Alot of RE investors will operate 2 or some form/variations of the following. 1) holding company which owns the property and inter3st in 2. 2) operating/management company to lease and manage the property by agreement with 1. I would talk to a accountant and businesses lawyer to get this all squared away for your specific needs of the business and personal liability


I would absolutely love to talk to someone about it however I have reached out to numerous folks in my area (Bristol County Massachusetts) and I can’t find anyone that will even reply back to me. Blows my mind the lack of follow up after a couple calls and voicemails. That’s the reason I turned to Reddit in hopes someone could give me some info


Yeah IDK its to confusing for me to say what to do. I dont know how you transferred the property to the LLC while its on a personal mortgage since I would think if the bank found out they would call the loan and demand in full if they didnt agree to it. That could be the biggest risk at the moment. If no one is returning your call maybe try calling the real estate agent that brokered your most recent purchase and see if they have a referral, RE agents always try to build that rolodex.