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Welp, always a good to hear you were wearing your brain bucket! Sorry about the slide, but at least it wasn't worse!


The funny thing is I was just meant to be cruising and geocaching. But I saw that damn hill and just HAD to try to bomb it. 🙄 I was riding my Omakase. Definitely a “get good or get off” kind of board. Also not pictured: jammed fingers and my index fingernail partly skinned off.


Time to not shower for a week lol


Mad props on the helmet dude, I've gotten bad concussions before...they suck! Hope you heal up quick and get back out there ❤️


Oof, I think most of us have done that at one point haha. How fast were you going? My worst fall was at around 25-30 mph.


Probably around 10-15, not too fast. but too fast for me to control with the board I was using. 😩


Off topic but what do most people use to track speed while boarding?


I just used some app that tracked my top speed and stuff. It's been a while since I've done downhill, but I use them for snowboarding. Stuff like ski tracker.


I use a garmin watch. Works great and u don’t need to worry about bustin u phone


How do you fit your wrist guards over the watch? Or do you not use them? I had to take my watch off today to go skating, since I couldn’t get the wrist guards over it. It’s a big fat watch though, Garmin Fenix 5X.


I wear gloves but I’m sure u can find wrist guards u can fit over a watch


idk u, but i’m glad you’re ok


Oof, thanks cod you had a helmet. When I read the part about hitting the pavement with your head, it was very painful...


Thank god you were wearing a helmet. Safety first, bombing enticing hills second. Claim the marks and good luck with the burning showers in the future!


Protip: saran wrap and neosporin. If you keep it disinfected and don't let it scab over you'll be healed in < 1 week If you're in a state where you can get high quality cbd (would not just grab any chinese brand lotion from a smoke shop) I've had great milage using hemp salves to heal deep road rash


This guy rubs 🙏🏻


Oh yikes! I took a nasty tumble and your arm really resembles my shin. Heal well!


Omg, get well soon mate


Glad you're ok!


Tis the season


Not that bad. It could be worse


We’ve all been there man best thing to do is keep your pride and own the crash


Rite of passage 😎