There were like 20 players with "covid" yesterday so either the people making the testing had COVID and contaminated the tests or RIOT decided to cover it up.


Or they had really poor quality test kits and got a load of false positives.


Or just got a load of false negatives and said fuck it


Could even be something as laughable as everyone misunderstanding how to read the results. Either way I'm curious what tests they used.


That seems really unlikely, that all the players + staff all managed to misread these tests. I'm sure some of these players had COVID before and saw what a positive test looks like too




Wait, which Covid test kit was designed like that? Arent most of them made with true positive thought in mind at the cost of false positive also high? Better be safe than sorry kinda mentality?


Yeah that's how the kits are designed. The other user is just being a typical redditor lol




They are possible but I'm not an expert so I don't know how the tests work and how false positives occur.


Honestly sounds like some sort of contamination in the tests. I guess one possible scenario is the testers not properly disinfecting between tests.


If it is a pcr Test, the method could be top sensitive. The way they work is that they are running test cycles to provide evidence (ct-value). Some labs stop at 30 cycles since COVID isnt considered infectious anymore at this point. Others test 40 cycles so you could be negative until 30 but positive at 35


While the idea that Riot would purchase/rent a PCR machine (along with buffer, primer, nucleotides, etc) solely for this event is amusing, chances are they just used lateral flow tests instead. *Significantly* cheaper, takes *significantly* less time, and serves the exact same purpose from the perspective of Riot and the teams.


Well dont know about US but in Austria/Vienna we get pcr test kits at every corner, to take the probe at home. Then we take them to the next supermarket who collects all probes and brings them to a lab. Result within 24 hours per mail. Or special test stations with results within 3 hours. The whole process has become so convinient, it doesnt even cost much, I totally forgot that this may not be the case in other countries, sorry for my ignorance


Well, looks Like Riot indeed organizes PCR test. Not to flex I was right, but good to know that they do PCR https://twitter.com/RomainBigeard/status/1579869055439470598?t=_xB-jY5odldkp8I8XtPPMQ&s=19


That's it! The cure for covid, just go to NA or Mexico for 24h ! Nice find rito!


So overnight a bunch of players who tested positive are now testing negative? Yeah ok.


ever tested yourself? you can get a positive test, the next one is negative and the third is positive again


It is a0.1%chance 30 people have fake negative. There was a similar controversy in football with liverpool


Yes, I've tested myself multiple times. No, that has never happened to me. If you want you can find the % chance of failure. Then find how many players tested positive yesterday (it was a bunch) and it should be fairly easy to see how all of those tests failing for a bunch of people one day and *zero* failing the very next is extraordinarily improbable.


Unless Riot themselves provided the tests and they were all from the same bad batch somehow, but that’s also highly improbable, if even possible


This is why riot replaced the highly subjective testing kits with the ol' reliable "are you feeling sick? No? K go ahead" questionaire for competitive integrity


Haven’t been following really, is it possible they tested positive towards the end of things with it not being caught earlier?




Antigen tests can still read positive up to 90 days(?) after recovering from Covid i think. Feel free to correct me if im wrong