When I do my first cosplay everyone will recognise it


I would take any sort of recognition as a compliment


Nah man. The fact that one person recognized you probably made their day. It's a total win. Besides, several years ago my GF and I did our first cosplay as Qrow and Summer from RWBY. We completely expected no one to recognize who my GF was dressed as, but at least three people at our local convention knew who she was dressed as and it completely made her day. You may not have the coolest cosplay or the perfect costume (I actually had one of my sleeves sown on upside down by mistake) but no one's going to notice, they're just excited to see a character they like. So don't get down about how many people recognize you, get excited for the people who do recognize you.


Big news morgan


full metal panic?


I don’t think you necessarily should view it as a loss. Don’t let it get you down. Cosplay for your own enjoyment and if people do recognize you or compliment you, that’s just a bonus. When I did my first cosplay, not many people recognized what character I was (Marco Rossi from the Metal Slug series), but people were still very positive and complimented my cosplay because they liked the craftsmanship. Again, don’t let it get you down. Focus on just having fun and do it for yourself.


Thanks man


You see this is why you must carry around pamphlets that explain two simple thing 1) who your character is and what franchise they are from and 2) why tf havent they heard about this franchise and scold them for being ignorant/s (the second point is sarcasm as i think if someone does cosplay as a obscure character they should have a pamphlet on them explaining who they are)