Haven’t seen anyone mention alistar. At level 16 he becomes 4x as tanky for 7 seconds with his ultimate (75% damage reduction). He also has cc on every other ability.


Yes, but if it's a typical alistar support. He doesn't get to lvl 16 basically ever.


True. But the post specifies max tankiness late game


Lol, you play him wrong then, secret is to let your adc die for that sweet solo xp and farm.


I’ve been saying it for years!


That's on them. After lvl 3 and moby boots im speeding to the crabs or wherever my jgl wants to go to hit q-w on their jgl and make his/her life miserable. Or its life if it's a master yi player


People gonna say Ornn but maokai with fimbulvinter + mythic + spirit visage is actually immortal even against gw


IF he has blue buff. Mao's real HP bar is his mana bar lol


Boy am I glad they introduced Fimbulwinter. Imagine how useless Maokai top would be without that item.


Currently, he will normally kill anyone before running out of mana. His W deals a ton of damage now, so if you try to 1v1 him. He is going to ping pong you around and burn you to death with Q+Sunfire+Demonic. That said, of the big tanks, he has the hardest time with 2 autoattackers focusing him down.


>His W deals a ton of damage now You mean the Q. W does shit dmg.


He can't kill sustain fighters who build bork from my experience. I played a custom game with my friend and we 1v1'd at full build Maokai (FH + thornmail, demonic sunfire, tried with fimbul / gargoyle final item) vs BotRK Irelia and I basically couldn't get any lasting damage on him. Despite me dodging 90% of the stuns with sidestep and W, I would actually just lose by getting slowly auto'd to death and eventually running out of mana while he undoes all the damage through Thornmail antiheal. And yes, I was kiting and playing around abilities and passive cooldowns. Even without fimbul draining my mana, I still ran out before the fight ended.


I like watching the panic rise in the other top laner while fighting you as a Maokai mid game as they realize more and more that you are out healing their damage as their health bar ticks away


Yeah totally you can feel that around level 7 or 8 when you have enough points in q how desperate they get. In most of my match ups I build tear first or as first base item when it's one of the harder matchups where you need dorans shield


I usually play first few levels extra safe, not spamming my spells. Once you hit sunfire you just W onto someone and watch how surprised they are


Do you know aizolol? He is the only Maokai Youtuber I know. Give a look at his second to last video where a new guide to Maokai is online, he has a spreadsheet online with most to every matchup you can have at top. Helps really good for a few quick tips


Please tell this to the Maokais in my ARAMs who STILL think you have to go full AP even after his recent tank buff / AP nerf


ARAM players are still building lethality Yi...


Aram players still don’t let their Allies life steal before big fights.


Yeah I was gonna say this too. The effective hp he gets from the amount of passive procs makes him so much more tankier than everyone else, even ornn. Zac too in aoe setting Plus Mao has his W which can be used to dodge so much damage


Had the pleaseure of playing against this abomination in Spellbook **with Cho'Gath ult as extra and Yuumi as a babysitter.** Literally our entire team with full anti tank items and grievous wounds would've needed at least a full minute to kill them.


Until a Fiora 4 weakspot explodes him. Or a Vayne bursts him down. Or a Yi slashes him into smiterings. Or Bel'Veth slashes him to death. Or a Viego pierces him to death. Or any number of people who have high attack speed with BotrK. HP Tanks are shit in the current meta.


>Until a Fiora 4 weakspot explodes him. Or a Vayne bursts him down. these 2 destroy every tank. HP tank or Armor/MR, doesnt matter. You are better off having heals and shields against these 2.


*these 2 destroy everything


Full Armor Rammus can still kill a Vayne.


I've actually managed to beat a fiora as mao. Given I outplayed her early to get ahead I still managed to beat her after her buying sunderer and even botk irc. Sustain tanks do fairly well against fiora, also full tank voli, pre durability patch, could atleast think about fighting her in midgame. So yes I can only aggree.


Honestly Vayne is easy to counter, her whole shtick is being a tank explorer, but my patented ARAM build is here to help, I think I have a 90% WR against Vaynes with this. You go Frozen Heart Anathmas Frostfire, and Vayn literally can't do anything. She effectively only has her true damage and it takes her forever to proc her passive between the bouncy house every 3 seconds and auto attack slow, you out heal her passive procs. Anathmas Chains in convinced is actually one of the more broken items in the game right now, very useful in its scenario, and frozen heart is the premier Vayne counter.


Sion and Cho'Gath have infinite scaling, so assuming a massive amount of time, then it's them But Ornn gets insanely tanky naturally. 10% Bonus MR+ARM+HP from all sources plus a further increase of 4% for each Masterwork upgrade where you nearly double Frostfire's resists (or just a bonus 15 for Aegis) combined with all the items you want are like, full tank items? plus runes? Holy shit this man gets CRAZY tanky


Ornn gets high stats, but he also has no sustain or shielding. He can be harder to burst, but in extended fights champions like Sion or Maokai can be tankier because they'll get off shields/heals multiple times.


Shen beats Ornn in the extended 1v1s as well. Shields+Ornn being weak to %hp damage. Personally I think Maokai is by far the tankiest champ if he gets his items. Maokai survival against a lot of compositions is gated only by his mana.


Shen beats a lot (all?) of tanks due to his %hp damage though. He would suck if he lost even those matchups.


> He would suck if he lost even those matchups. My man wins almost all 1v1s on top. Wtf do you mean even those matchups


He's only got [10 losing matchups](https://u.gg/lol/champions/shen/counter) in the entire game, most of them with very few games played, and nearly all of his hard counters would never ever be first picked top (people don't play Vayne/Quinn/Gnar/Illaoi, his only sub-48% matchups, blind). Meaning if the enemy top picks first, it's pretty much always safe to lock Shen and smash em. Champ's nuts.


Last I checked he wins the early levels then loses lane against most champs. Gold at 15 he’s frequently down or at best even. But he still wins the game because his ult is so good.


He lose lane most time post 6 because he has to ult to other lanes and having no ult to 1v1 is harder to win in higher ranks but doesn't matter, his ult still so good that can propel other lanes


As a Shen player, He'll win early laning phase most of the time ​ Even if you lose your lane, you can adjust your build for max shields for your teammates to retain your usefulness. After a long time feeling helpless as an adc, i welcome this change of pace


Only way to beat shen is to massively skill gap him


“People don’t play Illaoi blind” you underestimate my stupidity 😎


Thats not how game winrate works. Shen has a high game winrate vs these champs because of his insane utility. Shen is simply more useful than a lot of toplane champs in the later stages of a game. Game winrate doesn‘t mean lane winrate at all. Yes, shen has good matchups and the first 3 levels shen is insanly strong. But once most champs hit level 6, they‘ll beat him 1v1. But we also have to say that looking at his lane stats only is a bad thing. If you look at his gold diff at 14, he‘s only ahead vs. 3 champs. But most of the time he probably loses a shitton of gold by ulting his feeding adc, meanwhile enemy top does top things and gets the whole tower in those 40 seconds till he‘s back in lane.


Fucking reddit analysis at its peak lmao, game winrate is not even close to the same thing as who Shen beats in sidelane


matchup winrate doen'st really translate to 1v1 fight strength


Some of those champions are actual counters to Shen but are hard to play so they have low winrates. Shending Help bans/used to ban Aatrox as an example, saying the matchup is really hard, but if you go by pure stats you won’t see that. Winrate has not been a good metric to measure these things. Similarly, Shen wins pre-6 but as you ult and surrender waves/plates/xp, his wincon becomes more utility rather than killing his laner 1v1. Again, Shen players used to, and still does sometimes, build Redemption (nerfed now) just to keep their carry alive because that is what is gameplay revolves around after a while. He will start losing against top laners, and he does, but his winrate is not measure of his 1v1 capabilities but of his impact and utility. You are talking as if he goes 9/0 every game when he falls off hard as ults trickle in and he starts being at a deficit at the sake of getting other lanes ahead.


Including off-meta picks, he has far more counters than that. Like the heimerdinger top matchup, it is genuinely unwinnable.


He wins level 1-5 quite hard vs basically every champ, but he will start losing post 6 unless he's gotten a solo kill or 2 already. Not having a combat ultimate really hurts his 1v1 against champions he beats quite handily prior (basically every melee)


Champ needs a nerf for a while now lol


The anti-aa field really fucked with the trynd and nasus counter picks


Shush, don't expose our boy Shen. I beat Camille with Shen so hard the other day she added me to flame me for picking Shen. I legit did nothing, just timed Q-W correctly.


But that's part of what I'm saying, a pure stat tank is beaten pretty handily by %hp sources when they don't have heals and shields, and thus aren't all that tanky relative to champs who have constantly refreshing shields and heals.


It is not that much damage since it is magic damage, also in order to beat some tanks you just trade with grasp and one q like tahm kench or mundo, you cannot beat those just like that, if you go start attacking them they will win


Maokai - compared to other tanks - is fairly susceptible to burst.


He can avoid a lot of burst with W invulnerability.


It's actually untargetability so he still takes DoT damage that was applied beforehand like ignite and Liandries


gauntlet fimbulwinter outside of arams when


Sunfire/Frostfire, Fimbulwinter, Frozen Heart, Spirit Visage should be the default Maokai build if that's what you're talking about


For real. Especially after his update, if an ADC isn't with your team, it's very easy to underestimate how strong he can 1vX.


True damage+%HP skirmishers like Yi are probably the bigger issue, Lethality adcs or flat damage adcs can't really pose a huge threat and there's only a few ADCs who really shred ultra high hp tanks.


Yeah the Shen vs Ornn matchup is fun, how you have to block his w autoattack and have better movement around walls, after level 6 though Ornn can win because he gets a combat ultimate and not just that, Shen can leave lane with R and the Ornn builds items and destroys your turret with demolish


When talking about tanks with sustainability you shouldn't forget Tahm Kench. The fish has ruined more than enough games for me


Poppy also is an insane late game tank with her passive shield.


Poppy is more of an midgame tank/bruiser, she falls off in lategame. Yeah she is good, yeah she is tanky. But when you compare her to boys like Maokai or Shen you feel the difference. Especially Maokai, Maokai us nuts with the changes. I main all three of this champs, just my feeling


Also Mao is one of the best scaling tanks and his P is great in teamfights. If there are a lot of ability spammers and he use his W well he is insanely tanky. In the end it comes a lot down to how much DPS the enemy team have and if they can take you down in X seconds. When Sion gets a 2nd shield off after already 2-3 people on each side died, he can very likely get a 3rd off and last very long. If he dies before the 2nd he didnt soak up that much. Same for Shen. The more P shields he can get off the better and the longer he lasts the more he can get off. Pure stat wise Ornn. Endless games Sion and Cho. Short time power Rammus. 1v1? Tahm. But durability in realistic situations? Likely Shen or Mao (or Sion).


Came here looking for the maokai mention. Not getting any free defensive stats like the others sure hurts, but the sustain can be so much better in many situations. Maokai W is also an INSANE spell for a tank.


Honorable mention: Rammus.


1100 armor Rammus was very fun to play into as a 4 ADC ARAM yesterday


I would also have said Sion or Cho when it comes to pure tankiness.


Wrong aatrox is the best tank, he solos any tank and any team while having 15 health bars while ulted


That champ is the reason I hate this durability patch. The fact that they made grievous so dogshit just sucks.


Aatrox can be burst down and he must land damaging spells to heal. Its not like he lacks counterplay. He is a drain tank which is totally different than a regular tank


>Sion and Cho'Gath have infinite scaling, so assuming a massive amount of time, then it's them no, because %hp damage will eat them up all the same blade/liandry/demonic/divine will do the job


Think that's just how it works with any tank since %hp is specifically anti-tank


Not truly. Other tanks are tanky due to their healing (zac), shielding, or %dmg mitigation (Alistair, ww) Especially the last category is more resistant to the %hp problem In fact one of the best counters to that is to get tankiness via items like steraks/gargoyle or solari


Best item against %dmg (except true dmg) is Anathema's Chains, then Gargoyle's


not for resist tanks. if leona was able to actually build tank shed be basically immune to any non-true damage, as her W has 100% uptime lategame and grants absolutely stupid amount of both resists


Those 4 items can have their effectiveness reduced by armor and MR. Divine and Blade are Physical damage, Liandry Demonic are Magic. Divine's only ignores armor if you're vs Camille as for god knows what reason her Q2 converts Divine to true damage.


What about Malph?


Not even close compared to Ornn.


Into all AD team it is rammus without any contest. 1400+ armor


If you go by that, malphite can reach over 2000 Armor.


Malphite's bonus armor only lasts as long as his passive shield which can't come back up in combat. Rammus' W uptime will be way higher. The only thing Malphite really has over Rammus in the tankiness department is his AS slow.


It’s also worth mentioning that while Rammus might have less armor, his W with Thornmail in the late game is genuinely absurd. The best I’ve done was a Spellbook game where I hit 55k damage on thornmail alone, I don’t think Malphite can even get close to that on all of his items put together. This is on top of rammus generally being a better cc champion as well. Once he gets thornmail and sunfire into an all ad team, Rammus just wins.




His shield only triples the bonus. You still have a lot of bonus armor


" only triples " bruh. That's a LOT of armor you're missing out on.


Doesn't his damage scale off Armor as well


Yup, his E and W both scale their damage with armor


Yeah, I should've specified the extra bonus armor. I still think the normal bonus isn't enough to make him overall tankier than Rammus.


The problem here is, beyond a certain point it really is not feasible. If I remember correctly, 800 Armor is something like 87% reduction, and 2000 is 92% or so. So Ornn would still be tankier, even against a full AD team, since he has much more health while still being able to reach incredible high Armor stats. Also we haven't even talken about sustain potential yet. So "who is the tankiest" is extremely dependant on what type of team you face. If they are 5 Burst Assassins then surely Zilean is the tankiest. (Overexeggeration but you get my point)


>The only thing Malphite really has over Rammus in the tankiness department is his AS slow. Can't really compare them since attack speed slows on Rammus are not good.


Rammus also deals an actual fuckton of damage


I mean Rammus' Armor steroid is higher than Malphites so that doesn't really matter.


Rammus can reach 3000+ ar


cool, what if I told you Rammus can hit 3.6k armor and 1k MR @ 5 items? https://youtu.be/styjkBRmhTE?t=25


Also the one who can most easily tank towers in late mid to late game.


If we're assuming max late game then cho and sion will be tankiest. If we're talking 40-50 min then ornn and malphite due to to their abilities giving them % armor/mr


>If we're assuming max late game then cho and sion will be tankiest. %hp damage will always be %hp damage, though, so it depends on your definition of what makes a tank tanky. If it's just stats then you might have a case for those 4 champs but out of the 4 only Sion has any reliable sustain in fights. If you're including in-fight sustain(heals and shields) it changes things. Out of those 3 champs Sion is the only one with a shield that can be refreshed in combat, and Cho is the only one with any healing. Maokai will out tank all 4 with full items. Then you can also make a case for Shen, Tahm Kench, and maybe Mundo, with their low cooldown shields and healing.


Ornn, with all 5 Ornnaments granted, he gains 30% bonus HP, Armor, and MR


I thought it just increase his bonuses? Still tanky asf regardless


Yeah, only bonus stats, not base stats. So around half as powerful. Still very strong. But against anti tank tools you still take Mao or Shen or Sion with sustain and shields as these arent counting towards % max HP. Fiora or Vayne shred Ornn still. If you have a BC bruiser and an ADC with LDR and full items (Slayer and IE) they will still take down Ornn decently fast.


Ornnaments was the winner here, gold worthy if I had it


I didn't even come up with it, the casters on the LCS and LEC broadcast crew did. Gold medal them, not me


It was LS while he was casting LCK...




i understood that reference


ayyy was waiting for someone!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrgCoWBl4r8 definitely an old one.


Man I miss old Xerath, I know this isn't the clip to show it but he was way stronger back then than his rework ever has been. Rework Xerath is easier to pick up and stronger early with mana sustain passive, but his old kit used to scale much better. When you reach level 13, with max rank Q, max rank W had 40% mage pen on it and a much lower cooldown so you can actually use it in team fights, he became unstoppable. His ult was faster and hit harder back then. From the fog of war you could W and RQRR a carry and 100-0 them without being very fed at all. AD assassins mid at the time being meta wasn't an issue I got bonus armor equal to 15% of my AP. By late game I remember having 220ish armor with Zhonyas. I remember just walking away from a Zed ulting me didn't even need Zhonyas. Many players even back in the day didn't know how good old Xerath was. But someone at Riot obviously did because he got reworked not just because he was unpopular, but because any mid-late game scenario if Xerath could stand behind a solid front line and snipe there was nothing the enemy could do.


Hello Fellow old Xerath enjoyer. Used that strategy, alongside Zac mid to get from silver to plat back in the days. Had more than 75% WR on the champ. It's good to reminisce the good old times, but very few of us knew of his secrets. Xpeke and Rekkeles started duoQing a lot playing Xerath and Ashe towards the end of Old Xerath and I think the people at rito caught up


No mentions of Alistar? He literally get 75% damage reduction for 7 seconds lol.


Tahm Kench. Best mix of tankiness and sustain with % health self heal on Q and shield spam on E, which makes him truly tanky compared to other stuff.


Tahm kench feels like the hardest to kill to me, and shen.


He's a complete beast until you get grievous and shield break then he's a joke. Forces you to build two items to counter him though.


I wouldn't buy GW into Tahm tbh, his E healing kicks in after he exits a fight, and his Q healing is not enough to justify a GW item imo. Shield breaker on the other hand I definitely agree with.


sion. but rammus into AD


If you build her correctly tank karma can feel incredibly tanky due to ult + w. If they can't dodge your q's letting you reduce ult cooldown then in most situations you can heal faster than they can damage you.


Tank karma is really weak to cc and antiheal, and her base stats aren't great. It's a nice cheese but far from the tankiest late game


It probably isn't Mundo, but it SURE AS HELL feels like it


Mundo is a walking fountain lmao


How ?


the fucking healing


[Poppy in season 7](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xn5E-G81FY&ab_channel=Ubermass)


Crazy that it's not even that Draven does no damage - he 3shots Lucian in the same clip.


as a tank enjoyer who has explored this question as well, I truly believe that the tankiest champion in the game, when built full tank, is Garen. his W is an INSANE steroid. % HP shield, flat resistances, bonus % resistances, and most importantly, **30%** damage reduction. it also scales off of haste. now I know that other tanks also have % steroids. however, what sets Garen apart is the MS from his Q. I absolutely count this toward tankiness, the fact that he can run around with +35% MS and evade damage as opposed to other fat tanks who have to sit there and eat everything thrown at them. not to mention Garen cleansing slows with Q and tenacity from W. he is deceptively slippery. I know Garen is a juggernaut and building him full tank doesn't do much, but he is definitely the tankiest champ from my experience against a standard profile of damage types.


Garen is a brick wall that does fuckload of damage


This is kinda true. If you build Garen full tank, he is insanely hard to kill. He shrugs off CC, can just run around at mach 5, and heals if he ever gets distance. That said, unlike tanks, he needs to build damage items to do damage. So full tank Garen might be tanky, but he gives no one a reason to have to attack him. He just spins at people, does no damage, and then runs away.


Tho it has to be said that at low elo people refuse to play around the fact that with damage item he deals very respectable damage while being very hard to burst down. If there’s one toplaner to climb out of silver with it’s garen


Even at full tank, Garen still is a damage threat because of his ult. He can peel his team and execute the divers trying to kill his backline. His ult is a great counter to people that buy Deaths Dance.


I think Garen always has threat even with no damage items, thanks to his ult. And Sunfire does surprising amounts of damage if you can stay close (which Garen obviously can). But yeah, not being able to jump on a squishy and evaporate them in 2 seconds does make Garen significantly less valuable in late game, since he doesn't have any hard CC to peel for his team like full tanks do.


True like his damage (sorry had to do it, talking about his ultimate)




R go brrrrrr


Ornn. He gains so much stats that he even outscales "infinite" champions like Cho or Sion for a few hours before they become tankier (especially since health is not that good of a tank stat lategame with all the armor pen and blade of the ruined king.)


Sion has shields tho , i think sion gets tankier late if he farms well


Yeah the problem of infinite health is that it is easily countered by BotRK and %armor penetration/reduction.


bork damage falls off pretty hard when someone gets below half health, it's %current not %max


Yeah, that's how tank stats and anti tank works.


a better argument is cut down and ldr. thats over 20% bonus damage to high health tanks


Tahm feels super tanky. Haven't seen him mentioned yet


Any champion with death dance


Garen lol. Runes overgrowth and conditioning, combined with his fully stacked passive, which then gives him another 10% bonus resists, as well as a sheild and damage reduction on w plus tenacity, makes him one of the tankiest errr non tanks lol. I go frostfire gauntlet on him which is actually pretty good.


In terms of getting beat on by 5 enemy members, it's Ornn. Sion with CDR might get more rotations of his shield in teamfights, but he won't be able to accomplish much if focused. In my experience, Ornn not only survives a bit longer at higher levels, he is capable of teamfighting much more effectively than Sion, Cho, or Maokai. He's also one of the few tanks who gets more mileage out of Second Wind than Conditioning. His resistances are already so high, the %HP recovery of Second Wind, especially at low health, is very useful.




I'd call that effective durability, how much damage they're tanking as a result of healing it all back. That'd put Aatrox/Rhaast/Vlad near the top there. Wouldn't call it tanky though, to me tanky encompasses Armor/MR as well as HP and taking little trickles of damage that barely scratch the tank. These drain tank type champs are only tanky because they heal it all back if they're not bursted/GW/CC locked. Their health bars jump up and down a lot whereas a tanks health barely moves.


I think if you consider every tool at disposal , i think maokai is also one of the better tanks , his passive gets really low cooldown late , he kites well he can heal all the time while avoiding important skill shots with his W


Assassin main here, what’s the most squishy squishy? He he he…




water soul 6 item ornn is the most unkillable thing you could see


Alistar with ult.


Most tanky depends on so many factors that it's hard to select somebody. Vs certain comps somebody like Maokai or Taric can tank them forever with their healing. Add in some healing from your team and enemys AA:s being their main source of damage, then someone like Shen can survive longest. Full AD team and tankiness calculated from how much damage they can take without doing anything in return? Malphite or Rammus. You get the point


Nidalee is just too tanky, man.


Pre-rework Maokai


Probably aatrox, he doesn’t have much tank states but in terms of raw damage absortion a good aatrox will outheal it all


for 10 seconds, and then he's dead.


The enemy team is dead then, he killed them.


Not if he gets resets


Dr. Mundo gets heavy tanky if you're playing into a heavy magic damage team. Kind of like the other side of the coin from Ramus or Malphite vs. AD. But yes, like most people have said on the thread, if the game theoretically goes to 2 hours, Sion and Cho'Gath


you realize mundo got reworked 1.5 years ago?


And still the MR items are way better on him than the armor ones


Beyond spirit visage I don't really see why FoN or Abyssal Mask would be particularly good for mundo


Yeah but at that point just play maokai. With a Visage, and his passive, most sayers will end up doing negative damage to him.


yeah but mundo has his passive, which allows him to GET to his target, maokai has only one way to avoid getting cced and that's his short range W


Pretty much every tank gets extremely tanky if you play them into a comp with no consistent physical damage


yes but someone is bound to be the best, and I think mundo takes the cake.


In addition to all the other answers, alistar is stupidly tanky.


Rammus is absurd but mostly against AD


40K damage on thornmail in 34 min.


Depends on the context, my three main picks for different contexts would be Sion, Maokai and Rammus.


Probably Sion, Malphite or Rammus, but I'd wager Alistar for his ult on top of full tank items


Towards late game on cho I have around 7k HP with a 4k shield on gargoyle, almost unkillable in a teamfight


unless vayne, kayn, master yi, belvath, kogmaw, or any other reliable %HP damage dealer is left alive for more than 6 seconds.




The most tanky are going to be Ornn, Sion, Cho'gath, Zac, Sejuani, Rammus, and Swain technically since he has infinite scaling as well.




Surely Alistar with his ulti up is the tankiest out there.


yeah, for 7 seconds, and then he dies. By that logic belveth counts, because 80% reduction is insane.


First thing that comes to mind is Ornn


Guess it depends on how you define tank. But Cho has the potential for most HP, and you could still spec into MR and Armor items along the way.


Ornn has best stats other than the infinite hp gain of Cho'Gath and Sion, but none of them have any innate healing except a minor almost forgettable amount for Cho'gath on enemy death, and only Sion has a shield so it's hard to say they're the top definitively. Leona with her W is a contender of course, but shares the same sustain issue. A full tank Nautilus with enough ability haste gets a pretty massive shield that can be refreshed frequently enough to boost his durability beyond standard levels in extended fights. Sejuani amd Malphite also deserve honorable mentions for their passives at the start of fights, and Rammus for armor specifically.


baus tank sion 😎


Old Mao.




Depends on the situation I guess, overall Tankines against all types probably ORN. In a quick team fight Alistar. A longer team fight Maokai?


I'd say Ornn, Sion, Malph or Rammus. Ornn literally kills you even though you got armor pen due to his insane healtv and sunfire, unless you're vayne. Malph is another great example, but I barely see any, so cant say anything about him. Sion is strong and chonky but he doesn't feel the tankiest. Rammus is also pretty good, but being a Jungler he usually doesn't get that ahead as the others. As Rammus the kills tend to go for the teammates, unless i 1v1. One vital point to being tanky is being ahead in levels. which rammus is slower at cause he needs to gank.


Ornn is the tankiest of all the tanks. His passive gives him more hp, more armor, and more mr from each item. I don’t know the exact numbers so I’m just making stuff up: Sunfire Aegis: 450 health, 35 armor+mr Ornn Sunfire Aegis: 525 Health, 45 armor+mr. When he hits 13 and it upgrades it’s something stupid like 900 health, 65 armor+mr.


It's Alistar for like 5 seconds If we assume everyone has similar gold Amumu with tabi + frozen heart against an ashe Malphite or rammus into full ad Mundo into full AP and no anti heal It might actually be gragas you get damage reduction on w and your passive heals. If you build timblewinter plus frostfire every ability can proc a shield.


Rammus with mountain soul and 4 mountain stack. When he activates his defensive mod the muliplier applies twice if I understood correctly going into 4 digit defensive stats.


Ornn. See double sunfire Ornn build with 600 armor pre mythic items.


Anyone building the OG crown of the shattered queen. I mean that’s what it felt like at least. Nah but in all seriousness, I think either Ornn or Sion. Maybe even Rammus into full AD.




Everyone say Ornn. But I think our bull in bot is the true tank. While not getting items he can tank just as long as any other tank with just his ultimate. But my View point as a "tank" is weird in LoL. A tank in real life is a moving metal truck, that can fire 1 shot with enormous damage, but with huge Reload times. Which is Basically means in LoL A Armored Unit that Deals tons of Damage in 1 burst while waiting for his long cooldown. And there's only 1 champion who fit this, Malphite.


probably one of the stacking tanks, honestly the only way to keep up with all the non tanks that get insanely tanky


been abusing maokai recently, once you get your mythic, fimbulwinter, frozen heart/spirit visage you are damn near unkillable even if the enemy have anti heal they need to dedicate all 5 to kill you in a teamfight to have a chance. unless the enemy have kai sa, kai sa is the real monster of this game.


I am saying thresh because of his passive scaling possibilities


Ornn and Sion. There are ofc a lot of champs that Gets tanky but ornn has insane late Game stats And Sion is Sion sooo... Yeah These 2 are tankiest tanks imo. Cho doesnt get that tanky stat wise, but he turns into a sponge.


According to the tanked damage stat after the game. It's any of the meta draintanks.


rammus against full ad comp


Cho and sion scale infinitely, but I would say Maokai gets the hardest to kill because he’s hard to kite, has invulnerability and a knockback, and a ton more in-fight sustain. The strengths of Sion and Cho as tanks are aoe CC and sidelaning or dealing heavy burst damage


Maokai or Ornn