I got him just two weeks back and it was there from the beginning and after its shed today! Could it jush be his pattern? Doesn't seem to be an illness or something but I'm new to leos so asking just in case.


Welcome, new leopard gecko parent! Sounds like you have a severe case of new gecko parent syndrome. Symptoms include anxiety over every quirk of your new pet gecko and hypervigilance to anything and everything that your gecko does. Treatment includes taking a deep breath, knowing you’re doing everything you can for your leopard gecko, and enjoying the presence of your new friend! Seriously- he’s ok! Everyone’s skin has little imperfections, even reptiles. So long as it doesn’t grow in size, become red or swollen, or seem to cause pain, it’ll all be ok. Def take him in for a healthy new pet wellness exam- it never seems necessary for reptiles, but it’s good to know if you’re on the right track with your care, you can get a lot of helpful tips, and most of all -and the biggest benefit to you personally- it provides tremendous piece of mind.


Best response


I love this comment haha


Haha I don’t have a gecko but this little comment made me want one


This is so cute.


This is very sweet and adorable and relatable. No, nothing to worry about, just a nubbin that is slightly different than other nubbins. That said, nothing in this subreddit should EVER be taken as real medical advice. What I would say, is now is the right time to go have your intake visit with an exotics vet. Vent all that worry, all those questions you can’t find a single google answer to, all those things, onto a professional who will give you the same answer every time based on years of knowledge. It’s the best way to treat what the other user is rightfully calling “new Leo owner syndrome”. Just get the right answers from a pro and establish a relationship, and then any time you have a quick question you can message them about it and they’ll give you professional advice. And exotics vets can be tough to find, so getting an established relationship with one will help if you ever actually have an emergency.


“Joey, what did you think a nubbin was???” “I don’t know! You hear see something, hear a word, I thought that was what it was!”


Might just be some sort of birthmark (idk if geckos can have birthmarks)


I hope geckos can have birthmarks. Idk why that sounds so cute


All other responses valid of course, I do strongly recommend kissing it gently twice a day just to make sure. 😁💯🙏


You’re gecko is gonna be in the best care I can tell :)


Your* Not being rude just correcting you


Autocorrect you don’t need to correct me lol


Lol I had this same freakout. However LUCKY YOU THE LIL ONE LET YOU HOLD AFTER JUST 2 WEEKS! You’ll do great!


Short answer no Long answer no


I admire y’all’s attention to detail and care for y’all’s Leo’s. I get a little chuckle n smile almost every day here


You should return him and get a model without a dent in it. Look up your local lemon laws you should be covered


probably just pattern my guy had this for a little


Honestly I would monitor it and see if it grows in size? Or changes color? Or goes away? Please keep us updated hun


nah prob its gonna turn into pattern or ✨poof✨ disappear


I think it’s part of your geckos markings. Mine had an orange spot on his head when he was a baby and the. Overtime just disappeared. I’m still sad about it. Lol


I would not worry but if it helps you feel better contact a vet. My leopard gecko was shaking and stopped eating soon after getting her. After four hours I found out I was feeding her the wrong thing after being told by many people and doing a lot of research that it would be OK. Quick change of her diet, a few baths, and a lot of making her drink she ended up pooping and eating normally again!


Bro it’s a freckle


You’re buggin’


It's appear to be a spot


most likely a birth mark


Even after years of having experience with reptiles I still have nightmares. A common one is one of my guys like my male Leo Rango somehow ends up in the same tank as one of my beardies or my chameleon. I won't get into details but it gets bad and I had a few way worse. They are all healthy as can be and very happy...except Louie my chameleon...he's something else but yeah that's just how I am. Maybe it's because these guys were MY first pets and I'm 33. When I was young we would get a dog for a week and then it would disappear because my parents had no patience and this happened 4 times to me and when I was 8 my dad (stepdad) was drunk and kicked my baby German Shepard. He was in Vietnam and desert storm served 27 years but got out and was an alcoholic but he stopped drinking on his own after my mom threatened to leave him but of course when I go in the Navy they get my little sister a dog...love that little guy but he loves his momma the most and he's been with her for years now. Damn sorry for the long response here lol. My pet trauma came out I can't help it. One day I will have my own dog but my wife has 2 so they are mine I love them. Let me stop TL;DR- I have nightmares that my reptiles are in danger or being hurt and I have pet trauma from my childhood. I have definitely talked to my therapist about it. Edit: Your baby is fine. 😆






What did it say


it said "hes dying"




Alright, don't comment things like these under others posts.


I mean this is obviously a joke if you done get that then you probably shouldn’t own pets to begin with cause you dont got no sense


I know that it's a joke. It's just not a good one, and inappropriate to make when someone is concerned about the health of their gecko.


Ha lol