Strixhaven Drafting: Newbie Question - Combat Tricks

Strixhaven Drafting: Newbie Question - Combat Tricks


Combat tricks always require another card to be good. You could play a creature or removal in its place and it’s almost always better.


Combat tricks are the kind of spells that require a certain foundation to do work. You need to have creatures that are aggressively stated that you can freely keep attacking with, this eventually starts forcing blocks, and that helps turn your tricks into kill spells. That's not to say that there aren't some skeletons of good decks in Strixhaven that aren't happy to play tricks, lorehold aggro can do this pretty well. But green in this format is generally pretty slow, greens 2 drops are mostly just bears that don't start doing anything at all until late game and the blue 2 drops aren't any better. In witherbloom you have some slightly better early plays that can also carry the counters fairly well but you're going to need to frame the rest of your draft about being some kind of GB aggro deck and there just isn't anything particularly powerful within GB that pushes you in that direction.


Combat rocks tricks aren't that good because they require other pieces. Would much rather just have a good creature and draft environments nowadays have far fewer bad creatures than they had before


I have found that big play is only really good in witherbloom aggrieved decks. Green in this format is looking to do more slow over the top things and bug play does not really do that. It's a really solid combat trick in the right deck but, that's only really one specific deck. When you are drafting witherbloom the aggressive deck is not often where you end up so it's just not that good of a card in limited