Hello! I’m soon to be Maine Coon cat owner and I’m searching for a litter box. Maybe someone has this “makesure” litter box? I love the design & I think cat should like it too due it’s semi-close type. Based on dimensions it should be a fit for big cats. Maybe someone could share their experience?

Hello! I’m soon to be Maine Coon cat owner and I’m searching for a litter box. Maybe someone has this “makesure” litter box? I love the design & I think cat should like it too due it’s semi-close type. Based on dimensions it should be a fit for big cats. Maybe someone could share their experience?


Given the design (the grate, enclosed box with a non standard shape), that would be a very tight fit, especially for male MCO. Large open boxes, whether with high sides or not, will tend to be the best fit for large cats. I use the Unicharm King Size, though Purina Tidycats Breeze XL is more or less identical.


Thanks for the answer! I would prefer closed litter box to avoid odours, but if the cat needs open one - I’ll consider it 👍


Best way we’ve found to reduce odor is cleaning daily or semi-daily, and using dust-free non fragranced litter. And to remove all litter and thoroughly clean the boxes ones a month or so


Probably will work for the first six months after that I would think you need a larger box. After countless boxes costing crazy money I ended up going to Target and picking up a storage box and cutting a hole in the side and it worked great!!


Thanks for answering! Totally agree, I think at the age 3-5 I will just need to get a huge plastic storage box 😅


Ive had the tidycats breeze xl since I brought my mc home and it’s a good one for them to grow with, but she is a bit on the smaller size at a year old so she still fits in it. But who knows how big yours will get but it’s a good starter litter box.


Assuming the dimensions are the same as on the Unicharm King Size (designs are virtually identical, but I haven’t checked if measurements are), most MCO will be just fine in them. My 9kg(~20lbs) boy fits just fine. Breeder of both my guys used the KS as well, and she had a 12kg (~26.5lbs) boy at one point, though he did have a bit of a tighter fit due to his huge frame.




I have 2 natures miracle high-sided xtra large open boxes. I use tidy cats "free and clean" unscented clumping litter. I scoop 2x a day and change the litter every week to 10 days. No smell whatsoever. I had to use non clumping till my boy was 3 months since smaller they can eat the clumps. I had a male Coon years ago who peed on couches and beds. I'm super careful to have a perfect toilet for my kitty now. 😬 I add litter after scooping to keep the level consistent


Same. Large open box of deep Tidy Cats kept scooped doesn’t smell. I just don’t want to jeopardize 100% use of litterbox as it’s tricky to unwind bad habits.


Thanks for sharing your experience!


Get a 30 gallon sterilite, rubbermaid, or any storage box at target/home depot. Use a heat gun or hair dryer and carve a door opening for the box. My girl got to 12 lbs before she hit 6mo so it's easier to start with a big box. And if you prefer to hide the storage box/tote just go on chewy or Amazon and get a [litter box furniture cover ](https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07ND5FD1Q/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_fabc_Y588QWDBP8G53FSKEYZF?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1). If you decide this route just make sure to cross reference the dimensions to make sure it fits well. The storage boxes/totes are really, really nice and I highly recommend it for big cats.


12 lbs is 5.45 kg


Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I'm seeing this as an option, so will definitely have it in mind.


Scooping1-2x daily is the way to reduce smell. I have a flushable litter and clean every time I'm in the bathroom- its quick and easy.


Talking about the size, it’s indicated like this: 15x18x24 Inch


I ended to building my own with a spare box, some wood and a vinyl wrap for the deco


I saw that some people are using high plastic boxes from IKEA too. At the moment I hope I could get a closed or semi-closed type box just to prevent odours. But will see! I want the cat to have the best conditions of hygiene


No lids or roofs on it over here.


Our male MC loves his litter robot open air despite it being a relatively tight fit


It probably depends on a cat, they all are so different and have different habits.


I use the Catit double XL litter box. It's supposed to be used for multiple cats. My Male has plenty of space in it. It takes A LOT of litter to fill up. (2) 7 lbs bags minimum.


This one was recommended in my native Maine coon group, I have this as an option too. Thanks!


We have 4 Modcat XL top entry that we use for our 5 cats including 2 Maine Coons. They all really enjoy them. They have carbon filters which help as well we use hepa filters in their vicinity. Scoop every day and change litter every few weeks and the smell is near non existent. https://modkat.com


Thanks! This one looks like a good option too ☺️


I used a xl Rubbermaid tub for my MC.


This is a storage box, right? I’ve heard that eventually Maine coons are using boxes like this for a litter boxes 🙈


I learned the hard way and bought fancy boxes, in the end none are large enough and I did the same as many and just bought a large storage container with high sides. High sides are important to prevent litter being everywhere. A way to prevent smells is partially diet and also cleaning daily. I use pine pellets and never has there been a smell. My kitten is turning 1 next week and is already 18lbs and 3 feet long… most litter boxes just aren’t made with large cats in mind.


We use litter robots and my male Maine Coon has no issues using them.