It's weird in spoiler season where you can only see the card that shows a cliffhanger many days after seeing the one where it gets resolved


WAR did a better job at revealing cards in roughly chronological order. First the Eternal army, then the standoff at the Basilica, the Gods showing up, Gideon’s final moves..) There were some fuckups though (Niv-Mizzet was reborn before he died)


They deliberately did the WotS thing iirc, but that was also how we first saw the story (minus the trailer). The novel released after spoiler season would have ended (by a few days). Here there's an expectation that players who care strongly about the story will have read it on release, before spoiler season starts (or the big story cards get revealed intentionally) - you don't learn about the story out of order on account of, like, reading it already.


I don't remember if it was an early spoiler or leak, but [[planewide celebration]] spoiled that they were victorious pretty early on.


I think "heroes always win in the end" spoiled that much earlier


That was cool there, but honestly I strongly prefer story first then cards later. Not only because it makes it harder for me to nitpick any variation in the cards vs story (which there seems to be less of this time, to their credit) but it just allows me to savor the story without the compulsion to follow spoilers and think of cards I should buy before they spike etc. I'd like an "event set" again where they spoil the story and story spotlight cards at the same time though. They could easily spoil the spotlight cards in the story articles which I think would be super cool.


The Niv-Mizzet surprise wasn't WAR's fault - it was meant to happen in RNA, but the story got delayed until after and the card meant to show it got cut.


"Niv was reborn before he died" is actually nowhere near as stupid as what actually happened. His death *was never depicted* in the cards at all.


What card shows the story resolution?


[[Vanish into Eternity]], I think pretty unambiguously


So the planeswalkers can't accept the possible collateral damage involved in destroying New Phyrexia, so Elspeth absorbs the blast somehow and they just let Phyrexia continue infecting the universe? Why are the good guys always so dumb...


This was my biggest complaint overall with this arc. All the tension is derived from "the heroes do dumb things and make things worse". It results in the villains not really coming off as scary or competent and the heroes just being dumb and hard to root for. The entire plan was to take 10 planeswalkers on what they acknowledged was a potential suicide mission where they first sent someone back in time to learn how to make a nuke, then wanted to set off that nuke on new phyrexia. They were well aware and acknowledged the collateral damage and said it was worth it to stop Phyrexia. Then lukka bonds with a phyrexian? Jace rushes off to save Vraska while everyone else tells him how dumb it is. Kaito and Kaya decide at the last moment that blowing up a nuke might have collateral damage so they try to stop it. Elspeth grabs the thing and fucks off so it won't blow up phyrexia. The end result is everyone looks stupid. Compare this to the Bolas arc where the Heroes are a bit reckless going to Amonkhet and trying to go toe to toe with him, but they at least try to stop him. He ends up just decimating them due to his own cunning and power instead and they get scattered. The end result was a scary villain who was competent and a group of heroes that tried their best and needed to regroup. The phyexia arc is absolutely atrocious storytelling. Nobody comes out of these stories looking better than they came in except Tyvar.


Yea I mean this plot is an obvious rip off of the Avengers, but it's like every planeswalker has their individual Starlord moment of selfish idiocy. And that was the worst part of the Avengers plot! It didn't make Starlord seem human and relatable, it just made him look dumb and unlikable.


> "Let's make a nuclear bomb! > > Yeah, sure, good plan. > > It's finally done, took a bit longer since we had to time travel four millennia to reverse engineer it. Anyway, let's detonate it! > > Nah, pretty sure that's against the Geneva convention of the Multiverse or something." ...Come on, what sort of dumb plan is that?


It's one thing to destroy a plane filled with nightmare monsters. It's another to destroy ten planes to protect them from nightmare monsters.


Windgrace: "My followers! Find the bodies of these foolish new era Planeswalkers...and pee on them." WIndgrace's Followers: *Feral cat meowing.*


Okay so Jace activates the Sylex mid compleation and then Elspeth grabs it and directs it at herself and planeswalks it into the Blind Eternities? Kinda seems like throwing Jace under the bus here.


Wasn't the Sylex gonna destroy Phyrexia though? Why would Elspeth stop it?


Possible collateral damage because the World Tree is connected to so many other planes, and the blind eternities. Just a terrible sacrifice play overall, they keep martyring the white Planeswalkers so hard:/


She's gonna be back. The Doomslayer of Phyrexia can't be killed by a little bowl.


Elspeth screwed jace out of his heroic moment, and that makes me so mad.


Oh cool, a new card for my "I don't feel so good Mr Stark" deck


\[\[Bone to Ash\]\] \[\[Disintegrate\]\]


Way ahead of you https://tagger.scryfall.com/tags/artwork/i-don-t-feel-so-good-mr-stark


Lol, fantastic


[Vanish into Eternity](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/8/f/8f0b3308-9c0b-4461-9094-38deec20e1bc.jpg?1674258479) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Vanish%20into%20Eternity) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/one/36/vanish-into-eternity?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/8f0b3308-9c0b-4461-9094-38deec20e1bc?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


Damn rip Elspeth


Lol nah. She's got plot armour.


Elspeth when she comes back: "It's longer than you think Jace. It's longer than you think!"


She jaunted back to her home planet


rofl, I did not expect The Jaunt references.


again? or not


Man, Elspeth just cannot catch a break... Interesting that she's taking it into the blind eternities. I wonder if a blast there would piss off the Eldrazi at all.


Imagine you sitting in Blind Eternities with your friend, sipping tea, talking how it was fun to invade those worlds and then some random mf teleports into your house, blow whole shit up...


I really miss the three set structure. It followed the three act structure of actual story writing and made the sets feel much more thematic... Now it's "We saved the day!" Before we even really know what we are saving it from.


While I totally agree, isn't this one effectively a 3 set arc + epilogue in DOM + ONE + March and Aftermath?


Yes, but it’s an outlier compared to many sets like Eldraine/Strixhaven/Kaldheim as 1 shots.


Kaito: The explosion could destroy a lot of planes! Jace: But it might not! If we don't do this all the planes will be compleated! You saw how quickly Nahiri was turned! Kaito: But...it....might...not? Jace: ...I miss Gideon. *dies*


I hated that story moment. It blew up a continent before. What the fuck are they even basing their assumption on.


To be fair it also blew up *time*. Kaya point that it could damage the Blind Eternities or destroy the Multiverse entirely was a lot better than Kaitos argument of "But what about some people! I can't live with myself if more than 4 people die because of this!".


This really is the kind of discussion they should've had before setting out for the mission.


They left so quickly for this mission it's a wonder Jace didn't forget his keys...


Well now they have been compleated into him so he won't ever forget them.


"Being compleated means you always know where your keys are!"


*presses palm button* *in the distance* bwop bwep


They intended to set it off believing the phyrexian world tree wasnt completed yet. Like you're right, contingencies should be discussed in advance, but people are massively overselling how much of an idiot ball moment this was. Most super powered adventure fiction falls apart to that kind of scrutiny Everyone calls Jace and company the Jacetice league right? Well if the Justice league had to choose between setting off a time nuke that would do more damage than planned or fighting the "unwinnable" fight and hoping for the best...the classic hero move is fighting and hoping for the best. If you want to get analytical about it, Jace ain't in his right mind. He is going to die. He'd rather die than live as a phyrexian. Everything in the situation would bias him towards staying the course, consequences be damned. The other present parties are at least arguably more likely to be able to make this call. All told, it is a sign of incompetence they had no plan B, but not so much so that its character assassination. The heroes are going to win in the end fighting Elesh Norn straight up, through some other McGuffin or Deus Ex Machina I'm sure. Doing so is going to vindicate the decision not to set off the time nuke in nexus point of countless planes. The argument at the end of ONE's story and the eventual conclusion in the next set ain't high literature but it doesnt even register on the bad magic writing scale.


> Jace ain't in his right mind. He is going to die. He'd rather die than live as a phyrexian. He'd also just watched the woman he loves be compleated and then condemn him to the same fate. Jace has nothing to live for at that point, and wants to be sure no one else suffers the same fate he's resigned to, no matter the cost. Even in his "right mind" though, Jace ignored an Elder dragon's advice and destroyed two Eldrazi titans, having no idea what the consequences might be, so maybe Jace just isn't the best at thinking long-term.


Jace has always made decisions without listening to others or even giving thoughts to future consequences. He has wiped his own mind multiple times. It is easy for him, because he can mess up by only thinking short term and when things get screwy due to his error, he can just wipe his own mind and come out daisies in the aftermath.


And he’s not UR…?


Not *yet*


Me coming from WoW lore like: "Wow, this Magic Lore is surprisingly... intact."


Fuck shadowlands for Existing. Havent found a ton of intrinsic problems with DF yet but its not super great.


Didnt the time spiral cause the time crisis?


Time Spiral was the result of years of huge events that ended up fracturing time and caused the time rifts. Things like Barrin nuking his own base. Urza detonating the Sylex was, I think, caused the first of these fractures.


The Sylex blast notably caused the ice age, splintered Dominaria off from the rest of the multiverse, and created easily the largest of the Dominaria Time Rifts. These arguments I keep seeing of "just blew up a continent" are so janky. Urza wasn't even a mage at the time when he activated it. He had basically zero mana bonds. A Planeswalker, even a neo one, would be much, much more powerful when they activate a Sylex.


Yeah, simplifying that blast to "It just blew up a continent" is like calling Hiroshima an M80.


Not just Dominara, an entire shard of planes was carved off the multiverse. The blast was so powerful it broke *entire other planes* loose as well.


As a minor note: the Sylex Blast didn't cause either the first of the Time Rifts or the Largest (those were the Madaran one and the Otarian one caused by Karona's death). The rift from the Sylex Blast was a bit tricky mostly because it later got entwined with Multani and Yavimaya's essense. The overall point about the damage is the same though.


The earliest was Bolas fighting the leviathan iirc


Or perhaps the ringing of the apocalypse chime?


I thought that happened on Ulgrotha?


That happened on Ulgrotha, and it helped contribute the damage from the one caused by Bolas's fight at Madara. It didn't cause the rift itself though.


So you're saying we might have a time spiral PT2 on our hands? Watch Yogmoth or some shit tumble out of a fracture.


Time Spiral was the result of *several* time rifts over the long course of Dominarias History. So it's unlikely that such an event will happen again. Though if it did it would likely be centered on Mirroden. At most it would be on the planes connected to Realmbreaker. So it would feature timelines for just those planes.


Yes I believe that is what Narad626 implied about "blew up time"


Kaito might have been spewing some bs but if you read between the lines even a little he's just freaking out about The Wanderer specifically. She's basically always in the blind eternities, and he balked at the thought of her being killed by the sylex.


Not even just blew up time, it also significantly damaged the Blind Eternities the last time it was used (by creating the Shard of 12 Worlds), and that was using it normally on a regular plane, rather than on something that's directly tapped into the Blind Eternities and multiple Planes. It took using a completely different magic nuke to undo that damage and a oldwalker spark to heal the damage to time. It seems reasonable to be concerned about what damage it would cause used on a connected World Tree.


Yeah I keep forgetting that it broke the multiverse from *inside* Dominaria. There's no telling what would happen with the doors and windows open.


Beyond that we have no fucking clue what would happen if a fucking World Tree that connects an unknowable amount of Planes gets blown up and killed. Not only is it most likely filled with an immense amount of energy but it's also connected to all these Planes and I doubt if you destroy it it will just easily unplug itself.


The earlier sylex blast also created "the shard," essentially a piece of the multiverse broken off from or misaligned with other planes. Dominaria and "nearby" planes were cut off for quite some time Now there is this magic tree thing bridging planes and potentially channeling the sylex's effect directly into the space between the planes, aka the blind eternities. So, in-universe, no one really knows what would happen.


Not only that, that was all pre-Mending. Even if it was just another Shard/Ice Age, Freyalise is dead and there may never be a planeswalker powerful enough to cast the World Spell again.


>...and there may never be a planeswalker powerful enough to cast the World Spell again. Simple solution to that: "Well, I guess it's time to bring back Nicky B!"


EMRAKUL: H̴̗͕͊̾͋́̈̚o̷̢̲̔̾̉͆̉l̴̻̈́̄̉̈́͌̅d̶̟̎̀̀͋͊ ̴̧͍̎͆͂̓m̷̡̲̜̥̥͖͑y̸͙̫͇̺͑͝ ̴̨̰̮̭̳̍̿ͅb̶̢͕̤͉̹̗͗̾̎̓e̶̡̻̳̱̣̟͂̅͑̏͝ë̵̯̥́̈́͑̐͛̄r̷̨͉̥̯͇͉͊̈́̂.̶̮̣̟̜͎̿́̽


Not just that. The World Spell also required its own set of high-powered magic artifacts (only one of which still exists), and the pushback from it had to be channeled through a magical pocket dimension network just to not destroy most of Dominaria. They needed a to of very specific, highly-powered extra "stuff" just to fix the damage from the last Sylex detonation.




Where can I access these stories?


https://magic.wizards.com/en/news/archive That's the best link I've found. Sort by the most recent ones. The articles that have "Episode #" in the title are main stories, the other ones are side stories. I'd like to find a better laid out place, but that's the best I've got.


they are linked on the here or just google phyrexia all will be one story


"Never tell me the odds" - Jace, apparently


Very similar argument to Manhattan Project guys thinking they'd ignite the atmosphere. Lucky for us, Elspeth yeeted herself off into who knows where so we get more phyrexian goodness.


*"I have plenty of terrible ideas, but they don't usually get everybody around me dead. But Jace has special bad ideas, I guess."* -Kaito Shizuki, Assault on New Phyrexia Chapter 3: Inconceivable Losses


This card is Jace having the intelligent idea though. They risked everything to set off the sylex, and just because it MIGHT hit planes that DEFNITELY have phyrexia invading they stop... dooming them to fates many would consider worse than death. This card is proof Kaito has bad ideas too.


I'm not a fan of "if we don't sacrifice anything, we'll win with everything anyway" appearing in so much media; I always expect it to have horrifying consequences some day


There was a Marvel storyline I liked in the comics. Very long story short: two universes are colliding, and unless our group of heroes is willing to destroy the other universe's earth then both universes will be destroyed utterly. Fortunately, they already had a planet killer ready to go for this exact situation. All they have to do is someone has to push the button. Black Panther volunteers, but wavers and is unable to push the button to kill billions and save quadrillions. Namor steps up and is like "Wtf we built this planet killer and you're all too afraid to actually use it? Well fine then I'll push the button nbd." and destroys the other earth, saving two universes. Then everyone else starts yelling at him. "Namor how could you do that?!" And Namor himself is just like "Wtf is your problem? We all planned for this and BP was about to do it and none of you were giving him shit for it. Fuck this I'm out." Then he runs off into the ocean and leaves the rest of them to figure out their own issues.


Oh my gosh I loved Hickmans run so much and these issues with the Great Society always get to me…to see how fast the Illuminati go from a belief that they have to blow up the planet to their unwillingness to execute is haunting.


How dare you do the thing we all agreed to that saves our lives.


This is quite literally what the MCU is building towards now (poorly)


I mean, according to the Tezzeret story, multiple planes have already been either totally or near-totally subjugated. Going off Ob Nixilis logic, the invasion only gets more likely to succeed totally the more planes fall, as the resources and unique properties those planes offer are absorbed into Phyrexia.


We are Phyrexia. You will be Compleated. Your biological and thaumatological distinctiveness will be added to our own. Resistance is futile.


Ahh the Borg.


Yep. Phyrexia has always been the Borg if they were a Warhammer faction.


The Borg with a little bit of Warhammer, a little bit of Geiger, and a pinch of Hellraiser for good measure.


*And then it hit them. The Gatewatch realized that Ulamog and Kozilek's purpose included consuming planes that posed a threat to the entire multiverse. And they'd f----d with that.* *F--k.*


Sidequest to Innistrad to drop the moon all Majora's Mask style over Phyrexia.


I literally was thinking the best way to stop a plane eating tentacle monster is a bigger plane eating tentacle monster. That seed thingy aint got shit on moon mama.


This did not work out in 40k. They tried to pit the Orks against the Tyranids.


And the result was an entire subsector lost and Tyranids adapting to fight on a cellular level and Orks being in so much fighting they were back to their demigod levels.


Wait holy shit wasn't a big part of what beat Yawgmoth smacking him over the head with a big pile of mana they had stashed in a moon?


If you look at the original art to [[Legacy Weapon]] you can see the null moon shining on the Weatherlight.


I very much want this to happen.


It's such a lazy cop out writing trope. It's similar to how the 'good guy' often doesn't have to kill the bad guy regardless of how heinous they are, they'll just slip on a banana and smash their head, or something. It's doubly noticeable in a situation like this where stakes are SO high but they'll get saved by the power of plot basically. Thank god Endgame was willing to actually kill the fuck out of Thanos to end the conflict, would have been some bullshit otherwise.


Yeah I'm probably being unintentionally too harsh here. I listed to TTC talking about the lore, and they mentioned its probably Kaya's and Kaito's black-alignments that lead to their decisions. They don't want to risk damaging something they've come to know personally.


What is TTC?


Tap Tap Concede: Loading Ready Run's casual Magic podcast.


I tried them but their channel is difficult to navigate. You don't really know what the videos are about until you take the time to listen to them.


Tick Tock Clock, home to fan favorite stars such as Stomp on the Thwomp


I don't really find that compelling for Kaito. While black is the most selfish colour, it's also the most ruthless and blue is the most logical. It maybe makes sense for Kaya, since black-white tends to be about looking our for the needs of a group over others, but blue-black could go either way. It's probably more about Kaito himself rather than just his allignment.


Not doing something that might erase your girlfriend from existence just to save some random millions of randos, is VERY much part of black identity. For someone black aligned, family is absolutely > good of the many. Especially chosen family.


They sacrificed so much to get there knowing there were so many risks due to the little knowledge they had of the sylex and then suddenly Kaya and Kaito are like 'yeah maybe we shouldn't' Like Jace literally just told you it's a good thing the sylex will probably kill me cuz id destroy all your minds as a phyrexian >!My favorite part is Elspeth coming down and stabbing Jace for some reason instead of coming down like "Hmm yeah, Jace activating the sylex, looks like everything is going according to plan" !<


I think Jace was in the right here. Even if a few other planes would have been destroyed, ending Phyrexia once and for all would definitely be worth it. I've seen people say that Kaya and Elspeth stopped him because it was possible that the blast would tear the entire multiverse apart and destroy all planes ever, or most of them. Even then, I think they should've gone through with it. Considering how likely it's looking that the Phyrexians will win, and how shitty compleation is, I think risking the existence of the multiverse is a decent bargain. And hey, even if it did blow up everything, an empty multiverse is still one without Phyrexia. You literally cannot lose.


I mean, Compleation doesn't sound _that_ bad. A sense of community, belonging, purpose, cool robot parts... I don't think that the stance of "Total annihilation is not necessarily preferable to phyresis, and we don't have the right to make that judgement call for the entire multiverse." is all that unreasonable of a position. I know that _I_ would prefer service to glorious Phyrexia and it's righteous mission to perfect the multiverse over being _disintegrated._ Really, I think we're being too presumptuous when we assume it would be all that bad a life.


Found the sleeper agent


Lmao, "Phyrexia's not that bad, actually" - A Phyrexian


One thing I like about Phyreses? It's all inclusive. All. Inclusive. Literally nobody is excluded. Also, you don't get a choice.


I'm going to have to go with the more conventional position that "Death > grotesque viivisection and mutilation and existence in a literal analogue for Hell."


I don't know for sure, but it's highly likely a lot of the Phyrexians either don't experience pain/anguish or experience it differently. Most people seem to like being compleated after it's done right?


Exactly! I've been told Compleation feels great! You get all these cool new appendages! Is free will _really_ better than metal angel wings? *Edited for minor spelling mistakes


Burn this guy.


I think the writers agreed, which is why they added: *"Elspeth knew intuitively that Jace using the sylex was actually a bad idea. She could feel with absolute certainty that it would be worse than not using it and Jace needed to be stopped despite all the work they did leading up to now."*


Is this an actual quote from the actual book?


No, here's the quote from the story: > Jace turned to face her, his eyes ablaze with merciless blue light. Somehow, in that moment, she understood everything—what Jace had resolved to do, what was about to happen not just to Mirrodin but to the Multiverse itself. Elspeth saw, with perfect clarity, what needed to be done. From https://magic.wizards.com/en/news/magic-story/assault-on-new-phyrexia-or-episode-5-inevitable-resolutions


This is a mega bullshit line, I can't believe it got published


There's a reason the MtG creative team generally aren't novelists.


This part was dumb. Spoilers below since I can't figure out spoiler tags. They sacrificed so much to get there knowing there were so many risks due to the little knowledge they had of the sylex and then suddenly Kaya and Kaito are like "yeah maybe we shouldn't" Like Jace literally just told you "it's a good thing the sylex will probably kill me cuz id destroy all your minds as a phyrexian" My favorite part is Elspeth coming down and stabbing Jace for some reason instead of coming down like "Hmm yeah, Jace activating the sylex, looks like everything is going according to plan"


To do spoilers, you want to surround what you want to spoiler with >\!and!\<. That would give you this: >!and!<


Are you insinuating this was a bad idea of Jace's, or that Kaito broke his "usual" when this card happened?


Well Kaito's quote actually comes from much earlier in the story, where Jace nearly jeopardizes the mission in order to rescue Vraska. I just thought it was a funny anecdote that also applied here.


Oh. yeah, I remember the quote and it was definitely accurate, but in that final story Kaito and Kaya are the ones condemning planes to compleation because they're afraid of them being nuked instead, depending on how the sylex works, while Jace would actually get the job done. So Kaito's the one making things worse here by trying to stop Jace.


Average blue planeswalker moment


There's something about Jace's face here that reminds me of Tobey Maguire's face while stopping that train in Spider Man 2. It just looks kind of funny.


Compleated Jace doing the dance from Spider-Man 3 when?


Drive That Funky Sylex


Gonna conjure some dirt in your eye


if it is controller


Had to scroll way too far to find this




Big oof. Is it just me or has the number of printed typos risen substantially in the last year?


Last few years, Strixhaven had a few errors in English and other languages, most notably [[Zaffai, Thunder Conductor]]. His name got changed during development but his rules text was never corrected.


There was also a Rogue in NEO that got printed as a Ninja in English. And Audacity in BRO is missing an "a" in its rules text.


I don't think this will be in the printed version because someone pointed out 'and and' on another card and people said these previews aren't the printing versions.


First thing I noticed as soon as I saw this card. Ugh.


As someone whose first language isn't english, the constant mistakes about this from native english speakers always make me doubt my grammar.


Is this necessarily the final printing? Oftentimes they're using not-final versions as spoilers, right?


Kind of interesting to look back at [[Corrupted Resolve]] and see how WoTC's treatment of poison has changed. Back then it was definitely a rush to get to 10 and a few cards that only cared if you had 1 or more, but now it seems more like this thing where you just want to get to 3 and reap the incidental benefits.


Because it lets them slow down, and by making the poison archetype not as all-in, the drafting is less "on-rails" where you'd only pick Infect creatures if they blocked well or you were the infect deck that wanted all of them.


[Corrupted Resolve](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/2/8/28432161-023b-4a98-b92a-55dc6d936cd1.jpg?1562876198) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Corrupted%20Resolve) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/nph/32/corrupted-resolve?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/28432161-023b-4a98-b92a-55dc6d936cd1?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


Mark spoke about this on a recent Drive to Work episode. He said that it plays much better for a few reasons, but the one I thought was most interesting of that it works really well for red. Red doesn't want to plan ahead and try to poison you out, they just want to attack attack attack, and the incidental corruption bonus is a huge incentive to play that way (in limited at least).


Hmm, I would prefer if they reprinted [[Mana Leak]] but this isn't terrible.


Same. That extra (1) is very important. Sadly i think this gets beat out by some other stuff due to that. at least its splashable ig


[Mana Leak](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/1/7/179236d9-6fe2-4db6-bdfb-f851e8d531a2.jpg?1673147361) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Mana%20Leak) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/2x2/58/mana-leak?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/179236d9-6fe2-4db6-bdfb-f851e8d531a2?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


Well \[\[Quench\]\] has seen play and this is a straight upgrade so I think it will as well. I don't know if there will be enough cards to make a competitive toxic deck in standard, but some of the new cards seem pretty good so it should at least be a playable archetype. If that's the case, this card will be a nice player.


Isn’t [[make disappear]] already strictly better Quench?


Gone are the days of Cancel w/set mechanic We now have Quench w/Set mechanic


Probably too strong for Standard. It's not perchance that it hasn't been reprinted in over 10 years in a Premier set.


Hard to say for sure whether Mana Leak is *too* strong for Standard, but it would *absolutely* be "format warping". And Play Design have no reason to risk that with cards that are generally considered "unfun to play against".


They say this while printing the most comically powercrept creatures ever


Yeah but some people get so tilted over having a spell countered that they'd rather get completely out valued by efficient creatures because it gives them an illusion that they had more control.


I don't think WotC should pander to these people, lol


unfortunately they've been doing that for the better part of a decade. nerfing spells (counterspells and lock pieces especially) and obscenely buffing creatures. when was the last real good eternal playable counterspell or lock piece in standard? almost all those types of cards are non-standard sets.


yea, counters aren't even good anymore in standard. at least a hard control deck rarely exist because you're always losing if you're one for one-ing creatures. There's too much value once one creature enters the battlefield.


I really didn’t need my mono blue opponents to have copies 5-8 of make disappear


me when my mom tells me to stop peeing in the sink


Lmao I can't unsee it


...what part of the phrase "bring the ending" constitutes a counterspell ? Art and flavor also seem off, even if it's Jace "denying" Kaya of getting the sylex...


A lot of story spotlights these days just seem to be "we put arbitrary mechanics on a scene from the story, don't think about it too hard". We're just lucky this isn't called "Jace fools Kaya".


TBF that's happened a lot in the past. Like what the hell part of \[\[Erai's Meddling\]\] has to do with either the story or Ertai actually delaying some spell?


That Weatherlight era was even worse for this than the present-day. I swear 90% of cards in some sets are just random art of one of the Weatherlight crew stapled onto an unrelated effect. On the other hand, in recent times Wizards have usually been quite good at marrying up flavour/story and mechanics. Compare this card with \[\[Commence the Endgame\]\], for example...


[Commence the Endgame](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/2/0/209d70a2-c8c1-4072-ab1f-57804b55a09a.jpg?1557576173) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Commence%20the%20Endgame) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/war/45/commence-the-endgame?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/209d70a2-c8c1-4072-ab1f-57804b55a09a?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


[Erai's Meddling](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/3/5/35c7e7fa-1493-4ef8-9cdb-b02b07a1ad85.jpg?1562053736) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Ertai%27s%20Meddling) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/tmp/61/ertais-meddling?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/35c7e7fa-1493-4ef8-9cdb-b02b07a1ad85?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


It counters Kaya’s plan by having made an illusion sylex


the name is a reference to the story event and it's a counterspell because it's jace being tricky with illusion magic


So they actually screwed up it's and its? That's embarrassing.


Let's hope this is just a mockup and not the real card. :/


This feels quite strong if blue/+something can get poison counters on someone fairly steadily.


IMO, you start with "would you play quench in this format?" If so, then go ahead. You have to drop it on T2 or T3 in higher powered formats. Generally, I'd say that you're looking for infect decks that already exist and adding this, but IMO, there are cards available in those formats. Not sure if poison makes it to standard.


So did jace died?


Iirc Elspeth blinked in and took the Sylex while it was about to blast and teleported it to King Kai planet.


God damnit goku!


Yes and no. He became a Phyrexian, so his soul was technically destroyed. But during the transformation he was impaled by Luxior (Elspeth's sword) which contains Halo, which has anti-phyrexis properties. So, due to plot convenience, the transformation process might have failed and his soul might still be able to be restored. Edit: it seems the compleation of Planeswalkers doesn't destroy the soul, so they are all 100% going to get better.


Their soul can be saved, but their bodies are gonna be hard to revert. And some of these bodies are in a BAD shape. I expect that by the end of the story most will regain their free will and be good again but become somewhat confined to New Phyrexia while a few might be gone forever.


My hyphotesis is that, after the war, the free compleated planeswalkers will make peace with Koth and become the new benevolent Praetorwatch of New Mirrodin.


> which contains Halo, which has anti-phyrexis properties So the lesson is kids, do drugs unless you want to be compleated




Damn, wrong “it’s”


Why are bowls so powerful in the magic universe? Just because someone made a silly bowl in antiquities saying it destroyed all antiquities cards? Really jammed bowls into the lore from that ONE silly card no one cared about. Bowls are nukes in mtg so strange.


You couldn't even eat soup out of it!


I’ll never forgive Kaya for how stupid she was Jace was right. WORST case scenario is the sylex blast causes an ice age on a few planes. The original Sylex didn’t even destroy Dominaria, just sent it into an ice age


Yes, but og Sylex was meant to "just" obliterate Mishra and his armies. Here, the target was a compleated World Tree which already bled into multiple planes, so eradicating it, which is quite larger in scale than what Urza did, might had quite more serious ramifications.


I haven't read the story, did the sylex actually go off and did it work?


Elspeth Aerith'd Jace and grabbed the Sylex as it was going off and fucked off into the Blind Eternities.


This isn't a mere [[Quench]], it's a Douse (*Not the Urza's Saga one).


So, a less polarized version of \[\[Corrupted Resolve\]\]. The flavor seems a bit odd. The Sylex is sort of associated with white mana, and the card is referencing activating it to "wipe the world clean". And we have a blue counterspell?


It’s not about the Sylex, but Jace’s illusion trickery.


[Corrupted Resolve](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/2/8/28432161-023b-4a98-b92a-55dc6d936cd1.jpg?1562876198) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Corrupted%20Resolve) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/nph/32/corrupted-resolve?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/28432161-023b-4a98-b92a-55dc6d936cd1?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


Jace's Sylex is emanating Blue Mana on the image, so there's a chance that the Sylex actually isn't associated to any color in particular. ... Well, there's a chance at least.


I was pretty taken aback at how generally poor this art is when reading story. These faces and fingers are really something else. And now a grammar error? Yeesh


Monumentally stupid story. Let’s all risk our lives to blow this up, oh no it might do more damage, we have no data to support this but it might, we better not do it now.


You want the good story, but you need the bad writing