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The bad news is if the device doesn’t turn back on, you’ve lost that device. The good news is, your crypto isn’t stored on the Ledger device, it’s stored on the blockchain and your Ledger is just a way to interface with it. You’ll be able to buy a new Ledger device and after restoring from your seed phrase you’ll be back as if nothing ever happened! Your “seed phrase” is that long list of random words Ledger will have given you when you set the device up. *GIVE THEM TO NOBODY, NOT EVEN A “SUPPORT REPRESENTATIVE” - I REPEAT GIVE THEM TO NOBODY.*


EVERYBODY read this 10 times.




Seriously, if you don't know this BASIC knowledge, you should not have a cold wallet.




It’s changed it’s name to Secret Recovery Phrase… no longer Seed Phrase.


It has? Maybe Ledger uses that, but the standard term is seed. 24 words to be clear, or 24+passphrase even better.


MetaMask changed the name. They are sort of the god app. [Seed to Secret Recover Phrase](https://twitter.com/metamask/status/1393342053489250310?s=21)


funny, what Hubris


Great… but we are trying to educate people to stay safe. Using the word “seed” was deemed to be NOT safe. Your crypto do what you like but I personally try to educate people. Sometimes it’s hard because people are stuck in old ways.


how do we get 24+ passphrase?


Just be very careful about using the 25th word. Ledger also warn users that it’s an advanced practice and needs to be treated with caution.


Note that it is called bip39 passphrase, and it should not be a word: https://www.reddit.com/r/ledgerwallet/comments/kw5chn/learn\_more\_about\_the\_bip39\_passphrase\_sometimes/


Ah thanks for digging this out. It explains it great. I just couldn’t be bothered trying to preach it every time. I’ve now saved the link.




IMO, BIP-39 or BIP-44 should dictate this, a single device using these protocols can call it what they want but not rename it. BIP-39, which introduced seed phrases, refers to it as “mnemonic code or mnemonic sentence”. BIP-44 expanded on BIP-39/32 and allowed one seed to be used for a variety of coins/accounts and refers to it as master node and master seed. Not that it matters, just making conversation. It’s just semantics .


>BIP-44 expanded on BIP-39/32 and allowed one seed to be used for a variety of coins/accounts and refers to it as master node and master seed. True, but I believe that the master seed in the 512-bit value that is derived from the bip39 mnemonic phrase and the optional bip39 passphrase. The bip39 mnemonic phrase only defines the bip39 entropy (e.g. a 24-word mnemonic phrase defines a 256-bit entropy value).


You can call it seed phrase, BIP39 seed phrase, recovery phrase, bip39 mnemonic, it's the same. Usually 12 or 24 words from a predefined 2048-word list. BIP39 allows other numbers of words, but 12 and 24 are the most often used.


Won't stop ppl sending it to India in the blink of an eye.


I never said it would… but let’s educate people that it’s “SECRET”


Those people who give their passphrase away need twice the time to understand the meaning of that word then to type it into their keyboard. So it doesn't matter. You could call it 'THIS IS YOUR MONEY' and they still would send it to any random internet stranger.


Dang. Mine always said "give me your seed" and I was enjoying the dirty talk.


hello, this is ledger_support_6327, how may we help you today ser? kindly, we will need to verify your 24 word seed at ledgersupport.thisisnotascam.com


Maybe its a good idea to destroy damaged ledger just in case? Not just throw it away…


If i d have a reddit rewards, i would give It to You


I've heard of money laundering, but this is ridiculous!


This guy gets Reddit.




Worst case is you buy a new one and reset it with your seed. Your crypto is not lost


Restore* not reset




No, best case is they don’t have to buy a new one. Worst case is they have to buy a new one.




They don’t mention that so I would say that isn’t an issue. In the case of what they have mentioned, buying a new ledger is still worst case scenario




Fair enough. Lol


> this person could actually have not written down the seed Well that would be idiotic, and completely deserving of disaster




Well at least better than in the parenting forums...


Disassemble it, take a hair dryer. Then get isopropanol aka 2 Propanol (maybe your pharmacy has it) give it a short bath in it, shake it a bit and then take it out, let it dry.


If the device was fully powered off then maybe it's salvageable if fully dried


That's ok if something just got wet with water. But here was also soap involved, it is better to get rid of it.


Take it apart and wash it with some distilled water and a soft brush.


Please don’t temper with the hardware it might get flagged as not being genuine and stop working with ledger’s software. Just let it dry naturally don turn it on for a long long time


Bad advice. If you let it dry naturally, you risk corrosion. Rice is also pretty bad for drying things!


Silica gel packets work way better than rice... put it in a sealed mason jar with some silica packets for a week, if it doesn't work buy a new ledger and restore


The only reason why you put it in rice is so the Chinese will come at night and repair the device. That's a saying/joke in the mobile repair industry. Rice doesn't do anything and if the device worked after putting it in rice, it wasn't the rice


Everyone’s heard it a dozen times. It’s racist and not funny.


And people still throw their stuff in rice.


?? Sure but I’m talking about the joke and not the reason why it works most times.


Buy a new one and restore it with 24 words seed.


If you have rice and your seed that's a recipe for success. I'll see myself out....


Let it fully dry before turning it back on, maybe clean with isopropyl if you know how to do it.


Damn man.....sorry, shit!!!


I hope you don’t get cleaned out.


S or X? Different scenarios for either if submerged.


Do you wash your laptop also with the clothes?


I did this same thing. Wait a few days then try again by plugging usb in


you can get a new device. sees phrase for the win man. it’ll be ok 👍🏾


As long as you have seed phase you are good


Sir, you are hereby reported to the IRS for money laundering. At this point, you should dispose of the unit and obtain a new one...and stop the washing operations.


Analog tumbling of dirty dark market coins. Creative 👍




Your backup is your Secret Recovery Phrase not another device.


I hope he didn't put his Seed Phrase in the wash as well. To be honest, u/ZodiacManiac is right. If all options fail and the Ledger doesn't turn on, you will need to get another Ledger and use the Seed Phrase to activate it. I might be wrong but I think you can use MetaMask and put your Seed Phrase in that and recover the crypto. I would research this and see if this is possible.


Yes you can use 24 word Secret Recovery Phrases in MetaMask. If you do punch in one generated via a Ledger you take the risk of compromising it.. that’s all.


A guy I worked with had a similar issue, he didn't have rice but rice a roni and it was cooked rice a roni. He still put his cell phone in the container with the rice a roni for the next day. He took the phone out and amazingly it work, but he could only make calls to San Francisco.


Crypto laundry. Damn it happened!


You did write down your 24 word seed right?


Oh man! I know the scammers have already DMd you saying all will be fine iF yOu vAlIdAtE yOuR wAlLeT. Ignore them.


Boating accident. Inside the washer lol


Most probably your clean nano would work again. I had put my tab's memory card and sim into the washing machine a few years back. Could retrieve it from the drainage outlet! Still it had all the data intact. 😂 Op please update on what happened finally. We need to know if we can wash it sometimes. 😉


So this is what they mean by ‘washing your money’ 😆


In the oven at 200⁰ for 15 mins


You can even Use a vacuum to try to suck most of the poison out!


Look for your cryptos in the drain P-trap of your washing machine :)


Note: Since your cryptos are not stored in your ledger, your ledger itself does not have much value (besides the $60 or so you paid for it). So there is no point in carrying on you, in your pocket, all the times. You can just leave it in your drawer or even on your desk. It's just like a garage-door opener, and as long as it has a strong PIN (preferably 8-digits, and random-looking), and as long as you do not write the PIN anywhere on or near the ledger, there is virtually no risk of your cryptos getting stolen even if someone gets access to your ledger.


Exactly… buy a new one. You should have a spare one anyway… to activate if you do lose or drive over your existing one.


There is no notion of "activating" a ledger (unless you mean "set-up" i.e. entering your seed phrase in them?). In this case, if you have multiple ledger, you can set them up together, with the same seed phrase in each of them. You can use a ledger anytime to access your cryptos, if it has your seed phrase in it. So you can enter your seed phrase in multiple ledgers, and use the ledger closest to you when you need one. Like having multiple key copies to your door. You don't need to wait until you lose or break a key, to get your other copy cut. You can just have several keys already pre-cut... like several ledger set-up with your seed.


Secret Recovery Phrase you mean 😉 I know … I still have the original Nano from 2014 🤪


LOL yes! :) I also have one with no screen (HW-1) that supports only legacy BTC.


This sub doesn't take kindly to money laundering.


It depends if u used Tide pods


Rice. Cover it in rice for at least 24 hours. I don’t know what it is but make sure it’s off to. If it’s not off already it’s too late


Get some rice, put it a bowl completely covered leave it there for at least 24 hours. DO NOT TURN IT ON before the 24 hours.