They're ^^^nicer)


Alright bud stop dodging the question… WTF is the last picture?? What kind of room is that??


it's a secret, but i assure you that no one was killed here


Then explain why it locks FROM THE OUTSIDE




It's 80$/month room, but still..


Are you in Saudi Arabia?


I think it’s KFUPM (OP needs to confirm) it’s a really good university, it’s free and like all public schools they get paid to attend so I’m surprised they have to pay for a dorm room.


Male living space? Forget it. This cloister is unfit for males, females, and every other sentient being


Fucking hell


Clearly not a US prison..


Looks like the barracks


You don’t know how lucky you are my friend.


You aren't going to magically flip this place around because its a dorm so you are probably here for less than a year. This is why cheap college aesthetic is a thing. Cheap posters are your friend. Get a small area rug and 1 or 2 lamps with warmer bulbs. A cheap ikea cube shelf storage thing if it is in your budget would go far in letting you store your pantry and other items in tiny bins so they aren't visible. You won't spend much time there anyways, spend time hanging out in common areas and you will probably want out of the dorms for studying in study lounges/libraries. End of year most of your dorm stuff will probably go into the trash. Save the real decorating/budget for your 2nd year college apartment or house which will be a place you spend more time.


So what are you in for?


I'm about 50 years old. Your Dorm is about 400% better than the 70 year old ramshackle building I live in. (and I'm paying about $1000 a month for the "privilege")


Why is there no window? Not even a little skylight? Mega depressing.


Try a rug to provide some warm to the room


This, without a doubt, 100%, looks like Military barracks. No joke. Worst than a prison.


i mean yeah, a nice european prison in a highly socialist country. my dorm had carpet, they could have at least put down some high-wear LVP


>i mean yeah, a nice european prison in a highly socialist country. Even prisons have windows in Europe bro. This shit is like a Guatemalan prison for someone who is gang connected.


They don't know what they're talking about. Most prisons don't have the luxury of having a room dedicated to a single hanging towel, and laundry basket in the corner.




it looks like the smaller waiting room that you move to in a hospital


A rug would really tie the room together.


Is…is the last picture an actual prison?? All seriousness though, throw up some wall decor, get lamps instead of using the fluorescent light and get a large rug it’ll feel better


What country is this? I’ve never seen a dorm room that didn’t have a window.


rug, covering the mattress, lamps and some wall hangings will help a lot


Whoever told you that has never been to an American prison, much less any third world one.


How far below ground are you?


Maybe jail in the Netherlands.


Are there no windows besides in the murder room?


A Rug Couple of hobby,movie,music,love interest etc… well placed, neatly framed posters and you’re gtg. I could throw together a painting for you if you have interest in that sorta thing.


Not an American one, but a prison for sure


Don't drop the soap!


If you can get cheap wall covering art put it up, and lots of it. Cover 60-80% of the horizontal and vertical free space and that’ll liven things up


Either a large rug or several would be great for you. Also, that chair is really chunky is it comfortable to you? Bottom line of the place is comfortable and makes you happy then dont worry about what people think or say. They aren't the ones sleeping there so it doesn't matter what they think.


You need texture - rug, wall hanging, and some low level lighting. I love fairy lights everywhere so I'd recommend some


Get you some rugs bruv!


It’s looks like a Swedish prison


My dude there are Danish prisons with way nicer cells than this. Maybe study abroad and commit a crime


Yes it looks like a prison. Not a nice one either, looks like a Guatemalan prison, albeit for someone with gang connections.


The four keys to having a comfy room: A nice rug, 2+ lamps (fuck overhead lighting), a few plants (real or fake, fake in your case bc no windows?), and art! Whatever you are interested in, get some posters or cheap cool looking things to hang up on your wall


On the bright side though, you’ve got the room yourself


what the fuck college are u at


2k rent a month in NY easy


Don't light a blacklight in there without eye protection


How do you not have a fucking window? Where is this hell hole so I never send my kids there?




240$ what do you think?


Those ppl haven’t been to prison- minimalism is strong here


I’ve lived with a bunch of Chinese Singaporean and this screams Chinese Singaporean. Curious if that is correct haha.


Looks like you’re next door to Peacemaker & across the hall from Bloodsport. So there’s that.


Prisons don’t have laptops in room you good 👍


Not even a window? That sucks.


A Norwegian prison, maybe, which is a hell of a lot better than an American one.


If prison had a principals office, that would be your dorm room


The Fort Wainwright barracks looked way more welcoming


Yeah but one of those nice prisons from some European country 👍 A rug would probably be good tho


Reminds me of army barracks.


Put empty booze bottles on the shelves, and tape beer boxes to the walls. Make it a TRUE COLLEGE PRISON 💪🏼


I've had sex in worse places.


That's a huge room for a dorm for just yourself. My hometown university puts 3 to a room that size.


Way too nice to be a US prison.


The floor and those being fluorescent lights really doesn't help. Like others said, get a rug of your choice and put some artwork and decor that show some personality in there. Think I'd even get a lamp just so I wouldn't need the extra bright light


It's the floor plus light. Get some large rugs and change the lights for a warmer tone (2700-3500).


It does, and I love it