Nothing bad to expect besides power cuts. For 4 days, you need 200 USD max for yourself if you're staying at your Uncle's place but I'd just bring 1000 USD for emergencies. Ask your relatives if they need medication, you can secure it in the states as a lot of brands are currently not available in Lebanon. Keep in mind that gas is like 20 USD or 700,000LBP per 20 liters and inflation is through the roof. Bring cash and exchange that at exchangers, not your bank. Your family would know anw. Good luck and hope your uncle has a speedy recovery.


Thanks for the advice! Do you know if I will be able to use USD everywhere or should I exchange?


You can use USD anywhere but you'll lose money that way as they won't give you the best rate. For instance they'll say our rate is 27000 at this establishment when the real rate is like 28500. Better to just visit an exchanger and exchange what you want to spend then use the local currency to buy stuff.


you should be asking your family how much they need $/medications etc ... not on reddit!


I don’t completely agree with you why would you have to take them money maybe a $100-$200 not more and medications I agree because certain medications are not available in Lebanon.




If it was an ungrateful family member as you seem to be most definitely!


Your probably one of those people that believe in America money grows on trees lol.


Bring 150000 USD


yes and please wear big shiny chain. i will be waiting for you outside the airport i am taxi i give you good rate please trust me i am very trustworthy honest person guy


I mean your username is all truth, I'd trust u


Just expect every single problem that could come across you , you'll pay a LOT of your money , and try (just try) to stay positive for ur uncle , he'll need ur smile . Trust me you can be positive even in lebanon.


Expect the worse this way you won't be disappointed.


Not much you can really do or expect in four days other than the experience of power outages and the horrible driving lol.