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What brand made the board? Did you buy it from Amazon?


I got it from zumiez


Hmmm. It looks like the layers of the deck are coming apart. And while decks often have some flex, that second picture looks unnatural. Idk what zumiez will do for you, but if you know what company made the board, I’d check if they have any warranty. Otherwise, I doubt this board is safe to skate on.


What brand and model?


Mercer Freewheeling 35" Mini Pintail Longboard Complete


I don't want to say you bought a dud but....you bought a dud. This looks to basically be an Amazon board, i.e. a no-name brand item of poor quality. Would suggest skipping zumiez and finding a proper local boardshop and picking up something they recommend...after doing some sanity check research. One of the first results for "Mercer longboard" that came up was a 2019 Reddit post from someone talking about a similarly bad experience to yours.


Hey guys, I just quit from working at zumiez after 3 years and can confirm, the “mercer” boards are their “house brand boards” and they always have some kind of defect no matter what style you choose. Straight up. If you do go to zumiez to buy any longboard or anything stick to Santa Cruz or sector 9 from there (they’re usually the only non defective boards) Santa Cruz is usually around the same price as the mercer boards anyways. If you go to zumiez only buy the name brand skate stuff, stay away from Mercer, Eh-Ok and ATM brands, they all suck! Whenever this would happen to my customers I would straight up exchange it for a better non defective board, I hope your local zumiez has chill staff and will help you out! Cause that ain’t right, I’m honestly so fed up with zumiez for selling shit stuff to be on top of the trend curve 🙄 anyways thanks for listening to my 2 cents, shop local shops if you can, or if you do go to zumiez only buy name brand!!! (Santa Cruz, sector 9 and if they get landyatchz again, landyatchz, but don’t buy anything else!) Edit: I just say that your zumiez wouldn’t do anything, if you still have the receipt and it’s within a couple months, bring it into the store to show them it’s defective and you bought a piece of shit! The employees know about the mercer boards being defective, they’re just being shit heads


If I had gold I would give you an Award


I really appreciate the advice! Unfortunately I don’t have any other skate shops around me so I gotta stick with zumiez. I’m gonna go into the store tomorrow and talk to someone cause I only talked over the phone today. I bought it in January but only rode it like twice before this week so idk what they’re gonna be able to do.




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yeah it's delaming you can put woodglue in and clamp it, but before you do that you need to reach out to zumiez or mercer. Because they should fix it.


I called zumiez and they said they couldn’t do anything, and I’m pretty sure mercers is made by zumiez


Pretty much a reminder of what we knew about Zumiez unfortunately. They are a clothing store that sells skate stuff to be more 'legit', not a skate shop. If you don't have any real skate shops in your area, I would go through Muir, Daddies, Action Board Shop, or from the brands themselves. Landyachtz, Pantheon, Loaded, Zenit and many others sell directly to customers. If you're on the heavier side, get something with a fiberglass sandwich or an extra ply (Zenit has this as an option). If you're on a tight budget, check Ehlers instead. You can get a 40" pintail with Paris 180s and Orangatang 4Presidents for $130 shipped, and if the deck breaks you've still got great hardware to swap out instead of the Mercer stuff. It's pretty easy to replace your current deck with another one, and a lot cheaper than replacing your teeth if it fails!


They carry arbor and land yachtz which are two amazing brands, I wouldn't buy anything else from them though.


Their Landyachtz boards are $10 more and their Arbor boards are $25-$35 more at Zumiez than they are at Muir, if you want those brands.


Ya, but no shipping and same day pickup if you're impatient like me.


Depending on how you paid if you used a card or such your bank/credit card may well back you up with purchase protection. It's **CLEARLY** a defective product and at the minimum you may get some of your money back from at least your card/bank.


I would do a chargeback on your card if you used one. That’s unacceptable


nah man it looks good


Yea a pintail shouldn’t flex like that. You can actually just barely see one layer near the top right hand side has fractured. And in the pic of you standing on it I *believe* that fracture is causing thing discontinuity and unnatural flex. https://imgur.com/a/0kWT8Gd This discontinuity also created a stress concentration that caused your layers to delaminate. Hard to tell but you may have some snapped layers by the trucks too. We won’t be able to tell from the pic of the board had a manufacturing defect, or something caused a layer to snap. I like Bustin Boards E Core boards they last longer. And some nice Paris or Caliber trucks with good wheels will serve you much better in the long run. Zumiez is charging an insane price for a complete made with no name parts. Some companies do mystery boxes too that would be better than that. I got a 2 completes box on sale from Bustin for $144.50 shipped during the holidays. Inside I had a full sized Maestro, a pintail (not my thing but my spare board for a friend), caliber trucks, Paris trucks, 2 full sets abec 7 bearings, a set 6 ball built in bearings, and 8 quality wheels. Plus some shirts and hats swag.


Well looking at the second pic I can def confirm your suspicions that it is indeed breaking




Update: just went into the store I bought the board in and they said they couldn’t do anything. I called corporate and they said their return policy is “within 30 days and unused” which is kinda bullshit. So I’m gonna try my hardest to fix this board cause I don’t have enough money for a new one :/


nahhh its fine keep riding it