Steam / Lutris


I haven't really needed Lutris in my life yet. A game either runs in its own installed wine prefix, or I hit it with proton and it runs then instead.


I like lutris for GOG. It knows the games I have, I can install and launch them. Though I do prefer to launch from Steam and get controller support.


You can add it to steam and get controller support, right?


Yes, just have to manually put in the shortcut to lutris.


Lutris is awesome when a game requires certain tweaks. Pillars of Eternity 2 e.g. runs badly on processors with a lot of cores. Lutris has a feature to "hide" cores from a game. Game messes with your resolution? Lutris has a feature to restore it after the game closes. It supports Feral Gamemode, can activate Mangohud and limit a game's FPS. All that via a nice GUI.


Lutris… worth a try. It’s really cool


I think I had it installed once, it was very great looking and clearly must be a huge help to many people... but I just realized I didn't actually need it so it's left my SOE until the day I do.


Yeah there's nothing lutris does you can't do with terminal. It's just a nice gui to manage different wine versions for different games and sandboxing.


Yeah thats fair I think lutris imo becomes "better" if you have multiple launchers as all of your games are now accessible from 1 Library Lutris can display all games on steam, aswell as any installed VIA wine and other launchers Otherwise you can simply just use WINE anyway.


You can also just add your wine games to Steam, if you want to see them in one library.


This way you can also use proton on the games quite easy, if I remember correctly


Not sure if it still did it but I know the reason I stopped using Lutris was because at the time my internet was literal garbage and for some reason Lutris ate the entire 1.2mbps download I had every time it started. (I suspect it was downloading game covers or something and from memory none of the settings to adjust that seemed to work) Nowadays I just manually make my wine prefixes, sometimes using Lutris scripts as a reference. (For anyone about to go “Ohshit dat internet,” I’m on a much faster line now at 25/10. Still slow to the rest of the world but vastly more usable haha)


Man 25/10 is considered "Good" internet in the UK. We really are behind


Ha, Australian here but that sounds about right lol


I needed Lutris for Roblox - wouldn't run properly with WINE. Lutris worked out of the box.


Lutris uses wine under the hood. Lutris is "just" a bunch of scripts helping you set up wine for diffrent games.


Yeah that's right. It's the setup of wine that gets complicated sometimes


It's opposite for me lol, as someone newish to computers I never got into buying games from steam, I just own free ones on epic and some here and there that I bought which I play through heroic, and I keep lutris around for gog games or really old games and emulators that can't be bought anymore So I've never needed to install steam


Quite a few games require game-specific tweaks. If you can't manage wine through terminal, lutris is an only option.


What about Bottles?


I installed bottles, tried it, really nice and somewhat easy interface. I uninstalled it as I don't really use wine outside gaming


I installed bottles, tried it, really nice and somewhat easy interface. I uninstalled it as I don't really use wine outside gaming


I needed Lutris for installing Epic Gamed Launcher. Actually, with Lutris you can install games owned on EGS without the launcher having installed.


I use it mostly for blizzard games and riot games, It's worth it in my opinion :D


And the latest ProtonGE...


ProtonUp-Qt is a must. Makes it easy to keep ProtonGE up to date and manage your proton versions.


Does it do anything the shell version (protonup / protonup-ng doesn't do?)


Also Proton-tkg. ProtonGE/Proton-tkg are great if you're serious about steam on linux. When a game works, but not quite right on the default Proton, odds are GE or tkg will work.


And wine-ge for anything NOT on steam - don't use Proton for non-steam games!


Asking as a Linux gaming newbie with a Steam deck, why not?




I am guessing as soon as I add those games to Steam, I can use Proton.


What's the difference between TKG and GE build of Proton?


Different modified versions of proton made by 2 different people. If you find issues with one you can try the other.


Idk if it's just me, but I always have much better performance with lutris wine fshack, compared to ProtonGE. Proton drags any game for me.


Don't use proton / GE-Proton for non-steam games, don't use wine-GE for steam games. If you use GE-Proton on a lutris game, yeah, I'd expect stuff to happen.


My experience with Lutris was always a bit tedious, but I also really don't need it for my gaming preferences. But an absolute must is Heroic Game Launcher for all those juicy free epic games. It also "just works", like with steam. Oh, and Mumble for a good voice chat with friends.


Lutris also supports Epic Games so I never understood the appeal of Heroic Launcher.


Lutris runs EGS through Wine iirc, Heroic is free (in both meanings), open source, supports individual settings per game like different wine version game tweaks etc, and more performant than the Epic Games Launcher. Also supports importing games you already have installed, unlike the EGL


Steam, Lutris, Heroic, drivers for your GPU, cxxmatrix


This + ProtonUp-Qt


Protonup-Qt for a gui interface


My bad


Drivers for GPU. Isn't that automatically handled?


Depends on the Distro. In the last few years Pop and Ubuntu have included Nvidia drivers, and AMD drivers are in the Kernel. Even in Ubuntu/Mint you may want to add the PPA so that drivers are automatically updated to the latest versions.


Pop us what i use.


Then you probably have good driver support.


Steam for obvious reasons but if you want to play anything other than steam games Lutris and Heroic Games Launcher are a must have


Lutris has never really worked for me but running battle.net through steam does.


Yea sometimes there are incompatibilities that the system doesn't tell outright, but if you encounter an 256 error is any lutris install script, most of the time it was some form of incompatibility for me Most of the time turning off DXVK or E-SYNC helps, but you can always experiment To turn these things off you just need to go to the runners settings and search wine at the bottom there ​ Lutris is really an amazing tool but sometimes it can be tricky to make it work Hope this helps tho


Battle.net also failed to run for me while running default recommended wine. But when I switched to wine-ge it works perfectly.


I think a lot of good ones have been listed, but I would recommend qjoypad, in case I need to map a controller to keyboard keys for any reason.


input-remapper is another great tool. You can basically remap any input to keyboard or mouse keys (or macros/combinations). So not only can you remap a controller to keyboard keys (this has come up for me before) you can also do things like remap extra mouse buttons as well (piper/libratbag exists of course, but can be buggy at times)


literally just made a post about mapping a controller for GW2, havent tried this. as for windows native games, will this still work? tried some other solutions with wine/GW2 and failed miserably


It works with windows games too. I've used in the past for games like Ultra SFIV.


You're referring to windows games in Linux, right?


Yes with proton


Hell yea, thank you


Why not use Steam for that


A distribution with recent kernel and graphics drivers is a good start. Then you need a source for your games, as long as the game is on steam there is not much needed (but proton_ge does improve on some issues that you may encounter) For all other games that have no native Linux binaries and where you may need a launcher you have the options of heroic launcher (epic), lutris (wonderful game management ui for native/wine/emulation and per game settings) and Bottles (for managing separate wine sandboxes, but lutris can manage those aswell) If you want to overclock or undervolt your GPU take a look at CoreCtrl For Performance statistics, replay recordings and Vulkan-injections (sharpening and stuff) take a look at Goverlay For longer recordings and streaming I would choose OBS Studio


Bottles has gotten things to run for me that nothing else would run. I wouldn't call it a must-have, but it's a great tool for trickier games (usually ones with modloaders).




Game launchers: - Steam. - Heroic Games Launcher (for epic games store games). - Lutris (for anything else). Performance: - Feral gamemode. - Proton-GE. - Wine-GE. Hardware monitoring: - Mangohud. Display protocol: - X11 (People might disagree but if you want the lowest latency it is the best option right now). Advanced extras for better performance: - TKG kernel. - Ananicy-cpp. - Irqbalance. - Proton TKG. - Wine TKG. There are other things that I haven’t listed but I didn’t want the list to be too crazy and many of these aren’t necessary but they are nice to know about if you ever want them.


you use X11 for lower latency i use X11 to have working software we are not the same


Excellent list!! +1 for everything above including Ananicy-cpp (wonderful service) - Also auto-cpufreq :)


Excellent list. Also, Heroic supports GOG now too.


Wow thank, did not now about irqbalance and ananicy <3


> Display protocol: - X11 (People might disagree but if you want the lowest latency it is the best option right now). Depends. When you use a VRR monitor and lock your framerate to stay within VRR bounds, latency is about the same as on X11. On my system X11 VRR is buggy and often likes to halve the refresh rate leaving me with 50-60Hz instead of 100-120, so Wayland ends up being a better experience.


> Feral gamemode I see this in options in Lutris. Could someone explain to me what it is exactly? I use the Steam Deck so I'm not sure if it is relevant to that.


Gamemode allows for system tweaking when initiated with gamemoderun or whatever your launcher uses otherwise. A few examples of what it does is set the CPU governor to performance, change system priority for the game to be on top iirc, IO optimizing (latency), and it allows for extra tweaking like scripts to run when initiated, stopped, and also tweaking GPU performance profiles. Gamemode usually allows for anywhere between a 6% and 30% performance increase, but this is my system which is optimized how I see fit, so your experience may vary.


Why not use Lutris for epicgames as well? Anything that heroic offer apart from the inbuilt browser showing the store?


Well it has a much nicer ui imo, not to mention it also supports gog games so one could argue they don't need lutris anymore just heroic But I still keep lutris cuz it's a all in one solution


I can understand that, personally I like the more native look of lutris more.


Nethack. Just 'apt-get install nethack-console' and see we'll you in a few years.


Doesn’t work on TempleOS


How would you even get it on to TempleOS, there's no network interface... unless you're a [Zealot](https://github.com/Zeal-Operating-System/ZealOS) On a more serious note, they're asking for help with Linux here, and TempleOS isn't Linux.


Oh nice never heard of ZealOS. And yeah, I know, I was joking lol


[For some reason, it didn't work](https://imgur.com/lrS1lXk)^^^^^/s ^^^^^I ^^^^^know ^^^^^why ^^^^^it ^^^^^doesn't ^^^^^work


I am intruiged! What distro are you using?




me when i can't read a /s


nethack isn't in the official pacman repos iirc, you gotta install from AUR


It's in the community repo










Other than steam, and occasionally proton-GE I don't need anything else. for the list of what I really *wish* existed, there's quite a bit: * An equivalent to GOG Galaxy that shows me all my games on all libraries, including subscriptions and unredeemed keys * Native Mod Managers * Equivalent to ENB (vkbasalt is not the same thing) * Way to play Game Pass games other than streaming * Something like overwolf that lets me put widgets on top of a running game. (not for streaming)


There is gamehub that might help with the first point (not sure about subscriptions and unredeemed), Lutris to some degree as well.


Those are the main features I want though. I don't use galaxy as a launcher, just as an organizer that's compatible with all the storefronts.


I think gamehub does have an unified app list. Are you saying you rather use none than an incomplete tool?


Havent used it in a long time, so it's possible it's different now. I'll give it a shot again soon.


Well as said I don't know for sure. I couldn't get the flatpak to run Edit: seems like it from the screenshot on their github page


I haven't used Galaxy, but GameHub does nab all my games from Humble Bundle and Itch.io. Iunno what other services Galaxy connects to, it'd be cool if they finally open sourced it so we could make our own Linux port.


All of the store integrations are open source. Really it just needs something to emulate the plugin api


It would be neat to implement that for something like GameHub, yeah.


If you use OBS, getting yourself setup with obs-vkcapture is a MUST, even manages to outperform PipeWire capture in some cases. Only game I haven’t been able to reliably stream is Forza Horizon 5 but that game seems to act weird with it’s GPU load anyway. (Towns in particular are bad for performance) Edit: thanks to someone’s upvote, noticed a typo lol


RetroArch, an open source emulator that can play any old (and some modern) ROMs from game consoles.


ProtonUp-QT. It will make your life easier with Steam, Lutris and/or other stores.


Linux support from the company


Barring this, at least a silver rating from protonDB is an absolute must.


Lutris is the must have. Then Steam. MangoHUD for me is a must have. This thing can control the cap for framerate, vsync, and other cool stuff. ProtonUp-QT, to make things a lot easier. Antimicrox, for those PC games that are prefect for a gamepad but never had proper support for it. QjoyPad does its job as well for this matter. Oversteer, for my old but still functional steering wheel. Corectrl. To fine tune the GPU for every each game (for AMD at least).


If you're playing through Steam, avoid gamepad mappers and just use Steam Input instead, as it'll automatically load up the appropriate profile per game and you can use community configs to jumpstart your own config. Even non-Steam games added to Steam will often have community configs if they're reasonably popular, even emulated games (use Steam ROM Manager for this).


Steam, Lutris, OBS Studio, Spotify, Kdenlive, Chrome and MangoHUD.


GZDoom! An open source modern source port for Doom and Doom-like games. The original Doom games are still a blast to play with modern mouse controls, and there are literally countless full game mods with new skins and all new levels.


Steam tinker launch is very very useful and I don't see enough people talking about it


Main: * Steam + LSI/native libs (don't forget download runtimes for EAC/Battleye) * ProtonGE/TKG * Lutris * winetricks + protontricks * Retroarch (if you use emulators) * Feral Gamemode * Gamescope * PipeWire + NoiseTorch/EasyEffects for noise suppression and 5.1/7.1/Dolby chain filters for headphones * zram/zswap + earlyoom (some unity-based games can eat all your RAM) Optional: * sc-controller * GOverlay + mangohud + vkbasalt (performance control and sharpening/shaders reshade alternative) * corectrl * Heroic launcher (if you use EGS, but lutris has integration now) * ProtonUp-Qt (for update custom wine builds) * steamtinkerlaunch * opentrack+AItrack (if you want to use headtracking in sim's/supported games with webcam) * libstrangle (FPS limiter) * Parsec (if you play to splitscreen games with friends, who share game from win-host) * ZeroTier - VPN for coop games with lan/direct ip connect * Oversteer - ir you use racing wheels Communications: * WebCord (Discord client, but better - use latest electron builds and can to screensharing on wayland sessions through pipewire) * Mumble


I'll try webcord. The audio when screen sharing still missing right?


To add onto what others are saying, here's some less obvious ones. [Steam ROM Manager](https://github.com/SteamGridDB/steam-rom-manager/releases): This allows you to neatly add all your emulated games to Steam, with nice artwork and Steam Input community configurations for easier controller support. Also means you can style on nerds by showing up as playing Breath of the Wild on PC. [Discover Overlay](https://github.com/trigg/Discover/releases): This lets you have an overlay for Discord, since Discord on Linux still has no overlay support of its own. It's a *little* janky, but being able to see who's talking and read what the people in text chat are saying is just an important part of being social online. I love being able to both play video games and hang out with friends simultaneously, so this is just about mandatory for me. [gpu-screen-recorder](https://git.dec05eba.com/gpu-screen-recorder-gtk/about/): The link is to the GUI frontend, but you can run it without it. This is basically Shadowplay for Linux, works with Nvidia GPU's with basically no performance hit. [Replay Sorcery](https://github.com/matanui159/ReplaySorcery/releases): Same as above, but works with AMD cards. Think it works with Intel integrated graphics as well but I'm not sure. No GUI here, but the config file's easy enough to figure out. Custom Kernel: I use [linux-tkg](https://github.com/Frogging-Family/linux-tkg) but there's several others like xanmod. Using a kernel that's been tweaked more for desktop usecases and gaming can somewhat improve FPS (dramatically in some games running through Wine/Proton since it can use newer features that can get rid of bottlenecks) and overall increase the responsiveness of your computer. Compiling it for your specific architecture can net some gains as well. Having a backup kernel is also just nice in general in case the more recent one shits itself for some reason. Nvidia DKMS drivers: DKMS versions of Nvidia drivers are like hte regular drivers, except they work with basically any kernel. It's generally just a good idea to use these anyways, because the vanilla drivers have a tendency to novideo you if your kernel updates before Nvidia's gotten their shit together, and Nvidia never has its shit together. Mandatory if you're using a custom kernel as they will not work with the vanilla drivers. [NoiseTorch](https://github.com/noisetorch/NoiseTorch): Creates a virtual mircophone that denoises your input - so people you're talking to in whatever microphone-using application (in-game voice chat, Discord, Steam if you're a sicko, Google Voice, whatever) won't notice your fan or keyboard or whatever else. Very easy to use, but had a security incident recently that has put people on edge - nothing malicious has been found though. [EasyEffects](https://github.com/wwmm/easyeffects): Same as above, but more complicated. It can do a *ton* more things to your microphone than just denoise, so if you're a bit more technically inclined this can get you better sound for your mic and do shit like normalize your volume (louder when you're talking quietly, quieter when you're babyraging) or even echo cancellation (though it's spotty still). [Flameshot](https://github.com/flameshot-org/flameshot/releases): Screenshot utility. It does all the shit you want a good screenshot tool to do, but it also has a sickass GUI overlay to make doing quick edits of screenshots fast (including pixelation effects). It's *really* useful for conveying information to other people, because you can very quickly write text and draw arrows to give step by step instructions *visually* to someone, so you can get them to join your Mumble server or learn the mechanics of a particular boss more easily rather than trying to explain something to them that they've never seen before. Mod managers: A ton of mod managers do have native Linux versions, and those that don't often have an AUR pkgbuild that'll get the Windows version working on Linux easily. Distro: Right now, I'm partial to recommending [Nobara](https://nobaraproject.org/) as a beginner distro, because it's basically Fedora after it's already been configured for gaming. Includes a tweaked kernel optimized for gaming, preloads some relevant gaming apps, adds some extra repos so you can actually get useful utilities, and isn't as horribly outdated as something Ubuntu-based like Pop!_OS which can cause issues if you're using recent gaming hardware. Beyond that, I just generally dislike Ubuntu for gaming (and by extension Debian would be even worse for this purpose, and Mint is fucking *abysmal* because its packages are dramatically outdated). Using a version of Flameshot from last year is just an unnecessary pain in the ass. A rolling release distro is probably more of a handful than you might want which is why I am liking the niche Nobara is filling for new users. But use what you're comfortable with, with some knowledge all distros are basically the same under the hood.


I didn't know about nobara, seems like an interesting distro.


It will either become the best gaming distro or it will make all other distros better for gaming.


Let's hope both.


Real MVP right here.


Here you are : [https://github.com/FeralInteractive/gamemode](https://github.com/FeralInteractive/gamemode)


Linux-zen kernel, Steam, Lutris, Feral’s GameMode (and 32bit lib), Discord , Discover Overlay, Noisetotch, Spotify 👍🏻👍🏻


Steam Tinker Launch rescued me from the wilderness.


Steam. That's pretty much it.


Steam Gamescope Game mode Mangohud Wine Lutris Ones I'd recommend, but not must have Bottles RetroArch GameHub Heroic Games Launcher


Firefox, nvidia proprietary drivers, Steam, and Lutris.


Piper, especially for those of you with gaming mice with high DPI and polling rates.


* steam * lutris * mangohud * vkbasalt * gamemode * protonup-qt * protonGE / WineGE


Just curious why no one uses bottles? All of your non-steam games in a single wine environment and all the native launchers?


Goverlay, Mesa-tkg-git, wine-staging-tkg-fsync-git, CoreCtrl and you know Steam and Bottles. :)


Goverlay hasn’t been working for me, popos.


Yeah any Ubuntu 22.04 based OS has failed me too. I'm on Garuda.


It might be the latest update, but mangohud and goverlay were both broken on the last version of Endeavour for me. For me at least Mangohud’s default settings show so I guess it’s good enough for now.


goverlay-git works fine for me but on mesa-git as well.


Had the same issue, [fixed it with this.](https://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/u91daj/ubuntu_2204_and_goverlay_not_running/i6c4zej?)


* Latest Linux kernel * Latest Mesa drivers,unless you are using Nvidia * Latest KDE Plasma, pretty lightweight DE with Wayland support * Latest Steam / Lutris / Heroic client


Isn't GNOME better for Wayland? I'm saying this as a KDE user


Freesync support just isn't there yet


In my experience not really. Plasma has FreeSync and the only Wayland weirdness I've (personally***) experienced is wallpapers being weird when plasma puts my screens to sleep after x amount of minutes. Other than that its pretty flawless (again, in my personal experience).


In terms of polish GNOME Wayland beats Plasma, but for Wayland + Gaming it's better to use Plasma which supports VRR.


It was, but I don't think it is anymore as KDE has catched up in my opinion and even exceeded it in some areas. I think since version 5.24 KDE Plasma has very good Wayland support and the soon to be released 5.25 will improve that even more. The only thing that I miss in Wayland support is HDR, but also no other DE has that.


Manjaro uses kernel 5.15, while fedora used 5.16 at the time i checked.


And I'm using 5.18 (Xanmod version) on Kubuntu 21.10, but I've upgraded it manually with Ubuntu Mainline Kernel Installer.


Lutris, feral gamemode, steam, steam-lsi (some games prefer different libraries). I strongly recommend a rolling release like fedora rawhide or endeavorOS for gaming (if you're up for it, Gentoo and Arch are great and super lightweight, but they can be a challenge if you're not prepared to do some research before installing them) You're gonna want X11 installed, even if your distro defaults to Wayland (especially with nvidia) because Wayland is NOT ready for gaming. Pretty sure that's all I use for gaming, I'll check my explicitly installed packages when I get home and see if there's anything else I use.


Steam, Lutris, ProtonUp for me is essential for gaming on linux and for measuring fps i use MangoHud


Some games work through Bottles that don't work through Steam or Lutris


Well, I get half of my games from GOG that is Linux native, no DRM!


If you get Steam, Steam Tinker Launcher is amazing. Easy mod manager, proton manager, reshade manager, and prefix manager




Steam Tinker Launcher, Lutris, Bottles, Wine-GE, Goverlay(VKBasalt, MangoHUD) and any gaming software in the Garuda Gamer App.


nvidia-dkms if you have a NVIDIA card


Only need dkms if you're not using the default kernel for your distro, though other than the marginal extra space it's NBD to use it instead of the normal package.


Good luck not being able to boot X after updating your kernel and forgetting to reinstall the Nvidia module It's an easy fix, but it's annoying if you're a first time Linux user


I haven't had a package manager fuck that up in *years*...but I guess I've only used Arch (btw) in that same time...is there a distro that lets you fuck this up currently?


Truer shit hasn't been typed before. TBH I forgot this was even an issue since switching to arch years ago and setting up a pacman hook to keep Nvidia current.


It's very helpful even without it, as the regular driver likes to shit itself if your kernel ever updates, which will novideo you and force you to fix the problem in a TTY, which can be literally unworkable for a new user because they can't even get to their web browser to go look up help. Plus it also opens the option to use a customized kernel, which has fairly significant gaming benefits for a number of games.


When messing around with nvidia drivers i've sometimes been left without desktop display and having to fix with tty. This has led me down an awful rabbit hole that can take hours and i've sometimes no idea how i've eventually fixed it. Is this what you're referring to and is nvidia-dkms going to save me tears and stress? Drives me nuts.


It is what I'm referring to and the DKMS drivers are pretty likely to resolve that issue for you permanently. If your fix is usually rolling back to a previous Nvidia driver version or otherwise just kinda vibing until a new driver comes out, this is probably going to sidestep that issue entirely. If you happen to be using Manjaro in particular, this is why that distro seems to shit itself randomly.




steam, wine, protontricks, steamtinkerlaunch, winetricks, vkbasalt, gamescope, mangohud


Honestly probably just Steam. Then if you like modding you will probably want Flathub.


Anything without Sigmund.




heroic, bottles, steam, gamemod, mangohud


Vulkan, Steam, Bottles, Heroic Games Launcher, ProtonUp-Qt, Lutris In this order.


Crossover, custom overlay crosshair for any game, sad that only works on gnome


just steam and functional video drivers.


* oversteer * steam * lutris * retroarch * python programming language (I have some custom full screen overlays)


* MangoHUD: benchmarking, fps capping (and logging) and monitoring * Latest kernel and Mesa drivers. Cap your fps to what your GPU can realistically achieve and look into undervolting if you have a dGPU and your thermals are affecting performance. Good framepacing is better than going from 140 fps down to 90. Set your fps cap based on demanding scenario in a game.


Proton GE, Protonup QT, Lutris, Steam, Heroic Launcher


Getting Vulkan working is the most important thing. How difficult this is is going to depend on your GPU, but it can take some effort. I haven't seen anyone mention PlayOnLinux. It's a WINE prefix manager that I like better than Lutris. When Lutris works it's fine, but it's a lot harder to manage when it doesn't or when a given game isn't supported.


Last I checked playonlinux was out of date and barely maintained. Did that change?


Beats me, I haven't heard anything like that. They had a new project which it seemed like they wanted to use as the succesor, but I didn't find it to be as capable as PlayOnLinux. They added DXVK support to PlayOnLinux some time ago and that's the last time I updated. They were slow on adding it since they were working on the new project instead, so that was just a couple of years ago. Whether or not it's now out of date, it still works fine.


Why not use bottles though?


I don't know, haven't tried it. Seems similar. I was really comparing PlayOnLinux to Lutris, but there are certainly other prefix managers.


Corectrl to OC my gpu


Also very important for VR since SteamVR (for some reason) doesn't automatically trigger the performance profile on AMD cards, leading to a significant performance drop if you haven't set a corectrl-performance-profile for it.


Steam I honestly don't bother with anything else, really. If something doesn't work there, I'll look it up.


gamescope may be useful if a game isn’t cooperating with the steam overlay and you want it (such ass Dead Cells with Steam Input), or if you want to use AMD FSR 1.0.


Steam and Bottles


Steam installed via Flatpak. Purely so as all the game files don't litter home. Blizz installed via steam. Nice and boring.


Steam - for Steam games Lutris - for all other games Gamemode - for better performance Gamescope - for proper downscaling Libstrangle - fractional FPS cap and LOD controls MangoHUD - we all know this one Reshade - tons of extra effects and color corrections Wine tricks - to calibrate dlls for Reshade and installing Vcruns OBS - to record gameplay


AMD GPU. Many small things that other will point out, but this one is the most important.


Xone DKMS for XBONE dongle. XBONE controller over RF puts bluetooth to shame


Steam, wine and preload


Lots of useful suggestions here, thanks everyone. Does anyone know if something like VoiceAttack or Voice Activated Commands (VAC) exists on Linux? I used this application on Windows to bind certain keystrokes to voice commands, which was super useful for hectic games with complicated controls. (And it also felt really satisfying to shout 'fire shield!' in certain games instead of clicking some button. :))


I just use bottles with Proton GE most times it just works OOTB.


I am going to pitch my own wares here but, after you have installed Steam, Lutris and Heroic then maybe consider [https://github.com/PhilipK/BoilR](https://github.com/PhilipK/BoilR) , [https://github.com/SteamGridDB/steam-rom-manager](https://github.com/SteamGridDB/steam-rom-manager) or [https://github.com/redromnon/HeroicBashLauncher](https://github.com/redromnon/HeroicBashLauncher) .


[xone](https://github.com/medusalix/xone) for Xbox One adapter controllers.


ds4windows on chromebook


I'm a stickler for UI consistency, so I keep all my games on [GameHub](https://github.com/tkashkin/GameHub). It's a bit more involved to get a game going there (compared to lutris install scripts) but I love that its basically portable and easy to restore after a reinstall (or copy the games and prefixes to another machine). It clumps my GOG, steam, native and emulated games all with the same tall boxart (like steam's newer library)


Just make sure all your games are supported. I wanted to put Fedora on my gaming PC. I play COD and none of the current games are supported. So it's a no-go for me. Check your must have games, see if they're supported. Linux gaming is great as long as you're willing to only play the games that are supported.




Wine, steam, proton, heroic (for epic games), nvidia-dkms, dxvk, vkd3d, mesa-git, X (I cant get wayland to work, still would use X as backup if it did work). I don't think I forgot anything that isn't basic software like linux-base, linux-firmware etc etc.


Steam, WebCord, QEMU/KVM


Tooting my own horn, but [proton-usage](https://github.com/rfvgyhn/proton-usage) to keep track of which versions of proton I'm currently using.


Steam, Lutris, Heroic, Wine, Proton, Proton-GE, ProtonUp-Qt, steamtweaklauncher, PolyMC