My favourite


Nowhere near the worst, Don't Nod are way better with LiS than D9. I don't think many of the fans in this subreddit deserve LiS 2 tbh. Criminally underrated just because it's a lot different to LiS 1.


No way!! Life is Strange 2 is honestly my personal favourite only because I felt more emotionally impacted and drawn into the plot and character dynamics.


LiS2 is my second favourite after LiS1. I don't get why so many people dislike it. I loved the story, characters, dialogues, choices. Most of them felt really good and in place. It was probably the least relatable to me, although a single game cannot be relatable to everyone. Personally I liked BtS the least (pls don't bully me). It seems to be the least polished and the story didn't make much sense to me in some areas. Still, I loved this game and have replayed it quite a few times.


Only tried playing BtS on my phone, the control scheme is horrible. Didn’t get but maybe fifteen minutes in. Don’t know why they didn’t offer the three control options available in LiS1 on mobile, only option is click-to-move, and you often fat-finger somewhere to walk to when attempting to inspect an object. Played LiS1 remastered on PS5 and it crashed four times at the same part of episode 5. I’ve yet to beat the game but if I had to guess there couldn’t have been but fifteen or twenty minutes left—I was >!walking a pathway revisiting good moments between Chloe and Max after Chloe rescued Max from an argument with her doppleganger in the frozen diner.!< Episode 5 had been trippy and was kind of losing me, but that part was getting me again… I’ve got a baaaaad feeling about where this is going.


definitely not lol


There is really no bad life is strange game. They are all different and amazing in their own ways


this! would love to see more of this vibe on the sub. celebrating our faves shouldn't have to mean putting down others' :)


Thanks! I just love the franchise and it changed my life. I saw the game randomly and loved it. Like I said they are all different in their own ways. like there all different characters but they all somehow have relation to each other in a way.


>I just love the franchise and it changed my life. I feel the exact same way! for super personal subjective reasons, LiS2 actually isn't my favorite. but I'd still much prefer posts where people who do love that game (and every LiS game) get to share their excitement and passion for it, and feel welcomed here. at its best fandom can connect people in a good and fun way - even if they don't have all the exact same opinions & likes - so guess I'd just like to see more of that!


Like not at all, Theres no "worst" games there, it's just people taste. This one is my favourite too


When it first released I thought it was the worst. Now it’s probably my favourite.


Not at all. I'm still playing it (it's the only one I waited to do because of the so many bad reviews he had) and I'm super happy with it so far. It's super emotional and I felt the story was interesting, even if it has its flaws. I've never cried so much with any other game in the series. Plus, from what I understand there are multiple endings that really differs from the other (not like the other games) which is super good for people like me that likes to replay the games from time to time. IMO (and again : MY opinion, and I know it's not very popular), the worst would be BtS. Yes, it's cool to see a bit of Chloe/Rachel relationship. Yes, it adds lore and develops Chloe character (and Nathan a little bit), plus, it explains why Chloe is so angry about Max and her losing contact and why she is so determined to find Rachel. But it's VERY short, has really few interactivity, the story stays the same no matter what (which is absolutely logical because it's a prequel), the dialogs almost don't change, and while it may not be true, I had the impression we were very much less free when talking to other characters than in the other games, some dubbings are... "meh", it feels rushed, and personally, I didn't like the arguing mechanic... I guess it really depend on the taste of the players ?


It’s easily the best imo it has multiple endings for more replay-ability and also the characters for the most part are alot easier to connect to i havent played the most recent one but this one makes your choices actually matter for your ending where as with lis1 you only get two endings no matter what


I’d give that to Life is Strange True Colors. It’s technically not an awful game but it lacks the innovation & ambition that Dontnod attempted to bring, as a sequel should do. It’s just bland & basic with little to no replayability. Had some interesting ideas that ultimately fell flat with the execution. LiS 2 felt like this big journey and I loved it from beginning to end. The dynamic of the two brothers were great and the introduction of a Morality system itself was the greatest mechanic implemented into the series that made choices actually matter out of all of the games. That being said it does have its flaws and i’m aware of the popular unpopular opinions of it but as a whole package looking back on it it definitely is not the worst.


I think it's the best


No, it’s my favorite LiS game


No I disagree. The first two episodes are a bit slow but from the third one becomes a wonderful game. For me, the worst of the series is True Color


I thought true colors was the best. I guess that’s cause I relate to Alex in an emotional aspect


No, TC is the worst, by far.


There is no worst for me, they were all good games in their own right, it's just that LiS so deeply resonated with me that they had no chance to match it.


I played in last year. And I loved every minute. Is it different from the first game? Yes. Is it better than the first game? I don't know. It's different in a good way. It's telling a different story and I loved it! I'm thinking back on it with very fond memories. So I can only recommened it <3


No, it is just different in story structure since it is a new location with each episode. The main character not having a power would be my only criticism, the events of episode 3 are a missed opportunity for having Sean develop one. LiS2’s release was a bit dragged out in comparison to LiS1/BTS. Square Enix also engaged in some scummy practices by locking people who did not buy the season pass out of buying it episode by episode when it released and released the physical in US/EUR/AUS with episode 5 as a DLC code. For those wondering, the Japanese physical copy has episode 5 + the latest patch on the disc on PS4 + English (need to set subtitle text as English in the options).


LiS 2 is my favourite 💙💙


It's the best one actually, what's the deal?


more like its the best


Some are better than others but personally I’ve enjoyed every game in the series to varying degrees


I don’t think there’s a worst game in this series. All the games are 10/10 or 8/10 at worst imo.


Simply NO. Some parts were bad and I didn’t like Daniel too much, but the amount of influence ur decisions have was insane in comparison to part 1. Honestly glad I played it despite bad reviews. I enjoyed it.


If we're talking storyline, mechanics, endings, etc. I'd say it's the best in the lineup. I guess it just failed to resonate with the general public / make quite the same cultural impact as the first game did.


No True Colors is the worst imo


LiS2 my favorite. LiS:TC worst game in the series


There all a little different with a big ending there all amazing pieces of art #beforethestorm bitch


I really liked it because it actually had consequences for your actions and they would influence which ending you got. The other games didn't do that... Also Captain Spirit is in it and I love him


What a weird way to say True Colors


Personally I wouldn’t say it’s “the worst”, just the least favorite.


No its the best tbh


I think BtS narrowly beats out LiS2 for being the worst game because the former had the terrible TalkBack mechanic and the final episode was just incomprehensible. LiS2 was more complex as all these little decisions you made along the way influenced Daniel’s development. That said, I never understood Sean’s rationale for going to Puerto Lobos, seemingly putting Daniel more at risk. But most important of all, Sean’s lack of powers made the game mostly a walking sim with dialogue options, meaning you have little to do in the game but comment on your surroundings or play inane mini games like trimming weed. TC, for all its sins, at least recognized the player character should have a fun mechanic (power) to balance out the walking and talking.


I think it's the best tbh


as time continues to pass this one ages the best imo. LiS1 & BTS are kinda hard to play now + im getting older. when i first played LiS1 it was amazing and it gave me amazing vibes lol but now when i play it its sorta cringe. i still love it to death but the dialogue is what makes LiS2 the best one to me.


LiS 2 is the best one


Nah, it’s nearly on par with the first game for me. Worst is easily TC ngl


Best* Also True Colors is the only one I'd say is 'bad'


It's actually the best. The worst is True Colors.


LiS 2 was not one of it’s stronger stories. Voice acting was cringeworthy at times.


For me that's a yes. Forgettable side characters unlikable main characters and a very basic plot without any real twists or turns. Doesn't really fit with the rest of the franchise either.


How is Sean's an unlikable character? Its you opinion ofc but I always thought lis fans liked him


Bland as hell. Hes just so incredibly generic. He's kind of just there. There's nothing about him that stands out or is interesting to me. Daniel is worse but Seans one characteristic is how much he cares about his brother which is not endearing when that brother behaves the way Daniel does.


Max is arguably more bland and generic than Sean is so I don’t really see your point unfortunately.


Max has never been bland the way Sean is. Max wants to be a photographer she has a goal in life. It's also a passion of hers but also a career focus. Many scenes in the game tie into this including the game's overarching villain and the themes of capturing the past. Sean has a drawing hobby. It's just sort of there. And it probably wouldn't be there at all if they didn't need SOMETHING to fill the gap that the photography collections left from S1. It doesn't tie into the story in any meaningful way or really do anything but fill that collection gap. Max is introverted to the point where it's a fatal flaw that made her stop communicating with her best friend. She gets decision paralysis to an extreme degree to the point where it manifests in her rewind power. She is paralyzed to inaction at the start of the game and it's what kicks off the game's main conflict. If Max didn't have that character flaw the game wouldn't happen. Max also has her big regret. Not contacting Chloe over that 5 year span. Sean literally starts the game as generic teenager with nothing interesting about him. Everything interesting about him is what happens around him not he himself. Max is the cause of many of the interesting things happening around her through her time travel power. Max felt like a real break from your standard protagonist in video games. Sean felt like a return to those standard protagonists. I mean feel free to disagree with me but no one has really sold me on Sean's character yet I just find it all so incredibly bland.


This sub absolutely hates negative language as far as I've seen. "Worst LiS game" is bad, "I like this one, and that one, and that other one as well" is acceptable, as long as you don't say the quiet part out loud. Mathematically these mean the same thing, so I don't really get the point here. Also, if you post about a specific game you'll get the fans of that game engaging with it. I think tumblr etiquette would do well here, where if you're expressing frustration about something you just don't tag it and maybe even censor the name of the actual thing itself, to not show up in searches for that thing.




Personally yes


I think you mean “least immaculate”, and even then, very debatable.


It's different. Just another experience. It's boys story.


you use the wrong word for saying “worst”




Other unnecessary poll idea: is OP white and class-unaware?


Not at all a bad game although I have never gotten around to finishing it. I just didn't care as much for the characters as I did For Max and Chloe and wished they had found a way to continue with their story. Perhaps with Max getting transported to an alternative universe with another Chloe


Yes, it is, though it's not even a "bad" game. This is also true if you include "Captain Spirit" in the list of games in the series.


I like all 3 games equally, yeah they are all 3 pretty different but in my opinion they were all bangers, I'm replaying true colors actually lol


In my opinion yes it's my least favorite. This is mostly because I'm not close with any of my family and much prefer the family I choose. In that regard I have a much easier time connecting to the other three


Eh, there's no worst. I just prefer it the least to the other games.


Yes. In point of fact, yes.


Why yes yes it is


Easily, it's a terrible game. Horrible pacing, super lacking character development, dearth of memorable moments (especially compared to LiS1), even the soundtrack was mid. LiS 2 totally killed the momentum of the franchise.