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Coincidentally, this is also why Mercedes Benz has moved many of it's plants from union-friendly Germany to the American South.


As someone who lives close to the plants, I hear fairly often how they get exploited and how they should have a union. Their response is always something along the lines of “The UAW and greedy auto plant workers destroyed Detroit. We finally have a factory and I don’t wanna put us out of work” (even if they were UAW, they’d still make less than German workers).


>The UAW and greedy auto plant workers destroyed Detroit. Yeah, I'm sure poor product control and lack of planning over decades had nothing to do with that, no sir! /s Hearing stuff like that reminds me of how my mom chooses to ignore and compartmentalize the batshittery of her relationship with my stepdad because he didn't physically beat her like one of her previous exes. They are so willing to settle for scraps without realizing there's a reason they came to the US to begin with. Like you said, federal worker protections are a joke and they could easily double worker pay and probably still not pay anything close to what German workers get.


I mean, its both. Corporations outsourced to China to pad profits and sustain the illusion of infinite growth and to create value for shareholders. But China's government made themself the most ideal location for it, by holding wages low, and offering massive incentives, ala taxes and building prices.


i recommend digging deeper into the history of banana republics; the u.s. government has been doing same thing to latin american countries via cia for most of the 20th century. even now a lot of the beef we get from brazil fits into this same narrative; same story for the e.u. and the global south.


Don't forget lax environmental standards. A lot of poorer countries compete to provide worse and worse environmental regulations in the hopes of attracting jobs from pollutive industries.


True, like when a husband has an affair. He is to blame a bit, but also the mistress for being slimmer and more attractive than the bloated, boring wife.


You forgot the /s




I organismed so hard the other night.


This always bothers me so much!


It's actually both!


Boomers are brainwashed. It's weird trying to talk about things with my parents- they defend america like the manchurian candidate. Like their brains can't process something other than whay they were taught in school and hear on talk radio or they get upset


I believe they’re living in their early adulthood, mentally. The brain’s most formative top-down learning experience is roughly puberty til the pineal gland calcifies (26y). Long winded way of saying for the average American born in capitalism’s golden age (baby boomers) was one a relatively low financial struggle, enforcing their idyllic perspective and not observing the negative trend


Don’t end a sentence with a preposition. This is a method to make your sentence confusing by.


I think they just cut off the end of the tweet they took this from


“It’s bad grammar to end a sentence with a preposition at.”


Because Faux News told them so.


another classic example of “two things can be bad at the same time”


Yep!!! TY... Same for Latinamerica


I never knew someone that took this angle. It was always anger with american companies. But hey, most of you dont care if its made in USA. anyway.


Especially the boomer conservatives take that angle a lot. I’ve even read online reviews of products where they go completely off that the product was made in China and not the USA. They’ll go full caps lock paragraph about the “CCP taking over the USA” and “do we want to be speaking Chinese in 5 years” and “when they come collect our debt you’ll be sorry.” It’s wild.


The Corporate States of America!


Always has been for a means for ever higher stock tickers under the principles of neo-liberalism to let cash flow freely flow to wherever is cheapest. It's basically a global scale of trickle down effect


Braindead people simply parrot what they are told. The rest of us understand that the only conflict on the planet is the one between the 1% and the masses. It may take many forms, but they all boil down to the "elite" keeping or maintaining their power, wealth, or influence. No war but class war. Vive la révolution!!!


Surprised more people don't realize this. Corporations needed to find cheaper labor during the 70s when all the young entitled boomers wanted to unionize. The young boomers demanded it all; higher wages, less work, more pensions and social security. All millennials want is a bit more in wages, and some affordable housing and Healthcare. We all ok with working.


Let's not forget outsourcing pollution....


I've been saying this shit for years


I say Fuck em both.


To be fair in many ways its both


It's both. Both of these countries are to blame for this.