Chests you craft with stronghold mats.


oh so both the same then?


oh shit i get it now, what i am crafting right now is the recipe not the actual map.... after this craft i will be able to craft maps for SH materials... gotcha




hmm it ways both need iron ore and timber... no difference in mats


You know how you can harvest in your stronghold, on the farm or in the life cave? Those nodes give bound materials that are different from general harvest materials. I don’t remember the names off the top of my head, but in example the flower for making potions is called wildflower when harvested normally, and something else (sorry lol, honestly can’t remember) If you harvested it on your farm. One of the options (I believe the chest but not positive) uses harvestables from your stronghold and the other uses harvestables from the world. The trade off is that you are not attacked when you harvest in your stronghold, there’s no competition for nodes (unless you have a mean friend or something), and the nodes are very dense. The downside is that harvesting gives less experience in the life skill used, the materials cannot be used for some other crafts, and they are bound. You also cannot proc rare tier materials (like Caldarr or Orezha relics, etc). It’s basically asking you to choose what materials you want to craft from, and where you want to harvest


Is there ever a point in farming steonghold mats? I have not found one yet.


I haven’t found one.


nope it's just a bad deal in every way


thanks, yes i already knew about the difference between stronghold mats and world mats :) I am researching the chest right now cause its easier to just teleport to the SH and just farm there


From what I've heard, stronghold gathering uses more energy per resource than open world gathering. So it's less efficient, but if you can't spend all your energy than stronghold is probably fine.


Can confirm, it costs a lot more to harvest in your Stronghold. At this point im only bothering with higher tiers harvests, so you get a better value out of your "Life Energy".


one uses normal materials, one uses bound materials from stronghold, end result is the same