So it appears that the only thing you can't open in a draft booster is a foil retro basic.


I believe I heard it was retro foils in general but i might be mistaken


That's what they said about the rares on the stream but the graphic confirms otherwise.


Not surprising that they don’t even know what is in their own products


I'd have thought even looking at this that the retro basic foil falls under foil of any rarity


Can't get a foil basic as your form of any rarity? Are they even making non retro basics?


Top says brothers war fyi


Amazon has the corrected slide - https://www.amazon.com/Magic-Gathering-Dominaria-Remastered-Booster/dp/B0B84HSXYK/


I wish it wasn't 300 bucks a box. This product looks cool


Just wait for the Amazon dump.


I mean, now that we know this is how it works, everyone should do this if they value their money, right? Let those with severe mental disorders buy at release because they cannot control their urges, everyone else with a sane mind should just wait, wait, wait, and then get it at a huge discount.


Either that or preorder on Amazon right away at 168 and cancel the preorder of prices don't increase. Then wait for the dump.


LGS can't even get DMR collector boxes. I doubt they are just stock piling pallets to dump on Amazon that would be a huge middle finger to LGS. Recent sentiment after magic 30 was bad. I think they did a smaller print wave which will push prices higher.


You’re saying they won’t do something because it’s a middle finger to LGSs…?


You need to get in before spoilers with a preorder for reprint sets. Early preorders locked in at $168 per draft box and $240 for the Collector. Same thing happened to 2X2.


Yeah, I was skeptical on 2x2. Decided not to be skeptical about DMR. the price is good, I’ll find a way to make the money work. In for a draft and a CB. Figure I shelve the draft box until I have friends who want to draft, and I crack the CB packs. Will probably sell singles on anything outside of my normal colors to make up some of the cost.


Can I increase the quanity of my pre-order?


Not at your original price. You can always buy more at the current price of course


I got 3 CBs in and 1 draft box at the dirt price pre-order. Wondering if this is the next Commander Legends situation, its the same season.


Pre-orders in September on Amazon were ~$170, I am wishing I would have ordered more than one box


Yesterday I was able to find a pre-order of the Collectors Booster Box on Star City Games for $260, which was like $100 less than Amazon, and $40 less than TCG Player They’re still available now https://starcitygames.com/dominaria-remastered-collector-booster-box-sld-mtg-bbx-dmrcollector-en/?sku=SLD-MTG-BBX-DMRCOLLECTOR-EN


Oh, and the regular booster box is $180 on their site right now


[https://starcitygames.com/dominaria-remastered-draft-booster-box-sld-mtg-bbx-dmrdraft-en/?sku=SLD-MTG-BBX-DMRDRAFT-EN](https://starcitygames.com/dominaria-remastered-draft-booster-box-sld-mtg-bbx-dmrdraft-en/?sku=SLD-MTG-BBX-DMRDRAFT-EN) 180 on SCG


Amazon is trash, my local gaming store just this week offered me draft boxes at $180 each for this set. Always ask your LGS what they can do for you first!


Rough to see that it's premium pack pricing but no chance for a double rare.


There’s still a chance of a foil rare in addition to the regular rare


Always has been.


Nah originally foil rares replaced the pack rare and instead of being in the back of the pack they were in the correct rarity slot.


Originally when? As far as I know foils always replace a common, regardless of the rarity of the foil.


Back in the day a foil replaced a card of its own rarity, first foil rare I ever saw was my friends [[Heightened Awareness]] back in Prophecy. I saw him open the pack and he got the one rare


[Heightened Awareness](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/2/7/2765be4f-23bf-49c1-9546-11a7916156be.jpg?1562902287) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Heightened%20Awareness) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/pcy/37/heightened-awareness?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/2765be4f-23bf-49c1-9546-11a7916156be?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


Since Time Spiral (original, not the remaster). Before then a foil replaced a slot of equal rarity.


That explains why I never saw it. I started playing around OG Time Spiral. 😆


Like when the origin of the foils?


Urea’s legacy was the first set with pack foils, but set right before it, urza’s saga, had the first foil prerelease card [[lightning dragon]]


[lightning dragon](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/3/7/37d67f0d-82ed-4e40-baa6-8e4985af2224.jpg?1562906237) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=lightning%20dragon) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/vma/177/lightning-dragon?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/37d67f0d-82ed-4e40-baa6-8e4985af2224?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


And Urza's Legacy foils were *stupidly* rare at the time - an entire booster box might have 2 or 3 total in it.


Never always was


Yeah WTF. God forbid the product with premium pricing let people get 2 rares in like 1/15 packs.


Heh, my buddy just opened his box. 9 times, he got a retro rare (and 1 mythic), and he got a normal bordered common in the Retro slot. It really made for a "feel bad" moment. Just part of Wizards trying to nickel and dime everyone everywhere. :/ It makes them feel so petty, really.


Does anyone know why they don't seem to be doing set boosters?


reprint sets haven't had set boosters im pretty sure


I swear I opened a set booster of TSR


TSR was only draft.


It's because the remastered sets are designed for draft


I miss the days when we didn't need charts to explain what cards were in a booster pack. The fact that they keep changing it every set just makes me give up on the entire product line, as it feels like I'm being scammed by a company trying to purposefully obfuscate the information I need in order to make an informed consumer decision.


I liked when it was just Masterpieces and 1 type of booster


That was a better system, and I say that as someone who never opened a Masterpiece.


Set Boosters *conceptually* are great, as are Collector boosters. The issue is solely because of execution. Only having Masterpieces as "chase" slots and having those cards locked behind a shitty product like Draft packs is *much* worse if you aren't playing Limited.


It was great for Standard prices too though. People chasing Masterpieces cracked a ton of product and only kept a handful of cards


Great for getting Standard pieces for cheap but terrible if you wanted to have packs with anything worth something. Masterpieces syphoned all the EV out of Standard packs.


Don’t crack packs for value buy singles. It’s not exactly what you want so now we have 8 versions of each rare. Thanks.


lmao congrats on missing the point. There are many circumstances where one would open packs that isn't just outright buying a pack: Drafting net super low EV even when rare drafting. Any event where packs were given as prizing basically had shit prizing by default. The current system isn't perfect but at least it not just a big lottery where only WotC and a handful of lucky individuals win. Get bent lil bro


Before bro came out I went over the different breakdowns of each product. At one point I became a bit annoyed and just didn't order anything lol.


Isn't it a bit hard to argue that they are purposefully obfuscating it when they are literally giving you these charts and breakdowns?


Print it on the box and/or pack.


Yeah that's fair. Can't remember the last time I bought a booster so I guess my opinion isn't that useful anyway


I'd say it could be an indicator of the booster fatigue many players are feeling tho....Which does kind of go to the point here


It's printed on the boxes and on the fine print of the packages. Well an abbreviation of the contents are


Yep. In on all packages. % chance for different cards frames/rarities. People can be upset by the break down. But it factually wrong to say they are obfuscating the info. When they lost the content.


No, because it's them constantly changing what's in the packs that causes the obfuscation. The fact that they tell you what's in them only means it's not also a criminal scam. But most people who are buying a pack in a store honestly couldn't tell you what's in the pack anymore, and that to me is part of the goal of changing what's in the pack every single set. By doing so, it allows them to be awfully manipulative with how they design packs and sets, since it's hard for consumers to know when things have gotten worse.


Not sure what you expect when the different sets have different quantities of rarities themselves.


Well that's part of the problem.


it's not being obfuscated they are following the same regulations scratch-off tickets and NFT loot boxes follow lol


If you're comparing this to lottery tickets and NFT lootboxes, I don't think you're making as strong a case as you might think.


Magic boosters have literally never been anything other than gambling. To say otherwise is naive.


Not really. That's a simplistic take. For the vast majority of players who buy boosters. They do so to get magic cards. And every Booster has magic cards. There is a subset of players who wants/desires from a set is reduced to the top performing cards. Often worth more then the Booster packs. These people would be better buying the singles directly. Some take a chance to try and "hit big" by buying packs. When you buy a scratch off, you are doing so only to improve your Return on investment. And anything less is losing. You never buy a magic pack and walk away with a stack of tokens.


No one has ever bought a booster because they just want 15 Magic Cards and don't care what they are. Everybody opens a booster hoping that they will pull a card they want. It is 100% gambling.


Wow. That's a bold statement and dumb. Also factually wrong. No one ever??? Really. Have you ever worked at a game store? Do you interact with players of all level/exp? Or are you basing this take on your narrow personal experience and social media comments. I have seen plenty of people buy packs just to see what they get. There's players who don't even know all the cards in a set. It's not 100% gambling. You buy packs to get cards, you get cards.


Yeah mate, people love opening packs and going "Wow 15 dogshit cards I will never use :)". But you're right, there's probably one player who decided to open a pack just for fun without caring about the outcome once which means the entire product is totally not gambling at all.


Well I open packs for drafting. So I'm often quite happy with most of the cards.


Yah, when I was a kid I was paying 3 bucks a pack for 15 worthless cards, not to pull lord of the pit or shivan dragon. Lol


lol i don’t think it’s a coincidence they display it that way. avoiding future Class Action.


What's up with collector packs going from 5 rares to 4?


They have to squeeze down the value somehow. Probably because its a smaller set?


Probably because they want to make value worse even though it isn't actually valuable to them.


When were they 5? Every one I’ve ever opened has been 4 with the occasional bonus from another slot (STX Archive, Retro artifacts, etc)


Standard & other sets had been 5 in earlier 2022, 2021 and 2020; DM2022 started it with just 4


Nah MH2 was also only 4, that 5th slot is for sets with commander products, it's a commander exclusive card.


Going back through WotC’s marketing, it’s varied between each set. Sometimes 5, sometimes 4


Well shrinkflation. Can’t raise the price so they reduce the value of the item you buy. Remember, we are price sensitive!


The info from the Weekly MTG (specifically draft booster contents) was incorrect. You can look at the slides at [https://twitter.com/mtgjp/status/1600205654253539328](https://twitter.com/mtgjp/status/1600205654253539328) \- and the confirmation from Blake that foil retro mythics can be found in draft boosters at [https://twitter.com/blakepr/status/1600568498304221184](https://twitter.com/blakepr/status/1600568498304221184) ​ Normally there's an article on the Magic website, but I have not seen anything posted. This is the info from the WPN site.


The first slide you posted is says BRO, but it isn't for BRO, which is weird.


Thanks for catching that, I overlooked it as I was grabbing directly from the WPN site. The source is from https://wpn.wizards.com/en/products/dominaria-remastered Amazon has the same info, but with the correct label https://m.media-amazon.com/images/S/aplus-media-library-service-media/d892066f-e625-40ef-8229-10d909c550c7.__CR0,0,970,600_PT0_SX970_V1___.jpg


Pre-ordered 2 collector boxes as soon as they hit Amazon for about $240 a piece. Looking at these contents, I’m pretty happy with that purchase. I’m excited for the retros and borderless variants so glad these are guaranteed


Are you looking to sell the cards individually or own them? Curious.


Own most of them. But I usually try and sell the ones I don’t want back to my lgs


Given that this is looking to be around the same price point 2x2 was, would you say these packs/ boxes are worth it?


Pricing I'm seeing for collectors is maybe 1/2 of 2x2 at most. Why are you saying it's a similar price point?


I was going off of outdated info. I see draft boxes dropped from 250-280 to $215... so yeah about 100 off of draft 2x2 box prices. However prices still around 280 on amazon. Where are you seeing your price points?


Dominaria Remastered collectors boosters are around $25 per pack from multiple retailers. 2x2 collector packs haven't dipped under $50-60. 2x2 set booster box is 24 packs, dominaria united is 36.


Seeing these pack breakdowns kills me a little bit inside.


I'd find it strange that the amount of commons/uncommons could be inconsistent. I get that it's usually the land that gets swapped out, and you want to make sure the retro ones are present so something else has to give, but still.


Wtf is this bs, just give me some commons, uncommons and a rare and sometimes a foil FFS


How many packs in a box?


36 draft, 12 collector


Thanks. So does that mean either box you should end up with 36 rares then? Not counting for foils in draft box? Or are my maths off


CB has 4 rares, so 48 for a CB box?


Good point. Fuck my maths ability, its been a long week and my brain was fried at that point. That might push me towards wanting a collectors box if its not too expensive


If it's only ~30-40% more than a draft, it might be worth it. Since your rares will foil/extended/special in more cases.


"Retro Cards" / "Draft Boosters" = 2 in every pack. I mean I guess that's technically true, but it seems pretty misleading when the 2nd retro frame card is always a basic land.


No foil etched then eh? That’s too bad


Ppl are downvoting you but totally agree. I'd love retro etched basics to match with mh2 etched fetches.


I think they’re gorgeous


I like them a lot. They could be *a lot* better (see Ultimate Rares from Yugioh) but I like them nonetheless. I have a couple fully foil decks but honestly Magic foils arent that impressive. A lot of the new treatments are really great imo.


I wish they offered options with no foils. It’s such a disappointment to open a foil and know it’s going to fold itself in half.


thiiiiis. I came to the point of blatantly hate pringl...i mean foils


I mean, they’re literally worthless. I don’t even know how they can keep touting them as special anymore.


Some of them sell a bit higher, so I occasionally include them in sell orders, though it's rarely enough to justify the original too. Double sleeving does help extend their longevity though.


I really didn't like the general foil method as some of the older cards became very very dark with time. but at this point owning a foil for me is a problem: they will curl for sure. I took the habit of selling the foils and getting the normal version whenever I can. I bought a couple or Commander Legends collector boosters just for a ticket lottery thing and OH bOY they were pringles from the pack directly lol never again I really don't see the point of selling them as an added value


I have looked at the spoilers so far and have a couple thoughts. looks like fun to play/draft! Not seeing a huge value given the price for this product. Wizards really needs to slow their roll on reprints!


Can you not get Borderless Foils in Draft? Or are they just at a very low drop rate (same as Retro Foils)?


Top should be r/m/u


I don’t love that a common replaces an uncommon in 6% of draft packs. Being borderless changes the value from like ¢3 to ¢6 for most commons, and only two uncommons will be a disadvantage for whoever gets those packs in an early pick.


They really trying to captalize on the reprints this time around at least 2X2 could have up to 3 rares, here your only guarantee is a retro basic.


Too fucking confusing, man.


So, there are only drafts and collectors. No set booster.


🤣😂 the price


I can't wait to buy singles!


Am I reading this right in that 6% of packs will only have 2 uncommons, with the third uncommon being replaced with a borderless common? If so there are going to be some pretty rough P1P2 and P1P3s going around...


Looks like... I guess at least it's borderless? Borderless commons are fairly *uncommon*. Only alt-arts from Double Masters, Contraptions from Unstable, and 1 alt-art from Ikoria.


I managed to pull 3 mythics and 5 rares from 6 brothers war draft boosters. So I don’t think that distribution list is right.