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Why work 40+ hours a week to be broke when I can keep my time and still be broke.


Exactly! Someone asked why I don't work a third job that pays less than my main job and side gig and I was just like "the mental health cost would be far more than what I would make. I would be likely to lose all of the jobs at that point."


It is already true that subsistence farming is a better lifestyle than wage slavery, but soon even homelessness will be. Talk about skinning the sheep.


Huh, we are literally being pushed back into the feudal era, aren't we. And here I was thinking the 'good old days' the conservatives want to drag us back to were the 1950's


And the thick skulled managerial class will still fight us tooth and nail over this for the honour of their noble masters.


We already work for these companies for free....Do you pump your own gas? Do you prefer to use self check out over cashier checkout? ​ We've normalized working for these companies by justifying that it's "faster" for us, meanwhile they have been laughing to the bank because we do it all for free rather than they pay an employee for the service.


Point, and then they just get the remaining employees to do more so they can cut staff further.


People are going to start illegally sustenance farming in the wilderness and build their own unofficial towns


That actually might not be a shit idea, people could build better living standards with that


Anyone want to go in for some really good solar panels?


Water powered engines are the big thing now, and, there are tutorials to make it yourself, helps the secret town stay secret


Car pooling will come back into style shortly.


This is the exact reason I was pretty much forced to be a stay at home mom when my daughter was little. Daycare weekly was almost as much as my weekly pay it made no sense to work. So instead of using my degree I bartended it was the only way I was guaranteed to make enough money and I could work night shifts bc my husband worked days. That’s a whole other conversation the pay disparity and gender roles especially during times like these.




Why do we have to be . Those hicks that stormed the white house got a slap on the wrist


You’re correct, but it still didn’t change anything. If we go the route that others have gone for legalizing marijuana though, we may actually accomplish something.


Because what were they fighting for ? We all knew he lost we’re actually fighting for something. In mexico they tried to criminalize abortion all the women in mexico damn near burned down the presidental building 🤷‍♀️


Fair enough. Starting a not peaceful protest on the internet might be a crime though so… just show up to protest, and do with that what you will. I’m not great at organizing my living room though much less an event… but I’m definitely willing to join! Anyone know how to start this? I’ll help however I can!


This right here is sadly 1 of the many reasons why nothing ever gets done. The fear of legal backlash and what that entails is greater than the fear of things continuing on their current path.


I’m not afraid of jail. It just doesn’t make sense to talk about it somewhere that it can be stopped before it even starts. If we all pick a day say… I dunno, July 10th for example, show up for a protest and then let the protest go in the direction it needs to, we will be heard.


If this next election doesn’t move very far towards progressives, what peaceful options are the conservative christian extremist leaving? We cannot let a minority of shitty people ruin this country.


That is literally what you are doing here, bitching on the internet...


Yeah, which is my point. Pretty sure a one person protest doesn’t do much. But if we all pick a day and actually get something into motion, it might actually get the point across to the right people.


I mean after tax it’s already there in my area


We're there. man. Well ,almost.


I think diesel is just about there in the UK; it’s over £2/liter where I live.


Takes damn near a whole shift to cover a tank now. I'm glad I don't have my truck anymore.


Those jobs will be automated away to boot.


Companies paying minimum wage will come out with company busses that pick up all of the wage slaves for your shift every morning. Any attempt at calling out sick will need to be confirmed by a Company Agent and a rectal thermometer. They are authorized to use deadly force at any attempt to resist. You signed a contract




Emm let them eat cake? Reality must look different from.the tree house. Evs are expensive, and hard to find atm plus there are range reliability and charging issues. Public transport is inadequate or non existsnt in many places. Suggesting bicycles is so arrogant and out of touch its meme worthy . Motorcycles are not for everyone ( and an additional expensr for those already struggling with gouched gas/food ) however thst least incoherent idea in this arrogant idiotic rant Hard tell difference between the true believers in this horseshit. Gas company gas lighters, and malignant trolls. Whatever the motivation such ignorant arrogant shit posts are not in anway helpful so go away👎


Maybe I just don't fucking want to work for a job that pays me less for an hour of my life than a gallon of gas is worth.