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NAL, but I am not sure I understand your question. If you want him to have unrestricted rights, but want to force him to give photo credit... would it not be possible to grant him the copyright with a contract condition that he loses that copyright and it reverts to the photographer if he fails to give credit? And a contract term that allows your wife to use it for portfolio purposes (but not billboards, or active advertisements, etc. if that is what the client is intending). You have not sufficiently explained the intent of the client (does he want to restrict her use of the photos, or only ensure he has full use of them as well as her?) Nor have you sufficiently explained the wife's desire as it pertains to her retention of the copyright. Without this, it is hard to give language.


Creative commons attribute (CC-A) would be suitable.


Can that be granted to a single person? vice the normal public copyright license?


The client doesn’t really care what my wife does with the photos. I suppose the publisher might but I don’t think so. The client just wants “free and clear title” (my quotes not his) to use the photos that he’s buying without any problems from his publisher or agent. Wife just wants the option of being able to use them in the future.


Does she care if other people want to use it? Like if he were to post it online and someone else posts them online elsewhere etc. ​ As another poster said, there's the option of Creative Commons License... but since I'm NAL, I am not certain if doing that would be able to be limited just to the client, or if it would be more wide-reaching.