thats so adorable


Tiny twitchy butt ❤️ You can play with them using laser pointers too! Cute little fuzzballs 🥰 They don't live very long though ☹️


I always let the jumpers I find in my house live. They really like the top of the tv I use as a monitor. Last time it was on a 70 inch and he (Darvinicus III) strolled onto the screen. Eventually he began playing with the cursor. It was pretty awesome. I've used a laser pointer before too, but they figure it out really quick in my experience. They really are awesome lil creatures. They're so curious and have personality. I nursed darvinicus I back to health after he went motionless for days. I thought it was melting or something, but I guess not. I guess him some water. He went to it immediately and drank. It was pretty cool. He was black with a hit of red on his abdomin. As were the rest of the ones I saw outside. The following year, I noticed all the red was white now. I found it fascinating. Then I noticed a swarm of mud daubers everyday from about 1-3 or 4. Those are spider wasps for those unfamiliar. They hunt spiders, paralyze them and drag them back to a nest they've built of mud to lay eggs inside of it so when they hatch. They have fresh food still live and all. Anyhow the spiders seem to get the first 1/4 of the season, and the wasps show up, and their population dwindles. It's also the time a few seek refuge inside, and thus the darvinicycle continues. K thanks for listening to my spider story that no one I know irl would ever care about


We care bro, thanks for sharing


This is a great story. It had heros, their sidekicks (you) and villains!


Darvinicus is a great name holy shit.


Made my day man!


I also let jumpers live in my house if I find them inside. I usually just escort them to one of my many potted indoor plants and let them live there rent free. They are adorable and keep the unwanted pests at bay so they will always have a save place to live with me if they so choose. I love looking for them and so far they have continued to inhabit my plants!


I knew this, about them paralyzing spiders for their nests because I remember watching a cartoon as a kid (in the 80’s) about a spider that was sealed up inside a wasps nest to be food for when it’s eggs hatched. I have no idea what it was called and nobody else knows what I’m talking about when I bring it up but I remember it very distinctly because I was horrified for the poor spider even though I don’t like spiders.


That's cool, spiders scare the shit outta me but jumpy spiders are the only ones I don't mind, my daughter loves them and takes them outside in case the accidentally get mushed


Don't do that Laserpointer stuff, especially on dogs


I wish they didn’t trigger instant terror in me because this is really cute.


Do spiders dream of electric _______?


Nope. It needs to be burned




if you haven't before, read Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky. one of the best recent sci-fi books, basically recommended everywhere sci-fi is being discussed, and it has jumping spiders as the main characters.




the sequel is equally good, and there's a third on the way this year, arriving late November. I'll just tag u/LukesRightHandMan to give him the same info.


Thanks for the recommendation! Just put in a reservation for a digital copy with ye olde library.


It's fine if you don't like spiders. But that's *your* irrational fear, no need to push for their destruction.


It's refreshing to see comments like this shit on. The kill it with fire thing is played out. besides humans have caused the destruction of enough species.


Dude, their fangs are so small that they cant even pierce through human skin. They are literally Harmless.


Well some species can pierce skin, but even then It's smaller than a mosquito bite and not as itchy, so it's hardly an issue. And most species are too small to bite humans.


Wow that’s hilarious, you’re so super edgy and cool. That’s the most original comment I have ever heard made about a spider - did you come up with it yourself? What a unique and fresh take, you should be a comedian. Get this person in front of a crowd, guys, they’re full of exciting, new, never-heard-before jokes. Jumping spiders are literally the puppy dogs of the spider world, chill the fuck out and release the fear you have of the innocent crawling thing just because YOU are too small minded to have empathy for them.


Noo! Not the jumping spiders! They’re so cute. My best friend’s back door that I’d go to after school to see if she could play, it always had jumping spiders. I loved to play with them while I waited. They’re such cool animals




What would they dream about? And do you they actually dream?


Probably whatever they do as a species. Dogs seem to dream about running / chasing things so that’s my best guess for most or all animals.


So they dream about spinning webs at eye level and just generally ruining my day?


Yea like crawling on the back of your neck or the inside of your mouth.


I don't know whether to upvote you for making me squirm or downvote you because I hated it so much.


Even worse, up your nose.


You can blow air out of your nose. You can't do the same with your ear.


No spinning webs in this case. Probably jumping instead.


Its neither better or worse somehow




Jumping spiders are proper cute though. [Look at the fuzzy lil bugger!](https://insektenliebe.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/Springspinnen-Haltung-1.jpg)


Tbh considering how scared of them they are definitely cute enough that I'll admit they are cute. Still though, yikes.


Jumping spiders are the gateway spider for arachnophobes haha.


It does seem that way I just wish they blinked. The more I try to research the more I find simultaneously creepy things. They sleep with their eyes open, as will I now I've been googling jumping spiders.


That’s because spider eyes are completely different to our eyes. Our eyes are eye balls inside eye sockets. Those balls can rotate in the socket to look around. And to protect our eyes and clean them, on the outside of the socket there is an eyelid, which is basically just a curtain and windshield wiper in one. Spider eyes are different. They have eyes that are more on the outside of their head than inside it like we do. [Here’s a schematic drawing of one.](https://ednieuw.home.xs4all.nl/Spiders/InfoNed/maineye.jpg) Their lenses are more like a pair of glasses at the outside of their body. They have no soft tissue on the outside of their body, because they have an exoskeleton and thus they have no eyelids as well. They don’t have to protect and clean their eyes as much because every time they molt they shed all of their old skin, including the eye lens, so they have a fresh lens under that. Jumping spiders eyes seem to be a bit different though. Most spiders sit still in their webs and wait until something gets tangled in it, which they will then locate mostly by feel. So they have small eyes all around. Jumping spiders hunt by ambushing prey and jumping large distances towards them. So they have big cute eyes in the front of their face. [Also they are finally shaped for better depth perception.](https://whyevolutionistrue.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/saltie-eyes-inline1.jpg) And like you can see in this video, they can in fact move their eyes a bit. But again not like we do. They move the back of the eye inside their head to focus their vision a bit to the side. But still, no eyelids. Lots of animals don’t have eyelids though. Snakes (also hard lenses that mold), fish (constantly kept wet by the water), insects, etc. All of them have to sleep without closing their eyes.


Not eye level but hair level. You won't see them but when you walk through them, your hair will catch it and you have no idea what pieces are left.


I’m 6’5”. It’s gonna be in my eyes.


If you’re 2.03m like me, they’re all on face level or even mouth level. Sucks.


they dream about being in your pillowcase tonight




First, respect 🫡 I love your username! Second, 100% accurate. I swear to god I could be walking down the fairway of a par 5 with nothing around me taller than knee height and still feel a strand of spider silk completely cross my face.


Considering this is a jumping spider, probably just jumping about, as unlike other spider, jumping spiders don't build webs


One theory I like is that dreaming is used to by the brain to “plan” for certain scenarios. The spider is likely preparing for their next day of being a spider by mentally going through a bunch of imagined scenarios/memories


I like the idea that the spider also ruminates excessively, goes to a spider therapist on a little Webby fainting couch and talks about how it can build a FINE web but it wants to build a GREAT web!


Octopedal Compulsive Disorder


My brain loves to plan for scenarios where gravity turns off or the building im in starts swaying heavily


There might be an explanation for that too :) If you only prepare for realistic scenarios, your brain might be “overfit”, i.e. only be prepared for very specific things. Life is unpredictable, and so dreams are designed to be wacky to ensure the brain can think on its toes. Its brain toes.


I have heard this theory before. Seams the most likely


Dreaming of variations of their lives


Dreams are port holes to see into our other lives




did you know that jumping spiders can see the moon??? Maybe they dream about the sky... and delicious bugs


Wait how do we know they can see the moon? Also sorry for the late reply oop


The World Wide Web


Genius lol


They only have nightmares.


Catching flies, come on!


Longjumping, I suspect.


The wild part about this is they are *invertebrates* which means dreaming is ***much*** older than we thought.


I wonder how many spiders crawl into spiders’ mouths while they sleep


Imagine a "yo mama" joke between spiders. "Yo mama is so fat a person could eat her and be done for the night"


Literally Loling at 5:10 a.m. Thank you :)


Yo momma so big, she makes everyone's senses tingle.


Spider Spiders Georg is an outlier and should not be counted


Man that title needed some work. Punctuation or something. I've read it like 5 times and it still doesn't quite make sense.


I *think* it’s supposed to say something along the lines of “Jumping spiders discovered to experience muscle twitches and eye movements similar to the REM sleep phase associated with dreaming in humans.” It would probably read better if they changed the first line to something like “Scientists have discovered that Jumping Spiders experience…”


I read it as "jumping spiders discovered while sleeping appear to experience...". The "discovered sleeping" is what's throwing some people off.


So you are saying, Jumping spiders didnt discover that humans have same REM sleep pattern as they do?


No not at all. The Jumping Spider scientific journal is written a bit too small for me to read it though. Once they publish online or in a larger font I can tell you for sure. */s just in case*


Missed the opportunity to say publish on the **web**


*shit* you got me.


I didn't know that jumping spider can move their eyes (well, their retinas, but still).


Me neither! I have a couple jumping spider friends in and out of the house but I don’t want to frighten them by looking super close.


It's easiest to see in jumping spiders that remain fairly translucent as adults -- although of course, you then must first find them, which can be tricky since many of the translucent ones are translucent *green* for camouflage...


TIL spiders sleep.


TIL spiders can move their eyes.


It's amazing how little we know about animal cognition and how little we suppose they actually cognize. Yet we know that spiders develop memories and, evidently, experience something strikingly similar to REM. Is it totally impossible that they experience some low resolution notion of self? What is memory if it's not an "I" relating to its environment? If consciousness is present in creatures with such simple nervous systems, then consciousness is likely in anything that moves.


I try to treat all life with respect and give all of it personhood.


Same! You don't have to be a human to have a right to exist.


I agree, because I think it's very arrogant to try to separate ourselves from animals by pretending that we have some unique higher level of consciousness, when really we just lucked out in evolution with the perfect combination of intelligence, oppossable thumbs and cooperation. It's not some special, unattainable thing, especially since there's animals that likely have a level of intelligence close to us. I really really hope animal cognition is researched more heavily. Although, I don't expect much to come out of that, since we don't even really understand our own cognition.


I think we need a Kinsey style grade for intelligence, with at the top a "near sapient intelligence" which has lots of rights and protectionsakin to humans (like, no fucking eating them).


Genuine question, why no eating them? It’s always strange to me how protective people get in that regard when it’s literally natural for species to prey on each other. Not saying I like mass farming though, just to make it clear


For me the "its all natural" argument never made sense. Yes animals are force to hurt others to survive. But we humans have the capability of choice, we can feel empathy and we can figure out alternatives. For example incest, rape, canibalism, etc etc are also "natural" and widespread in nature but we dont do them (or at least try to minimise them) because we understand the pain that causes. So in that regard, I think we can avoiding inflicting more pain and suffering on species that clearly can feel it, when we have the power to do so. And ultimately it is pretty damaging for our enviroment and heath, so even ignoring the above, its just good for us specifically. Mind you this is not coming from a vegetarian/vegan or religious standpoint.


Jumping spiders are the only cute arachnids




You will be burned at the cross




REM is not specifically associated with dreaming (we can dream during all phases of sleep) but it may be important for storing memories, specifically related to space & navigation!


That's interesting af


*spiderling* 🥰


I am 31 and I’d still use one of my 3 wishes to ask for an ability to speak with animals.




I’ve been drinking and this title made perfect sense to me - I didn’t even know anything was wrong until I looked at the comments. My professional assessment is that OP had been drinking when they wrote the title. Case closed.


“Spider Dreams” would make a cool album name


Would some punctuation hurt to use?


There’s like 10 spider TILs in this post. Wow. I didn’t know spiders could “look” I thought they just had eyes like a dragonfly that were always open! I also didn’t know that spiders sleep! I figured they went dormant like some insects, but not full on sleeping! And while sleeping they (potentially) dream!? Does this prove more cognitive functionality than previously thought? Are they able to “think” and visualize things? Haha do they have aspirations of being the best spider in the woods?


Their eyes *are* always "open", but jumping spiders specifically are able to direct their vision by moving their retinas. Actually, the fact that they can't close their eyes is one of the things the scientists are interested in pursuing as part of their further research into spider sleep! In terms of cognitive functionality, we already do know that at least some jumping spiders are capable of creating mental models of paths to travel and can differentiate between one, two, and "many" (3+). Who knows what else we might discover?


That’s incredible. Hah I wonder how people will feel once we discover insects like ants have octopus/dolphin level cognition and we step on them everyday.


I guess they turn the retina in a blind spot


That’s amazing




Insects (and arachnids, and all that tiny stuff) are so different to us physically that it's wild to me they A) have what can be called a brain that B) needs to sleep and C) can apparently conjure up something that might be considered a dream.


Aaaah they have dreams . I wonder if I've ever been in ones dreams . I know a few of them have been in mine


Man, what the fuck is going on in our brains...


I never think about insects sleeping. I wonder how many I've woken up.


I hope he caught the big fly in his dreams.


Jumping spiders are the cutest arachnid ever


Do spiders dream of electric _____?




Spider-Man! Spider-Man! Does whatever a spider can!


Eye movements? Don't spiders have stationary compound eyes like all the other insects?


They do but theirs is shaped like cones and muscles in the back of their head can wiggle it around. If you look closely in the spiderling's head you can see the wiggling.


They don't have compound eyes at all. Spiders have zero to eight *simple* eyes, and *jumping* spiders are able to move their cone-shaped *retinas* to direct the gaze of their two largest eyes.


doesn't anyone else knows that's what we are reincarnating after being humans?


I would love to know more! Is there a source?


[Here's a link to the paper](https://www.pnas.org/doi/full/10.1073/pnas.2204754119).


Thanks dude!


its spidey sense is tingling


Spiders are geniuses


How did jumping spiders discover the "sleeping experience"? And what is the "sleeping experience" beyond just muscle twitches and eye movements?


Cute sleepy baby <3


Doesn’t everything dream?


just read Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky, it's awesome;-)


Sleep perchance to dream


What the hell is that title.


I wonder what slider dreams are like?


Lil babies




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what the hell. they can dream


This sub is going to make me vegan


further clues that neurology even in insects and arachnids is an Electro-chemical reaction.. and can thus be affected by electro-magnetic frequencies.. I bet a spider on an insulated speaker wire and asleep would dance mysteriously as the electrical wire impulses translated to magnetic pulses that interacted with the electrical transmissive nerves... anyone want to run an experiment on that?


THIS IS SO COOL!!! Can they choose the eyes? Do they have eye lids?


What do spiders dream about? Like how weird does theirs get? I wonder if they have that falling dream that wakes us up. Do they just shoot.put some web toncatch themselves?




Fun fact: jumping spiders only have one neuron as their brain! Yet the display the most ‘intelligence’ out of any spider


They typically have a brain size close to 100,000 neurons, actually.


Just because they move doesn’t tell us anything about their REM cycle or that they dream


It kind of does, though. REM stands for rapid eye movement. If you can see their eyes rapidly moving while sleeping, as you can in this video, it indicates REM sleep. [Take it from the experts.](https://www.wsj.com/amp/articles/do-spiders-dream-a-new-study-suggests-they-just-might-11659983047)


He doesn't want to take it from the experts.


It literally does though?


Leave everything alone. Wtf. We aren’t to study and capture and kill everything.


What a weird comment about people filming spiders


What the fuck dude he's just filming a spider. Calm down.


born a few centuries early, I think


Not studying the natural world is what leads people to fear and kill animals. People assume the worst and make up wild myths about stuff they fear and don't understand. There's a reason there's so many extinct animals who's extinction was caused by humans.