Yes. I don't like eating and therefore eat light meals, but I accidentally ate heavy meals several days in a row and felt much better. Now I have a heavy dinner every night and no breakfast. An example would be steak, potatoes and veggies, or a pot pie. My lunch is a salad. So... Fasted breakfast Salad for lunch All American 50s dinner I hope you find a solution.


Yes, I chalk it up to low blood sugar from the plaquenil


wait... what is this now? low sugar from it? can side effects occur kind of randomly? like - didnt have the issue before but do now, years later?


🤷🏼‍♀️ I noticed it was happening and then showing up in blood work too, Google told me it may be the plaquenil


intresting.. yeah i think it messes with my appetite at the very least. from day one... but when i mentioned it to the team they're like "even when taken with food?" ...like, yes. the meds say to take it with food so i'm taking it with food and still getting side effects sooo..... but then most of the other treatments have just as bad effects so. idk. it works well enough i guess i'll just have to deal.


I really have to take it with an actual meal. And DURING the meal. If I take it before or after I get extremely nauseated.


Lately I've been feeling nauseated in the morning, too. Usually eating something helps but it hasn't done much lately. I haven't been wanting to eat breakfast at all. Sometimes it takes me hours before I can bring myself to take my hydroxychloroquine because I have to eat first or I'll be feeling 10x worse. Not really sure what to do about it tbh. It's been so hot out. I feel really exhausted all the time no matter what I try. I think maybe I'm just having a minor flare.


yes, omg ... kind of a crap shoot if i'm going to feel well in the morning or not. I've gotten in the habit of keeping something to drink by my bed so if i wake up in the middle of the night, i'll drink a bit and that seems to help... If its bad enough I have to just, drink some gatorade (or electrolytes of choice) and wait until I feel stable enough (not shaky, normal heart rate, not as nauseous) to nibble on something light (some fruit or nuts/seeds - pepitas...) or else i'm just gunna throw it up again. my appetite in general isnt great - like, i feel full pretty quickly. this morning i made a smoothie with fruit, spinach, oat milk and protein powder. A lot easier to drink some calories in the morning than eating for me I guess, and still hits the macros.


I used to get nauseous when I took all my pills in the AM so I wouldn’t forget during the day but then there’d be an hour where I just had to keep it down. Took awhile to find my groove on what works. Hope you find your routine soon!


I don't know about lupus, but I've heard there's other conditions that can cause these symptoms. ![gif](giphy|uFFRb3zxR20rm)


I am a man and have the same problems. Do I need a birth control now? :D


Ironically, birth control can also cause pregnancy symptoms since you're kind of tricking your body into thinking it's already pregnant.


Yes, but I attribute it to my POTS