Avoid everlight and all energy solar, having worked for both


Thank you for the heads up!


Bummer to hear about all energy solar as I think they are the only Enphase provider in Madison.


Don’t do Everlight. Predatory sales people. I had to report them to the state which found them at fault.


Wow will definitely steer clear.


Midwest solar power installed ours 9 years ago - still going strong.


Us too! Very happy with them!


Thank you!


Drew’s Solar 100%


We are very happy with Drew’s.




We received quotes from Full Spectrum Solar, Drew's Solar, and Midwest Solar and liked all three companies. Midwest Solar was our ultimate choice and we've been very happy with the whole process. Installed in July of this year.




🤦‍♂️I should’ve searched this sub more thoroughly before posting! Thanks for sharing the link :)


We went with Midwest, referred via the MadiSun program. Very happy with the consult, install, and service. For our particular roof orientation and panel layout, and after incentives, we conservatively estimate ~10-12 year break-even. Midsummer, we often see negative power bills (credits in our MG&E acct). In winter, very low to zero production when snow-covered. The panels themselves should deliver for 25+ years, and we bought the extended warranty on our inverter to cover at least that long. When we replaced our roof, we did so before solar so no need to ever take down/reinstall panels mid-life. Went with standing seam metal so no roof penetrations - panel brackets clamp onto standing seams. We've had two issues since install, both described as rare, and possibly related: roof conduit came loose, which allowed the wires to get cut during spring melt, and the first inverter started throwing random errors that required a unit swap, even after the conduit/wires were fixed. It cost us about a month's summer production in our second year because of lead time to get an inverter warranty swap. Midwest handled both events professionally; no concerns. We have the trees trimmed periodically to minimize panel shading. Micro inverters limit impact, but shaded panels are wasted panels. Keep an eye on your unit's web interface system status to ID any issues early.


Full Spectrum Solar did mine. They're an established local company with lots of experience and good people. No problems at all.


Thank you!


I had a great experience with Arch Electric this spring. Got 20 panels in Monona.


Thank you!


I would get quotes from Full Spectrum Solar and Arch Electric. I got quotes from both of them two years ago and they were both great to work with. Arch was able to fit me into their schedule sooner. Installation and after sale service were tops.


They’re all too expensive, IMO. Madison is a high demand market and all the providers have jacked up their pricing so it takes 20 years to break even.


We did Sun Badger and have been pleased with them


Thank you!


Current Electric had the best price of the 5 different companies that quotes my panels. They did a great job, were honest about payback time, and I'm happy with the system. Everlight solar was 40% more expensive yet somehow calculated the same payback. They play games with numbers then insist it's because they are "premium". Seriously, make sure to get a quote through current Electric. https://www.currentelectricco.com/?utm_source=GMB&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=Wauwatosa If you are financing through a HELOC, cash out refinance, or any other way that does not involve them you get a 5% "cash" discount.


I feel in this region, it is not a matter of who to choose, but who're still available within half a year.


You're not going to get it installed in 2022 anymore, winter is coming. But that's ok: if you find a contractor now you can get on the schedule for the spring. You don't make any electricity once it snows anyways so it's kind of a wash.


We used Arch Electric and had a good experience.


Has anybody had any experience with SolQ?


Drew’s Solar did ours - they were great to work with


Please see my recent, popular comment. Perhaps it will be helpful to you as well: https://www.reddit.com/r/madisonwi/comments/v2lvnt/comment/iatf3yj/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x&context=3


Whatever you get, invest in a guard to block squirrels from getting under them. They built a nest under ours once and can cause damage if they chew on stuff.


Sol Energy - part of traditions in Middleton