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Britney the face of being raised by a narcissist parent


Authoritarian parenting is not normal The types of abuse are: Emotional Physical Sexual Financial Neglect And more If you would like to learn more check out the definitions in this [resource](https://outofthefog.website/glossary) And check out r/raisedbynarcissists for a supportive validating community It happened to her, it happened to me and while it happened we didn’t know what it was and thought it was normal There is nothing normal about narcissistic authoritarian abuse even though it is common in our society Cops are known to have high rates of domestic abusers because they have power over others and use that power to abuse for their own purposes Fight authoritarian fascism and narcissistic abuse wherever you find it. They are of the same evil


Ive been saying this forever. Sociologists keep talking about the alarming increase in narcissism, backed by empirical evidence, and blaming social media. However, I believe it is directly tied to our wildly increasing wealth inequality and late stage liberal capitalism on steroids. Capitalism's motto is basically "privatize the gains, socialize the losses;" it is based on exploitation. It's narcissism, but as a socio-economic system. Edit- - I was also raised in an household of narcissists. I was the youngest and my mom used to comfort me by saying "water runs downhill." Basically, my dad bullied my mom, my brother, and me. My mom bullied my brother and me. My brother bullied me. And I was at the bottom of the hill, and that sucked, and she was sorry, but that's just my place and how it is. Her "consolation" was that I should fantasize about the day where I am powerful and get to turn away my brother/her/my dad in their time of need as revenge. Which was always absolutely bizarre and gross to me. Basically, continuing the reactionary chain by encouraging me to be ruthless in the pursuit of power so that I could abuse it for personal gain. Narcissist-run households are a microcosm of fascist, authoritarian society. I don't have a source, but apparently it is the norm for family dynamics in authoritarian societies.


Who would have imagined that creating a system that pits us against eachother for promotions and job opportunities under the threat of starvation while worshipping individuals for their accumulated wealth would lead us to a world where people are caring more and more about the individual and less about the collective(be it family unit, community, nation, etc.) Hint: two prominent ones were born in 1818 and 1820 in Germany


Trailer trash on top of it lol


fuck your classist rhetoric


hello comrade Spears


Delighted to welcome Comrade Spears after we’ve successfully gained Comrade Lipa


The guy crying and asking to leave Britney alone was right. Girl was bullied by the media and her father.


she (the Leave Britney Alone person) transitioned a while back iirc everyone clowned on her for how extra she was, but she was 100% right


She was the hero we needed. Critical Support for Comrade Spears, and her unsung harbinger.


Ok, so I don’t know the answer and have nowhere and no one to ask, but you might know. So he transitioned and is now she. Should we always talk about him as she? Like they were always she but not born that way and now it’s fixed? I grew up in an age where if someone looked at you in the locker room, you could beat them within an inch of their life and tell the principals the dude was a “meat gazer”, and no one would give a shit about what just happened.


i mean there’s better people to ask than some rando on the internet, but yes generally you would refer to a trans person by their preferred pronouns and not use their deadname (the name they were given at birth) even to clarify who you’re talking about. for example here i used “the Leave Britney Alone person” so people understood who i was talking about, without using the name she went by when she made the video. hope that helps.


Someone who cones out as trans is telling you retroactively what their gender always was.


She has facts.


God she makes me so sad. I’m so sorry no one stood up for her. I hope she’s happy now, and in good therapy.


Not only did they not stand up for her when she was first hospitalized in the early 00's almost everyone in media played it as joke and a publicity stunt and made her abusive controlling father look like the real victim. I wasn't even a fan of hers but I saw how dirty they treated her and I felt sorry.


When I was being abused by my mother (as an adult, was financially trapped) I went absolutely fucking crazy. I did things totally out of my character, extreme things, because my brain had literally just shattered & I couldn’t function like a normal person anymore. I can’t IMAGINE the whole world being in on that, watching me, making fun of me, downplaying my pain. I think I honestly would have killed myself.


I hope you’re doing better now, friend.


They also forced her to take birth control and had her on strong psychotropic drugs claiming she had early onset dementia all while putting on elaborate nightly shows in Vegas (that she choreographed herself). They stole her money and gave her a pittance for an “allowance” in comparison to the money she’s well earned since she was a child. The fact that the courts and justice system can do that to a person should scare the shit out of literally everyone. What happened to Britney is sickening.


Not only did the tabloids rip her apart for being a human being that was exploited, they tore her apart before that as well. She couldn’t exist without a camera in her face, every magazine was analyzing her body and making comments on it, making comments about her kids, etc. She’s strong for living through it all because I know I would personally never be the same after all that. A part of me would always be broken.


The stuff with Justin Timberlake was a cruel set up to make her seem like a loose whore. I lost all respect for him after that.


Still love [Craig Ferguson's opening monologue about it](https://youtu.be/7ZVWIELHQQY). I already loved him, but it honestly flipped the "I'm a punk girl, Brit sux!" switch off, and made me her instant fan. Changed my entire perspective on. . . really *everything*. I'm a lot more patient and understanding in general.


That line about how everyone of us knows an alcoholic. Oof.


I'm fine with Britney never going back in the entertainment industry if it means she'll be happy. People literally treated her like a cash cow. It's heartbreaking.


Her so called “father” called her “our racehorse”. 🤮


Having talent is a curse. The FBI didn't give a fuck about all those gymnasts. Maybe excessive training or rehearsing leaves little time to watch ones affairs so exploitation easier. And fuck the police.


Wanting to be the best puts one on a vulnerable state as one is already primed to sacrifice parts of their life to focus on that one goal. The thought process might be, "yea the guy has a reputation as a creep, but he produces stars."


britney is so incredibly based, really makes me sad knowing what she’s had to go through to finally reach the point where she has control of her life


The worst part is for children of narcissistic and abusive parents if you don’t get kicked out in your teens the average age of escaping the Abusive families control is your 40’s. I am glad Brittney finally got free, but I wish it had happened sooner. Her father stole almost the entirety of her youth and profited off of it while abusing her. She can never get those years back.


Shit, at least she has the money and platform to advocate for herself, and know her base needs of food/shelter/water taken care of. It’s hard not to be angry when nobody believed me, but everyone cared about the celebrity.


Hey, I get what it’s like when no one believes you. I am a member of r/raisedbynarcissists too for a reason. I believe you.


He and other narcissistic parents need to be criminally convicted to prevent this future behaviour patterns in next generations… a family scapegoat coercive control laws introduced


I agree completely. After all I am a member of r/raisedbynarcissists too, there is a reason.


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Britney with the ACAB vibes.


It's Based Britney Bitch


I'm for it.


Every time she opens her mouth my respect for her ***increases exponentially.*** Her transition from pop star to activist is essential.




Britney “ACAB” Spears


Fucking based Brittany. I hope you're in much better spirits these days, you were done dirty.


Britney Spears is a sweetheart and absolute beauty. Inside and out. I like her.




When they happen, no one gives a damn…and the charges mysteriously never come down. Cough…Jan 6 hearings, NY AG investigation, both impeachment hearings…cough


Damn nice I did not expect that from her good job Britney


Go Britney. When you are you are young and beautiful people try to take advantage. I can’t even imagine my entire life in the spotlight being controlled by stupid men. So glad she is speaking out. Edit to say not just men. There’s an interview with her and Diane sawyer from 2003 and she is just awful to Britney.


Some of those that work forces, are the same that burned crosses.


Don’t be sorry, Brit. You are completely correct.


Sorry for cops existing.


Didn’t expect Britney as a Defund ally


yep, but u.s.a said: brrrrr cops go pew pew, and decided that reading people right before arresting them isn't that necessary


Everyday i become more happier for not living in usa


Everyday I become more sadder for living in usa


Hi I get angrier we all cope differently.


I'm just storing timber of the correct size to manufacture trebuchets and guillotines. Someone else needs to supply the metal, but I will certainly "sharpen" the blade properly.


Fist in the air in the land of hypocrisy


I used to be sad. Now I'm pretty much dead inside.


And I hope the day we change the system on how the police are we or one of us can finally say the right to be a God is now mine


She said what she said!


This is one reason I never liked child acting. The parents who force their kids into acting, modeling, singing, or show business of any kind are the type of people who couldn't make it on their own as an adult and who wish to exploit their children's talents in order to obtain wealth and fame. Brit's dad is the perfect example of a parent abusing his child to access her money and to live off her fame all while controlling her. My own narcissistic parent and I are forever no contact, and I'm happier for it. But I am not as happy or healthy as I could be if I had been raised by an actual loving parental unit. Power to Brit for making it out alive. Some folks don't.


I would have never guessed that in 2022 id give a flying fuck about anything a popstar had to say. Here we are i guess.


Of all the celebrities in the world, Britney is one of those that at least have a basic understanding of the shit that ***we*** go through. She's totally right about police 100%.


[Comrade Britney](https://imgur.com/a/PrD5uRq). We have no choice but to stan.


I love you, and have no other way to express my undying appreciation for the new wallpaper for my work computer.


Haha you're so welcome, it's an excellent choice! I saved that pic like 2 years ago, I had to go digging in the meme archives as soon as I saw this post bc it was perfect 😂


I love me some Britney Spears. Homegirl is based.


Yooo When did Britney become so fucking based


What is it about badges that power tripping assholes are attracted to them? Oh yeah, the petty power trip. And the opportunity to murder under color of law.


She's come a long way since her cameo in Bowling for Columbine. Love to see anti-cop badass Britney Spears!


Britney being a queen as usual


They want to bully other and get PAID for it


Fucking based


Britney is a comrade.




Oh word Britney?


>[...] that gives them the opportunity to bully people... It objectively does. "What are they gonna do, call cops on me?" is a valid question. If there's no punishment, then a self interested sadist has no reason not to. And our job is to make sure they have reasons not to.




Have you not paid attention to the past 25 years?