Replacement clamp for o11d evo?

So... I was cleaning my PC today and I made the mistake of trying to force the back panel on when it wasn't lined up properly. And the little clamp or whatever that the pin goes into popped off.

It's somewhere inside my pc but apparently it found a little coazy little spot to chill. I can't hear it when I shake it a bit. It's lost lol. I'm not worried about it but was wondering if yall know if I can buy a replacement.


As the case is reversible, you should have a few spare ones located at the bottom of the frame. You can simply take one from the bottom and place it at the top.


Omg I didn't even think of that lol. Thank you!


Want to say I came here to find this and then looked in my parts box and there's extra clips there. So thanks for recognizing these can break and including a few extra extra. <3


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