It does seem high. Your negotiation is probably to ask they lower it or we all vacate which probably isn’t worth it for you if he calls your bluff.


NAL, but a lot will depend upon the exact terms of your lease - look there first. If the lease has no discussion of an assignment fee, ask the landlord where he is deriving the fee from in the lease agreement (unless the landlord is a complete s#[email protected], in which case talking to him will just cause issues, but you asked about negotiating with the landlord so I assume you have a decent relationship). If his answer doesn't point to language that is clearly applicable, you can definitely negotiate - especially if the language is about having someone take over mid-lease, which is not this situation. If nothing in the lease discusses this fee, you are not obligated to pay anything legally (in practice, pissing of your landlord by going with 0 instead of negotiating may be deleterious to your relationship - thats a personal decision). ​ NY also has a lot of renter-protection laws and forbids various things from being in leases/renters agreements... I have no idea if this type of fee is disallowed, but a google (or a lawyer) may provide more info.


Thank you! The lease states "Tenant understands that this Lease prohibits the assignment or sublet of said Lease without the prior written consent of the Landlord. Prospective tenants must go through the same credit check and lease preparation process as the original Tenant. There should be an assignment fee of at least $1,000, if not more, depending on the circumstances of the assignment and the period remaining to be assigned. All assignment and subletting shall require at least one additional month's security deposit. Tenant shall be responsible for all reasonable attorneys' fees landlord incurs, for the preparation of legal correspondence for any assignments and sublets. Tenant shall also be responsible for all new lease preparation attorney's fee incurred by the Landlord due to sublet or assignment." I thought this fee only referred to breaking the lease and a new tenant moving in mid-lease... not sure how to interpret this though. When we originally moved in they did not charge us any application or credit check fees. Also, when we asked the landlord in an email she said "If it is only renewal with no change in tenant, there will be no charge. Since one is moving out and the other tenant is moving in with different guarantor, I have to review the application and prepare the assignment of lease from one to another. In the lease agreement, there will be a $1000 fee for the lease assignment. I only charge $600 because there are one person assigned to another."