> Blessings of the planets (pick 1): Uranus Step 1: Get in a car while wearing a leather jacket Step 2: Hook up the wheels to a generator Step 3: UNLIMITED POWER


If you got something you could live in, like an American Rocker-Bus, you could get infinite cash flowing in, people pay for the power, the bus makes while you're sleeping/watching tele.


Tbh I'd need a really big Mobile Home to produce energy 24/7. I just kind of expected it to be a 9-5 sort of job. I wonder which would produce more energy: Those massive trucks with those slow wheels the size of cars, or a super fast car with wheels that make a million rotations a minute?


It's whichever engine produces the absolute most torque, because rotation speed can be changed via gearing.


The big truck very easily.


Build a vehicle the size of a mountain = infinite power


Doesn't that also mean infinite exhaust too?


Using an electric car should take care of that.


Good point


At that point, you don't even need a generator. Just siphon off the battery's power and it'll never go dry.


Get into a spaceship while wearing a leather jacket, and fly to Mars!


I'm not an astronaut, sorry to disappoint.


Honesty? Same plan.


* Pick Uranus * Drain car's fuel tank to fill up jerry cans, sell them far below the market cost * Continue process untill you have enough money to buy a diesel tanker truck * Modify the tanker truck so that the trailer tank feeds into the truck's own tank, trailer tank is now always full * Sell fuel to gas stations, train yards, anywhere diesel is used * Continue process until you have enough money to buy a small tanker ship and hire a crew * Like you did with the truck, hook the tanks in the ship's hold up to the diesel tanks that feed its engines, hold tanks are now always full * Sail port to port selling as much diesel as they're willing to buy * Flood the market with unlimited cheap diesel untill countries start denying your ship entry to their waters * Get assassinated by Saudi hitmen for threatening to crash the global oil market


You'd get assassinated by the us first, USD is backed by oil instead of gold or silver


The USD isn't backed by shit except everyone agreeing what it's worth.


I can’t believe you posted an entire CYOA to just stealth diss Pluto.


Indeed. They literally changed the definition of planet to exclude Pluto because their asses were too lazy to add more planets to the solar system when they found a few more bodies the same size as Pluto out in the far reaches. A decision I disagreed with then and still disagree with.


The Problem was not, that they found other stuff the size of Pluto, it was that Pluto was much, much smaller than they thought.


I'm curious, would the Blessig of Uranus work for a horse drawn wagon? Would the blessin grant the horse with (temporary) immortality and the lack of needing to eat? Because for a horse drawn wagon, the horse is the engine/power source of the vehicle... And if it doesn't need fuel (food) or wear down (age), then that means it becomes immortal for that period of time....


I would assume the wagon would be the only thing that is affected. Not the horse. Otherwise couldn't I argue people using rickshaws, bicycles, any animal or human powered transport as immortal?


Yes you could. Thanks for the idea for immortality.


Ideas for each one: - **Mercury:** live somewhere mild and enjoy life. Summit Everest easily and get bragging rights over approximately 99.9920775% of the population; get rid of all the trash up there and become a Nepalese hero. Be the coolest window washer ever. - **Venus:** plenty of options. The obvious creepy options aside, use your powers on politicians and move society the way you want. - **Earth:** have a nicer life. Be an epidemiologist or doctor without worry for yourself. - **Mars:** become the most famous MMA/boxing/etc champion in the world, with the flower as part of your character/uniform. - **Jupiter:** how big of a mirror does it have to be? Buy a few dozen tiny ones and zip around the world for dollars, if not pennies, per jaunt. Make loads of money as an insanely quick courier. Assuming you can teleport about as fast as you break a mirror and get your bearings again (let's say every 20s) that's 18,000 kmh or 11,200 mph. You could circumnavigate the earth roughly every two hours. - **Saturn:** grow things like cherries and strawberries and sell them as art, or pumpkins and watermelons and sell for massive amounts of money. Just don't sell too much and cause silver to deflate. - **Uranus:** get a cool leather jacket (already fun), buy an RV or camper, and travel around/live basically for free. Alternatively, buy a boat and take people around for trips, having fun and making money since you don't have to worry about fuel or maintenance. Buy a tanker or a cargo ship and make even more money. Get onto a spaceship and be NASA's dream come true, plus get to be an astronaut. - **Neptune:** go on Penn and Teller's Fool Us and fool them, then become a famous "magician". Use your profits to buy a cool house with loads of water features. Have fun playing with the water. Personally, I think I'd go with Saturn, since having the ability to make so much money would be huge and enable me to do pretty much whatever I want with my life. Jupiter is a close second, though.


>Get onto a spaceship and be NASA's dream come true, plus get to be an astronaut. Holy shit... yeah... that would completely break the Tyranny of Rocketry. You'd also be getting paid *way* more than the Astronauts do. They could easily pay you $250k per trip and save money just from the fuel costs... and that's not even counting the priceless value of an absolute, ironclad guarantee that nothing like *Challenger* or *Columbia* could ever happen on your watch.


Jupiter lets you teleport in and out of the International Space Station, or any object in the low orbit, which means you are One Man Space Elevator. Not only this could mean uplifting humanity and giving us way to colonize space (as long as You are ok with piggybacking astronauts and heavy loads all day), but you would likely become a billionaire in less than a year out of it.


Viva la Pluto!


Earth, because you don’t die of old age, you die of the complications of aging. If I’m never going to get seriously sick again, I can only die to injury or telomere decay.


~A green-haired woman comes into the room.~ ~She is carrying a rather ornate staff.~ ~She aims it towards the wall nearby.~ "Pluto is too a planet. DEAD SCREAM! Now, wouldn't you agree that it is?"


[Original](https://www.reddit.com/r/makeyourchoice/comments/2vemzz/blessings_of_the_planets/) by /u/Feather_Snake


Got really tempted with Venus, Mars and Saturn, but where I use flippers and glasses everyday, so Neptune is just a matter of keeping flippers on my backpack.


Jupiter. You can just reuse mirror shards and keep them in a vial.


Boooo! Pluto is a planet ;\^( ​ Earth, for my choice, no disease, no inconvenience for me.


As OP as Uranus is, I will go with Earth, please. I am practically immortal if I only ever have to deal with the common cold. No age-related diseases, cancer, or mental deterioration, my vision and hearing will always be good, and my cells will always function. A healthy body until I get myself accidentally killed, and I can probably make it a good few hundred years; this is a good outcome.


better, have scientists analyze your blood, tissues and DNA to see how the immortality effect works. Patent it yourself, since it is your body, become a billionaire making humanity immortal.


I doubt this would work, especially if it is magic based. I might let some scientists analyze some tissues, but I want to avoid becoming a lab rat. Really, I would need enough political and economic power to prevent this from happening before doing any research. Edit: Better yet, I am mathematically and scientifically literate, so I could become the scientist that comes up with the solutions.


> Patent it yourself, since it is your body I'm not sure it works like this, especially if the scientists discover it. Interested to know for sure, though.


You are correct; you can only patent industrial innovations. For example, the drug or procedure for curing Alzheimer's could be patented. Any research contributions have no bearing on who can file the patent. The research would be copyrighted, but the knowledge would be freely distributed. To use doctors to research and develop innovations while retaining the right to file patients, you need to higher them with a contract stating that all developments and innovations would belong to you.


This is the way. I will choose Earth also.


Just to clarify, what it means safe place? Can I go inside bank vault, grab cash and then bye. Go to a store at night pick a laptop and bye and sell it online


Why go the criminal route? Teleport to the International Space Station, get paid billions a year for being a courier. The cost of sending one kilogram to space is around 18000$. Bill them 15000$ to be competitive, and piggyback astronauts in and out all day.


I initially thought about a courier business, then I remember mean people would do some shit to my fam if I don't do their dirty business, or Gov ban my business because it affects other business losing lots of jobs, like that South Park episode about airlines. BTW ISS is at 400+ KM dude xD




I think Jupiter would be the most convenient for me. Plus I’m sure you could just buy a bulk container of small mirrors and keep some on you at all time.


Just teleporting between the ground and the ISS is a billion dollar gig.


Pluto is still a planet because *shut up* 😭


Earth: from Alzheimer’s to std to heart Covid and diabetes n gum disease. Health isn’t something money can buy. Saturn : only if it’s in a population dense country that doesn’t really ask where the silver comes from. But seems too much hassle . Maybe some connections to the mob. Though I would be interesting to donate the stuff at like homeless shelters or charity events in place for money anonymously. Much better than the Americans printing more bills .


***Viva la Pluto, fuck you!*** Man, I wish I could find the image that line was from again...




I choose Venus


Hmmm. Saturn is tempting, but I have a black thumb. I would probably just kill the things before I got the silver harvest. Guess I'll go with **Earth**. Never getting sick other than a cold is a huge quality of life boost. Uranus is neat, but I think a lot of people are overestimating it. It'll keep going so long as you are wearing the jacket, but you are going to take that jacket off to go to sleep/shower, at which point the vehicle will stop working and you'll need to put at least some gas/charge in it. Unless you wanna do the flywheel setup to make the wheels charge a bigger battery. Also doesn't help you if you don't have a vehicle. Definitely worth it for motorcycle riders though. Gonna wear those leathers anyway, might as well get free gas and maintenance out of it.


Earth is objectively the correct choice.


NIBIRU—you are overflowing with mysterious awesomeness, but only once every 5,580 years


Nice. I choose the power of Uranus (seems the most useful), and, since I didn't pick the power of Pluto, it is now a planet again.


Tf did pluto do to you man ;-;


I choose Pluto because fuck you that's why #justiceforpluto


Pluto needs to stop hogging the spotlight. Ceres and Charon are just as good as Pluto. Pluto needs to stop pretending that they're better then them




Pluto isn't a planet? **Greta Thunberg voice:** How dare you? Anyway I'm picking Venus, because I can command someone with a name starting in A to do whatever I wish. Not just something they could normally do on their own, but anything at all. So: "Become healthy!" is a viable wish, and so is: "Emit a wave of energy that cures all mental illness for everyone on Earth!"


Actually, Ive looked it up and Pluto is classified as a dwarf planet. So saying it's not a planet is the same as saying Peter Dinklage, the actor who played Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones is not a human.


of course not, he is the God of Tits and Wine


I'd choose Venus as well, but I don't know if commanding them to do something they are incapable of doing would actually work. The description says you can command the person to do whatever you wish, but it does not say that they will actually be successful at doing what you command. You could tell them to fly in the sky like Superman, but they would most likely fall flat on their face when they try to fulfill your command. However, even sticking to things they are actually capable of doing naturally is still decent enough.


Hmm. I see what you're saying. But the problem with reading it that way is that I can already command anyone I want to do whatever I wish, its just that there's no guarantee they do it.


Ya, I noticed that as well. The description is just kinda badly worded all around. Either it is the most OP thing ever or the most pointless thing ever. I chose to just go with the middle ground as a compromise.


Fair. I chose OP cos sometimes I just want to pick an unusual option and have fun with seeing how far I can take it.


That's fair as well.


Neptune: my hero name will be Scuba Steve.


I'd pick Uranus like our dearly departed desiel tycoon. But I would get a cruse ship. Make a deal with the cruse company for me covering full and matince. Earn money and get a better deal and live in a 5 star acimidations.


I'll take the Earth's blessing, borderline immunity to disease is awesome.


Earth is the clear choice here. COVID reminds us that we are not immune to plague, and yet it is mild compared to what could be... This also renders me immune to various age related or mental diseases such as dementia.




What plant would be best for Saturn and give the best returns? My thought is the dogwood tree. Any that can top it?


I would choose Venus. I can work with sticking to people who's first name begins with the Letter A.


Logically Saturn and Earth are the best but as a Canadian... Mercury means I can pretty much fly all the time


I could sell the fuel from Uranus


I'd do a Code Geass with Venus power.


Venus. Amancio Ortega, the multibillionaire, and get him to give me a lot of money.


Why do cyoa "artists" think that annoying caveats are clever? Is it too much DnD?


Uranus sounds useful one day


Venus. Since my name starts with an A, I’ll command myself to be productive with my life everyday.


I’m picking Earth. I can handle the common cold and maybe with my immunity to every other disease and maybe every virus, I could have my blood be used to help cure others of the diseases they possess.


Pluto is in fact a planet. It gives you pyrokinesis so long as you are petting a dog.


Jupiter, easy


I think I would go with Earth. It would be nice to not get sick often. Honestly, none of the others actually appeal to me much. Saturn isn't bad though.


I mean venus seems to give you a repeatable permanent geas on anyone who qualifies.


definitely take jupiter


For the mars blessing, does the flower have to be real?


I pick Venus because all that unlimited energy jazz is not for me


Pluto is not a planet. These other commenters are whining fools


Pluto, the best option


Choosing Pluto. I cease being a planet.


So, the goal with a CYOA balanced for low power like this is to break the limits and get something really cool. Main thing identified so far is to turn Uranus' infinite fuel into infinite money. I think I have a better angle, though at more of a stretch. With **Venus**, I can give 1/26th of the population commands to do "whatever I wish". Expansive, unlimited, has the word 'wish' - so if I order someone to do the impossible, the command can make them do it anyway. Ultimately that can amount to a daily unlimited wish.