You start the game with 3 lives and you win when you have no life.


I've always wanted to play a penguin simulator. Can't fly but I can HOP HOP HOP. I hoped on an ubuntu once. Then on a mint. Then a manjaro. Now, I'm sitting cumfy on an MX.


It’s a pirate battle royale. 100 distros travel in on the RMS Torvalds seaship. Each distro then takes wildly different paths to attempt to be the last one standing. Debian is methodical and only chooses the resources necessary to succeed. Ubuntu grabs everything in sight, whether it needs it or not, to always be ready to do battle. Red Hat requires multiple MTX payments. Arch is right-handed, so it cuts its own left hand off because the extra fingers are bloat.


>Arch is right-handed, so it cuts its own left hand off because the extra fingers are bloat. I don't think I've ever heard a more accurate description of Arch


Thanks. I think it also describes the average AUR package too. “I’m an arch user and, inherently, a minimalist. Let me just download an opposable thumb.” sudo pacman -S opposable-thumb Installing: clavicle humerus scapula ulna *multiple palm bones* trapezus deltoid bicep tricep thumb bone tendons fingernail opposable-thumb “Great, a thumb! No bloat! Let me go to Reddit and tell the Ubuntu nerds to git gud”


Unfortunately, the AUR build wasn't maintained for 5 million years. It installed just fine, but you downloaded a gorilla thumb. Also, `opposable-thumb=human` is incompatible with the packages you listed (all of those are `gorilla` versions). So if you want a human thumb, you'll have to amputate your arm, remove your clavicle and scapula, and then build all those bones from the source code `DNA.tar.gz`.


Arch would add 34 new fingers onto its hand but brag about being lean and unbloated because it still only has 1 hand


It's a too long RTS, RPG game. You should devote your whole life to this game. There are roughly 3 levels: newbie, average, superuser. You don't need Windows 11, it's better when you delete Windows. It's a free game. For both meaning. It's not selling via money and it's freedom. But you need to pay attention and many time to master on it or just continue to play as a newbie, it's totally okay. You can try it now. There are lots of pvp servers. Just select one of them and start now. This site may help you to select right server: https://distrochooser.de/en/


*"I'm playing Arch, btw"* (Arch: Survival Evolved)


That server is not for newbies, but you can transfer your skill points to this server when creating a new character.


Never liked the poop farming aspects in that game. Also, not to wine, but the Linux native version of arch seems to artifact like crazy on my rig.


>You don't need Windows 11, it's better when you delete Windows. 1- Get pop corn 2- Delete system32 3- Reboot 4- Enjoy


Except that the binary responsible for reboot (C:\\windows\\system32\\shutdown.exe) resides in system32


Never said that you have to use the good way of doing it, at this point you might also just bruteforce the shit out of Windows.


Yeah but, do I get to play as an Elf? Do I get to grow crops and watch them die when I neglect them? These are important things.


Actually it's a cyber-themed game. You may wanna try elfdroid.


> Yeah but, do I get to play as an Elf? Yes: https://linux-audit.com/elf-binaries-on-linux-understanding-and-analysis/ https://www.man7.org/linux/man-pages/man5/elf.5.html But be careful to not run the wrong elf-class, otherwise you will get error https://stackoverflow.com/questions/26740055/wrong-elf-class-elfclass32-when-using-linux In Linux, elfs are usually using swords and half. There are also elf barbarians who bite (please, ignore the typo in the documentation): Elf_Byte unsigned char ElfN_Half uint16_t ElfN_Sword int32_t ElfN_Word uint32_t


You don't get to play elves (stylized ELFes), but to execute them. You can also check [Linux's tabletop spin-off](https://turnoff.us/geek/sudo-board-game/).


> There are lots of pvp servers. Just select one of them and start now. Server selection is key for PvP. Don't pick a big, well-known server, if you want to succeed as a novice. Pick some quiet little backwater that hasn't been patched in years.


One of the most detailed resource management games you'll ever get into.


It's free to play, but kinda unfinished. There is no telemetry and in-game purchases are still missing..


It looks like there is forever free dlc though, so that's nice! :)


Super Tux Kart is hella fun. I like it ngl


I can't figure out the controls so I just emulate Mario Kart


Devs say Linux 2 will be out 2024.


We're currently on Linux 5. You're probably thinking of GNU/Hurd, but I doubt it'll be ready by then.


Then we await Linux 6 patiently.


Turns out they've been working on Linux 5 Episode 1


Linux 5 episode 1? I'm already on episode 18!


There's already an episode 19 out in open beta, try it out!


Early Access


Just in case you are serious: Linux is an operating system, a replacement for Windows so to say. You don't need Windows 11 for it, you can completely remove Windows, and use Linux instead. This sub is not for "playing Linux" but for playing games *on* Linux, opposed to playing games *on Windows*.


That's a great answer for someone who is being serious!


~~Ahem, it's actually GNU/Linux. Linux is just the kernel. I have recently taken to calling it GNU + Linux.~~


Actually it's LiGNUx. I like to call it "lugnuts".


It turns Visual Novel at times


So it sucks at times?


I should have said Text Adventure


what does....this mean?


its great! i loved the escape-room level `vim`


My favourite part is the platformer minigame called "distro hopping". Way better than super mario.


you need to have a phone and pay 100k jk you will get GNU dlc for free. as in freedom