"Deadly Plot" is such a great pun.


See also [[Disturbing Plot]].


[Disturbing Plot](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/b/7/b7796925-fe69-4019-82ab-7cb75760b045.jpg?1562835077) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Disturbing%20Plot) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/shm/64/disturbing-plot?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/b7796925-fe69-4019-82ab-7cb75760b045?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


I just watch Anime for the plot. Also this card can do all sorts of neat stuff like with [[Sidisi, Undead]] [[Mikaeus Unhallowed]], or [[Vindictive Lich]] at instant speed.


[Sidisi, Undead](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/6/e/6ea5dbba-6114-4d97-9363-817ab9e896d3.jpg?1562788006) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Sidisi%2C%20Undead%20Vizier) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/dtk/120/sidisi-undead-vizier?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/6ea5dbba-6114-4d97-9363-817ab9e896d3?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) [Mikaeus Unhallowed](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/8/8/8879190f-d8ff-47ce-a5d8-6a481a67236a.jpg?1559959262) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Mikaeus%2C%20the%20Unhallowed) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/uma/106/mikaeus-the-unhallowed?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/8879190f-d8ff-47ce-a5d8-6a481a67236a?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) [Vindictive Lich](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/3/2/3227d983-e0c5-4dbd-aaff-fb9265199a82.jpg?1562604184) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Vindictive%20Lich) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/c17/21/vindictive-lich?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/3227d983-e0c5-4dbd-aaff-fb9265199a82?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


You can tell it's a zombie because it has red eyes


You can tell it's a zombie because of the way it is.


The zombie knows when it is a zombie at all times. It knows this because it knows when it isn't. By subtracting when it is from when it isn't, or when it isn't from when it is (whichever is greater), it obtains a difference, or menace until end of turn.


That's really the only way to know for sure.


Also grey skin, and the scuffed/damaged skin on her shoulders/thigh




my zombie lord cant be this cute


Plz refer to recent DECO*27 release "Zombie"


Zombie-tan let’s gooooo


I don't dislike anime art, but man 9/10 cards have a "cute young" looking girl even if it doesn't fit


That's how it goes with Japanese artists. Usually a 50/50 at cute anime or Junji Ito


As someone that consumes lots of japanese media, this has always bothered me and is a big reason why I often dislike anime and manga, even if they have a great story. Just making everything either cute or hot doesn't make it appealing to me. If there's an Ork, it should look like an Ork and not like a sexy human guy with a bit longer teeth. If there's a demon lord, I want him to be menacing, not cute. There are lot's of great japanese artists that have proven that manga doesn't need to be cute to be great, but that's just what people like I guess.


There's definitely things like that for sure though. I haven't watched any anime in a while but Berserk I've heard is like that. Goblin Slayer probably. Typically "not cute" things aren't cute like monsters and dragons, but then the characters are usually pretty cute in contrast.


There definitely are anime and manga that don't care about this stuff, but the majority does. That's not nessecarely a problem, but a preference that just doesn't appeal me. My problem ist not that there aren't any regular monsters, but that everything has to be visually appealing as soon as it gets some importance. You also see that in some cases with 'ugly' beings being transformed into something cute once they gain some importance in the story.


Oh yes I know what you mean. Pretty much everything evil has to be ugly but if they're attractive they're a good guy or main villain usually.


Japanese art is more than just manga/anime...


I consume a lot of Japanese media and anime style is a pretty big share.


Anime is a big export. You get exposed to a lot of anime because that's what you are interested in and what sells. Japan has plenty of things that they don't export. They have traditional artists and more modern artists and whatever, just like everywhere else. You don't see them because you don't look for them.


That is literally the opposite of what I said. I'm aware of other styles but anime is pretty large share.


If the Redditor said "usually a 49.998/49.998 cute anime or Junji Ito or .002 other" would you be happy?


this is basically like saying "usually mexican food is 50:50 tacos or salsa" or "usually rap is 50:50 about sex or money" It's reducing a culture to a single touchstone you have just because it happens to be a common export. There are plenty of japanese artists that don't make manga/anime style art.


I agree with you, but some people don't want to listen.


No worries. I had known for a long time what sort of view of anime this sub/community has so it's not surprising to see the kinds of comments people are leaving on the anime art pages. This particular one is particularly funny to me though xD imagine making the same comment about any other culture and you'd get downvoted to hell but it's okay to meme on the japanese I guess 🤷‍♀️


What is up with their artists drawing beautiful things instead of ugly things?!? What a strange and backwards country!!


Art is not only about beauty. And even not considering art, not everything need to be beautiful. If I'm playing a demon/zombie deck, I don't want cute girls, the image can still be beautiful without portraying something that is. I am not completely against anime art, I love it, I consume lots of japanese and korean media, but it does not fit everywhere.


You must have pretty narrow definition of beauty if only doll-looking cartoon girls with grotesquely oversized eyes fit it.


Now that’s a zombie invasion that’s easy on the eyes!


So, that's how we beat the MALE GAZE?? With anime alts?


We already got the male gaze in the [[Bearscape]] reprint


I'm still waiting for one with ladies instead of "bears"


You're an impressively gross human


[Bearscape](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/3/2/3284b61a-bd95-4846-ad3f-903cd1158867.jpg?1562904369) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Bearscape) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/ody/229/bearscape?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/3284b61a-bd95-4846-ad3f-903cd1158867?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


Deadly Plot looks insanely fun - flexible removal or instant-speed reanimation is a powerful package, thank God it's restricted to Zombies. Shame these are only Eternal-legal, because I'd love to be playing it in Pioneer or Modern. At least Historic should get it for [[Lotleth Giant]] shenanigans. Would be interesting to see if this enables some midrange-control-style Zombie flash deck there.


[Lotleth Giant](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/b/1/b1dc38b7-52f7-4394-b095-5442429ab291.jpg?1572892977) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Lotleth%20Giant) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/grn/74/lotleth-giant?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/b1dc38b7-52f7-4394-b095-5442429ab291?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


Lord of the accursed got me questioning the wisdom of the God Pharaoh 🥵


I'm accursed 😍


Source video - [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOi1U96a35M](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOi1U96a35M)


Huh, wasn't until this art that it clicked that Peter Polach is [Apterus](https://www.youtube.com/@apterusillustrations9413/featured). Watched a bunch of their timelapses back in the day and never even realized they have done a few cards.




Nah, that was [[Lord of the Undead]] not [[Lord of the Accursed]] (I got excited since it'd be a good reprint and made the same mistake, alas)


[Lord of the Undead](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/7/9/792e773b-5feb-407f-a162-f35d6e693cca.jpg?1562550141) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Lord%20of%20the%20Undead) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/10e/155/lord-of-the-undead?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/792e773b-5feb-407f-a162-f35d6e693cca?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) [Lord of the Accursed](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/2/0/20bfecb3-2dc8-4549-9297-413131de8fdc.jpg?1637630635) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Lord%20of%20the%20Accursed) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/mic/124/lord-of-the-accursed?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/20bfecb3-2dc8-4549-9297-413131de8fdc?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


Ah damn you right, neat


we need more of that style in first art..... and everything on the second style uwu


Better [[Cruel Revival]], huh.


[Cruel Revival](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/5/f/5f4b76ac-550e-4450-bade-66b176add109.jpg?1592764930) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Cruel%20Revival) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/gnt/28/cruel-revival?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/5f4b76ac-550e-4450-bade-66b176add109?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


Wouldn't say better, it's more of a sidegrade like it's a similar card but different use-case