member CompUSA?


Better yet, remember the computer shows at SportsPlus?


Marketpro. Loved those shows. Get a new processor blank cdr’s and a switchblade.


Yes! SportsPlus was the shit. I miss it.


That's where I got my first PC, haggled a massive 20gb hdd.


my first HDD was like 5GB/8GB on the same machine... boy how the times have changes (and hardware evolved), my mac has a 1.5TB SSD


Yeah it's crazy, of course back then it was more than enough.


well to be fair we didn't store crap back then.... Now I have a home server (offline) with all my family photo's back to the 1940's, documents, all my academic stuff, TV shows ( xD ), 225 gigs of music and some other stuff stored away on a 10TB server lol (I was thinking of upgrading the whole thing to two 10TB drives for storage)


Now even a TB isn't enough need a few if your graphic artist or hardcore gamer / photographer... The File sizes are huge these days...


loved haggling for pentiums at sports plus lmao


I DO! I was a kid but used to go with my dad


My dad used to take me to those on his shoulders! Man, thank you for bringing up such a happy memory there.


50% chance that cpu you just bought is bad. At least that was my average at those shows.


Or the software was 100% stolen or pirated.


handwritten label on a cd from the binder under the table. Or if you're naughty the porn binder.


Ah man, I have fond memories of my late father taking me there when I was like 7 years old and I'd just be in awe of all the cool PC stuff.. We definitely brought home computers/laptops a few times from those shows.


I remember going bowling at Sports plus


Pepperidge Farm remembers...


That, and Circuit City.


My favorite part of circuitcity was demoing the car subwoofers in that little glass room.


Haha, circuit city was my first and only car sub woofer installation. I couldn’t wait to get my first car as a kid to bring it over for some subs. They sold me on those car radio demo’s…


Or RadioShack lol


Them too... except the RS's near me were notorious for trying to upsell stuff (go in for a battery tester, and they'd try to sell me a stereo).


And that is why I never asked questions when I would go in places like that to buy something back in the day. They all did that every store had that one salesman that seemed to belong at a used car dealer.


They were terribly overpriced too. $2.50 for an NE555 I get them for like $0.13 a piece on a regular basis from Tayda and Mousee


! ! ! E E - E - WWE - E !!


Nobody Beats the Wiz\* ​ ^(\*except Best Buy)


Hey, what about Crazy Eddie?


Remember seeing the ads in the paper as a kid and wanting to go so bad. Not sure why


I remember saving up for the new ATI all in wonder video card. They kept those locked up.


getting into that one on 111 was a harrowing experience.


yes, yes it was.


their staff is so damn helpful and do not "talk down" to you the least bit for asking stupid obvious questions.


Personally I've had mixed experiences with Westbury Microcenter salespersons. I tried buying a monitor there and gave up from frustration with the sales person, but when I built my PC the saleswoman was incredibly helpful


I've seen geeky salesman and used car style salesman there, it's hit and miss.


Yes!!! Ive never been made to feel stupid for asking my silly question. They just want to get me what I need. Im not into building computers or anything, but I get the stuff I need like cables etc from them because I like their vibe. Plus it is in my area and I want the business to stay!


Serious question, is going to microcenter better than ordering components online? When building a computer with my son never occurred to me to go to a store.


I built mine about a year before covid, so a lot has changed, but at the time Micro center was a better option than any one online vendor. Sometimes Amazon or whatever would have one thing for less than mc, but the total was still lower at mc, and I figured it was worth it to be able to come home with everything same day


I'd go to Microcenter to window-shop a lot. It's hard to figure out how big a case or component like a cooler is by reading its specs online. I'd also get things like fans, cables, and other small components there on the regular. Never big hardware purchases except for a UPS years ago.


I built a computer last year. Generally microcenter was the same price. Some items a couple of bucks more, some less. The benefit is supporting a brick and mortar store and getting the parts immediately. I would definitely recommend it.


> Serious question, is going to microcenter better than ordering components online? If you frequent the r/bapcs subreddit, you'd already know the answer is yes. And when the feds made a law forcing national vendors to collect state sales tax, there's even less of a price break ordering parts vs Microcenter.




Never heard of that sub but will check it out thanks!


It's been a few years since I've upgraded my PC but when I did their CPU and Motherboard bundles couldn't be beat.


Yep that's actually the only thing I got from MC when I built mine. The rest were a mix between bestbuy, Newegg, and eBay.


Went to MC with my friend we needed a different CPU (He bought a newer MOBO). We brought the PC, purchased the CPU and then the workers installed it and provided us with a oem cooler for free to test boot. Triple A, 5 Star customer service, maybe it was bc it was a slow night or something, but the MC rep even started doing some cable management. I will always support that business, no matter if I have to drive 35 minutes to get there.


Agree with the customer service. I know nothing about the cables connectors, etc and always get the help I need without snide comments etx. Ive ordered so many wrong things from amazon that it just makes sense for me to go here and get it right the first time.


Not only is micro center better but they also price match.


Yes. Prices are very comparable to online and they actually know what they are talking about. Microcenter is what bestbuy wishes it was.


Absolutely. The prices are similar and they price match if not. You can exchange if need be and they are very helpful. Also the instant gratification is awesome. I love micro center.


There were some components that made way more sense to get at microcenter than elsewhere, for example water cooling parts for a custom loop - it was great being able to actually examine what you’re getting and have a bunch of different options in front of you. It’s not like a common component that you can just look up and hit add to cart since you already know what it is and already know exactly what you’re buying. Buying premixed coolant was also significantly cheaper there than anywhere else online.


I and my 16 year old son still love to go to MC. The prices are about same as online or sometimes better. Price aside it is fun to see all the components you need on display or demo and picking the one you like. Sometimes we just walk-in even if we do not have anything to buy and end up walking out with something, so the experience makes us look at MC before Amazon or Newegg.


For CPU/Motherboard combo yes. Also open box deals.




yes its better in a way you get it fast, the price is very similar or even better cause micro center has sales and returns you can look around etc


I went to micro center and walked through my specs and they helped me find the parts throughout the store and then built me a monster machine that runs STRONG so I am a big fan, plus their credit card benefits are ridiculous


Micro center will price match, which has worked in my favor several times recently. I like being able to run somewhere to get some parts, or to return something and pick out something else if i dont like what I bought.


If you frequent Slickdeals, MicroCenter usually has some decent deals and every once in a while will have doorbusters. I got the recent MSI B550M + Ryzen 5600X combo in a recent deal for $240 with tax. Half of my $1000 build is from MicroCenter due to price and convenience. The rest from Amazon.


Sometimes it is sometimes not. I built a PC a couple months ago and the same GPU I got on Amazon was $100 more at microcenter


Depends Honestly. I like going to support the business in my area. They do have pretty good prices but today you can always find something better online or with patience. My PC i ordered most of the parts online but I picked up a lot of the peripherals at microcenter when they had decent enough sales. Also got my GPU on a great sale from them too.


Standard parts, no. I like going there when I want to shop for cases or look for obscure fittings though, or some obscure cable for work. Some things are better to see in person before deciding if it's the right thing.


the last few years they've had better inventory and pricing than newegg which seems to be full of scalpers now. i've been building PC's since the 90's and have bought from newegg back when they first started but lately they seem to be like ticketmaster


I heard Newegg was bought by a foreign company and their business has suffered as well as their customers credit card info being stolen with magecart.


As someone who works in IT and builds his own pc's I wholeheartedly agree.


I work in IT and micro center is our mecca. Please make this happen


Going to a computer store for parts is peek 90s and early 00s experience in this hobby. You gotta do it.


I still do! I built my latest PC 100% all parts I bought at micro center. Very very fun experience


Only place on LI that I know of where you can still get Bawls.




Aren’t there like, less than 20 locations in the entire country? With 4 of them being in New York? I may be a little biased since I live close enough to the Westbury one that I’ve been able to easily frequent it for the last 15+ years of my life, so it’s basically a non-issue for me. But this is a retail chain that has modeled their business on operating as few locations as possible. I don’t see Long Island getting another one anytime soon. When you operate that few stores, every expansion is a major expansion. They’re much more likely to invest in new locations in areas they aren’t already serving with 20% of their entire retail presence.


> Aren’t there like, less than 20 locations in the entire country? With 4 of them being in New York? This


I feel you. At the same time, since there are several locations in the city, Westbury depends on Nassau and Suffolk together to support its turnover. There are two in NYC, so approximately one store per 4 million people. So Westbury MC is supported by about 3 million Long Islanders. If they made another here on the island, both stores might struggle.


Geographically Suffolk kind of dead end but most people in Suffolk, Nassau and NYC have access to 4 MC within 50 miles. Westbury, Queens, Brooklyn, Yonkers.


They might struggle if you completely ignore how much more Suffolk folks would spend if they had a closer MicroCenter.


They'll probably say, just drive to Nassau. MC seems pretty select with their stores, most states don't even have 1 it seems and we have a few already. It would be nice tho, with you on that.


1) There are so many semi-populated areas in this nation that do not have a Microcenter. The NYC region has 4 (Westbury, Brooklyn, Queens, Yonkers; 5 if you count the northern NJ site.) 2) Driving fatigue is your own damn fault, if you bought a house in Patchogue, or somewhere else that far east. 3) Soon, Microcenter will be no more. The era of building your own computer will soon be over. Between Microsoft making you pay a subscription for your OS, to not getting a hardware advantage from building your own machine. Its already happened. Microcenter is more of a TV, home entertainment system kind of store. You only get neat freebies if you're a "first time" customer. The "Maker" section has almost disappeared.


Yes Please. I'd love to be able to drive to the store to get PC Parts vs having to order them online or drive all the way out to Westbury.... which is generally me just waiting for the delivery instead.


The day of multiple computer stores all over is dead. 25 years ago there was MicroCenter, Computer City, Gateway Country Stores, CompUSA, Circuit City, Incredible Universe and even Radio Shack, PC Richards and Sears carried a decent selection. Now there is only Best Buy and half the time the shelves are empty.




Not even Crazy Eddie?


That's why it's not mentioned in the list!


Problem is best buy has like nothing in stock now. During the recent video card crisis i went there and they were basically like "lol just go online"


Lol Incredible Universe. Holy crap my brain just broke. Haven't thought about that a LONG time.


UI was a spinoff of Radio Shack, if you can believe that. One very small, one very big!


> Best Buy Best Buy isn't even a good computer store. If you want cell phone chargers or battery packs, sure, Best Buy is there for you.


Very true. My gut feeling is the chain is not long for this world.


I spent 40 fucking minutes there (yes, I timed it) to get a damn soda stream exchange canister.


yep, so?


There are 25 Microcenter locations currently in the entire country…4 of which are in the lower third of NYS. You really can’t complain when most of the country doesn’t have one in their entire state. Unfortunately you will be continue driving to Westbury for computer parts, they ain’t gunna make a new one.


The IKEA problem.


Very agree. Every time we go to a Jones beach concert I have to convince the girl to let me visit Mecca just for a bit.


Put a Microcenter in Riverhead. Problem solved. I've often wondered why not a smaller store? Perhaps something more like an annex to Westbury.


Agreed. Please


This is giving the same energy as 'LI Needs a Dragstrip"


Wish we had a real road course like Road Atlanta or Laguna Seca.


You should be thankful, there are states that don't have one.


Microcenter had a sale on Enders, like $100 off or something. This was semi-recurring, in that people knew it was coming. The 3D printing community was going absolutely nuts with all the people that didn't have a Microcenter near them. I went to Westbury, but they only had one left, open-box. The open-box price was more expensive than the new + coupon price, so I asked if they would ring it up as new, so I could use the $100 off coupon. They just applied the coupon to the open box - Ender 3 for $68. They earned a customer for life with that; I try and buy things at that store before anywhere else.


Meh, based on the rhetoric online I guess we're lucky to have a store on the island at all. People would kill to have a MicroCenter within a day's drive.


My bank account says, We do not need one ! Lol


There are significant parts of the country and even states without one. We should be thankful for the one in Westbury.


It’s not that far of a drive, I don’t see the big deal. I drive to Microcenter from Suffolk all the time.


At least you have within driving distance. Vast majority of ppl have no stores anywhere nearby


At least we have one in general


You should be lucky that there is a microcenter in long island. A lot would die for one especially with the whole graphics card shit.


That area of Westbury is still just a pain to get to. We frequent Eisenhower park a lot for kids sports, and I end up just huffing it down Old Country Rd the whole way instead of the surrounding highways. Meadowbrook goes there in a such a roundabout way which makes it useless. It's a terrible location to get to.


Man, listen. All I'm saying is, be glad you have a Micro Center within reasonable driving distance. Most of the country doesn't. Meanwhile around here, there are 2 within close driving distance in Westbury & Flushing, 2 more that are sightly more of a drive in Brooklyn & Yonkers, and worst case there's even North Jersey. We're unironically spoiled when it comes to Micro Center access.


My friends often have examples like this. However, store rent is being jacked so high people either can't start, can't stay open, or move. I know the guy that runs the 1800fastbed place on Hempstead Turnpike. His previous place was about 10k then they were going to jack up to 15k. He moved his store down the turnpike and is only paying about 5k. His old store is still for rent and it's not the only one. You could make a small skyscraper with the empty stores around Nassau and Suffolk. The companies renting them out are inflating the value to where no one wants them. It's turning into urban decay.


I doubt that'll happen. There are only 25 microcenter stores nationwide.


I used to love Best Buy they have gone down the drain. The employees never want to help you. I see five of them talking together and you ask for help. They tell you where to go to get help and point to the other side of the store. Nobody is there to help you there and THEY DON'T WORK IN THAT DEPARTMENT, they just stand around and act like they own the store and don't help people, they push you off to someone else.


Deciding to live in the boonies has its downsides, I guess. No microcenter and being surrounded by MAGA jackasses...Suffolk sounds like hell


You think Maga people only live in Suffolk? Lol


They’re everywhere, just the ones in Suffolk are much more colorful about it…




Not to mention its gonna be under water one day.


Bring back the computer part shows!!


As long as its like, the good one at sports plus from back in the day and not the more recent cheaper ones of the 2000s that just sell you scam junk.


even older the ones at USB!


Please. Who must I blow to make this happen?


Yeah we fucking do


Here here!


Well, make it a multi stop thing. So many good places to eat in the area. I am in Babylon though so it's a pretty straight shot.




we need more computer stores in general. my school is close to microcenter so i can swing by after classes if i need anything, but I'd like to be able to go easily from home. best buy just doesnt cut it for the niche things i need and only microcenter or amazon carries


Bro I live out west now and it's a 90 minute drive to microcenter


Yes for sure with all the business and technology in Suffolk it’s crazy that I have to drive all the way back to Nassau because I forgot to pick up a video chord on my way out.


Ah yeah. That would be hella convenient. Does anyone remember The Wiz?


Tell Smithhaven mall to get their heads outta their asses and get a Microcenter and Ikea out here


I love MC and their warranty. It might be a little bit more pricier but you also get it that day as opposed to waiting 2-5 days


Tell 'em to start Zoom'ing w/customers and doing cheap or free delivery. I've programmed and/or sys-admin'd for 45 years now. I don't need sales people. The only reasons I go to MicroCenter are price and if I need it NOW. I found that if I'm building a PC, or just upgrading more than one thing at once, I can usually get all the pieces from MC cheaper (and/or faster) than from anywhere else. Pro tip: beware open or damaged boxes. Once upon a time, say 20 years ago, I felt they were a bit like the slimy camera stores... They seem to have made a huge effort to fix that.


we need one in suffolk near the smithhaven mall/stony brook area


100% agreed 🙌🏾🙌🏾


Lol I just have to drive down the park and I’m there


I want one but my wallet is saying no


Go buy good parts at lower cost at newegg.com


its a far drive for me too. but I look forward to the drive every 5 years when i build a new gaming PC


Why can’t you order online


A lot of their best deals/prices are available in store only.


Some things, like case sizes, are easier to buy in store when you can see them in person first.