Tell them to take their manuka honey, their apple cider vinegar and their açaí and shove it up their ass.


Add a dash of capsicum for the razzle dazzle


This made me chortle like a toddler. Thank you!


And their root powder of some kind.


As Celiac with Lupus..... ![gif](giphy|3o9bJX4O9ShW1L32eY)


+ gastritis 🙂


What is wrong with people? Just because you don’t have to deal with an autoimmune disease means they don’t exist?


I'm a typical "mystery illness for 10+ years with no answers or end in sight" until I was finally dx'd w/ lupus recently. I've received constant questions, skepticism, and even outright accusations of lying/exaggerating simply because no one I know has ever experienced anything like it, so of course I must be making it up. Even when I was trying so, so hard to mask my symptoms & act like I was fine. I've had guys straight-up leave me saying things like "clearly this is never gonna end" and "you must not want to get better." And criticizing everything I put in my mouth, especially if they're a nutrition-oriented vegan type who thinks diet is everything and surely I am only "sick" bc they saw me drink a Diet Coke or a beer last spring or...really anything. People really, really don't get it unless it happens to them. I can't see dating or marrying anyone who doesn't have firsthand experience with this stuff, bc it is just too hard to explain or prove to someone who is dead set on not understanding.


Right now I’m on my path to be diagnosed with lupus (man 24). It started with butterfly rash on my face about 1-2 years ago, I went to a dermatologist and she said it’s Seborrheic Dermatitis, and she gave me treatment for this which improved a bit my appearance but the butterfly shape is still visible. I also checked an immunologist and she asked if I have any joint pain, I said no since I did not log any symptoms but actually i feel some pain and discomfort in my feet 👣 and legs but i thought it’s just tiredness because I stay mostly on chair and don’t exercise. I can run though and lift things, but I can’t do it for long time, I thought it is all just tiredness until now.. Also I have geographic tongue since I was born. Moreover, sometimes I feel problems with memory and concentration (for example, when you can't remember the name of an event that you discussed a day ago on the phone, or the next word in a sentence, or problems with short-term memory - for example, when I eat, I take vitamins, and then scroll through the phone, and after 1 minute I start thinking if I took my vitamins or not, then I look at the glass of water and see that it's empty, so It means I took my vitamins).. What other symptoms you encounter ? I read that it’s quite difficult to diagnostic Lupus because there is not a specific marker/agent , and there are other similar maladies to lupus making the process harder


Had a young coworker tell me, "Maybe you just need to do a cleanse or something." I was like dude my body is literally attacking itself. There's no "cleanse" for that.


I would say that I now have “very mild lupus” as I mostly just have the joint pain, fatigue, and photosensitivity no other symptoms due to being in remission, but even with living in a better climate, a pretty decent diet, and I’ve been trying to walk at least 30min a day, I STILL have lupus. Still have the joint pain and fatigue, I’m not cured. I can’t stand this crap. Yes, we should do everything we can to be healthy and take care of ourselves to the best of our abilities, but we will always be sick. It’s not our fault. Our apologies for crappy genetics ugh


Could you please describe this joint pain ? For example: 1) can you run ? 2) can you lift things ? 3) jump etc How did you discovered you have lupus and how fast it progress?


I was diagnosed when I was 17 and at the time I had just about every symptom: butterfly rash, swollen and painful joints, abnormal kidney and liver functions, fatigue so severe I could hardly get out of bed, hair loss, and sores in my mouth. I was one of the few lucky people to get diagnosed within a few months of my symptoms starting. I would say it took me about 3 to 4 years to get to where I am now where I feel kind of normal-ish again or rather I’ve just grown accustomed to my post diagnosis life and just cope with the pain now. I am now in my mid 20s now and I now just have joint pain, no swelling. It mostly just feels like my joints are stiff, especially if I’ve been stagnant for too long. I can run and do exercises, however I would say when I do exercise I still have to be careful and I do I try to do low impact exercises. And yes I can lift things, but I’ve never had much upper body strength so it’s still not much when I do lift anything.


I worked with a “science teacher” who believed every conspiracy theory there is. He drove me nuts! I can just ignore him, but he messed students over. Parent just passed away- oh! If she had drank distilled water, it would have healed her Or Menstrual cycles are toxins leaving your body. If you eat vegan they will go away Along with thinking the sky is painted, earth is flat, and we are plants. He like to stare at the sun in the morning




Hahaha menstrual cycles will go away. 😂 I fucking wish


Have you ever seen the movie *π*? Bc you just reminded me of it.




In it the main character repeatedly talks about how, when he was a child, his mother told him not to stare at the sun. That's all. Good movie if you like weird, freaky Darren Aronofsky stuff from the 90s.


Some people are easily taken in by conspiracy theories


Yes, they are. My parents seem to be taken in more easily as they age. It makes me question whether their intelligence or discretion is declining.


For older people, I think it has to do with growing up in a different time. They did not run into as many strangers in small town life, and a handshake was as good as a signed contract.


Like had a bachelor of science degree?


He was teaching biology


It always amazes me that people trained in science don’t believe in science. I can never fully wrap my head around it. I have read your sentence ten times, but I am still thinking “he cannot be a real biology teacher.” I just…I don’t know.


I know what you mean.


I had a coworker who would not shut up about how lupus, a disease that got its name in the THIRTEENTH CENTURY, is caused by GMOs 🙄🙄🙄


I really just hope we are all actual wear wolves, with powers and stuff.


What the flying F.


Just like my type 1 diabetes, I’ve been told I can cure my lupus by being vegan


I’ve been told this too and it’s so fucking funny to me because I literally *am* vegan. Of course, when I inform these people of that, they just shift the goalposts and are like “well, do you only eat raw, crunchy sadness? no? then you’re not vegan properly so of course you’re still sick” like uggghhhh lol


100%. I’m T1D too, so going vegan (which every fucking vegan recommends for diabetics too) actually would mean more insulin and worse diabetes. Lol. They need to shut the fuck up.


“Blah, blah, blah....” Is all I hear with people like this. Please tell me *Exactly* what in my diet is going to work better than an immunosuppressant? What do I need to change in my environment to have my cells not breakdown? Hhhhhmmmmm?


I just went through and reported tons of their bullshit and appealed to Twitter to stop this crap. It can, and HAS, gotten people killed.


Smells like heavy metal poisoning with a side of mold toxicity 🙄


I see you've been to the naturopath.


They can cure you too for the incredibly low price of $10,000 😉 *no insurance needed **breakthrough treatments may be required for persistent infections


Can they also cure my Chronic Lyme? I've never met a tick, but I'm sure I have it...


For sure. Don't forget your nagging mitochondrial dysfunction, there an amazing supplement to help put some pep in your cells.


Bodies are NOT smart. Bodies have not evolved to *be* smart. They have evolved along the path of least resistance; they have evolved to do what works, however it works. Bodies are dumb as fuck.


Yeah, I tell this all the time to my students when teaching about allergies and anaphylaxis. “What’s that? A bee sting? Some shellfish? An antibiotic? Better totally close off the windpipe. You know, that thing that allows oxygen to come in, even though none of the things mentioned are found in air.”


Just resolve the snow crab in your environment. Wham, bam, problem cured! No meds needed.


Ok so when is this douche going to release the magical diet and exercise plan that will cure everyone? And how much does it cost?


He (and other people like him) already have: alternate between weight lifting and running, switch to a gluten-free diet, do intermittent fasting, cut out caffeine, use herbs and essential oils. Boom! Cured! /s


My dad has massive plaque psoriasis, like all over his limbs, my sister has psoriatic arthritis and I have psoriatic arthritis and lupus. I can see my dad write this tweet 😩 He has told my sister and I that we just need to change our diet, that the times he’s changed his diet his psoriasis has gone away, we agree that it may have helped it but it’s still clearly there. He has also told my aunt that my uncles Parkinson’s could go away with better eating. He believes that these things didn’t exist before processed food. The craziest part for me is that he has HUGE psoriasis patches, like whole arm and knee and up coverage. He’s also doesn’t recognize that he’s the genetic link for autoimmune issues because “he’s very healthy” (he’s not lol) 🤷‍♀️


OMG I have lupus & psoriatic arthritis, and my dad has "just" plaque psoriasis as in just skin lesions, nothing systemic/internal. He won't listen to a word about either of my diagnoses, is still convinced I have "chronic lyme" even tho I've never been bit by a tick...


All the years of research, all the doctors who have specialised in rheumatology, all those who have suffered with autoimmune conditions and not one of us thought of this? This guy is a genius! He has figured it out with his super brain and saved us all! I can't wait til next week when he tells us how to achieve world peace! What a cockwomble.


This is true for cancer patients as well!! Remember, your body would NEVER attack you for no reason /s


This just pisses me off…okay? So they are basically saying there is a “cure” for autoimmune diseases? Well let us know🙄🙄🙄


I had an anti-vax, essential oils, family member tell me that all autoimmune disorders are just "gut issues". Her source? Some instagram doctor peddling his "miracle pills" 🙄 like, I'm already borderline vegetarian, rarely have fast food or junk food, I think if it was diet related I'd have fixed it by now.


My anti-vax, essential oil’s family member told me with a straight face, that disease didn’t exist until modern medicine. Lol.


Also overheard during Covid: "God-given immune system". If I had a dollar every time I heard that. So vexing.


When I was in the hospital for 45 days my mom had a coworker constantly telling her that I just need to drink nonprocessed milk. 😳 like? I was literally in kidney failure, my heart stopped beating, couldn’t walk, etc. but milk (which I don’t even drink cow’s milk) is the problem?!


I wanna jack-smack him around until HIS condition ceases to exist.


There's no cure for stupid.


These people bug me, but at least they are upfront about it. What I can’t stand are the people who act like they believe you & are listening only to reveal themselves to be completely full of shit. Case in point, the Curable app. Has anyone seen this? I might do a post about it because that shit is fucked up.


Omg, the rheumy at a big university hospital in my state was a consult. She then turned around and tried to discredit my primary rheumy’s SLE diagnosis. And then tried to say a lot of my pain was depression related and suggested the curable app. You cannot imagine the dance I did (limpy though it was) when my anti-dsDNA finally came back positive from labs drawn there.


Lmao they said it themselves- environment is off. Yes, that’s called an environmental trigger. Now my body is attacking itself, lol. People can be so ignorant


That person should try to have a nice conversation. With a rheumatologist about autoimmunity.


You know what's off in my environment? The fucking sun. Would love to hear from Ryan just how the fuck I'm supposed to fix that.


Hah… that’s is all


Wow … so stupid. Can’t stand people who don’t understand science like cmon


Ugh this attitude is the worst. People just don’t understand.


You can't fix stupid and that man is stupid.


I’ve heard this a million times a diet will help but it ain’t going away 🙃


What a douche. No, my body is not smarter than that. My body is also a douche.


Anti-vax (what a surprise 😒) and apparently anti sunscreen? Lol what a clown.