Liquidating precons lol


At the very least they should have tossed in new decks, heck even the Baldur’s Gate ones would’ve been better than these.


They should've just said "two commander precons" and left it at that.


Get this guy a marketing role at wizards ASAP


Either way it would have upset people. They’d be expecting the new ones and then get the Kaldheim and Zendikar Rising ones


Yea, I forgot the /s


Yes, but that wouldn't have moved non-selling backlog of product, which is the point.


The cheap ones too.


The rogueman and the elves were good ones tho


Watch it just be the boros equipment and azorius spirits ones as well.


lol. wow commander decks from over a year ago that are like $15 on most marketplaces, so much value!


How to move unmoveable products:


What's sad is the Reap the Tides precon is actually more valuable than a lot of the most recent full price precons.


So we can be sure that we’ll be getting the other precons.


Reap the Tides was such a good fun out of the box play experience. That I immediately dropped too much money upgrading it.


I turned it into the jankiest timmy deck with Brinelin//Kodama for bounce shenanigans. It's so dumb, I love it.


I’ve got a friend running the same commanders. Mind sharing yours so I can give him some idea?


[For sure.](https://aetherhub.com/Deck/budget-kodamabrinelin)


If it's the elves precon this will be sweet. It's abdolutley obuun and ranar but a man can dream. The MYB pretty much has the value if that's what you're looking at and everything else is a bonus


Obuun is great and Ranar was my first ever deck. It's a free precon though. This may be an unpopular opinion here, but this seems pretty sweet.


It's not free tho, you have to pay for a festival in a box


Mhm, I didn't realize what this thing was until I looked it up later. Considering the price point the whole package is still a good deal. Mystery booster boxes sell for around the same price by themselves, so a couple decks, a playmat and sleeves on top is pretty sweet.


It's not a free Precon the festival in a box is like $300


Ranar was my first deck too. I actually just used it the other night and pulled ranar turn 3 and then [[venser the sojourner]] turn 5 and kept bouncing my [[drogskol captain]] until I dropped [[cosmos charger]] and started bouncing him instead until I dropped the emblem. Was satisfying as hell


[venser the sojourner](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/8/f/8f61a0ea-c2e8-4571-9669-19abd8bbc874.jpg?1581708232) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Venser%2C%20the%20Sojourner) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/ddi/1/venser-the-sojourner?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/8f61a0ea-c2e8-4571-9669-19abd8bbc874?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) [drogskol captain](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/c/8/c88e7e22-6300-4871-9af8-923eedfe4b32.jpg?1641603411) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=drogskol%20captain) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/voc/154/drogskol-captain?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/c88e7e22-6300-4871-9af8-923eedfe4b32?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) [cosmos charger](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/4/e/4ec318c6-b718-436f-b9e8-e0c6154e5010.jpg?1631046926) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=cosmos%20charger) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/khm/51/cosmos-charger?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/4ec318c6-b718-436f-b9e8-e0c6154e5010?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


I leaned away from foretell with mine, but yea getting Venser's ult feels awesome. I started exiling my own lands with it once cause i felt bad after removing everything the other players had


In what world is this free? People are paying quite a bit of money for this.


That was a Commander Legends precon, though. So no way it's gonna show up here. I do agree though. I bought two of them; one to play and one to deconstruct.


Are you including the 40k ones? From what I could tell they were fire 🔥 & recent.... Or are they no longer recent, I can't tell too many products.


I get that, but the Mystery box is worth more than the cost of this entire bundle is it not?


Nah, it's about 230 or so currently from online retailers.


That sounds about right then. WotC loves to do this, they check what things are going for. So $230 for that and $40 for the Secret Lair Kitty's (normal SLD price). And the rest is throw in.


Depends on what you value the box at. I wouldn't pay full MSRP for one, so I'm not going to value it like one. Might as well say there's 1000 dollars in "value" in Magic 30.


The mystery box is a much more realistic product than M30 though. M30 is a 1% product that most people here will never even hold a pack of. I get what you are saying, buy I'm just saying it adds up like any other secret lair. Secret lairs may blow up in cost down the line, this won't. But typically you get 1 big card and a bunch of junk with it in each release and the MSRP is about what they price it at.


The combined value if you bought all 4 on TCGplayer is about $90 bucks but go off, whine about them giving people a bunch of elf/blink/landfall/mill staples.


I love how they always just throw in a bunch of random shit they had laying around


Honestly if they excluded the commander decks and made it $30 cheaper I would’ve been happy with the listing. Somehow including them just made it feel worse. (I am an Atraxa Simp)


I literally just want the playmat I give zero damns about anything. I've spent too much on this game lately and these con tickets all seem insane (access to the command zone gtfo: I remember playing Commander at GP's in 2010 without having to 'pay' to have space for it after dropping....)


How much is it? Without knowing I would say this needs 3 more deck boxes and play mats and I'd pay $240 for it with 4 commander decks. That way I could have a kitchen table convention with 3 of my friends at a reasonable price. * $240 USD * 4 commander decks * 1 mystery booster box * 4 promos (all the same) * 4 playmats * 4 deck boxes * 4 life counters or count down d20s * 4 sets of sleeve for commander deck. all different color/design * 4 sets of sleeves for drafting. All different color/design


$270 before taxes.


That’s a really neat way of thinking about it tbh.


Atraxa simp here, also only interested on those actually


Easily the laziest cash grab product they make.


Hah, but they screwed themselves! I was going to buy the $1k proxies, because I make bad decisions when it comes to mtg, but hot damn if i don't want a complete playset of kitties instead.


That's the entire product. Still better than repack booster scams, I guess.


Are you able to buy the kitty drop separately or do you have to buy the whole box?


My guess its either through this box or actually attending.


Just buy it on TCGplayer if you want it. It'll be priced near "MSRP".




Think you can only get it individually at the event


Heard you can only buy it physically at Philadelphia


Still just a way for them to dump unsold product.


I guess this is what we get after a global pandemic, and then Target stops carrying precons.


My target just stopped carrying Magic entirely, but I don’t get why


I see lots of posts about fraudulent returns in this sub.


I didnt think targrt lets you return cards.


Looks like a box of random stuff they had sitting around that is not specifically related to M30 in any way.


Yes and no. Decks: 100% Although an argument could be made that the Mystery Booster box is actually a celebration of MTG history. Also: WotC & Daddy Hasbro have kindly requested that everyone once again hand over their wallets for Pringles


Sad that the closest thing we're getting to an anniversary set is reprinted Mystery boxes from a year ago


I will take an affordable chaos draft spanning MTG's history over $$$$ officially printed proxies. Breaking down the price: $250 for 1 pack of proxies $250 for a draftable box *(based on some of the TCG prices)


*(heck even 2 Bro's War draft boxes, with $ left over for sleeves or refreshments)


Because the 1k 30th anniversary packs for “everyone to celebrate” are also “not for you!”


“shit we had a lot of extra product for due to covid” the box


Sooooo a bunch of junk?


The kitties are playable in decks trying to get the other player to lose focus due to cuteness overload.


That's what my sld [mirri] is for


But Mirri is actually a good card


Yeah she is but the cute kitty is also distracting


The booster box isn't junk


If you uh, like gambling I guess sure.


Or if you like...you know...drafting...with your friends?


I play no wincon stax and chaos decks. What are friends?




I didn’t mind the Kamigawa decks last time, at least those were fairly recent sets. But to include nearly 2 year old product proves they’re just trying to clear their warehouse. I JUST got the Rogues deck last week, gonna be sad if it’s included in this one.


it is, it's part of the zendikar decks


It's the popular one, it's not gonna be the popular one in this box


The goal of this product is to clear out old merchandise, nothing else.




Walmart had those for $30 at one point. Some people got Vampiric Bloodlust ($300 edgar precon) from them. 1000% if WotC released a similar product and included every precon in the pool, it would be a huge hit.


With new Commander decks every single set, they need to move the old product that's been rotting on shelves to make way for new product to rot on shelves.


Well. Great “spoiler” of trash after being shit on by the entire world yesterday. But really this is a laughable package


Is this US only Secret Lair?


Not sure, it’s probably going to be like the last Festival in a Box. I honestly like the concept behind it, I just dislike the limited availability. I’ve bought Conventions at home from Blizzard and Warframe before and was happy with those experiences.




More like the concept of letting people get convention exclusives at home. For BlizzCon, the boxes and knickknacks they included were cool. I agree this is mostly junk other than the booster box




Yes and no, at the end of the day SOMEONE has to pay for it, and then they’ll want some profit as well. I do want the secret lair, and the arcane signet promo, and the booster box. The booster box alone is $200-250 on TCG player, so it really is cost effective technically to get the full kit if I’m able. But I totally understand why this won’t be good for most. I was happy with the last convention box (even though I had one of the decks already). This box is more disappointing with the much older and much cheaper commander decks.


the last festival in a box wasn't, as mine just arrived the other week (UK)


Can't help but notice, but it looks like some one has some inventory aging problems.


Kinda suspect that BoFA was right with them overprinting products.


Oh boy I love pringles and unsold trash


Those two precons are 100% gonna be Ranar and Obuun.


I bought the Kamigawa Vehicles deck a week before the last festival in a box was announced. Last week, I bought the Zendikar Rogues deck. I’m going to be VERY sad if that ones included in this box. I don’t wanna go 0-2 for commander precon luck.


> I bought the Kamigawa Vehicles deck a week before the last festival in a box was announced. Last week, I bought the Zendikar Rogues deck. I’m going to be VERY sad if that ones included in this box. I don’t wanna go 0-2 for commander precon luck. before next magiccon you need to buy the edgar markov precon so we can all get something at least valuable.


For real yo


Wow an entire box of mystery?! Jeez WOTC is so generous, I was worried if only get a few packs!! /s


I just want the kitty Lord Windgrace.


Buy the single on tcgplayer. It’ll probably be 5-10 dollars.


Normal Windgrace is $8-9 rn. I assume it’ll be closer to $14-20.


So, still far cheaper than buying the entire Festival?




Idk. Prices are coming down a lot lately, and a reprint like this usually lowers price. Secret lairs don’t usually carry a premium anymore, so I really wouldn’t expect it to be double MSRP.


Difference is this is more limited supply, so Im basing it off what the Magic30 Secret Lair prices are like relative to their normal card.


The kitties!!!! But no… I must continue my boycott… :( stop tempting me


Stay strong brother, the only way to win is to hit them in the only place they'll listen.


You can get proxy kitties for cheaper :)


Do the mystery boxes tend to have good rare cards or is it purely a really expensive novelty draft box?


The “Test” cards have some decent value depending on the card, and Mana Crypt is in the set. It’s just neat to draft, and some of the test cards are fun in Commander.


Form of the Mulldrifter go brrrrr


As a draft experience, it was a fun time. Sidenote: they swapped cards out and lowered the possible value you could get from it... From the og 2019, to retail, to 2021. https://magic.wizards.com/en/news/announcements/mystery-booster-convention-edition-returns-store-events-2021-06-21


You realize all those cards have art by a few very specific people right? It had nothing to do with lowering value


It’s mostly a novelty draft product.


Passed on the first festival in a box because the only thing I really cared for was the mystery booster box. This one I’m biting on. The value is there at the lower price of 269$ and the atraxa merch is too fucking sick to pass up for free value addons.


Not the brothers war precons of course. They could have literally made special exclusive precon decks for this bundle, new playmats rather than rehashed shit, and for gods sake just sell us the secret lair separately rather than sticking us with a bunch of trash.


Wizards print a poo load of bad commander decks, so much that they even realize they can’t dump all on Black Friday


Can we order these online?


Hope I can just get the kitties secret lair


how to get?


they didn't say a price though so its bound to be not worth it


$269.99, like the last one.


yeah not worth it then 😂


You don’t want to help WOTC make their quarterly numbers? But think about the investors and board members!


id much rather buy j22 with that money at least ill get something useful 😂


The mystery booster box likely has tons of useful cards but not a smattering of new cards like j22.


Remember that $30-$50 of those dollars are going towards an old commander deck that if anyone had already wanted, they would have had it already


Said Commander deck is basically a "free" toss in, since the Mystery Booster box is currently around $230, while the foil Lair are usually $40, so there's your $270 right there.


Yeah… but I count it being that I wouldn’t buy the other stuff on its own at their goin prices. You are right tho!


What a gift to the players. Try not to think about how much all of that cost to print.




Oooofff that's awful.


I mean, is it, though? A sealed Mystery Booster Convention Edition Box currently goes for around $230 US on TCGPlayer. Foil Secret Lair Drops usually go for around $40 US when bought during the availability period on the Secret Lair Store. Playmats are usually around $20-$40 US depending on quality and where you get them from. Deckboxes and sleeves are usually $10+ US as well, depending on brand and quality. The ZNR Commander decks can be found on TCGPlayer for ~$20, while the Kaldheim decks are ~$17 for the Spirits and ~$30-40 for the Elves. The Arcane Signet promo is currently going for almost $25 US on TCGplayer, though it has dropped some. So you're basically paying for the Mystery Booster box and Secret Lair, and then getting around $80+ worth of free stuff, depending on how generously you want to value the Deck, Playmat, promo, and Commander decks.


Yeah I understand the values here. It's just that they've really normalized spending $250+. Collector boxes/packs. I'd be fine with it, if it wasn't the 6th $250 purchase within a month. I by far do not consider myself a "whale" but if you want to play the current sets while also getting some sweet secret lair drops, these past few months will have been very expensive. The value is meaningless. Go take a box of all your best cards to somebody who doesn't play or know magic. and offer them for 1/4 $ .. See if they recognize the value. When you tell them, but these cards are worth $4,000 dollars they will laugh in your face. You see they have valued these cards at what is the secondary markets pricing and normalized it.


You could say the same about a designer purse. It doesn't hold shit any better than a shitty purse and yet people are willing to spend thousands more on it.


Yeah for sure, sadly though 50% of the population will recognize the value of the purse.


Indeed, liquidity is a thing.


I don't get what everyone's complaining about. The box is good value, and you're basically just buying a box and getting extra stuff with it, this is easy over $300 in value. "Oh ThE CoMmAnDeR dEcKs ArE oLd" so what? If they put $1 bills in the box y'all would complain that they weren't minted in 2022. With everything that's in the box, they could've just not included them and it still would've been worth the money. Stop taking everything so personally. "This is garbage, the box is only good if you like gambling" Yes. Duh. The same with literally every box you could buy. If you just buy singles, that's fine, everyone enjoys the game differently, but some people enjoy opening boxes. Stop looking for socks in the soup store. I'm not some brown-noser that thinks WoTC is amazing, they've thoroughly pissed me off, especially waiting for the Head/Tails deck and getting no information on it. But of all the things to complain about, this isn't it. One of the few things they're selling that's actually higher value than what you pay, and y'all are all mad for stupid little reasons. It's childish.


So if their offerings are deemed "worth it" by valuing the items based on preexisting prices, then everything's fine? I would challenge, WHY are Mystery Boosters $230 for a convention edition draft box, instead of the $100 they were initially when the retail version first launched? They are only inflating their prices and selling you the new value they have set for their own products. Yes, the commander decks are old. More importantly, anybody who is ordering a festival in a box will have these decks sitting on a shelf/closet or they'll just resell them/give them away. As far as the playmats and sleeves? The quality isn't Dragonshield, so why would anybody care? Playmats are a nice addition, but everything else is junk. Either market this as a Festival in a Box and have some actual themed items inside, or just say what it is: a weak attempt at trying to liquidate their old stale product that they can't move because nobody wants it. I don't understand why you're speaking out against people being against this. Yes, there are bigger things that the company has done recently, but I think it makes a stronger argument with what the problem actually is when you can analyze even these small offerings they're trying to push.


Retail and Convention edition are different, and they float around $250 because they were massively printed, not the other way around. The original convention edition is sitting over $500, and no major cards were changed. Box prices are more influenced by the EV and scarcity than anything, and mystery wasn't under printed. These are aftermarket prices, not what they set. Would you rather the decks just not be in the box and it be the same price? Your basically getting the decks for free, so single out the cards, if you deckbuild at all, there's cards you can use. If people want to hold on to them sealed, that's their own fault. Like I said, the box would be financially worth it without the decks, so just take the singles you get. The quality of the products aren't bad, if you bought the first box, assuming it's the same quality, they're pretty good, but we can't say without actually handling them. But personally, I don't exclusively buy dragonshield the only out of theme products are the commander decks, and like I said, just extra stuff for free. I'm speaking out against people thinking that every product has to be for them. There's a reason the last one sold out. Yes, criticize and try to improve, but people in this thread are acting like they've been slapped in the face over this box. Just as you should complain about the bad, applaud the good, and understand that not everything is for everyone.


The only exclusive thing in this whole box is the cat secret lair. That's the only reason anybody would want to order this since you can get everything else elsewhere for around market value.


Ngl I’m interested probably cuz I’m dumb and like bundles


If this was 100 I'd consider it, but the convention booster value has tanked. The secret lair is low tier, and playing mat, meh.


Convention booster box is about $230 on TCGPlayer at the moment.


> This product is not for you. No, but imma get it anyway because cats. Seriously. My partner will want the cats. I'll take the Commander decks that I never got, and give the sleeves and playmat away as gifts.


I want the Booster Box and the Cats. As an Ataraxa simp I might need the playmat…


I'd happily buy the sleeves and playmat off of ya


I'll buy those sleeve and playmate off you instead, if you'd be down. Only parts out of the entire thing I want


Ok, the atraxa shit actually has me jealous


When is this going live? I can't find a date on it.


Tomorrow at 9 am (I assume Pacific Time)


Even the ICS on the add to calendar link doesn't seem to specify timezone lol


I need a windgrace for my commander deck so bad, hope these don’t end up too expensive




Note: from someone who enjoys drafting (&chaos drafts) the retail version was a fun experience. But just like jumpstart to jumpstart Dom.... The product was a bit different.


It’s pretty obvious they’re clearing out inventory by bundling old products together. I’m not as offended as other people, but this is pretty yawn inducing.


What the hell even is this thing? When was it announced? I’m having a really tough time keeping up with stuff lately


MagicCon is a scam by hasbro in a desperate attempt to recoup losses from MTG 30, doesnt help that they immediately made a secret lair that was exclusive to the event either. Fuck WotC they've been degrading their shit for the last 3 years.


They don't understand what the word "exclusive" means. If they have leftovers of the "exclusive" Philly magiccon merch, they should just throw it on the free table at wizards.


For a con that hasn't happened yet?


If they left out the random commander decks they’re just obviously trying to get rid of it’d look like a better deal lol.


Can we stop supporting WotC already?


Time for today’s “Magic sucks” post already? I wasn’t done reading yesterdays!


Wizards is having a bad fucking couple of months…


Commander decks are cheaper than the last mystery box, listing does not including Richard Garfield foiled card or foiled sol ring. You're getting way less than for Las Vegas event.


The last convention in a box did not include the Richard Garfield card.


will these be avaible to the EU? or is it US exclusive?


The real statement would have been to have swapped the art before the release of a Zen..... But as I said, I am glad they removed the artists from their roster. Time to replace them with art from better artists. (Better being better people, not commentary on artistic ability)


Aww man, I was hoping that secret lair would be released elsewhere. I don't wanna have to buy a bunch of other random stuff to get what I want


The convention boxes are unsold inventory also


These were never for sale, this is product for planned cons that didn't get used most likely.


There was a 2nd round of restocked but that somehow didnt gel with their convention schedules in the midst of covid


So there's 2019 edition, which largely was given to channel fireball it seems and they sold them through various channels around the end of 2020-2021 iirc. Then there was also retail edition which was sent to stores and some sold and some given away. Then there was a reprint in 2021, which maybe was printed in anticipation of return to convention play that didn't happen or was not used. There will definitely be 2021 mystery booster convention edition events at Philly.


All that for probably 500$


Probably $270 like the last one


I saw "Atraxa" written three times and it was somehow disappointing every time.


The Playmat better have alt or new art or I’m sad


How much are they selling these MYB boxes for?


I'm upset the Secret Lair isn't available by itself...


No kidding. I've followed the artist for a while, I've even commissioned them before and I gotta buy$300 worth of stuff to get this lair? 😭 https://imgur.com/R1BDmXU.jpg


If you pre ordered based on Jumpstart being jumpstart or 'retail' mystery boosters being similar to convention mystery boosters, you would have been surprised. August 8th, 2022 Jumpstart Dom post by WotC: https://magic.wizards.com/en/news/announcements/dominaria-united-jumpstart-booster-contents-2022-08-31 September 9, 2022 Jumpstart Dom released Is NOT the same product as the original Jumpstart. In fact it is essentially a themed booster pack. Perhaps the Prof put it best: https://youtu.be/58t7lfci3zg About 4min 15 seconds in if you wish.


More like garbage in a box.


Does anyone know if the playmat will be sold separately on site? I'm considering getting the single day pass, but that doesn't come with the playmat included. I also thought about skipping going to the event and just getting the festival in a box. I didn't see a mention of it on the Con page, so I was hoping someone might know from past events so I can get some advice before purchasing anything.


i just want the atraxa stuff...ill be broke a whole month if i try to get it...ugh..this sucks


I just want the kitties cards, trying to find a local atraxa player who wants the rest. I wish they didn't bundle it with a bunch of crap lol.


All for just $9,549.99!


Aaw I wanted the cat cards, but nothing else. That's a bummer.


FYI, these are the crappy this run mystery boosters without the valuable play-test cards or the foils! I got fooled into buying the last set and didn’t realize my playtest cards were worthless.


$270 lol


Damn you WotC, ship my other Festival in a Box before announcing new ones!


Is this worth?


The kitties! I'm weak, but also I wish I could just get the cats.


This is the 2021 Mystery Booster Convention Box, correct? Rudy (I know, I know) was acting like this is the original one being thrown in for this cheap. I think the precons are a joke, but if you were going to get a mystery booster box anyway, this might be worth it.


I just want the kitties 😭


DONT ORDER! I booked the Festival in a Box for Las Vegas 30:th Anniversary and it was said to be so good with a Virtual Ticket etc etc Have not seen it yet and I emailed Wizard twice and start to get out of respect on this. Festival in a Box is not the right name. Hai!