Weighing yourself everyday, doesn’t it drive you insane?

Weighing yourself everyday, doesn’t it drive you insane?


Personally I see it more as data, I like entering daily into my tracking app. The number doesn't really matter to me till it's the end of the month. I think it's only anxiety or disappointing when you get obsessed about the number. I think for somes it could be easy to be off track and weight after 2weeks and realise they weren't doing good but by then you already "wasted" 2weeks, not that it's a lot but if it's going to be often like this because you're off track without noticing, weighting daily might help you stay on track.


Yes agree with this completely! I am actually less anxious about the number when I weigh in daily and focus on the data trends! I can adjust when needed and not be surprised by a drastic change. The pressure/anxiety is more intense for me if I am waiting weeks to get on the scale


Exactly! At this point I'm just like well, looks like I lost my weekly/monthly X amount of lbs as usual. No pressure or anxiety.




Agree! It's the only way for me to personalise my weightloss journey and understand my fluctuations. If I understand my fluctuations it's less demoralising when the number inevitably goes up some days.


You make a great point!


Same, it's just data. It also makes it easier for me to see when it's just water weight


My literal mantra, which I say out loud if I start to feel "disappointed" by my weigh in, is "it's just data".


Data is king


Yeah, the more points of data you have, the more accurately you can interpret the results. The day-to-day changes don't mean anything, but a lot of them over a long period of time indicates trends.


I use Libra and it's great. And it holds me responsible every day. No exercise and junk food? No wonder the number goes up. Key part is being honest and forgiving yourself. Sometimes you can be doing everything right but your body just decides to hold on to water etc. The trend works out in the long run if you're consistent most days.


Agreed, the more data points the more accurately you can track your progress. The number in the day is irrelevant, the average per week is what matters.


Exactly. I'm a statistician so adding data points actually reduces my anxiety, because variance is reduced. Also, by using the moving average (lots of apps do it automatically) you KNOW you're losing even when the scale doesn't show it. Weight is just a number, so you can do math with it, and that being the way I understand things the most is the reason I weigh myself everyday.


Yup, plus I can look at a photo and find close to if not that exact days weight entry and compare


I actually really enjoy it. I've lost a substantial amount of weight previously about seven years ago, and part of the way I maintained for six years was hopping onto the scale and getting some day to day feedback about whether there was something I needed to adjust. Ceasing to do that during the pandemic was one of the things that led to serious weight gain. That said, I was/am able to be at that mental place because I've done the loss before. I know exactly what drives the scale. Tomorrow I will be up by a lb - I can already predict that. This is because when I weighed in today, I was dehydrated after some drinks the night before. I drank four litres of water today and also ate some salty things. So tomorrow, I'll be up. Probably the day after as well. On Sunday I'll see a little drop back in all likelihood to where I am today (if I stay solid with my diet). Basically I pretty much already know (if I've stayed strong with my plan) what I can expect to see, whether gain or loss wise - of course sometimes I'm surprised! As to why, well I've divorced that number from meaning, at the same time as I've shackled it to my lifestyle. Going up a lb tomorrow means waterweight. Going down today is dehydration. There's no value judgement, it's all just data. I can't pretend it means nothing - I get as frustrated as the next person (or more) at week long or two week long plateaus, but mostly I've reached a point where it's just kind of fun to pop onto the scales and see what's up.


Thanks for this insight! Very interesting. Did you always enjoy weighing yourself everyday or did you find it difficult at first?


I never minded weighing myself even from the beginning. (This is specifically once I started dieting. Before I dieted, I avoided scales like the plague.) I track my calories very closely and I have a very good understanding with what's happening with my body weight-wise. As someone who is very prone to the "hold weight then whoosh" type of weightloss, weighing once a week would be more depressing. Let's say I weighed today at my current low of 193 (dehydrated weight) and then next week on the same day I weighed at 195 because I'd eaten some salty stuff the night before, or because I was approaching my period and retaining water. I would feel that a whole week of calorie deficit had been wasted. Whereas if I catch the true 194 tomorrow, the 194.5 on Saturday, the 194 on Sunday etc, it will contextualise what is actually happening rather than giving me one potentially false data point that could actively dismay me. Editing to add: I do *not* suggest this for most people. My situation is tailored only to me and works for me. For a lot of people weighing every day is a path to obsessiveness, anxiety and frustration. I'm just giving my viewpoint on how for some people it can be a positive.


Thank you for putting into words how my daily check ins make me feel! It’s nice to put something concrete to what otherwise would have been abstract feelings of “weird I’m bloated today,” and to understand how my body metabolizes what I put into it.


Glad I could help! It's so handy to see directly.


You took the words out of my mouth! I couldn't agree more. I tried weekly weigh ins Between April and June and just about lost my marbles. I was having issues with my thyroid and couldn't lose weight for the life of my and seeing the scale go up after a week of religiously sticking to my diet just about broke my will to stick to the process. (In truth, my weight just fluctuated between two to three pounds during that time.) Now that I'm on two different thyroid meds, the process is working again and I'm back to daily weigh ins which help stave off anxiety for me.




Personally it helps me focus on trends rather than getting fixated and emotional about a single number. More data points = more accurate trends over time.


I fluctuate a \*lot\*. My weight loss is actually a pattern where I'll lose a bit of weight, regain some, oscillate around that new higher low, then drop sharply before going back to losing more gradually again. If there's some confounding factor (like sore muscles from training for a half marathon) I can end up gaining weight too (several kilos), which is weight, not fat, and it will persist for weeks. Then it all comes off suddenly, far too quickly to represent actual fat loss, but if I go back and do the math I've actually lost the predicted amount of weight based on my deficit, just with gyrations in between that obscured it. If I didn't weigh myself daily I wouldn't have this complete range of data to show me what's going on. By this point (I'm two years in and a little over 50kg down) I have confidence in what I'm doing, but if someone fluctuates like I do and is just starting out it could be extremely demotivating for them to weigh themselves less often and accidentally catch only those illusory highs. They would have entirely legitimate grounds for thinking the deficit wasn't working, and potentially quitting, when it is effective and they just haven't seen the results yet. \[Edited to clarify English.\] I'm also a data focused person, and weighing every day is motivating for me. It's one of the habits which helps me stay on track even when my weight loss appears to stall for several weeks. Sure, I haven't seen results on the scale yet, but I could tomorrow, and in the mean time I've been successful at tracking. Everyone needs to work out for themselves where their comfort level with this lies.


I weigh everyday, so that at the end of the week I can calculate my weekly average


Me too. And I kind of do the same thing with calories. I have a daily target, but what really matters to me is staying at or under the weekly allocation.


How do you do this in LoseIt or MFP? I must be missing a screen somewhere that tells me how I'm doing for the week.


On the mobile app at least, at the bottom of your diary is a link to your daily nutrients which breaks down your macros. Tap on that, and there's 3 tabs at the top - calories, nutrients, macros. Tap calories and then change the dropdown at the top from daily to weekly and it will give a weekly average.


thanks so much!


In MFP go to Diary, click calories remaining then click day view under nutrients, you can then set it to week :)


I'll echo what most others have said. For me, weighing in every day helps me follow trends. I think especially being a woman, my weight can fluctuate so randomly that I really never know what the scale number is going to be. I used to weight once a week, but what happens if I pick the morning that I'm randomly I'm up 2 pounds from where I expect to be because of my cycle? For me, it just messed with my mind. Being able to see the daily numbers - up and down - not only makes me less stressed, but it's helped me learn when my body holds on to water/loses faster, etc.


This so much! I really only lose for about 10 days a cycle, so weighing every day is a way for me to get the full picture. I couldn't imagine weighing once a week and having that be all my info. (Also, every morning is easy for me to remember. Once a week is not. )


I identify with this comment so much. If I happen to choose that one day my weight has increased I get really demotivated and then binge and binge for weeks. Weighing everyday has helped a lot. One day it might go up 0.8 kg but the next its down 0.6 and one more day it's down another 0.3 But if I only look at the one day it increased and increased by a lot, then I really struggle and get obsessed with the number, usually give up and binge. It's been useful weighing everyday and seeing the fluctuations, like others have said. Especially as a woman with water weight and that time of the month


I like charts, that’s why I weigh daily.


I only weigh myself if I’m feeling good, in a really good headspace. If I’m already down, it’s the last nail in the coffin and ruins my whole morning. You just gotta know yourself, I think.


Here is the problem on your side of things. Your start or end weight can be off significantly giving you huge discrepancies that call into question a week or two. So now what when you get to the end of 2 weeks and gained a pound?? Likely to happen at some point. Daily you do need to have a realistic expectations and know that the daily weight is very meaningless. But when you start using that to make weekly trends and averages you have a lot better idea of what you "actually weigh" and changes. You actually can see oh that was a random high day. It is very individual, but either way can be dangerous to your sanity.


No. When I do it daily and sebe I weight moře suddendly I know it is water or hormones. Weekly/biweekly was alway negative feeling.


Sorry wrote on phone and a it keeps correcting to czech And weird Words🤦


I do it for a couple reasons. First, habit. It's part of my morning routine. Get up, use toilet, weigh self. Having that consistent habit makes it easier to stick with. Second, it gives me more information. Third, by seeing such wildly varying numbers all the time, it keeps me from worrying about any individual weigh in. I've had days where my weight would go up or down 3-5lbs in a single day. If I only weighed once a week, that could really throw things for a loop and cause a lot of stress.


Weighing in each day simply for more data points can be great, assuming it doesn't come with anxiety or disappointment. Learning your body's rhythms when it comes to water weight fluctuation can take a lot of the fear out of the process and help you better predict your results. I agree that if weighing causes someone stress or guilt, they should probably avoid it all-together or do it infrequently.


I tried that, but it just didn’t work for me. It made getting on the scale a big Thing. I would get on, knowing I’d been “good” and knowing that I “should” have lost a certain amount, then be upset if it wasn’t what I was expecting. Now I just get on the scale as part of my normal routine. Since I only weighed the day before, I don’t have any expectations of what weight I “should” have lost. I also know water weight is a thing, so I don’t worry about slight fluctuations. I just get on expecting it to be roughly what it’s been, and hope it trends down. Right now it’s not budging, which is awful. But that would be the same if I were weighing daily or monthly.


For me, it takes away the "big deal" of weighing myself. There might be a moment of BOO! if the scale didn't change or went up, but ultimately, it's fine bc I know that either the scale will go down the next day or the one after and that my "lowest" weight is the real weight IF I have been consistent with my exercise and diet habits. (Meaning, going for a deficit.) That said, I do this when I am being strict. When I am not, I only weigh myself every few days or once a week just to have an idea of where I am at. This summer my goal was too stay in the same range and never get OVER a certain number, which I did not, bc I was not being very careful and not exercising as normal bc of where I was. SO it was a maintenance goal.


I get to see all the fluctuations. If I ate extra carbs, ate too much salt, worked out extra heavy, drank too little water; I can see what my body is doing and know what I need to change or watch. Plus I know I will hold steady a few days before my cycle, then drop on day one or day two. Seeing that number every morning almost numbs me to the number. If I only weigh every week or two then I don’t really know if I only lost one pound, or if my weight is up. I do step on the scale at random times too, but I only record the morning. But if I step on at night, I can tell you whether I will likely be down tomorrow or not. I have gotten up extra early to see my husband off after not getting much sleep and stepped on the scale then went back to sleep for a few hours, and been up to half a pound lower when I get up to actually start my day. It removes a lot of emotion from the number.


Personally, it helps me to stay motivated and on track but I think it only works if you know a little bit of the science behind losing weight. I find that most, if not all, of the people that post freaking out about daily fluctuations really don’t know the basics and that’s why they struggle.




I love data BUT weighing in daily drives me nuts. Besides, my actual weight is secondary to being fit and healthy. I know where I’m at by actually measuring or by pants size. I’m a 6 currently (I was a 10 in April) and feel best at a 2/4 and will hopefully get there by January. To me weight is just a number. I can be 125 and skinny-fat or 135 lean and ripped. The number on the scale doesn’t tell me what I need to know. Mirrors, pants and tape measures are a better gauge for me.


Preach \o/


I waited a month to weigh myself on a whim. I had gained two pounds. Starting weighing myself daily, and today I weighed 167 lbs at 1:30 am, and 162 lbs at 10:30 am. Turns out I’ve been extremely bloated (thanks PCOS), so the water masked my weight loss. I’d rather weigh myself daily so I get to see the lows rather than be disappointed when I weight myself after a month and there’s no change because of a PCOS flair up.


I've deadass gained 8 lbs in water weight from PCOS. When I was heavier, the bloating was even worse. Your comment was really helpful for me to read and know that other people with PCOS experience this temporary frustration in their weight loss, too. Thanks, cyster!


I used to weigh Once a week.. But a little water retention, a heavy meal, maybe no sleep the prev night and there you go - no loss at all.. I found that very demotivating. Like why did i work so hard the whole week - for what?? Every day actually worked better for me. Even if i binge and shoot up 2 pounds the next day, i know that no way did i gain over night.. Its just temporary... The losses though are really tiny compared to seeing a big number every week/month... But it works for me


I have an excel sheet with 4 columns, first is a straight line from my starting weight to my goal weight, second and third are -5 and +5 intervals, and the last are my actual daily results. it's a good way to visualize the overall trend. here is an example (mockup, not my actual results) https://i.imgur.com/5XVnver.png


I do it every day to stay on track. I understand the science behind fluctuations but if I have a crazy binge and weigh myself the next day and it’s up 10 pounds it keeps me from doing it again for a while, even though I know it’s water weight and it will likely all be gone within 2 days. If I binge and see no change or even a loss I give myself permission to do it more often which derails my progress. I’m down past goal weight now so some mornings I forget but I will definitely stay in the habit, simply because the weight can’t sneak up on me if I know what it is every day.


I used to hate weighing myself, but doing it so often makes it not have any emotional weight for me. The number might go up or down, and it's only when I look at my overall weight loss trend on my app that it means anything!


I made a very similar post about a week ago and I ended up being convinced to weigh myself every day. 😀 I had been weighing myself once every week. But now that I’m within 9 pounds of my goal weight, the scale is less scary to me. On top of that, every day weight is less significant because I see the fluctuations. Often, an uptick one day is precursor to a comparatively large decrease the next day! So when I see that increase, I feel fine or even happy about it. Plus, I’m gathering more data to determine my true maintenance amount for after I reach my goal.


Weighing myself every day desensitized me to individual weight numbers. That's been a huge mental load removed from my brain. My scale provides more than weight data, too, and I like keeping an eye on those other numbers. Some days my weight will be exactly the same, but I've gained some muscle and lost some hydration. Other days my weight goes up, but it's all muscle. Sometimes, I've lost weight, but gained fat, and I know I really need to get a tougher workout in to not lose any more muscle.


I like to weight myself daily so I can make some pretty graphics in the end of month (to see if the line tends to go up or down), is a passion :'D


I have a WiFi scale that gives me trends. So the more data I put in, the more I feel like I’m seeing my true picture. What I won’t do however is get upset over the fluctuation up or down. I’m much more upset if my little weekly recap email does not have an overall down arrow.


Your bathroom scale sends you emails?? That's actually amazing.




We're practically twins. I sometimes weigh myself multiple times a day. Sometimes I forget for a few days. I only ever log my lowest weight. Weigh yourself, go exercise, weigh again, subtract water consumed, and now you have a rough estimate of your sweat rate. Do the same for meals, BMs, whatever you want. I think it's healthy because it shows you how much little things throughout the day can affect the number, and that the number isn't everything. I regularly lose 3lbs between morning and night, but I've *at most* lost 1/8 of a pound of fat, if that. So when I weigh myself on Monday morning after a weekend of beer, chips, and salt and the scale is up 7lbs, I know that I didn't actually gain 7lbs of fat. One of these days I'm going to try to gain as much weight as I can over a few days just to see what happens. If I tried I bet I could get close to a 10lb gain.


For my mental health, I weigh once a week but track calories daily. The longer you track, the more you see your own fluctuations. I like data but daily fluctuations were too stressful in the beginning and then weekly weigh-ins just fell into a manageable routine. I weigh myself on Friday or Saturday morning and I kind of look forward to it now. Gaining 1-3 lbs out of the ordinary is so much more manageable when I have months of data to fall back on. I've steadily lost 80 lbs, and have 40 more to go. Even if the scale doesn't move down one week, I would have to do a lot of overeating, no exercising, etc. To gain those 80 lbs back. That's the shit you have to look forward to, and it sounds weird and stupid when you're first starting out but taking care of your physical health is an absolutely worthwhile investment. Do what works for you, and what makes you feel healthy and happy. It's trial and error for most of us.


I used to weigh daily but it drove me crazy. I haven’t weighed myself in a few months and just focus on how my clothes fit, how I’m feeling, etc. It’s so much better for my mental health bc I have a hard time looking at my weight as just data, there’s too much emotion tied to it


Same here! I track calories daily and I know I'm in a deficit, but I know that one unexpected "bad number" will cause me mental and emotional anguish. Something I need to work on perhaps, but for the meantime I'm feeling happier in my clothes and how I look in the mirror.


I actually recently made a post where I talked about me weighing myself everyday being one of the biggest factors in why I’ve finally been able to stick with my weight loss. For me, weighing myself most days has desensitized myself to the number. I’m not scared to step on a scale anymore because the number has become just another data point. Some days it’s up, many days it’s down. Seeing that number everyday keeps me motivated and accountable. I’ve also gotten really good at guessing what my weight will be that day based on how my body is feeling.


I read that post and it was very helpful to me so thank you….this post has also helped as well because I was starting to slip up


Of course, I hope you achieve your goals!


When i was weighting myself daily it left no room for naughty behaviours to sneak in (oh my weight in is a week away, i am sure i can overeat today, bc i still got time!). But ive stopped weighting myself daily once ive entered my "maintenance" phase. (Another lie to myself, but thats the whole new story).


So I am doing this program called Move! By the VA. I like the program but initially I couldn’t stand weighing myself everyday. Especially how I have to input it everyday in the website. After a couple weeks though weight began dropping consistently and I find it makes you more conscious of eating when you’re bored like “wait I’m not hungry and this will hinder my progress on the scale” and also it helps me exercise more like “I didn’t see much progress today better step it up” But for sure seeing it go up does suck a lot but it’s motivation to count calories and exercise


I like weekly; for a while I did daily and it got to be too much, although there is probably something to be said for daily weighing when you reach maintenance… just getting that daily input can stop a slip back to old habits before it has a chance to take hold.


I weigh everyday and I love it! It’s part of my morning routine and at this point I can always predict what the scale will say. It is a nice surprise when I have a ‘whoosh’ day where I had a big meal and then had a loss, but generally I can tell if I will go up, maintain, or lose. And I think I will always count on cico and scales to keep my weight in check. Ive tried all the ways to lose weight and cico is the only thing that has worked. And weighing myself helps keep me informed and accountable. I love tracking and seeing the somewhat linear line going down, even if it is ‘2 steps forward, 1 step back’.


As many have also commented, I feel like the number becomes less scary when you know it can only go so much either way in one day. Sure you might see a mystical 5lbs and be like whaaaa? But you also ate a super late and huge meal that isn’t real true “weight”. So eventually those numbers stop being so scary because you won’t “miss” gaining 27 lbs by accident because you’ll notice any gradual change in your weight. Plus I find noticing a direct change on a day to day basis based on my eating habits is a good way to encourage good habits and notice bad ones. The number on the scale goes up? I can usually look back and be like yeah yesterday wasn’t my best day so let’s look for a loss tomorrow! I find that when people weigh weekly they’re not seeing that “instant” satisfaction of seeing positive change through your decisions because they have to wait an entire week of “not knowing”. Then you set unrealistic goals for yourself, expect to lose more than you actually do, and then when a week rolls around you weigh yourself and realize wow nothing even happened. Or you have a bad night previously and all of a sudden you’re up 3 pounds from when you started on Monday! Weight fluctuates daily. Weighing 150 in the morning might look like 152 at night after a full day of meals. Either way, breaking it down day by day really shows the general trends over time. Then my goal doesn’t become “lose 5 pounds this week” it looks more like a conscious thought to just “be down”. It lets me lose weight in a healthy way while not being ridiculously obsessed with the numbers because I see it every day. Hiding from the number on the scale is how I would gain a ton of weight. Because I knew I was eating badly and I didn’t wanna see a direct reflection of that. But ignoring it doesn’t change anything. Giving yourself some room to live and enjoy things while encouraging a healthy mindset of slow and sustainable weight loss will always be more beneficial in the long run. And though weighing daily may seem like the opposite, I think it can be incredibly helpful for a lot of people!


I think it helped me realize how common weight fluctuations are. For example, after a binge on Saturday I end up gained 5-7 pounds in water weight, then by Friday I'm back down.


I found it important to weigh more, since I've been at maintenance. When I was losing, I knew I was in a deficit, so I was fine to weigh weekly, knowing I'd see a big drop. In maintenance, I find it more important to track trends. For example, about six weeks ago, I saw my weight creeping up, to the point I hit my "red zone" (5 lb increase). I knew it was because I'd increased my calories in maintenance too much for my activity level. Those trends helped me readjust (after my cut to drop the 5 lbs) to determine my actual proper caloric intake. And I've been maintaining in my preferred range after adjusting calories.


I hate it, because I'll eat perfectly, in a deficit and exercise and it'll say I gained two pounds. But other times after I binge a couple times in a week, I'll be below. It's annoying so I just stopped weighing myself. I don't care about that, there's a look I'm aiming for, not just a certain number.


I have a little book where I log my daily weight, calories, exercise and total loss. The daily process of entering in all these details keeps me on track, and if I'm not seeing as much of a loss as I ought to be, I can look back at my previous days and work out the culprit (skipped exercise, went over calories, etc.). If nothing stands out to me, I know it's just a stall and carry on until the inevitable woosh!


I don’t weigh myself everyday because I would get upset with all the fluctuations. I have to trust that if I consistently follow my plan that the scale will decrease. I weigh myself once a week on the same day around the same time fully clothed. It’s been slow but consistent.


No, anything is progress IMO. I understand I need more fuel on certain days. After losing 87 pounds (feels great) if I weighed 230 tomorrow I’d be upset but not 300 lbs anymore.


I weigh “officially” once a week and unofficially thrice a week. It works for me and I just do what works for me, lol.


I only weigh myself when I know I'm not bloated from monthly lady hormones. So it comes out to once every two weeks or so, seeing progress makes me feel better, I look not only at weight lost but muscle gained. (Sometimes the number doesn't change but the muscle percentage increased.)


I weight daily because my weight is such a roller coaster. Over this last week my high was 197 and my low was 194 then back up to 195. Had I not weighed myself daily I probably would have missed that 194


I've thought about getting the Fitbit Arya scale that would tell my phone the weight and I could do it with my eyes closed.


Yep! Still do I though. It's like gambling. You win some days and lose some days. But when you get a win you get that little dopamine for the day.


I weigh everyday for the data and to see if there it is trending downward. If the trend is going upwards I will adjust accordingly with counting calories. It is a easy way to isolate a problem if you track calories, as you can look at past data.


It helped me to get desensitized to the numbers and knowing that if im up in the scale it’s probably just water weight


I'm a on the scales multiple times a day person. When I started losing seriously I wanted to see how different things impacted my weight. Drank a bottle of liquid: onto the scales. Peed: onto the scales (not actually peeing on the scales or peeing while on the scales, although...). Wearing certain items: onto the scales. So often when I'm in the bathroom washing my hands I'll see the scale and think "Let's just see what my weight is right now". It has given me a good idea of how much my weight does change during the day and that my weight isn't this sticky number, it's almost always in motion. I don't record all these weights. When I'm losing I record my first weigh in every day. Is it annoying to see the numbers go up when you want them to go down? Yes. However, one of the apps I use has a weight trend line and having that smooth things out offsets it a bit. When I'm on breaks I still mostly weigh myself every day I switch to only recording it weekly. Recently when I fell off the wagon and into the "nothing matters" mode I stopped weighing myself everyday. Probably made it easier to continue being bad.


weighing daily helps give me a better picture of the overall trend. i may weigh in one day and be up a pound and weigh in the next day and be down 2, bodies are just weird


I actually found it desensitized me to small variations in my weight, and also helped me better understand what kinds of things might cause my weight to fluctuate!


I'm impatient I want to see progress asap no matter how little. Idk I give myself a little pat on the back when the scale stays the same or goes down because hey good job me, successful day lets do another. It helps keep me accountable, if I weigh in once a week I'll be more likely to get a lil loose with my diet because I don't see the immediate ramifications. I can understand why some people can get anxious or overwhelmed with weighing yourself everyday, but it's a part of my morning routine, always has been always will. Even when I wasn't losing weight and was gaining, I accepted it as that's who I am, time to brush my teeth. Now as I'm losing weight it's more of an ego boost to the start of my day. (If I gain, I know I can eat healthy today, take a big poop, and only be set back a day or two and be back on track).


It's the only way I can hold myself accountable. It's too easy to fudge the calories a little bit, have a few extra bites and not deal with the consequences right away.


It helps me remember that I have weight loss goals. If I go a few days without weighing myself I tend to forget to be mindful of my eating habits.


Nope. I assign no emotion to it. I gather the data to see my 7 day average and base the upcoming weeks portions based on the feedback.


I weigh myself every day, it's just part of waking up. It helps keep me motivated either way, if I'm up, I need to be more vigilant, if I'm down, it's inspiring to keep going.


Weighing in every day gives me accountability. Obviously I won't be losing a pound every day, but if I gain then I have to look to what I'm eating and how I can make it better. My Fitness Pal gives me the warnings, that I've eaten too much fat or sugar. So I need more protein. I work with it. I don't let it stress me. Because stress will make want to binge eat. Plus I hate not being in the know. Not knowing will actually create that stress more than seeing weight gain. Thats why accountability works for me.


I have an automatic scale. I wake up first thing in the morning, pee, and step on the scale. I count to 5, step off and don’t look at the number. In fact I have taped over the number so I can’t see it, but it gets recorded. I check that data once every 2-3 weeks just to make sure I’m trending down. I literally just case about the trend. If I’m not, I calculate my TDEE again to make sure I don’t need to adjust calories and make sure I’m counting _everything_. No forgotten caramel at bedtime or whatever it might be. Then I forget about it again for a few weeks. I just follow the steps. Eat calories, record them. Aim each week to be under by 3500 calories in my CICO math. Tweak as needed.


It’s my daily routine, and I’m really analytical so the data is very welcome. Plus it kind of keeps me accountable and helps me time refeeds


Wow, I think it’s actually helped me a lot! It helps me stay on track and I love having so much data to log. I can see when I gain weight at different times during my cycle, what foods affect me different, when I’m just eating at maintenance, and when I’m generally slacking and need to get back on it! You just can’t be too obsessed with the number or hard on yourself.


I focus on daily habits (using a habit tracker app) and weigh in is one of those habits, alongside tracking all meals, 10,000 steps and "closing the kitchen after dinner". What worked for me a few years ago when I lost 20kg and is working again now that I'm recovering from the pandemic weight gain is this daily, consistent routine. But one important bit is that I use an app called Libra that show me the trend and averages around the weight I'm recording daily, so that even if I have a gain it shows that the trend is OK, it smoothes the normal fluctuations. If it weren't for this, probably daily weighing would affect my motivation on a negative way. The coolest feature is that it projects, based on the current trend, when I'll reach some goal weight I've provided, which helps me stay motivated, especially because in not doing anything too radical, it's a 0.5kg/week deficit. (1.1lb/week)


It helps me stay on track or change my habits if I see I'm falling off. If my weight fluctuates up I change what I'm doing for the rest of the week till I see it go down. I don't know I'd that's healthy I'm kinda doing this blind cuz I don't like following diets or training videos cuz I won't stay motivated. I've been doing on my own for a few months and have lost over 50lbs and not fast on the slow side so I think I'm ok.😂


I’m unsure if someone has already mentioned it but there is an app called happy scale. You weigh yourself daily and it give you your actual weight. Kind of like the median number. I use to do it but I find weighing myself a bit stressful. :) hope that helps Edit-also for woman it’s great because you’ll see how your weight goes up right before your period and then goes down after. I loved that woosh!


I agree with what a lot of others are saying about daily weigh ins being about data points and seeing trends, but I will add another thing. To me it’s also like a kind of emotional exposure therapy— it does make me a little bit anxious every morning, but I make myself do it anyways, and that gradually normalizes the experience and takes the emotional charge out of it. I tell myself, I can DO this, I can face whatever the scale says today, and sure enough, I can! I think if I waited for longer intervals the emotional build up might have a stronger negative effect, especially if it seems like I haven’t lost the weight that I’d hoped.


It's just data. I like data. I don't take it personally.


I weigh myself everyday as motivation and a reminder. I've found that for me personally, I'm more likely to slip and cheat if I don't have the number I'm currently at fresh in my head. It's motivation and I like seeing the gradual decline over time in real time.


I personally weigh everyday to understand how my bodies physiology works best. What my natural fluctuation seems to be and how my body reacts to different eating habits. You can do all the research online- sure- but I feel like I dont understand it fully, until I apply it to my own life in some capacity. Everyone's body is different. That being said, I used to be OBSESSED and get super depressed when I didn't see the results I wanted, but that's when I'd only weigh in every 2 weeks. Switching to daily has allowed me to see my body's transformations and what's really occurring. Now if the scale goes up, I can look at the recent days and everything else I keep track of and understand it better, and that it will typically go back down in a couple of days. When I only did it every 2 weeks, I was greatly disappointed and thought I'd wasted so much time and effort, only to gain weight in the end. It was so discouraging, and led to me giving up. I understand I'm not going to lose weight every single day now. I understand that bodies fluctuate depending on fluid and sodium intake. I finally feel like my body is my own now.


It lets me know what's going on behind the scenes, so to speak. As a woman, I have some serious variation during the month. By weighing every morning I can see what's going on as it happens. Huh, jumped three pounds, I'm a little bloated, and I haven't had extra salt...bet I'll bleed in a few days. And I've learned to use that as an extra sort of sign of my cycle. Also, if you weigh every day you learn to take each day's weight less seriously. It's just a data point then, not a big deal. Especially as time progresses and you see how things affect you day to day, and I feel it gives me greater insight into the process.


I see the benefit of weighing yourself daily. And I've heard that one habit that most people who have lost a significant amount of weight and maintained that weight loss have in common is weighing themselves daily. For me, personally, I had to stop weighing myself daily because, exactly as you said, it was making me crazy. I logged my calories perfectly, I did all the things I am "supposed" to be doing and the scale wasn't budging. I felt like I couldn't really even complain about it because I don't have a significant amount to lose (only 10-15 lbs) and most people like to tell me "you look great! You don't need to lose any weight!" So I just really started to get down and it wasn't great for my mental health. So August 10 I broke up with the scale and I haven't weighed myself since. I can tell that some of my tighter pants are fitting better and my stomach is starting to get a bit flatter. I'm not sure when I'll get back on the scale, but for now I'm much happier doing it this way.


Seeing my weight go up doesn't bother me unless it happens consistently for more than a few days. Then I know I might need to make some changes. Anything other than that is just a normal fluctuation and I just see as data. Since I weigh every day, I know that my weight tends to go up a pound or two and stall for a week and a half to two weeks before my period. Now I can predict those with greater accuracy, which is helpful for me because they're irregular as hell. I'm talking a cycle that could be 20 days, could be 45 days.


I'll do it for days in a row where I do really good then I stagnate for 3-4 days where it kinda sucks then you just keep going the bigger thing is taking photos every big milestone, 10 pounds, 2 months etc and you look how far you have come but the data is interesting


It’s a compulsion lol


Like shooting hoops but not paying attention if they’re going in until watching a video later?


Couldn’t agree more. I used to do it, but it’s utterly pointless. Ok, so you’re half a pound heavier today than yesterday. What do you do with that information? After a week you were 2lbs down so you know you’re making progress. I don’t think it’s a healthy mindset. I found myself weighing myself after every toilet movement a few years ago lol. To the people that do it, I’d ask why it’s only once a day, why not every hour? If they like data so much.


Every hour would be ridiculous and meaningless. Every day because we do lots of things daily as routine. Also, the only real accurate time is right when you wake up.


Every day isn’t meaningful either, that’s my point.


Well, I disagree. It gives you feedback on the water retention of your food choices. Seeing the same low number or even lower is motivating. It tells you about how many days it takes to see weight loss on a scale.


What if the number is higher but you’ve done nothing wrong? That’s demotivating. We can agree to disagree. Im happy that things work differently for different people.


I am going to be honest. When I diet, the only time it jumps up is when there is a scale error the previous day. I eat nearly the same thing every day, so the number doesn't have random pops. I also am male, so no hormonal changes.


It’s pretty common the weight fluctuates for people. It’s great that it doesn’t for you.


I see you downvoted each time...so I know exactly how desperate your position is to you. Thanks!


I’ve not done that at all, please don’t blame me for Reddit up or down votes.




Often the number is higher and you've done nothing wrong, that's just biology. I don't find having a human body demotivating, personally.


This is part of why I’ve avoided weighing everyday. I feel like if I said to a friend or family member that I weigh everyday they’d think I’d gone crazy. But I’m open to being totally wrong about this, I’ve been wrong many times about approaches to health.


There is obviously healthy and unhealthy ways to lose weight (starving yourself is obviously bad) and the mental side of those plays a part. But everyone is different and whatever works for you is great. But weighing yourself often can be obsessive. If you’re on a good diet and doing good exercise you’ll make good progress whether you weigh yourself or not. It’s good to know what progress you’ve made though which is why weekly works. But there’s no reason why it couldn’t be less infrequently than that.


Weighing in daily works well for me, but I know that is not the case for others. However, the unhealthy mindset works both ways, when it comes to weighing yourself. I think it can be just as unhealthy to not weigh yourself for long periods of time, if you are only doing so to avoid your reality.


I don’t disagree at all, which is why I think a week is a happy balance.


I like weighing myself every day so I am emotionally detached from fluctuations. If I weigh myself once a week then the number matters to me more. If I weigh myself every day I see that fluctuations are normal and just pay attention to the overall trends. I do actually think it's interesting to see how my weight fluctuates throughout the day, too, but I think it's more useful to weigh myself every day at the same time. I mean I don't actually weigh myself daily anymore because I'm not really trying to lose anymore at this point, but I guess the most important thing to me is not having any kind of negative emotional response to the number, not interested in giving it that kind of power.


I am scared to weight everyday (past eating disorder) but I weight like once a week(ish) I just wanted to lose 15lbs and I'm almost there. When I started my weight loss I did weight every morning and I started getting a little obsessive so I stopped, but I noticed it would look like I gained if I had a big meal the night before. I try to make the one morning I weight after a lighter dinner or no dinner (usually caused by a larger later lunch so I'm not hungry later) I find I get better results that way. But everyone is different


Its a blessing for me. I use 2 week average and weekly average value to guide myself. I can also do analyses as I record data in google sheets. [https://imgur.com/a/qISMF1K](https://imgur.com/a/qISMF1K)


I think if you have an acceptance than weight is bot static, and anything from lack of sleep, high sodium content, male and female differences, it’s fine. I know for me I weight myself a few times each week and it fluctuates and that’s ok. But generally I’m around 166-167. I not at my gw yet. But if people have eating disorders and other issues than yes do not weight yourself since it becomes an unhealthy obsession


Not really - I don't mind how much I weigh that much? Mostly I find it useful because if I weighed once a week I might happen to weigh on a high or low water weight day, and I'd have less of a sense of what my average weight had been through the week, and thus if I've been making progress or not. I don't get anxious or emotionally triggered by weight though, everyone's different.


You get a more reliable sense of your weight when you do it everyday than when you do it once every few weeks. You can use an app that can read the trend and tell you how you’re doing. After a while the daily weigh-ins are effortless and don’t take much.


My last three Monday weigh ins were 181, 177.5, 181.2. But my 7-day average was 180, 179.25 and 179.25. So unless your trying to go low for a weigh in, it’s interesting you see the numbers always lower. I just step on the scale and it sends all the data to my phone. I look at it and think of it like a stock, in reverse. The highs are lower every month and the lows are lower too. One day or one weigh in doesn’t matter.


I recently saw a video about the seven different reasons you might be gaining weight that have nothing to do with gaining fat. The guy also outlined the different kind of progress lines you might see if you weigh everyday. It's helped me understand why daily fluctuations are perfectly normal. So I weigh daily, because I like to have a full set of data to analyze. https://youtu.be/7EnY3Ya_soU


I record my weight at the end of each month, but still weigh every day. The best reason I could give is because you can take an average of how much you weigh and get general trends going. Example, you may have eaten/drank more the night before your first weigh in, wait 2 weeks, then the night before your weigh in you may have eaten/drank less. Weight varies a lot, and so it may appear that you lost much more weight than you thought. Then, "oh hey I can eat more now!", when maybe it was just a timing thing. If you just focus primarily on \*feeling\* healthy, then the scale won't harm you :) maybe. probably... :)


So, my first time around with weight loss (which was still very successful, mind you) I only weighed myself at random times I decided. While largely this showed downward trends, the pretty significant fluctuations that can happen day to day at times likely made progress seem slower or at a stand still when it likely wasn't considering the weight loss that time was very slow. ​ This time around it has been interesting for me to watch the data more closely, as it shows all of those fluctuations day-to-day, letting me more clearly see the trend as it has started. It can definitely be something excessive or to grow obsessive, though.


My salt level and hydration make a huge daily fluctuation, as do times after voiding the bowels. I take everything with an eye to those mucking up the results. Oddly, if I exercise a lot, I gain weight. I am guessing that inflamed muscles are swollen, retaining water and weight. The day after a rest day is lower. I worry more about longer averages than day to day fluctuations.


I know that if I am scared if the scale it's because ai have been genuinely neglecting my health. When I weigh in each day I know where things are going. Some days it's higher than I expected, but I tell myself it's just water weight and I need to keep doing what I'm doing.


Nah it doesn't hit me hard at all, like some days my weight goes up two pounds randomly but I know it's just water retention, it doesn't matter, I don't really have any emotions connected to it.


I like how some days I’m above my normal weight, some days below it but 1-2 weeks later it averages usually averages down.


I do it to see if I can get away with fuckery for the day 🤣


Honestly no, I eventually saw it simply as a tool to track progress and depending on the time of day and if you’re using a different scale, it isn’t always accurate. I became less afraid of it over time


No. I can motivate myself a lot easier when I can see actual progress.


Lately I've been flirting with the line between 140 and 139. I have been 140.0, 140.4 (this morning), 140.7, 140.2, 140.0, 141, etc. It's SOOOO CLOSE. I'm certain (CERTAIN) that I'll cross into 139 after my period. I shouldn't even check it. I know. I should just be happy with my weight. But it's a perverse experiment to weigh myself every morning and watch the scale bounced around right above 139 without ever hitting it.


5 days in a row. Eliminate the high and the low then average the other 3


I rarely weigh myself. Maybe twice a year? I’m not skinny. I’m not obese. I should lose a few. I can feel weight on me. I think most of us do. We know when it’s there and when it’s waning. Imho go with what you feel vs weighing in daily and seeing something. Just feel it. You know what it feels like, go with that :).


Get a smart scale and tape over the screen


I don’t weigh myself everyday anymore, but when I did I treated it like a cool science experiment. I wanted to see my cycles, how my hormones affected everything, the whooshes and spikes. It was just data used to make a graph.


I used an app to keep a graph of my daily weighing. I find the information useful because it helped me see certain patterns. Like I usually gain a bit of weight around when I ovulate, which is handy to know. I think if I only weighted every one or two week then it might make me sadder to see a little gain or no loss because I wouldn't know if it was just a day of being a little up or if my weight was generally trending up. Seeing my weight fluctuate everyday but trend down over weeks was really reassuring for me because it helped me see that weight is affected by other things besides fat loss. Last, it puts less importance on the weigh-in day (so I'm not gaming the system eating less the day before) and there's less to remember if I just weight every morning (daily habits are easier for me to remember than weekly/biweekly).


This is why a moving average is so great. Deemphasizes the daily weight, emphasizes the trend. Check out Libra (Android), Happy Scale (ios) or Trendweight (web).


I use the app Happy Scale which does a great job at predicting my weight loss with the more data I give it.


My average loss per week is usually the same number so I just weigh myself once per week to see if it’s stable. Weighing myself everyday would probably just distress me especially after I have my cheat day🗿


I weigh myself everyday, multiple times a day. But I don't get anxious or stress over the number. It's allowed me to understand my daily fluctuations. And it's actually been very helpful in confirming that having an off day food-wise isn't the end of the world when the next day the scale either hasn't moved or only slightly. The only number I count on my weight tracking chart is my morning weigh-in on the first of the month.


For me it’s really just that my curiosity gets the best of me and I can’t help it. It obviously makes me feel good when I see a loss, but doesn’t really effect me negatively if I see a gain or no change at all.


When I used to see a loss, I would immediately feel like I was good and reward myself, and then go up and justify it with some nonsense. Go up a bit more and focus on eating healthier, eat less, go down, feel good about it, reward myself etc. Basic outcome was that I stayed in the same general area indefinitely. Now, weighing every morning, seeing it go down and slightly up then down further helps me stay consistent and detach from the numbers. It's almost like a ritual more than for the data. And my view of it has become more about the trend than any individual data point, which interests me enough to inspire a greater level of consistency. Weighing every day helped me stop emotionally identifying the lower number as an achievement, but as a stepping stone. Because when you weigh every day, that 2 pound drop is sometimes just your morning trip to the bathroom hahaha


i think monthly is best once you start tracking calories and see it successfully lost for a few weeks. For me at least. Daily is pointless to me cuz im prolly not gonna lose a lb a day weekly at most monthly is the most beneficial for my motivation


Doesn't bother me. I like knowing. If the numbers go up, I think, ,"Keep at it.". If the numbers go down, I think, "Keep at it." Either way, I keep at it lol. But I do like to know.


This is my 4th week of weighing myself everyday. And by God, it’s probably the best thing I have done for my weightloss in last 1 year! I got the idea for this from Coach Greg on YouTube. The biggest problem I faced was my weightloss would plateau. One day I’m 200 (down from 221) and the other day 203 and it just kept fluctuating bw these numbers. Now I measure everyday in the morning and average it for the week. And then I compare this week’s avg to last week’s. It’s amazing how good this works. If your average isn’t going down, you either reduce the diet or increase the workout. Either way, it helped me get a better picture of where my weight actually is and where it’s trending. I just took an A4 sheet, divided it in columns for each week and stuck it on the wall and I just write my weight on it everyday (yeah I’m very old school, I know)


I always heard that you shouldn’t weigh yourself every day because you likely won’t see much difference and it can be very triggering for some people. I personally do not see any value in it and I wouldn’t waste your time. Try once a week.


No. I'm human, so sometimes I don't feel great when I step on, but it's only a tool, just like counting calories every day is a tool. Those 2 tools are the things keeping me on track--I know when I need to cut back a bit OR even when I need to eat a bit more. When I get closer to where I want to be, I'll probably drop to weighing myself 2-3 times a week (heck, could probably do that now).


I'm just interested for stats and fluctuations, and it helps to calculate my trend weight more accurately, I guess it doesn't bother me because I'm a maths student 😂


I weigh once a week. There’s way too many fluctuations in your daily weight it would discourage me for sure.


I started using Noom and they advise it because it is supposed reduce scale anxiety and to get you used to the idea that your weight can fluctuate day to day. Hopefully it will reduce anxiety from seeing the one scale measurement a week and it not really changing or you have great progress and then it randomly shoots up. For all I know it’s a ploy by Noom to get more of our personal data. I personally do it every 2-3 days.


I find it encouraging. I’ve lost weight enough that when I see it go back up I just keep plotting forward. 2 steps forward, 1 step back is fine with me. I also am trying to talk more nicely to myself and stop being as negative so when it shows I’m heavier than yesterday, I practice saying “it’s ok. Today is a new day. We will make better choices.” I also use my apps a lot and to calculate things correctly they need my weight.


keeps me accountable. as long as you’re reasonable and understand that fluctuations happen, it’s not a problem, at least for me


There’s a great app called Happy Scale that smooths out your daily weight fluctuations.


My scale is only accurate to the nearest pound, so I only see the big fluctuations. Weighing every day has taught me that I "gain" 2-3lbs the day I ovulate, and then it disappears a day or two later, which I still can't quite get my head around. Bodies are weird.


The disadvantages to weighing daily also apply to weighing weekly. The truth is you don’t get better data by taking less samples. People who weigh weekly will still get disheartened on their weigh day except that the disappointment is multiplied by 7. In reality you need to get weighed every day and apply statistical process to it (such as a rolling average) this is the only way to filter the noise and see your actual weight change.


Weighing yourself daily is only making you a prisoner to your scale. The scale does not show you when you are losing muscle or fat and there’s a major difference when it comes to success. Find a method of monitoring your body fat percentages in order to get a true snapshot of your success otherwise you’re just setting yourself up for failure by only using this method to determine results.


Do what works for you. If you feel the psychological effect of weighting yourself every day could bring you down then feel free to keep weighting yourself every two weeks! If you want to try to weight yourself every day, though, I would strongly advise to search for a weight tracking app that shows you the trend of your weight, so you risk to get psychologically affected less by upward fluctuations.


It's just data, and it also gives you a clear picture of your daily activities and eating are working.


I use Happy Scale and weigh daily. It helps me understand that I’m making steady progress even when normal fluctuations make it seem like I’m going nowhere. I can see a consistent pattern of up and down over the months by weighing daily. It helps me not feel defeated.


It’s just data, like looking at the fuel gauge on your car. No reason to tie an emotion to a ruler, clock, or measuring cup so no reason to do so for a scale.


>The psychological effect of seeing your weight go up some days must hit really hard?? Maybe I’m being too sensitive here. You're forgetting that the reward of seeing your weight dip is equally satisfying. All that you need to know is that weight-loss is a very slow process, where you will have ups and downs. As long as you are following your plan diligently, trust the process and keep going.


I hate it and I'm trying to stop doing it. I bought a smart scale so I could record it all and it send the data to my phone via Bluetooth and that's all great, but I find it easy to get down when my weight doesn't move much and when I'm down, I eat more or feel like giving up trying. I'm eating better and being more active, as well we going to the gym, but for the best part of two weeks daily weighing, I just fluctuates within the same 2lb +/- reading and it was just driving me mad. So I've stopped daily weighing. I'll weight myself once or twice a week. I'm going to try and either do weekly or fortnightly and I'm going to rely on taking my body measurements as a better representation of what I'm trying to achieve.


I weigh once a week most weeks. It’s ok to weigh yourself more as long as the fluctuations don’t bother you.


As someone who has intense weight control issues, I can honestly say it is a compulsion for me. After years of forced dieting from my mom (I was put onto the weighless program at 7 yrs old) I still weigh myself literally every time I see a scale. I don't own one myself for that very reason, I am self aware enough to know not to bring that "drug" into my home. Whenever I am at a friend's house and I see a scale I physically cannot stop myself. In general as long as I stay in the relm of where I want to be, the numbers don't affect me too much. I judge my weight loss/gain on how my clothes feel on me. Always remember that your weight is dependant on a variety of factors, weight goals have to be met slowly and your end goal should never be unhealthy :D


>The psychological effect of seeing your weight go up some days must hit really hard?? Maybe I’m being too sensitive here. you're not being too sensitive, but the way i view my daily weigh ins is just as a symbolic check-in. It's a reminder of where I'm going, where i am, and where i've been. If I'm a pound heavier than the previous day, i know it's not a pound of fat that i've accumulated. maybe it's just a poop, or water weight, or whatever. On days where the number is less than yesterday, I'm motivated by the positive results, and on days where the number is more than yesterday, I just take it as a reminder to take this weight loss seriously.


Weighed weekly while losing, daily during maintenance.


I'm data driven. I weigh everyday on a smart scale so that it tracks it all for me. Then I can compare changes in my weight to my recent diet, activity, and even mood. I've been slowly tweaking my lifestyle with all that feedback.


Weighing every day used to drive me nuts because there’s too many fluctuations throughout the month. I find that my mental health does much better if I pick one day as a weigh in day. Best would be once a month because there’s so many fluctuations depending on menstruation, but I usually still weigh at least once a week - I just try not to do it more than that. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with weighing every day as long as you understand that your weight can fluctuate by a few pounds so if it’s heavier today than yesterday that doesn’t mean that you gained or that you need to hyper restrict.


\~2lbs of day-to-day fluctuation is normal for me. I'm shooting to lose 2-3 lbs/week, and I don't count calories, so I rely on a good picture of my weight trend to know if I'm eating roughly the right amount. If I happened to get a low weight one week and a high one the next I could think that I was on a plateau or even gaining, even when the trend is moving in the right direction. That would put me at risk of restricting or adding when I should be doing the opposite.


I weight myself almost daily. I have a very precise routine, where I get up, use the restroom, weigh myself, drink tea, then water, then get ready for the day, have brekkie, etc. However, if for some reason, I miss some part of that routine (like it’s a cheat day and my husband surprises me with a breakfast in bed type thing), or if I know I cheated really bad the day before and will probably be holding a lot of water, I’ll probably skip it that day, just because it’s not worth the emotions, and I know I’m not that calm of a human. Otherwise, I find weighing myself daily is helpful because it helps me find what is working and what isn’t working, as opposed to guessing for the past week or something. As a woman with PCOS, it also helps me see the overall trend, and not just bad bloating. I think whatever you do, finding what works best for you is obviously the best thing, but most importantly, consistency is key. Whether that’s once a week, daily, every month, etc. just keep it at the same time, after the same routine, and I think it helps a lot.


For any menstruating women reading this, your cycle can affect your weight a lot (3-5lbs). If you weigh in less frequently, as I do, keep in mind where you are in your cycle because it could take a long time before you can accurately see a trend.


I was very adamant about daily weigh ins until I hit a plateau this month. I have gained a few pounds while staying on track 100%. I won’t be weighing myself for a while. It was mentally draining.


There's no point in weighing one's self every single day. The body's deficit in calorie will cause a anabolic fat breakdown which occurs over time especially during your naptime. Weighing too often can only lead to unrealistic expectations and self condemn, which is an endless vicious cycle ending in binge eating more.


There is no benefit to weighing every day. Unless you're packing a payload for a space launch, there isn't anything you can't do at X weight that you can don't at X +/- 5lbs. My biggest breakthrough is when I didn't weigh myself for 3 months. I trusted in counting calories and moving more. After that, I was only weighing myself every two weeks.