I've seen plainer


- Carhartt Detroit Jacket - Paul James rollneck - Obey Carpenter Pants (/trousers) - Allsaints boots


Great fit. Personally I prefer low top shoes with high hemmed wide pants


Most of the time I end up wearing low top trainers with them but I like how they fit with the boots! Thanks :)


Keeping it simple is the way to go sometimes


Looks good. How is the Paul James sweater quality?


I can’t really comment in terms of longevity since I have only worn it a few times, but FWIW the material quality feels good! I found the merino to be a little scratchy but you get used to it. Fit is more or less TTS; website states a relaxed fit but it’s definitely not oversized.


I've recently ordered the carharrt detroit jacket and don't you also feel it's super wide? I'm not broad or slim (fairly average I'd say with 47cm shoulders) but the S size was just so wide that the fabric would bunch up in the back next to the shoulders (i think measurement across for S is something ridiculous like 62cm). Do you have the same issue? or are you just really broad? Is it an older jacket? Lovely fit btw.


Hey, I got mine about a month ago- it is wide, I have been thinking about making a post about the differences between the Carhartt Detroit jacket and the WIP versions. The fit generally is roomy so I would hesitate to wear it without at least a mid-layer, but are you referring to the like extra material that kind of folds up at the shoulders? I think that’s just to accommodate if you’re wearing a lot of layers underneath. I might not be describing what you are though. I’m also wearing size S and normally wear S for clothes, although I am starting to feel more in-between S and M for some things. I machine-washed my jacket at 30° and then tumble-dried it, and it feels just a bit tighter and a better fit than before. The slight tail at the back is a little annoying though. And thank you! Much appreciated.


I bought [this one](https://www.ssense.com/en-ch/men/product/carhartt-work-in-progress/black-og-detroit-jacket/5224381) from SSENSE in S, and it has a quilted interior. The material folds up at the shoulders, you can see it a little bit [here](https://imgur.com/a/9E4bZ95), more so on the right shoulder/back that the material bunches up. From the side it looks super weird. I've already returned it and have one from Reese Cooper as [backup](https://imgur.com/a/9E4bZ95) \- still considering whether or not to pick up a vintage carharrt jacket though, i just love the stiffness of the material!


Ohhh I see! Yeah the shoulders there seem bizarrely oversized, so that’s the Carhartt WIP OG Detroit jacket whereas the one I have is just [Carhartt’s Detroit jacket](https://www.carhartt.com/gb/en-gb/products/Duck-Detroit-Jacket-103828-18?krypto=zDOreSeS9tfEYXpHEN9iO8JgJT4Gp0cug8VPHpQVnf2sQ0r4%2BftepmFtl9CGPGBmD36eux4h8KjafMvXueWtAJrFtvYcaKiqdXxzwSp7e%2FzH52UyDPXJG1gjG%2Fk14E9rnc7T1BMNyJvJzIDL6zfv087sDll3NeI%2Fk6kCBLJNuC2xLWhRsuA4ofNnTC2u%2FWBuZ2o31Wfedlvynl4%2FjlKGQW7RBdugIKb2yl7b5%2B2QnoRQtwzZqzBnGv0suuAtjhR80Hgj8hlYVe7cmcqhpSbxLnyQsuANlIRnUzeRyh7GWNxcLGKdodQSfjgSDRxKe1rKlHXzVTKBD%2F%2FI6TireaEjgEW%2FT41n6unlyke%2BtNi54MzYwhw6XCJoFYdYBXJZF0bVNEg85Q3ypIWJBt39rwTaqVW2Sj7zEDOjVg%2FKwqXuKH7YPKDYPjuVjhGR1luJ%2Fe1OkKib%2Fr7mwwC9V2KcwqlAc7ES3fBNLegbdgtzjLF4FFs%3D) and the fit is more regular than the one you got (it’s still roomy though). Note the extra material it has at the back is another difference to the WIP versions. The material for the outer is the same, but it has a blanket lining rather than a quilted lining. If you check the photos you should be able to see what I meant about the shoulders- they literally have like a flap which can expand.


My kinda fit, good job op


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Yo thanks! Means a lot


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kinda prep but artsy i likeeee it