This has been my nearly 2 year project, started during lockdown of 2020 here in NZ. It is still a work in progress. My aim was to build an AT-TE that was fully functioning and could walk reliably and accurately as well as being an accurate and detailed display piece. I will do a seperate post when I have time showing the AT-TE walking. The AT-TE can move forwards and backwards and also features a steering system. The main drive uses a PF XL Motor attached to a single driveshaft running along the length of the walker which keep the legs synchronised with each other. The steering system is operated by a PF medium motor. It is powered by a PF rechargeable battery. One day the turret will be motorised as well. There are no custom/modified or glued parts in this MOC. Constructive criticism welcome.


Very cool build, great job! Do post a follow up & a YouTubr video + I'll gladly watch & subscribe. Good luck with your edits & future builds!!


Very excited for a video. It *looks* fantastic! Amazing job


Thank you, I cannot tell you how many hours I spent obsessing over images of the walker in order to get the angles as close as possible to the ‘real’ thing.


Well clearly those were hours well spent! Looks phenomenal!


Looks great, very cool that the steering is controlled with the centre pivot! I'd be interested to see the functional structure uncovered.


FOR THE REPUBLIC!!! Great work dude! This is amazing! You should be very proud. Did you have to sacrifice much normal interior space in it? Can it still fit at least a few clones in it?


I tried to leave the rear free for clones but Unfortunately there just wasn’t enough space. I have designed it so the battery and receiver can be removed and replaced with seats for display but I can’t fit troops in while it’s moving. There is space in the cabin for a pilot but that’s it.


Well regardless that’s still really cool!!! You should be very proud!


Nice, any inspiration from JBB\_777? https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/183525-motorized-at-te-free-instructions/


A little, I’ve studied the mechanics of that walker and it’s quite different and far more complex than mine. This video linked below is where I got inspiration for some of the mechanism. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2dqRElVaxQ4


We need video bro


Awesome work! Your 2 year project was well worth it


Incredible! Absolutely incredible! It also seems to b close to minifig scale too


Wow looks sick