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I’ve seen it put like this before, too; “The axe convinces the trees to vote for it time and again because its handle is made of wood, and therefore it must surely be one of them.”


Ooo gonna have to remember this one!


"Quite frankly their old nets are garbage. I slipped through a hole in one of them recently. I think they need new nets" hypothetical fish.. probably Edit: fixed a typo


Patriotic fish!


Meh fish are probably smarter anyways


Dolphins are smarter than us. It's just harder to make a civilisation underwater.


I prefer sheep voting for more slaughterhouses, but still a good metaphor.


Official Election Defense Fund


NOAA is under the department of commerce.


“Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat, but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.”


Man I remember Steve Hofstetter from MySpace days. Glad he’s still around and happy to see he’s got a blue check.


They dream of being the fisherman one day


Lol at "Poor people who support politicians"


When you Angle all the fish's media in one direction


Now try to name a politician who isn't giving out tax breaks.


They all give tax breaks to their respective billionaires. We’re all fucked.


So instead they should vote for rich politicians? The ones that say they got you and are gonna fight the %1 when in reality they ARE the 1%. The only difference is one runs a company that provides a service or product and hundreds of thousands of jobs. The other is rich by stealing tax dollars while telling everyone they need more tax dollars to be able to do their job.


The solution to corruption isn't less regulation, the solution is good regulation. Ask the many Amazon warehouse workers whether they're being provided for or whether they're being exploited because Amazon has a job monopoly


Lol Amazon don’t have a job monopoly…..people choose those jobs. When the only skill the job requires is showing up….you’re going to get paid as such. Also, Amazon warehouse workers make 16$, that’s pretty good for a job that requires no skill. Still outpacing many fast food companies and such.


By saying that you're saying that nobody should work those jobs because they should get skilled jobs. Let me ask you, do you use Amazon?


I do use Amazon….I’m not saying no one should work those jobs….that’s an entry level job. If you’re 40 years old working entry level….to be frank, you need to look in the mirror. If you’re fresh out of high school or in your 20s trying to find your way….keep going keep looking but those jobs aren’t supposed to support a house car and leisure. This is coming from someone who started in a warehouse….which ironically that companies share house workers make 50 cents more than Amazon.