> we should be getting a ban list soon just to give us our wildcards back for memory lapse( and maybe also for every card you decided to nerf in historic for alchemy cough cough) It took them how long to deal with brainstorm? They won't be making any historic bans for a while if ever. Alchemy is the answer for historc bans.


Pauper list coming soon iirc


yep tomorrow thursday 1/20


Scute swarm is not strong enough to need it


I mean they're no longer scheduled updates. Which is am entirely different problem. But, despite how it's looked the last few years, MTG doesn't always have that much to update in terms of b&r, not like say Yu-Gi-Oh which schedules an update 3/4 times a year.


I know that used to be true but between the massive power creep in cards and wizards deciding to make what feels like two new formats a year, more b&r announcements should be more commonplace now. Yugioh only really has two banlist which or the OCG and the TCG but now Magic has standard, historic, brawl, alchemy, pioneer, modern, legacy, vintage, commander somewhat and they recently double down to support pauper as well.


Yes there are many formats and I believe we know a rebalance is incoming for historic/alchemy. Beyond that, pauper being an affinity show & legacy being kinda fucky I don't see what a b&r would do to improve most of the formats metagames so maybe they're trying to step in less when formats are relatively diverse.