You should check out r/summonerschool and ask discrete questions there that you encounter while playing. To get the basic hang of playing the game, play a dozen or few dozen of bot games (coop-vs-ai) as long as you find fun in practicing that way. You'll probably encounter plenty of things you are curious about and can ask more veteraned players. Another tip is to find players at your level or slightly above your level to play with and learn with/from. League is a team game and a lot more fun with premade groups of any size.


Yes, this game can be really bad for new players ​ But no worries, worst case you can type "/mute all" and then chat won't show you anything. There's also the possibility to mute pings and/or emotes from anyone if that happens, too. ​ I'd just hop in if I were you. Try out different champions. See what feels good to you. If you die, try to understand what happened why. ​ Like your first hundred games or so are just for the very, very basics anyway. Anyone expecting stuff from you and flaming you is not worth your time and attention. But most of all: Have fun!


Aaaaaaah thank you so much!!! I've been wanting to try it for a while but was always too scared but now I'm ready to jump in ^ ^


Also ARAM is super fun to try out champs and learn team fighting. Its low stakes, quicker games, where everyone is in the same lane always fighting


At the beginning of every game just hit enter then type /all mute all The rest will come over time


Seriously, do this every time. /Mute all is ESSENTIAL. I came into league with friends teaching me and learned that when you're playing with random people, players will just be mean. There is nothing of value you're missing having chat on. Turn it off and give yourself the space to be good. Other than that, general tip is to watch a bit of league content - definitely recommend Ross Boomsocks for some fun, lighthearted videos. Get a feel for the macro. You'll miss minions and that's fine. If you can get a feel for how games flow you're already way ahead of anyone else new. For example, it's sometimes non-intuitive but when you kill someone early, you probably want to go back to the nexus to spend your money instead of staying at low hp to greed for money/tower plates. Definitely not a hard rule, but as a new player get in your head that "money doesn't exist until you spend it." If you're the same level as someone and you both have two items but you have been farming and have 3,000 gold, you aren't any stronger than they are until you spend it. Things like that will come with time. Just don't leave chat on lol


Also league can be a struggle as a newbie. I only stuck with it because I had friends who played, but don't beat yourself up if it's not a good fit for you. I ended up not loving the community in normals, so now mostly just play Aram or rotating/seasonal game modes for fun


Thanks for all the advice !!! Yeah I definitely won't dare to leave chat open then-


there is a way better option to do that then, google lol persistent setting check how to do it then load into practice tool mute chat in settings leave practice tool and setup the persistent settings; that way youll always have chat muted without doing anything, i highly reccomend it :)


You have to be selfish to play lol. You are in the game to improve, and sometimes you will lose games and sometimes it will be your fault. As long as you aren't griefing, your teammates have no right to complain. If they are better, they shouldn't be matched with you. When I started, I picked a solid champ that was considered mechanically not super hard and played 100 games with them. Then switched to another role and champ and played 100 games with them. Making my goal to complete 100 games took the pressure off of winning and have me enough experience that I was bumping up against the limitations of how a player in my ELO could play. The other tip I would give is don't be scared to go aggressive and make plays even if you end up losing lane a lot. You will never get good if you never learn to go aggro. You need to not feed though, learning to lane against a stronger champ and still get cs without feeding deaths is a skill.


Only 5% of posts on this reddit are useful


For your mentall health and real life relationships. Pls dont start this game. I played it for far to long. Never got banned, but I witnessed so much ingame hate... it was just time consuming and frustating. The lore is well written and interesting.


mute all will help a lot; start with easy champions (Annie, Garen, Yi) and learn the game mechanics.


Just so you know you can play against bots as well (called coop vs ai when picking your mode). You can play against bots as long as you feel comfortable, but they do have tendency’s so try not to get accustomed to just that, but bot games are a great way to start learning. When you feel like you want to move on from games against bots and play normals and start getting smashed in lane and not having fun, you can learn the “PvP” part of the game in a game mode called ARAM (all random all mid) where everyone gets a random champion and it’s on a different map that’s just one lane and all 5 players from each team just fight each other on it. It’s a great way to learn to dodge, how to teamfight, and learn new champs, but not a good way to learn how to cs (kill minions), or trade in lane. For learning to cs when you make it that far, I suggest going in training mode and just practice getting every single cs against no one, not even enemy ai. Then you can transition into learning to farm again ai while making trades in lane as well, and then at that point after all those ai games, training games, and arams you will probably start feeling comfortable in normal games against other humans. Just be aware there will be times where you face Smurfs and just get hard smashed, just know it’s ok, it happens to everyone, and begin learning again the next game. Good luck!


You're way too sweet, thanks for all your advice!!! I'll get started with bots then at first, bc playing against people is pretty scary imo The only game where I do that is in Osu (rhythm/aim game)... hopefully my confidence from that can transfer some time soon


Go into settings: Make chat window as small as possible, make the mini map as big as possible, and turn on quick cast with range indicators. Stop playing when you aren't having fun. GL.


Play to have fun, start in Intro Bots, no one will care how you play. Once you get to a point where that feels comfortable and you’re fucking those bots up, go to beginner bots. Try different champions, roles, etc and see what you like. Once you’re ready go to normals, if you get flamed just mute and be thankful you’re not as miserable as those fuckers. If you match with someone cool go ask to queue up and get buddies to play and learn with, that’s the most enjoyable way to play the game


Check out /r/summonerschool


Best tip you're going to get. Always. Play. With. Friends. Seriously. Always. Don't play by yourself. Play with friends. Have fun, learn at your own pace, ask all kinds of questions, and don't be afraid to experiment. Find something that makes you enjoy the game. Saying to do all these mechanical or playstyle things, or adjust settings this, watch that, listen to those people. Garbage. Just play with your friends and have fun.


Like others have said, use /mute all (or at least you first 10-20 games with real players if you still want to chat. If you don’t duo with anyone and play alone, after that amount of games the system will know you’re a beginner and place you with real beginner players and not toxic jackass who created new accounts). If you do duo with someone more experienced, you will play vs similar experienced players, just a heads up. Watch this comprehensive guide, very good for newbies https://youtu.be/u9JdENUoGik Try every champion to find what playstyle you like and what champion you like!


I'm a visual learner so in my first year of league I watched people play a lot. They know more than me so it's a no brainer to do this. Then I could apply what they did in the game with good reasons. There's a lot of informative and entertaining channels out there so stick to one you like. Dm me if you want to play.


Have fun. Learn how to use attack move and champions only button and learn especially how to farm efficiently. Finally, don't let trolls ruin your experience, they will shit talk you but just know they are noobs too so ignore them and you do you.


Unless you are playing Jungle it's not that bad. I would still mute all regardless. Most of the meaningful communication happens with pings anyway.


I know that it's a difficult thing to achieve but... Play with your friends, not your friends that have been playing for a while, but your friends that are new to the game and wanna try it too, If I didn't do it that way back then I wouldn't be playing today it helped me a lot and as we played together we have some laughs winned some and losed anothers but since we were all new and we got matched with new players and we had a fun time, playing with your higher mmr friends will make you only lose without knowing even why and people in your team that aren't your premade will get angry at you and throw games just because you are bad and screw your mmr probably. Also like others have pointed, this game is notorious for people having a very big ego, it's never their fault and always others so mute them and if you see some funny words report them too. And always remember that playing bad is not a reportable offense but being a dick is. Also play simple champs at the beggining, I recomend mundo/malphite for the toplane, amumu/rammus for the jungle, annie/lux for midlane, sona/soraka/blitzcranck for support, and ashe/jinx for adc, but if you want to try something more complex do it, champs that look cool and suits you are the best thing to play.


I’d recommend that you spend a good amount of time in aram on howling abyss so you can expose yourself to a bunch of different champs and what they do and when you find a class of champs you really vibe with do some research on their role in summoners rift. Youtube guides on league are generally fairly helpful but there is A LOT of information. If you can pickup chess you can pickup league.


Buy a really nice skin on a scary champ like Katarina, Darius, or Jhin. Other noobs will think you are a smurf who lost their other account or something lol.