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Hi, Taekwondo black belt here! A lot of other people have jumped in on this one and they're mostly right. I recommend what u/triamasp has said about checking out martial arts like Taekwondo for kicking form. A few things I'd point out here: first is the placement of her arm on her hip. Really, that arm should be further in front of her chest or perhaps lower in front of her body for balance and a stable guard. [Secondly, the standing foot should almost be facing backwards.](https://www.taekwondonation.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/kickinggirl12-1024x683.jpg) When kicking with a side kick, what gives it some force and additional lift is a sort of pivot in the standing leg as you kick out - it helps with stability and driving action! Lastly, unless she is performing some sort of demonstration, she really should have her eyes on her target - coming from experience, foot-eye co-ordination is a thing, and if you want to hit a target or perform a nice clean, accurate side kick at that height, she'll want to have her head tilted a little more upwards. Hope this helps, keep drawing!


Gesture is a little off. a lot of emphasis was put into making her look overly sexy, and not enough on the pose actually being a martial arts movement, and it shows. A more dynamic, stylised silhouette would help worlds, and stuff like making the leg being fully stretched instead of slightly bent would sell a kick much better. Its always a good idea to look for real photos of actual athletes performing, say, a tae kwon do kick, and use that as reference.


No if she kicks like this she would fall


That’s not how a butt looks. It looks like breast implants. One butt cheek would be stretched and kinda gathered around the hip area. The other one would be weight bearing so it would be kinda squeezing in at the sides.


The top arm is placed in a weird spot and also seems disproportionately tiny, but also it looks like it was placed there because you weren't sure how to connect the hip to the waist and hid the line behind the arm. If I had to redraw this, I would add a bit more mass to the arms and have the top arm up in a "blocking" position. Some people are saying the center of balance looks off but I think it's actually fine, since when kicking like this you tend to have to lean back a lot to keep the force of the kick from tipping you forwards.


I don’t think a kick is what this is a depiction of


I’ll tell ya what it’s a good depiction of


I feel like her center of balance seems off. Shouldn’t her torso lean closer to her upper leg? Or she should use her arm as a counterweight, or both. The upper leg also seems out of alignment with the butt, like it’s rotated in an unnatural way. Based on the butt, it seems like I’m looking at the back of her leg but I should really be seeing the side view. If you flip it to the side and view it as if she is doing a split, the bottom leg looks mostly right (that butt cheek needs a bit of adjustment though) but the upper legs looks really off. Alternatively you could keep the legs the same but need to adjust butt and torso so it makes sense. See https://t4.ftcdn.net/jpg/03/23/72/01/360_F_323720128_noT8QCo2tbGBRC8cAasdSUzFrBh492vn.jpg


Something about the thigh muscles seems off, but still a pretty good drawing. I guess when you draw this pose more often you‘ll eventually get the small things right as well;)


That’s a pretty damn good depiction of a Thick my friend.


Besides all the anatomical descripancies already pointed out I would like to mention the hair. If the person has just moved into such a position the hair would be sort of flying outward instead of hugging the body. Now of course she could have just stood there and raised her leg into the kick position in which case the hair is as it would be but if you actually show the hair flying out it would imply movement without actually showing any movement, if that was what you wanted to show.


Look up "Pose Reference High Kick" or whatever other pose you are drawing, and then use reference every single time you do a figure, or else all this work goes into something that ultimately turns out wrong in the end.


Butts don't look like that when a person kicks. I suggest standing in front of a mirror and watching what happens to the muscles in your butt when you raise your leg.


No offense but i think they were just horny........ This is a joke


The position of the head is wrong, if you would kick with your head like this you would completely loose your Balance. It's easiest to Balance if you look straight forward and your head is within a straight line from your Spine. That's also unrealistic because you need to keep track of what's happening but it should be a lot closer to this "ideal" Position. Also the standing foot should be Tilted outwards. The whole upper body is a little bit to upright, this is a kick, not a ballet move. Her butt is a muscle that would definitely be clenched in this situation. Her arms would be in front of her body, not behind it. At last, her kicking leg would be a little bit more tilted inwards. This is not my opinion as an artist, but as Somebody who does Karate for a really long time. As an artist, this looks really dope already. Also as a tip, for reference watch videos of people doing Katas for realistic fighting moves. Katas are supposed to contain the most ideal/functional version of fighting moves. In real combat, it's rare that you can pull of a perfect version and movies are designed to look good and not to be effective.


Thanks for the input. It is much appreciated.


I like your art style! how long have you been drawing for?


I‘d say she’s looking in the wrong direction. Wouldn’t you turn your eyes to the point you want to kick?


I feel like the butt should have some definition of muscles, esp since she’s muscular everywhere else. Even bubble butts pucker when they clench


Maybe turn the floor foot more out? But nice buns. Lol


it looks off because you've never seen someone maintain balance with arms this close to the body. Only one who do this are figure skaters when they spin, but here there is no indication she is spinning so lower arm should be "dangling loosely" under her body and higher arm should be clenched and pointed towards the knee. Watch old Van Damme movie, screencaps, you will see what a balanced body ni mid kick looks like.


Actually bad advice. When it comes to kicks at least in karate you keep your arm where they are, effectively being ready to block or punch,nothing dangling loosely. No flopping about, arms tight to the chest, the arm on the side of the kicking leg slightly extended (less tucked in). The idea is immediately after the kick (in practice kicks are hard to pull of in combat, unless you are extremely skilled) you are ready to follow up the kick, and it's easy to grab a flopping arm and take control of the person. What van Damme did was massively exaggerate his movements, so that it looks better in movies and to be able to maintain that pose for longer, in combat that not necessary and in fact a liability. In terms of balance the upper body would be more horizontal to keep the balance on the leg on the ground. An exception to this is a back kick, due to the range of movement of the joints.


whatever, judokid. You spin your arm can't be stiff, for balance reasons. google spin kick watch a video pause at any point you wont see rigid arms. For the same reason lots of animal use a flexible "loose" appendage (their tail) to balance themselves, same reason when someone is about to fall they swing their arms and believe no one lock their should and elbow to regain balance, same reason tight rope walkers arent walking stiff as a board. If you spin, you got to counter balance. that is it.


Dude stop with the insults. Have you ever delivered a kick? You don't spin, you twist unless you are doing acrobatics.


Dont need to have had kicked to have studied and drawn kicks. I know how to draw kicks that looks good and realistic, because I hae studied video, pictures and reproduced them hundreds of times. Not looking for the powerful frontal kick here. Seen those videos of korean doing fly-by back flip kicks and break these little planks... who cares about if its 70% acrobatic. It looks good. And at its essence ins't it what people try to achieve when they draw?


Depends on what you are going for. If you go for realism it's a disservice. Artistic liberty, and other kinds of breaking rules need to happen only after you have at least understood the rules. Try focusing on the abs, the torsion between the hips and torso and see how a picture becomes much more dynamic. What differentiates great art is it's ability to convey something profoundly meaningful. Looking good is a tool to express what you want the image to express, not understanding realism will be crippling your ability to do so. With skill you should be able to make anything look good.


As far ad I know the karate kick you mentioned is the one that goes straight forth where as the one depicted in the painting seems to involve spinning of the lower body part. You will have to spin your arms to the opposite direction to cancel out as much momentum.


This applies to all of them, except the back kick (the one where you kick straight back, kind of like a horse or donkey). Your arm movement will do next to nothing during a kick simply due to the difference in mass. You take control of the kick by twisting your torso/abdominal muscles (twists rather than crunches), effectively using your body like a spring and tensing up only for short periods of time. The trick is use use your momentum as much as you can, rather than purely brute force. Having your body twist allows you to use the tension (flexibility rather than pure muscle tension) for a faster movement. This applies to both starting and reversing the momentum, tense up to build the energy and release to start the movement (in this case the leg moves on release), when you need to stop you start twisting in the opposite direction to stop the the leg and to the second twist to cansel out the tension keeping your leg mid air (without the second twist the leg will snap back into standing position, allowing you to stand on both legs and move recovering from the kick). Try to take notice of how you snap your fingers. You build up the tension of your middle finger, stopping it with your thumb. Once you move the thumb all of the tension gets released resulting in a very fast movement of the middle finger, hitting your palm and producing the snapping sound. The spinning of the arms is theatrics, since most people will not know what to look for in a kick, and the ab movements are small and not really visible, hence bad for movies. Hopefully this makes sense. I will be happy to expand and explain if needed.


Thank you for narrowing it down for me. This is kinda what I meant I guess


Glad to help. One thing I forgot: there are two types of balance. Static for when you are not in motion (standing) and dynamic when you are in motion (keeping balance when riding a bike). During a kick you need your leg to follow a certain path not stay still, so you don't need to keep 100% balance in all directions, just not loose it completely.


Good point. I'll have to go back and look at that.


Sorry no constructive criticism or feedback other than God damn...that ass


her arms are somewhat off. If you look at photos of people this flexible, they still use their arms as a counterbalance. You've drawn her arms in a way that looks like she's holding tension like a punch, yet all the energy is supposed to go into the legs for the kick. This has the effect of flattening the motion and making it not look dynamic.


It actually depends. In karate your supposed to keep your arms close to yourself and still in blocking position when you kick.


agree, but OP didn't draw them in blocking, they are more down by her hips. If OP wants to keep them bent, then they should draw them a little higher. Still a pretty neat illustration though


Your insight is much appreciated. I'll Google some references, next time.


It's close but there's definitely something off where the top leg meets the hip.




Actually yes, I suppose she technically would be doing something of a split with the chosen angle.