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"It always comes back"... Assuming you have the ability to buy instead of rent in the first place.


Idk, there's always investors out there. I have a feeling even if the bubble pops it won't last long. There's too many people looking to buy and everyone will pounce on the lower prices, driving them back up again. But what do I know? I'm just some random internet person.


Pretty sure a huge crash would actually be a disaster for millennials and gen z looking for houses. If prices crash boomers looking to make more money as landlords and companies like black rock will come swooping in and still price the younger generations out. All while saying “millennials just don’t want to own house! They all want to rent!” Couple that with what many are saying is an impending recession equal to or worse than 2008 and you but the already shat on and under paid younger generations will have no spare cash for a house. It’s all bullshit


That’s why I’m negotiating with my aunt to stay at the family property farmhouse if I help fix it. Easy enough to make it livable, and it’s multi zoned like crazy so can do whatever I want. It’s a heritage trust property too so lower everything, self sustaining setup for power water heating everything. It just makes more sense to go there with what’s coming.


It makes sense to go with that even *without* what’s coming.


True it’s going to be great when it’s fixed up too.


I don't think prices will ever come down much, unless half the population leave the country/ dies. Supply is never going to keep up with demand in normal circumstances.