The closest thing to [email protected]'s full PBE coverage is the https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/VPBE page on the wiki. It is regularly updated by https://twitter.com/Spideraxe30 and a few other wiki editors and has both upcoming cosmetics as well as balance changes & bugfixes listed. The balance changes & bug fixes are datamined by u/FrankTheBoxMonster for the most part, who has just started posting them here to this subreddit as well.


What does the V stand for?


"Version", it's a carryover from when Riot's patches were named something like "v1.0.0.124". Granted, it does not make for the most intuitive or searchable page name. I don't think it was meant to be, but I wasn't editing the wiki back when the page was created so I am lacking context. Maybe we should reconsider the name/link in case we decide that we want it to become a more staple source to the community.


I wouldn't have been able to help myself from answering with "V stands for violence" to that question. As a side note, I love reading your comments about bugs and other stuff related to league.


Violence, Viscious, to name a few


The end of an era :/


Forreal nothing can truly replace surrender at 20


Time to create ffat15.com


no skin news but patch updates should be regular in league sub itself from now on. : https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/zlbfiv/pbe\_datamine\_2022\_december\_13\_1223b\_and\_131/


Patches have always been regular here tho?


This is different. These are pbe changes meaning coming to live soon.


PBE changes are usually on reddit somewhere


They’re all links of [email protected]


No, usually they’re twitter screenshots.


I'm assuming you're talking about Spideraxe's tweets, but those are quite rare and don't cover every PBE change like surrender did


Ok? When did I even say that reddit posts where a reliable source. Go read my other comments on this post. All I’m saying is twitter screenshots are usually posted on reddit. Somewhere.


Usually they were compiled through Spideraxe's twitter, who himself got them from FrankTheBoxMonster in recent months. The posts directly from him should be a bit faster and less prone to missing any changes.


Just to prevent misinformation but aznbeat and moobeat are not divorcing https://twitter.com/Aznbeat/status/1601577459279093760?t=oujmhvanvWoUIThUcmroPA&s=19


motherfucker i never was this relieved about two complete strangers not divorcing


Account's deleted and still no updates from Moobeats twitter or the website. RIP.


Lol I was also doing some investigating, sad. [email protected] was one of my favorite websites. RIP




Because it's not worth their time anymore. If both of them have found better things to do, they have no responsibility to keep working on the site, nor do they owe us an explanation if they don't want to give one.


How tf would we know


Wait [email protected] is gone for good?? That’s like the first link I open on my PC every day for league news :( I was wondering why they hadn’t posted in like a month.


me too! ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|cry)


Sadge ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|cry)




https://twitter.com/SkinSpotlights - skins https://twitter.com/RiotPhroxzon - PBE balance


I feel like there is not a huge demand for sites like surrender anymore. Skin info is pretty public well ahead of patches and you tube is the best resource for seeing what skins look like as soon as we can get at them. Patch/PBE info is a much more open thing than it was years ago also.


I still find my self reflexively checking [email protected] even today. I so wish there was a single place for all patch info that was easier to see at a glance.


absolutely disagree. what use are random twitter posts or youtube videos if I cant find them? [email protected] offered a great overview of things happening and offered it in a very digestible format. having everything in one easy to access place is key


I find it crazy that some people are arguing with you on the value of having everything on 1 feed. Some people like to follow multiple twitters, youtube channels, and check reddit for new posts to get all their info. And some like to wait an hour to get ALL of it organized on a single feed. There's no point to contend with.


^This. [email protected] basically took all the info out of twitter, rioters, PBE, Skin Spotlights, etc. and presented it so you can have all the info in a few scrolls and max 5 minutes of reading. The "alternative" they are presenting is basically doing all of this on your own every time you want some information, which is slower for obvious reasons. Also, sites like twitter are absolutely terrible for this kind of information. Both the image and character limit are insuficient to post everything on one tweet so you have to scroll through multiple tweets on the same thread with a lot of useless information and twitter adds getting mixed in the middle. And don't even get me talking about the YT "informational" videos with clickbait titles ("this NEW ITEM is COMPLETELY BROKEN?!?!") , 1 minute of information presented in 10 minutes and such.


You can find them here on this sub for instance. I haven’t used [email protected] since 2017.


But the post will be visible for a day or two which in itself is not convenient


I agree. I only check this subreddit every 2-3 days and if it's not one of the top posts, I will miss it. I barely caught the recent myth/lunar empress reveals. I missed the prestige version reveals entirely and wouldn't have even known.


I feel like skins highlights are pretty easy to find ao theyre around longer than a day, while daily pbe balance updates only apply to people who care enough about league to check daily anyway


Nahhhh not gonna lie I don't care enough about league to check PBE patch notes daily anymore, but there's been a few times recently where having historical data of PBE patch changes was really helpful when someone brings up certain changes. God even the recent announcement of Lux changes that spideraxe announced for 23b, I would've expected to hit PBE first but I literally could not find any details on it. Maybe there just wasn't any, but I can't imagine it skipped PBE? But that lack of assurance that [email protected] had all PBE changes documented really kills the ability for someone to have historical accuracy on what has been changed. EDIT: We end up reliant on Wiki for all changes, but the Wiki doesn't house PBE changes that didn't make it to LIVE which makes historical accuracy difficult when trying to understand Riot's changes.


Just go back to the link?


Reddit is hardly a neat convenient way to find info. It’s filled with so many posts everyday.


Exactly. And Twitter is even worse..nothing compares to a site like surrenderat20


Personally never had any issues seeing new skins and patch notes on here. I guess the only things I miss out on are specific emotes or icons but those are just usually matching what skins are coming out at the time. Really just watching hot every other Tuesday is usually guaranteed to have patch notes, or PBE Skin previews.


Not all of us have the time to monitor the sub. I maybe check it once a week. The fact that Riot depends on 3rd party sources to centralize their own game development and release schedule is insane


He said to check it once every 2 weeks and you complain that you can maybe check it once a week? What


[email protected] aggregated changes in PBE before they go live. There isn't an easy way to track and test planned changes. I can read the patch notes that isn't what I meant.


I am well aware of what they did. Your response still makes no sense.


There is no one else that aggregated the PBE changes to test what do you mean it doesn't make sense. Use your brain.


There's nothign right now that matches [email protected] in terms of being able to see everything easily on one page at any given point in the cycle. On the subreddit, you still need to manually search out each post if you weren't here within the first few days, and it's much harder to see changes in the context of other changes for the same reason. In the end it means a little work for individual users which is fair, it's not like [email protected]'s caretakers are responsible for our convenience, but saying that using the sub and [email protected] when it was still active is the same is just false.


"i can't find them" dude, skin spotlights always post the new skins, sub to the channel and use your sub feed like a functional humanbeing. you want balance changes? they are posted to this sub every single time and so are the skins.


[email protected]'s value was in aggregating everything. It wasn't just skins. It was PBE balance changes. It was Rioter posts. All in one place.


Not everyone wants a video. I loved the static images of the skins + the chroma stuff. I think there technically *is* a twitter that does some of that but iirc it has a ton of other content I don't care about that makes it hard to sort through (and I honestly don't really like twitter anyway).


> Not everyone wants a video. its a video game, this isn't a card game.




if you're going to refuse to go to the source and just hope it gets given to you by an algorithm, you're the problem, not the algorithm. don't complain that something isn't getting promoted as much as you think it should if you're not willing to go directly to the source to get what you want.


I'm not going to try to explain this further than it has already been to you, just wanted to make sure you understood that you're nuts


For wanting a video of video game content and not static images? That's fucking insane you're right, the algorithms win.


Not everyone wants a video. its a game, this isn't a movie.


What about new Emotes and Icons


who cares?


Yes but it’s nice to have all that info organised in one place so you don’t have to look for it.


Yeah, even more since there are not many unannounced changes in the middle of PBE patches, so there's no need to be constantly updated if you just frequent league Reddit, Twitter, or Youtube. Skins changes are announced by rioters themself in skins feedback posts, and balance changes rarely vary from what rioters announce.


Riot very much cut out the middle man by using twitter to announce changes.


I think Surrender just failed to adapt and was content to continue in its archaic presentation until it died off.


And there is a lot of info posted directly from rioters of twitter and reddit regarding future changes.


I feel like gleefuly cheering for further centralisation of the internet and the march towards complete 'app gardenisation' will only come back to bite us in the end.


I think the demand was there. They just stopped working on it. I know I used it and so did my friends.


I tried to get in contact to maybe take over the site and continue as much as possible, but I never got an answer. But if the site leaves a void someone will fill it.


I don't think you're gonna get a response, given what has happened, but nevertheless, good luck.


I'm ootl what happened?


Author has personal problems in his marriage and mental health.


Their marriage is fine: Just to prevent misinformation but aznbeat and moobeat are not divorcing https://twitter.com/Aznbeat/status/1601577459279093760?t=oujmhvanvWoUIThUcmroPA&s=19


He was talking crisis tho before right?


The couple running the site have marriage problems. Guy seems very depressed about everything, girl seems very bitter about everything and then some.


> Their marriage is fine: > Just to prevent misinformation but aznbeat and moobeat are not divorcing > https://twitter.com/Aznbeat/status/1601577459279093760?t=oujmhvanvWoUIThUcmroPA&s=19


Oh thanks for the correction. I had only seen the initial post and never seen any followups.


I mean they arent working it anymore, so they arent going to then turnaround and work to sell it lol Edit: Yall are missing my point. Im not saying its wise to not sell it. Im saying they said their marraige is almost over, she runs the website, they are having health issues, etc. Selling their website to some random internet DM is not high on their to do list. Especially when, if a divorce is happeneing, they will have tons of papeeprwork to go through etc depending on who the website is under. Its more than just "I want to sell" and have some random person take over. Those things take time, paperwork, often courts, etc. Its a business at the end of the day. Expecting them to respond to a random stranger on the internet is weird


Not selling it is a huge mistake if they are just gonna abandon it in any case.


Its pretty normal to hand off a community site if you are no longer interested in maintaining it


They seem like they just want to wash their hands of everything completely. Maybe logic or cooler emotions will prevail at some point but seems very unlikely.




But why would they need to feel responsible for bringing information to users? It's their site. They are free to do as they please with it.


I think he's talking about their (financial) responsibility to themselves, not to users. [email protected] was their livelihood for many years, so they could have tried to sell it for at least something.




You are totally right! Sorry for that.


So what about when they don't have to work to sell it when a buyer approaches them?


I was actually suggesting creating content and do the work for now without a huge share, which I hoped would help them out with money a bit and create some free time. Yes, the plan would be to take over if they don't mind after some time but leaving it dead is just a waste.


The domain name is up for grabs in mid 2023 apparently


The domain sure, not the business


So time consumes another victim... Just like lolking and the sites, no king rules forever.




Only real alternatives are Spideraxe’s twitter and lol wiki (search up VPBE on the site)


What happened?


Creators dont feel like running the site anymore. Pretty simple really


Is it down for good or only temporary, I check that site pretty much everyday, it’s very useful.


For good.


What I'm confused about is where do people find PBE patch notes?


I still have Surrender at 20 saved on my bookmarks :( hope it comes back.


Reddit is a pretty good alternative I must say.


Such a bizarre situation. This site was getting a ton of traffic and I’m sure was bringing in decent $ from advertising.


Its not bizarre at all. Some people have issues in their life. Its as simple as that


In this and any other situation where a heavily used but underfunded site or tool goes away, I always like to sit back with a bucket of popcorn and wait until people realize there were signs upon signs that failure was imminent, but everyone was too busy being consumer whores to realize something needed to be done to help. Its too late folks. Damage is done. Should have supported them when you were using the site. Nothing in life is free. Let this be a lesson the next time you're using a website, tool, community, database, or whatever else that doesn't cost you anything. Find the donate button and click it. If they don't have one, contact the community moderators or the tool developer or whoever else is in charge and ask how you can donate to support. Online and in life, you should always expect to pay for services, and be forward about giving that support even if it isn't being asked for. I don't know why this is always so surprising to people. I laugh every time.


I think the issue was personal private issues tho? This site was making plenty of money. Probably atleast a 100k profit a year for a low effort website.


> This site was making plenty of money. Probably atleast a 100k profit a year for a low effort website. and you know this how?


Based on the basic info we have. It might even be much more. But it wont be less.


Spideraxe on Twitter or some other users on popular platforms i can't think of rn


Nooooooooooooooooooo 😭😭😭


In case you speak German you can try Summonersinn. Maybe you can use it with page translator as well


Warding here (want a new site too).


MattylovesGaming on youtube is op


Oh boy are you gonna love league yt


Oh god no


Why no? Constant updates on everything league




Ryscu, rival, skinspotlight, necrit, Remus. Terty. Probably more but the algorithm will help you find others


try surrendering at 25 then


LS does a patch review every patch with skins as well. So there’s that


Just follow Big Bad Bear on twitter, same thing but faster.


Oh man. As someone who has bought literally 0 skins and never heard of this website before because i never cared to really even look at skins. I thought the ability to surrender at 20 minutes in game wasnt working and you were asking for a way to end a game without getting a ban or some penalties. Brilliant


Very useful comment


I mean fair enough i guess. But not every comment on a post or even this particular thread is answering a posts question. They are comments. Peoples thoughts feelings and opinions. I found it funny so i left a comment for anyone who could relate. But my bad. No fun allowed...


Who the tf is going to relate to your comment. You just sound dumb.


I had never heard of "surrender at 20" as a website before? So my brain went to the actual surrender at 20 vote in game. Figured i couldnt be the only. But alrighty, guess im dumb ¯_(ツ)_/¯.


you're not, reddit is just full of kids who rush to downvote as soon as they see a comment with 0 or -1. nothing wrong about your comment, except maybe the fact that you seem to think it's skins only which is incorrect


Yeah. Thats what i chalked it up to aswell. I make comments for the sake of discussion and interacting with people. If i get 1000 upvotes then cool. Or 1000 downvotes then also cool. As long as conversation was to be had... polite conversation anyway. And yeah i knew nothing of the site other then what i peiced together from the other comments. So i just assumed and went with it. That part was actually my bad though. Should never assume. All it does is "make an ass of u and me" as my dad always used to say


Wait what happened to the site?


I'm down to surrender at 20


Hopefully this does not count as advertising but I like watching this YT channel for news the videos are bite-sized and go to the point : https://www.youtube.com/@Ryscu


Wait why is it down? What happened?


what happened to surrender at 20? there hasnt been any update for a long time


I may start a service of my own but I'd need extra time on my hands (which I may get by the end of this year) + a PBE account, maybe. I'd love to take on a project like this, for the whe community, but I don't have the full experience of running a website yet.