You can sue him ins small claims court.


Thanks, I figured that'd be the way to go. How long of him dodging my attempts to pick up my gear should I wait before pursuing that option?


No longer. Registered letter of demand, then file.


Send a letter, wait 2 weeks, then sue.


Used merchandise is always final sale, and is considered to be as-is and without warranty. The only exception to that is if you make a warranty or misrepresent a known fact. For example, if you know the wheel is square and you say there are two round wheels. If you provided a legitimate safety inspection and the buyer had an opportunity to inspect the bike and review or question the safety, then accepted the bike, then the deal is done. I'm presuming they took the bike for a test ride as well, but even if they didn't, there's not much relevance there. A lowering kit won't make a bike fall over. I would NOT say anything that hints that you'll review his guy's report or take any of that into consideration. What I would do is say that regardless of whether he is getting someone else to look at the bike, you still need that stuff back, and you want to arrange a time and place that you can collect it. Get him to specify a couple of dates that would work for him. If he's unwilling to work with you on that, you'll have to file legal action to get your property returned or receive the value of the property. And of course legal action would result in more costs for him. Note this is NOT a criminal matter, so don't bother calling the police. He didn't steal the property, and while it may be argued he's holding it unlawfully, this would be a low police priority.


Thanks for the advice!


Sue him. Caveat Emptor for him, small claims for you.