Getting really frustrated with the diet.

Getting really frustrated with the diet.


I dont know how viable this is for you and your family if you live with others, but remove them from the house entirely, only go shopping after your meal and just dont buy them. I have no snacks in my apartment and I premake my meals for the week so there is litterally nothing else to eat. If I buy a box of oreos, they last 2 days, and I am not talking about the little 10 packs, I mean the tripple sleave 36 packs of oreos. Its much easier to not buy them at the store than it is to not eat them in your cabinet.


exactly. When I was actively trying to lose weight I just didn't buy the snacks. I'm not really a snacker but my husband is. Those oreos are gone in a week lol. Now I do buy chips and cookies occasionally but we are much better with having ONE serving as dessert or snack. When I want something outside the normal snack, I get the individual pack just to fill the craving.


I concur. My husband and I absolutely cannot keep any kind of snacks or sweets in the house. They never last more than a day or two. We’ve both been working really hard to maintain our weight but this weekend we got a surprise package from his grandma filled with homemade cookies! They’re already all gone… but at least we don’t have anymore junk in the house! Which is exactly why we don’t buy any of that stuff. We don’t have the self control to only eat a little bit at a time. We switched from sodas to seltzer and quit buying local craft beer because we don’t need the liquid calories either. So far it’s the thing that’s worked best for us. If you don’t have it laying around, you won’t be tempted to eat (or drink) it.




Yeah I should try not to buy or keep snacks but it's just hard because my mum sometimes buys a lot of unhealthy stuff and I tell myself I won't eat it but as the day goes on I really wanna have it. Thanks for the advice 😊.


>something I know I shouldn't have, I tell myself it's bad for me but I still end up eating it. This is part of the problem! You're creating this perception of "forbidden fruit" in your mind that feeds into your temptation. What would happen if you said "screw it" and decided to eat only chocolate for a week straight? You'd probably quickly get sick of it and learn to moderate yourself around it better. Instead of saying "Chocolate is bad and I'm not allowed to have it", try saying "Chocolate is tasty but doesn't provide much nutrition or satiety so I'll just have a small piece". You can eat a piece of chocolate every day and still lose weight, it's all about portion control. Not everyone is able to moderate, but I found that my ability to moderate has improved TONS by changing my inner mantra. No food is off-limits, only the portion sizes are. Since allowing myself to eat pizza, snacks and candy in my daily lifestyle, they don't feel as tempting anymore.


Thanks for commenting, I do try and moderate with the chocolate but then I just have strong feelings to just straight up binge and eat loads of it. I just need to make sure I don't keep alot of unhealthy food in my house and try to be rational when I get the binge feelings.


In addition to keeping bad snacks out of your space, keep good ones around. Like pumpkin seeds, celery, chaga tea. Things that taste great, good for you and will keep your mouth busy, don’t have a lot of calories. Replace what you love that’s bad with what you love that’s good. And…don’t give up! You can do this.


Oo I'll try that, my mum does buy a lot of those types of seeds and nuts. Thank you for the nice words, you got this too :)