Which is more accurate, White or Tan Grievous? He looks tan in Ep. 3 and Clone Wars in some scenes and White in others, plus the UCS one is White while the Buildable one is Tan and they’re both from Ep. 3

I like the white one more because of the smaller eyes which looks better in my opinion


I like the white one more because of the smaller eyes which looks better in my opinion


To me it feels like left is movie accurate and right is tv show accurate


Yep. I actually thought he looked more white in Ep3 and more tan in Clone Wars. The smaller eyes on the white fig help too.


It's one of those cases where Grievous is actually white, but the lighting in the scenes he's in makes him look tan. If you look at renders or concept art, Grievous is definitely more white than tan.


Honestly most of it is he’s probably just dirty and hasn’t had time for a shower… or an oil bath?


Or a little WD40


thats what it is. Grevious' armor plating is sort of a halfway between eggshell and bone white. the tan color he gets is from dust and dirt buildup along side yellowish light.


Didnt something similar happen with the bad batch shuttle? With the weird blue color instead of grey?


Neither colors are accurate. It is a dirty/yellowed white. Not as tan as the old one (which is accurate to the show however), and not as white as the new one. White does look better though.


I would say neither. General Grievous' armour is either made of bone or intended to look like it is - which is a colour that's pretty smack dab in the middle. The white looks way too clean though imo - I prefer the tan


In lore his species has bone masks and he’s considered a hero of their people so this is on the money. Although I can’t recall if masks are based on Grievous or if his mask is a homage to his people


the Grevious mask he wore till his death is based off of his bone mask.


That's what I was going to say. He's white-ish. But his armor is slightly translucent, so under brighter conditions it shows a more off white color.


Please fix your torsos, both are the wrong way around.


Oh dang you’re right, it’s not my image though so somewhere out there someone has two general grievous’ with backwards bodies and will never know


The white one looks specifically like the menacing version from Genndy Tartakovsky’s 2D animated Clone Wars from 2003. If he was released before RotS actually premiered it would make sense because that’s all we saw of Grievous thus far save for maybe the trailer.


That's the best Grievous


He used to be white but then the separatists left him out in the sun too long


For Lego colors he’s definitely white, cause the battle droids are tan and grievous is definitely not the same color as a battle droid. In isolation the tan version looks okay but in context with other Lego it seems way off


Technically neither are accurate to the movie because this is based on grievous's clone wars design. His head and body are different in the movie.


He is a very light tan, almost white in the movies and clone wars, so I think white is better for them. In the clone wars he's more similar to the tan one though


Well technically his first appearance was 2003 clone wars, so in that sense white is definitely more accurate


Personally, I prefer the second one. I find him more accurate based on the movie


Tan with whites eyes


Put the white one out to the sun in your window while Smoking one a week. Should be the right colour after a few weeks


Grevious will always be white in my mind


I like the white one, it's also the only one I have lol


Literally just saw the tan one and Bricks & Minifigs. It was $40…


Bricks & Minifigs inflate their prices a ton, he’s $24 on bricklink


They definitely do


Tan better


It's really an in-between color. Neither is super accurate but idk if Lego even makes a color that would be. I personally prefer the white look because he's definitely not the same color as battle droids.


Grevious is more of an off-white, but left is still closer. I think the correct option is left, but left in the sun for some yellowing.


I think white is more comic accurate and more accurate to the animated clone wars like the old cartoon one


To me, Grievous has always been like a bone white color. A mix of white and tan. Or white with a lot of weathering/dirt. Tan is more accurate to the show. White looks more accurate to the movies in terms of the design/printing, but it’s way too pristine.


Basing the design off of the original Clone Wars from 2003, Grievous is meant to be white


Technically white is more accurate, if you look at pictures of him in the Visual Dictionary, but because his armor is slightly translucent and meant to look like it's made out of bone, he often appears tan.


Tan most definitely.


I think tan suits him better.


Tan for TCW but neither for the movies since he has the wrong number of mouth lines.


Interesting no one has brought up that point




Some legends is canon I believe I can’t remember anymore




Ah fair I heard that some of the legends books where considered canon by Disney it’s been a while




I don’t remember I just remember hearing that some books were considered canon by Disney and some fans where not happy cuz there were some series of books where one or two where canon but the rest were not I believe u can look it up


Learning about lighting affecting colors in 3... 2...


What UCS Grievous?


I like the right due to nostalgia from the lego star wars the clone wars game


The white is too white and the tan is too tan


Depends on how new his armor is. It was shown that he fixes himself often so darker would be more towards episode 3 since he probably didn’t get too beat up towards the end of the war


https://ideas.lego.com/projects/4daf2cfe-314a-4fb2-8cf0-5900f97ebff4?fbclid=PAAaZpYK5cNQ4gCRNHEtvq--l7wrOttjek8ibkvXVR4EUdwCYXebwgbz9okAE# please vote its free


First Appearance Grievous is white, so that is the correct answer.


Leave the white one in the sun for a while and he’ll be accurate


what UCS set is he in?


He WAS the UCS set, 10186


[10186-1: General Grievous](https://brickset.com/sets/10186-1) [[Photo]](https://images.brickset.com/sets/images/10186-1.jpg)


Before and after going on holiday


I preferred the old general grievous body with the 4 clips built into it but much prefer the new head and legs, tan though for sure


What UCS grievous?


I find the tan one to look more accurate overall


He is white in ROTS and 2003 CW. The Utapau lighting makes him look tan. BTW. I made a [concept art of white updated Grievous minifigure](https://www.flickr.com/photos/pkmovies92/7983570623) about 11 years ago, long before they made their own. I believe that It was seen by someone working at TLG.